THIRD STIMULUS! $2000 Second Stimulus CHECK Update | SSI SSDI + Unemployment

12-Yan, 2021
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Joe Biden 3rd Stimulus Check IMMEDIATELY! Schumer and Mcconnell's $2000 STIMULUS CHECKS! $2000 Stimulus Check Update + Student Loan Forgiveness + SECOND and THIRD Stimulus Check Update: $2,000 + $600 Cash Act Georgia Runoff Elections Stimulus Package Benefits URGENT New House Senate TRUMP DEMANDS + Stimulus Check Update NEXT WEEK???
Trump blasts Covid relief bill just passed by Congress, demanded changes to the bill.
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$2,000 Stimulus Checks for DEPENDENTS - TRUMP DEMANDS
NEW $1200-$2400 WHITE HOUSE Stimulus Checks!!
OHIO Rental Assistance
$3,300 Arizona for Mortgage | Rent assistance + Electric and Gas
$500 Minnesota Stimulus Checks
$8,000 in assistance for rent Delaware residents
Florida Residents $1,000
$1200 to Washington D.C. Residents
Texas Assistance $1,200 + $1,900 in payments

Connecticut residents $300 per week ($1,800) MORE Unemployment Benefits
$375 Colorado Stimulus Checks
$600 Rhode Island Residents

Food Aide
If you need Food Aide (food stimulus) for children 18 and under, the Summer Food Service Program has been extended through Dec 31:
Text: "Summer Meals" to 97779
Call: 1-866-348-6479
When the chief senate republican negotiators Steve Mnuchin and Mark Meadows find themselves back at the table in the white house with chief democrat house of representative negotiators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, both sides seem to already agree that a new stimulus package should include a second stimulus check and SSI SSDI as well as social security benefits recipients qualified in the Cares Act. If Congress does pass another stimulus bill, we could get an additional direct payment, rental assistance and perhaps student loans extensions. SBA (Small Business Administration) is no longer accepting PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) applications from participating lenders. President Trump said his administration and Congress are currently negotiating the exact amount included in the next round of relief. Retroactive stimulus checks and direct payments are being negotiated in this second stimulus package along with unemployment benefits and extended unemployment insurance benefits such as PUA, PCUA, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, regular unemployment insurance benefits, PEUC. These statements come just days after Mitch Mcconnell's political comments to Nancy Pelosi. The American people need more money to pay bills, for stock market investments, to pay their mortgage and rental properties, life insurance premiums and other personal finance wealth building tools to reduce their dependencies on government stimulus money, hazard pay and grants... Financial freedom is truly, the only solution... but also, let's not forget business owners as they / we are people too and they employee the average American, therefore it is clear that additional funding like SBA loans and PPP loans are essential.
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  • NEW CONTEST 🎉 Starting Soon! ✅ All You Have To Do To Enter is: 1. Subscribe to MATTTER Channel!! 👉 2. Watch One Video 3. That's it!! You're IN! More Contest Details to Follow 😀 $2,000 Stimulus Checks for DEPENDENTS - TRUMP DEMANDS 👉 NEW $1200-$2400 WHITE HOUSE Stimulus Checks!! 👉 OHIO Rental Assistance 👉 $3,300 Arizona for Mortgage | Rent assistance + Electric and Gas 👉 $500 Minnesota Stimulus Checks 👉 $8,000 in assistance for rent Delaware residents 👉 Florida Residents $1,000 👉 $1200 to Washington D.C. Residents 👉 Texas Assistance $1,200 + $1,900 in payments 👉 Connecticut residents $300 per week ($1,800) MORE Unemployment Benefits 👉 $375 Colorado Stimulus Checks 👉 $600 Rhode Island Residents 👉

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    • Happy Tuesday, Ron! Hope your day has been a good one.

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    • Watched the video. Also is there any help going on in South Carolina???

