Third Stimulus Check Update | $1400 Demand On Biden

11-Yan, 2021
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This is your second stimulus check and second stimulus package update on stimulus check 2 news for January11, 2021
Cash Contest giveaway happening now. 4 families will win $500 each.
On this channel I cover stimulus check updates, stimulus package updates and any new developments regarding the next stimulus relief package.
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So far the Cares Act has been signed into law by President Trump, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Congress proposed the stimulus checks and stimulus packages in March.
We are now waiting on the Hero’s Act to pass so we will know whether stimulus money will be paid to the American people. We are waiting to see if essential workers will be paid hero’s pay or essential workers pay. We are waiting to hear on federal unemployment, back to work bonuses and PUA weekly income for unemployed people.
This channel also covers the PPP or Paycheck Protection Program, the EIDL Grant and EIDL loan program through the SBA or Small Business Administration.
This channel also educates people on Smart Money Tips, Personal Development and Words of Encouragement.
Stephen Gardner is a best-selling financial author with 8 books. He is also does financial coaching to show clients how to build wealth and quickly eliminate all their debt using his FOCUS method. His most popular book is Taming Wall Street.
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Stephen is on a mission to help strengthen America one family at a time.
Make sure to stay up to date on the next stimulus check, stimulus package, PPP, EIDL Grant and EIDL loan so you don’t miss out on your money. Also, Stephen makes sure to do research on unemployment, rent and mortgage assistance, food assistance programs, SBA Loans, IRS, President Trump, Steve Mnuchin of the Treasury Department, The Senate, Congress and the House of Representatives.
I appreciate your trust in regards to the IRS Stimulus Check information. I believe a second stimulus check and second stimulus package will happen and updates on the second stimulus check 2 will be coming soon.
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  • $500 for 4 families. I hope this video finds you well. Stay Strong and Stay Amazing!!

    Stephen GardnerStephen Gardner10 kun oldin
    • God bless you Sir 🙏🏽

      Sandrine OuedraogoSandrine Ouedraogo4 kun oldin
    • Best of luck to everyone one Stephen Gardner you are the best

      Michelle MacedoMichelle Macedo5 kun oldin
    • Thank you

      Leslie Gibson-GrubbLeslie Gibson-Grubb7 kun oldin
    • Dear Stephen, do you have a number or a suggestion of what to do about the fact that my son didn't even receive the very first stimulus check. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

      Donya W.Donya W.7 kun oldin
    • The Money would Help out so much Stephen. If,Me,and My Family wins.. I would pay off Bills So We want be out in the Streets.TY Stephen For the Contest,and All the Updates You take your time out to keep Us All informed..God Bless You,and Your Beautiful Wife

      Makesha Mcneal1977Makesha Mcneal19777 kun oldin
  • Haven't gotten my 2nd stimulus either. My tax preparer said the stimulus got caught up in hey Santa Monica bank called tax product group. I only get automated machine when I call them and absolutely no info from the IRS

    Von 88Von 882 kun oldin
  • Haven’t received any stimulus check. If you owe on your taxes last year. Are you still entitled to a stimulus check?

    VB22VB223 kun oldin

    Joey JenningsJoey Jennings4 kun oldin
  • I got my 600 Jan 4

    Angelina McGowanAngelina McGowan4 kun oldin

    Rosa RidgleRosa Ridgle4 kun oldin
  • I'm 71 , I stopped working June/2018, that was last tax filing I did , I got last yrs stimulus , but not this 600 dollar one. I read seniors did not need to file tax to get stimulus, most all people in my building got it . I have no taxable income, yet I read that if you didn't get it you can claim it on this yrs. Income tax, so I will be forced to file unneeded tax to get it . There is no way to contact irs, or get help, I needed it, due to health issues, I have my food delivered , with each order is delivery fee, and all the food prices hiked in that store, so making a tight budget , tighter.. Nothing has changed from 2018 filing , except I don't have the part time work I had the first half of "18" , Very discouraged and disappointed.