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    • Why

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  • i had the first one mail on time no issues now the 2nd one says not available smfh now i got to wait for taxes feb 12 ..and some ppl didnt have any income last year so what do they do if they cant file ..i dont even want a fckn third they will mess it up again

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  • When will people on social security direct express get the 600

    Gena BerdinGena Berdin10 kun oldin
  • yeahhhh but you will not see any money till like the end of March

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  • Trump wanted people back to work while alot of them were taking lots of vacations don't forget Nancy and her freezers full of ice cream on tv she showed I could care less about her ice cream gourmet ice cream three freezers full of it and you want to get mad at trump and remove him she's the one that needs to be removed first

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  • All politicians are buttholes but at least with trump he lets you know he's a butthole through his talk but the rest of them are buttholes and pretend to be nice and care when they don't.

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  • Kids your free speech goodbye because if they would ban our president from Twitter they can ban you too. Yes I will admit Trump's a butthole but he has done nothing worthy to be removed he's only done what the rest of them have done it takes more than being a butthole to be removed from office. He can't run again anyway he's already ran twice Hillary ran twice she can't run again only difference is trump was doing it twice under reelection and they already purging conservative voices of FB.

    creston hardcastlecreston hardcastle11 kun oldin
  • They said twice before he was impeached he's not Nixon Nixon committed treason trump is not about giving us to china but the way the Democrats are spending we will be before they are going to give so much free money that's not free until we are completely out of cash.

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  • They lied trump was not violent he told them to go home antifa is violent

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  • Women like Pelosi give us a bad name they say we are to emotional look at this crazy women !

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  • So turbotax sent me an email with a link where i could change my banking info due to the turbotax error these past weeks if your banking information changed and you have turbotax they will send this email and its good for 14 days

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  • When are they going to impeach Biden for unfit to run America do to demenia

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  • Hey Publico i am Anne whats up Witch. The Can veggies,,all the Time FROM Food bank?????Please respond thank you...

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  • Hello i am Anne i want TO.ask you Why. Food Banks want give out fresh veggies. Dome times. Can Foods aLL the Time we geht tired..please respond thank you

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  • Hi Ron

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    • His wh@t-app + .1. 3. 1. 0. 8. 7. 0. 1. 3. 2. 7.

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  • They need to hurry up ... That weak $600 check they sent out wasn't enough ... Im not ungrateful Im very thankful for it but i tried to stretch that $600 in 3 ways 😩😩

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  • And Georgia not get help I lost my place I stay in a rooming house.

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  • Good morning to Ron and your family and all the people in the world 🌍 bless you all and 💕 Thank you 💖☺️😘

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  • Steal the election then pay citizens to distract them from the fact that they've lost their country.

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  • Canadians receive $2k per month, Australia 3k, France3k, Denmark4k, Germany7k, Italy3k, has been paying monthly stipends to their citizens, While we get $1.15 per day from the US Congress. We are starving and about to be homeless, evicted, Pelosi, help us now!

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  • Hey Ron I’m hoping this vid you will say 3rd stimulus is on the way right now!! 😀 if not I’ll keep watching until you do and then after!!

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  • I paid $200 to learn about this grant he walked me through it it took 5 hours for my 10k to hit my account 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😘 no I’m not a bot I’m a real person

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  • We're planning on ripping his wall down and rebuilding it around. Mar a logo to keep him in. Forever !!

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  • 0:16 I am sent 163 daily with this *f u n d a i l y p a y*

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  • U r really pro!most accurate reader.Very intelligent in ur research.U bring the best and up to date information.U r creative and I like the way u use ur vocabulary to describe the situation.I can spare my time to get the up to date info from U.Great job Ron!

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  • Hey Ron do you know of any programs in Cook County Chicago Illinois

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  • Hi Ron I hope that you and your family are doing great today and thank you so much for sharing your information with me and my family love you all and God bless you all

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  • Thank you Ron for keeping us in the know Blessing to you and your family

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  • Again this is I mean Trump has problems but this is an attempt for the Democrats to cover up all the stuff that we know about everything they got busted out on trying to give money to the rich people they just gave my Amazon who's rich other countries for stupidity and Trump was fighting for these tracks these checks in the Democrats were against it everybody seems to forget that over a lousy 600 freaking dollars I'm a butt that's not how this supposed to work and you guys are forgetting it's a matter of principle the Democrats screwed up now that everybody's in their little problems some want some don't you can I can trust any of them and you're done yet. Pissed off but other people got pissed off because he told the truth wake up people

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  • Its my money and I need it now

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  • Yes Ron We like your videos as much as delicious left overs .