    ElijahsSpiritElijahsSpirit4 kun oldin
  • 👋from Alabama you are awesome

    yadaboy15yadaboy154 kun oldin
  • Homeless in Florida $600 what was that supposed to do nothing

    Kim SeimoKim Seimo5 kun oldin
  • I haven't received ours, online it states it has been mailed January 8 but no check, last yr I received direct deposit. Anyone else with this problem?

    monaflor3smonaflor3s5 kun oldin
  • You should let your community know that the stimulus money is actually tax dollars . Old Joe is going to raise your taxes and your kids taxes to pay for it.

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  • BIG thanks to the person that recommend hackbylevi on IG. He’s a lifesaver

    Dauda Jimoh LamenDauda Jimoh Lamen6 kun oldin
  • I have not Received my stimulus check. Can you post the link where we can check. Thank you.

    Lourdes ValentinLourdes Valentin6 kun oldin
  • Am just now getting this notification

    Monica ConlinMonica Conlin6 kun oldin
  • The Democrats promises, cheat ,lie still they don't care about working for us Americans they just care about getting Trump Impeach that is wrong using tax money we need .

    Cathy CopelandCathy Copeland6 kun oldin
  • What about the 2 000will everyone get it are is it still the ones that got the first one

    Cathy CopelandCathy Copeland6 kun oldin
  • Hello from Texas😀

    Annabelle BadgwellAnnabelle Badgwell7 kun oldin
  • We apréciate what you and you wife do for all of us

    Josie VillanuevaJosie Villanueva7 kun oldin
  • I hope pray that they go ahead send are money to american people.we are hurting and struggling bad.put tha american people first for change. Help us to help are kids from suffering.not just them that parents also!!!!! please send out money to american people sap!!!!!!!!we are in desbesrt needs!!!by as means🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Brenda PierceBrenda Pierce7 kun oldin
  • I forgot to claim non fillers taxes and now I have to claim it with my taxes

    Jose EspinozaJose Espinoza7 kun oldin
  • Is there a portal to get rental assistance. My husb experienced sudden death syndrome in Oct and was off for 3 month. We got no check either.

    Sherry SimmsSherry Simms7 kun oldin
  • Thanks for telling the truth. I really appreciate it because i don’t watch the news anymore.

    Laura GreerLaura Greer7 kun oldin
  • I know your a amazing help to those like slow to understand.thxs

    Roger WeaverRoger Weaver7 kun oldin
  • You are amazing helping inform us Americians. Im sure I speak for evryone when I say your awesome and were great ful to have you inform us on your vacation. Your a good person. Im thankful even with you being on vacation visiting and taking time out to help your community. God bless you and your family.

    Chi Francis-GignilliatChi Francis-Gignilliat7 kun oldin
  • I hope I give me time till taxes are done.

    Chi Francis-GignilliatChi Francis-Gignilliat7 kun oldin
  • I called they told me Id have to wait and get mine and claim it when I do my taxes I. Was on the phone for 48 min.. So Im struggling till decide to give me my taxes.. Its just not fair Im struggling today been struggling fir months. I cant believe this. We live in America. Sad I have kids that don't understand let aline I don't get it.

    Chi Francis-GignilliatChi Francis-Gignilliat7 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much for the information. I like your video. It's short but very specific.

    Rowena PascualRowena Pascual7 kun oldin
  • Are you talking about my money that they took in taxes and now giving me my money back saying I better appreciate it than there retaxing my money...socialism is here

    Joseph HunterJoseph Hunter7 kun oldin
  • I pray you be blessed god needs poeple to tell them there amazing..thank you.

    Roger WeaverRoger Weaver7 kun oldin

  • Thanks for all your great information

    AMarie Cooper-HemphillAMarie Cooper-Hemphill7 kun oldin
  • Thanks

    AMarie Cooper-HemphillAMarie Cooper-Hemphill7 kun oldin
  • Still no check been mailed out since the 6th

    Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson7 kun oldin
  • Ty stephen for taking all Your time out to keep Us All informed on All the Stimulus Checks and The Government

    Makesha Mcneal1977Makesha Mcneal19777 kun oldin
  • I entered my sister into your drawing. 🤞

    Autumn JonesAutumn Jones7 kun oldin
  • Exactly trump will be leaving soon , Im excited for Biden to be inaugurated 🎉🎊🎉

    Jackeline PalmaJackeline Palma7 kun oldin
  • That's great that your helping people that really need it 💪💛💛💛

    Jackeline PalmaJackeline Palma7 kun oldin
  • I like your video

    Linda ScottLinda Scott7 kun oldin
  • Joe I want my money honey 2000

    Terry HightowerTerry Hightower8 kun oldin
  • Thanks for all ur information it's been difficult yr with this me and my 12yr single mom our house was robbed and car stolen so I'm waiting on stimulus hopefully I get one hard in mountains you guys I watch all day waiting for updates very good looking family ur wife I had a good heart thanks

    apryl Krawfordapryl Krawford8 kun oldin
  • The Senate could take 10 days to impeach the president, But it took them months to get us the $600 check. What a funny story!

    Shondrella AveryShondrella Avery8 kun oldin
    • @R Oneal Be rest assured i will. Thank you.

      DriftgodDriftgod7 kun oldin
    • @Driftgod A problem i also relate to a lot but was able to overcome thanks to Freda Lynn Johnson. Make out time to look up the name on the internet.

      R OnealR Oneal7 kun oldin
    • Fingers crossed on political matters this new year. I'm at a time where i only want to make the best decisions with handling my finances and my only worry is getting the right professional to do so.

      DriftgodDriftgod7 kun oldin
    • It has always been for their best interest right from the onset. They never got us, They never will.

      Natasha 1Natasha 17 kun oldin
  • Trump has done nothing but divide people period

    Damn YankeesDamn Yankees8 kun oldin
  • Hmm that’s strange

    Damn YankeesDamn Yankees8 kun oldin
  • I am in Florida and I heard you say you were visiting is there a place I could stay it's cold out here

    Kim SeimoKim Seimo8 kun oldin
  • Thank you for your update

    Arnelene TolentinoArnelene Tolentino8 kun oldin
  • People who used turbo tax free version and dealt with turbo cards their trying to keep our 600 the IRS saying its mailed on 6th but they were not.

    Shawn BennettShawn Bennett8 kun oldin
  • I did not get. When i went to irs .com i get s message that their information does not match mine. So thats messing me all up with it all i guess.!!!! I did get the first tho .

    Janet ZieglerJanet Ziegler8 kun oldin
  • Will the 600 stimulus be offset for childsupport? If owed dues are over 30,000.

    Tiffany ColemanTiffany Coleman8 kun oldin
  • Hi Stephen, this is alan in atl.i received my 600 check on Friday in the mail, so tell the community it's coming

    Alan JonesAlan Jones8 kun oldin
  • Politics politics and more politics.

    Jj JohnsonJj Johnson8 kun oldin
  • I am homeless right now and can't get any help calling 211 etc for housing or somewhere to sleep out from the cold do you have any suggestions

    Kim SeimoKim Seimo8 kun oldin
  • 'good job keep it up

    ferry tannerferry tanner8 kun oldin
  • It's a Hoak we are not going to be getting a 3rd stimulus package. Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell wants Trump out so Joe Biden can reverse all the stuff Trump got passed. And they are going to get Joe Biden sworn in to dismiss the stimulus package and make people pay back what they received from the 1st Stemilus package and also the 2nd stimulus package. Just wait and see what Joe Biden does when he takes office. Trust me he's going to destroy america in a week.

    Jesse JamesJesse James8 kun oldin
  • Hey stephen please help i did my taxes with jackson he6 and i got the refund advance. Plz help any updates wpuld be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    GeraGera8 kun oldin
  • Nancy P. We all know your job has become about vindication not about helping the people.

    Tube SoxTube Sox8 kun oldin
  • Hi Steven! love your update and info.. it keeps me coming back for the latest! Thanks!!

    Mrs Lindas Natural Healing AlternativesMrs Lindas Natural Healing Alternatives8 kun oldin
  • Yeah, I'm satisfied with the service of Sliverhackz on ig am blessed to have met hīm

    Becky BasseyBecky Bassey8 kun oldin
  • States are pocketing the money

    Candus CantyCandus Canty8 kun oldin
  • I have to say that it took no time at all to receive my stimulus money. Never had to call anyone or text or even email! It felt pretty good that I didn't have to do anything except call my Direct Express Card and in a recording they told me my pending date for my stimulus money. I have had it now over a week. I have to say Thank You!