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  • Oh ok so so we're getting the 2k stimulus and a bonus for if we are on SSI?

    Joe SlackerJoe Slacker13 kun oldin
  • It's not President Trump's fault ....thats ridiculous. There were alot of fed up people who had to put up with 4 years of democrats harassing President Trump...dems are hypocrites

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  • It’d all about the leftovers !

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  • At first, thank you sir Sliverhackz on instaGram who goť my $2000 cheque. He’s the bešt

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  • Hi Ron Nancy Here and still no $600 yet..REALLY Need It Bad Too!! Good to be here with you though!

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  • Does Congress do anything except going on breaks? They're here for a few weeks then They're off for however many days. Ridiculous!!! They get paid ridiculous wages whether we get anything or not & they're Not helping the people of America!!! They're out for themselves....phooey with the 'little people'....makes me so Angry!!! Several of them are against the people getting any help/money!!! Let's put them in our shoes & they can't use the 'resources' they already have....which they've gotten off the backs of 'we the people'!!!! Enough is enough!!!! WE NEED HELP...WE DIDN'T DO THIS TO OURSELVES!!!

    Lorie KingLorie King13 kun oldin
  • Ron I got Mine but they sent to one of my net spend card that was open when i got my 1200 last year on oi have a new one that i get my dis and ssi on they will ask you to prove who you are once all is good in about 7 hr's they will contact you asking you if you want a new card or move it to you new one

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  • When are we going it

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  • Hello from Orlando Florida USA 👋

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  • Thank you Ron for your updates. I don't mean to sound bad I'm just tired of how our President has been treated.

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  • President Trump didn't do anything as far as the roots we all know that. Clinton was impeached for sleeping with someone else. We all know too that it was a rigged election. He stands by us when democrats do not. This is so sick on so many levels. I can't believe our American people are so terrible.

    Debi BauerDebi Bauer13 kun oldin
  • Yes! I've got 4 kids...take care of my mom & it's me & my fiance. Thanks for your help!

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  • Thanks for the updates Ron!!! And I agree leftovers are great we bearly have leftovers lol haha but meal planning for the week is a good idea

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  • Whats going on about the raise for ssi ssdi ssa

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  • It spells R.E.L.I.E.F A

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  • Someone asked why impeachment now, I think it's so he can't run again in 2024 because they are worried that when they don't follow through with what they promised they are affraid Trump will win in 2024 It was Aftina that started the rush and got them all riled up and broke the glass, it was all planned to blame Trump and his Supporters (not saying that it was ok in anyway) The leader was right up front, egging everyone on

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  • im trying to start a boat detailing business. it slow right now i need to advertise better . i think im just scared of the tax part do you think i could get at least 10 or 20,000 that wood bee very hepfull ... lol wood bee

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  • hi Ron, when covid- 19 first started raging, I Google searched if Trump couldn't be held liable for the mounting death toll. Remember, his indifference from the start. Answer is "YES"!! With all he's brazenly trashed our nation why isn't prison the answer. If he's in prison he won't have a chance to try and run again. No, we don't need his deranged supporters mounting it any more sympathy for the immoral and destructive thing he is. Let us know what you think please. Anita Ettel

    Anita EttelAnita Ettel13 kun oldin
  • MATHEW 5: 43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

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  • Hi Ron I went to the get my payment tool and it shows me that my payment was mailed out on the 6th so just waiting.

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  • What about the cash act?