    Karen NeasKaren Neas8 kun oldin
  • If ur in Orlando...I've been here 3 wks. Lol

    Jill ApplegateJill Applegate8 kun oldin
  • That's nice and generous helping families in need god will always bless u!

    tiffany salisberrytiffany salisberry8 kun oldin
  • Good morning from Virginia!

    Treva AdamsTreva Adams8 kun oldin
  • When

    Adrian PerezAdrian Perez8 kun oldin
  • I hope I win I could use it but if not good luck to all and god bless u for helping u are a very good friend

    Cathy HattonCathy Hatton8 kun oldin

    Sedrick BrownSedrick Brown8 kun oldin
  • Omg There so much nonsense with all of whats going on with Pandemic. Thank you for updating us love your community 💕

    Lolo LgLolo Lg8 kun oldin
  • I hope that I can be help

    Joyce PurvisJoyce Purvis8 kun oldin
  • What if you didn't work this year, what do I do??? I am very confused...I received one the first go round Direct Deposit because I worked. So, why not this information is still the same except that I'm not working this time around...

    Katherine HolmesKatherine Holmes8 kun oldin
  • On the Irs says that my check was cut on the 6th.... I still didn't get it no bank account....

    Angelica ColantonioAngelica Colantonio8 kun oldin
  • Thank u for information in this time

    Dexter WhiteDexter White8 kun oldin
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    Jeffery LancerJeffery Lancer8 kun oldin
  • I've been depressed and severally embarrassed until I gót to know about SLIVERHACKZ and their work has been going smoothly and fińe

    Jeffery LancerJeffery Lancer8 kun oldin
  • I paid $200 to learn about this grant he walked me through it it took 5 hours for my 10k to hit my account 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😘 no I’m not a bot I’m a real person

    Khalil HolmesKhalil Holmes8 kun oldin
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    Brian CanadyBrian Canady8 kun oldin
  • That $600 check was nice I’m thankful but my wife has been layed off since covid started we live in Hawaii and that 2k check would be a blessing let’s stay strong during these hard times!!

    Micah HewlenHarrellMicah HewlenHarrell8 kun oldin
  • *No one doės it better than SLIVERHACKZ on !nsta,he’s the bėst of all*

    Ruth ElechiRuth Elechi8 kun oldin
  • ➗ THE country is not good for AMERICA

    DONALD J grav3yardguyy3DONALD J grav3yardguyy38 kun oldin
  • I checked on my stimulus check it said it was sent out jan 6tj bit I still haven't got it yet

    Dianna SchaferDianna Schafer8 kun oldin
  • Lots a luck.

    D,ray BurkeD,ray Burke8 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't hold my breath, Biden lies.

    TheDano1947TheDano19478 kun oldin
  • The IRS knows who received a check last time, so why do we have to jump through hoops again.?

    TheDano1947TheDano19478 kun oldin
  • Send date was 1/6/21

    TheDano1947TheDano19478 kun oldin
  • And if not, what, they keep it?

    TheDano1947TheDano19478 kun oldin
  • Still no check, damnit. My check must be coming by Slow boat from China.

    TheDano1947TheDano19478 kun oldin
  • You said it all we need is the truth and you said the truth

    Stefhon ShanksStefhon Shanks8 kun oldin
  • She knows she could be VP and that with Harris, would be a disaster, now get to the point, CHECKS1

    TheDano1947TheDano19478 kun oldin
  • I'm one of the unlucky ones who won't get their stimulus check until tax return time. I can't pay my light bill. I feel bad to ask for prayers for myself but please folks, I could use some prayers. God bless

    Robert StoneRobert Stone8 kun oldin
  • N

    June GarnerJune Garner8 kun oldin
  • Hope it happens,were probably the only people getting evicted during this nightmare,we both work just bad landlord,Court date 15th ,,,

    Chris GuibordChris Guibord8 kun oldin
  • The US is so screwed.

    Screw KalergiScrew Kalergi8 kun oldin

    Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS!Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS!8 kun oldin

    Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS!Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS!8 kun oldin

    Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS!Caprice Nicolette Manos PREGNANT WITH QUINTS!8 kun oldin