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  • Your parents did a fine job with you, young man. I bet they are very proud. Thanks for what you do! 🙏

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  • Canada gets 2k a month lol America

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  • Anything for assistance in Oklahoma ron

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  • i didnt get it 600

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  • I would like to stay positive about this 2000 stimulus, we all sure do need it, but not liking what this Munchin guy is saying... please don't Mitch us Biden...🇺🇸

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  • I have been buying in bulk from Wal-Mart on line and just picking up the meat and vegetables which has saved money

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  • biden has nothing to do with it.....1st 2nd and 3rd checks are all from trump.......biden now stealing trumps glory..SAD.i want to see the 4th checks that well be from BIDEN.....beat not...

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  • I am making more now than I ever have

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  • Questions really are have they approved it and if yes WHEN WILL WE GET THEM !!!!

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  • Hey Ron thanks for everything I’ve been with you for a while I love and appreciate all you do 👍

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  • What's going on with SSI and SSD on a $200 increase a month

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  • I watched the video 2× didn't 👂 you say anything about ssi or ssd

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  • I too am a devout believer in left-overs. I do like the fact u keep us updated on what's happening with the $2000 stimulus checks. Thanks.

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  • Just saying..Kim in North Korea made a threat this afternoon. He now has nuclear power. Trump is a friend. I'm afraid. This is not looking good.

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  • TRUMP did not tell them to do what they said!!! He meant to be prepared to fight if necessary !!!

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  • disreage. some people got there 600 dollars and some of us are still wating FOR ares

    Debra HodyDebra Hody13 kun oldin
  • Is it 1400 or 2000?

    Emma Emerson NYCEmma Emerson NYC13 kun oldin
  • some people got there 600 dollars

    Debra HodyDebra Hody13 kun oldin
  • Love left overs 🤪

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  • They should not IMPEACH President Trump! Treat people the way you want to be treated! Help us American people! What are they going to do to help the Senior Citizens?

    P R.P R.13 kun oldin
  • Hey Ron hey

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  • Thanks Ron for update hope u and ur family doing today bless u on the up dates each day. God bless u

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  • I don't believe what they told abt $$$$

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  • The ones that needs to be removed are all those.. liar's... thank God for his Mercy and Grace... thank God for our president Trump

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  • Thank You Ron For Update On Third Sitmulus Check We Need $2,000:00 Dollar to Pay My Bill ' is going be Send in January Or February 1, 2021 Do Impeaching On Grnich

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  • Hello...always list to you

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  • It's all prophecy God is angry with the Dems

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  • They met today

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  • Im paying financial company every month my credit cards i got hacked

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  • Trump will win 4 more yrs yeah!

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  • Man i hope they pass this soon. Im one unexpected bill away from being flat broke

    Anthony ConroyAnthony Conroy13 kun oldin
  • President Donald Trump might have said a few bad things you might not like the way he talks but he deserves our respect of the office he holds you going to find out did AOC cameltoe Harris Joe Biden the president-elect is going to hurt America this is our country our government the people's government socialism has never worked in the history of mankind why even go there

    Mike StricklandMike Strickland13 kun oldin
  • Thanks for information . Happy Tuesday, Haven’t got my $600 yet😊

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  • Marylanders like Pennsylvanians

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  • Yes we need 2000 and my.600 stimlus check im waiting for yet Talk to Irs yesterday. Send out paper check.or.debit praying.i get that could use it

    Laurie GalleskeLaurie Galleske13 kun oldin
  • Do u have i dea l when the checks come out

    Joe tremblta. ???? TremblayJoe tremblta. ???? Tremblay13 kun oldin
  • I just shared it

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  • Nothing for nys 🤷

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  • Trump shouldn't run again for any office.. We shouldn't be paying for Trump too travel anywhere I don't want too see him living off of tax payers money. Impeach him I agree before or after he leaves but impeach him.

    Mizz Soniya CosselMizz Soniya Cossel13 kun oldin
  • What's up Ron I hope u and your family are doing good

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  • Love ya channel very interesting

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  • Ron ......please let me know which program would be the best fit for my son-in-law. He works for a moving company and is paid on a 1099. No employee’s, just himself.

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  • The party of "unity" wants to impeach the President in which 49% of those who voted, voted for one week prior to Biden taking office. Interesting.

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