Things To Know Before Getting Chickens

29-Sen, 2020
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  • I fastened the roosting branches to the wall instead of the ladder idea. Cats and such will climb the ladder type.

    Fred BeckerFred BeckerKun oldin
  • Oh gosh I blew my coffee out my nose when he said frozen to the ground

    Steven JacksonSteven Jackson4 kun oldin
  • Chickens and farming in general is what youth desperately need today. As apposed to video games... how profound.

    The Truth and the LifeThe Truth and the Life5 kun oldin
  • 😃

    Prepper DazePrepper Daze7 kun oldin
  • I started following this channel after learning how to use a skilsaw when building my small suburban chicken coop. My hens haven't started laying yet haha.

    IcemanFPVIcemanFPV8 kun oldin
  • always learn something form your videos hellva story-teller lol when I was a kid it was racing pigeons my dad had a coop full of them we had a massacre or two sometimes weasels sometimes stoats this was in Scotland

    kirky orgkirky org11 kun oldin
  • One chicken tip that seems unnecessary: chickens are NOT vegetarians. They need bugs and even meat in their diet. Normally their able to forage bugs, slugs, worms and such if they're free range, but in the winter these sources aren't available. Without this nutrition they can get malnutrition and are prone to disease. You can buy mealworms or similar, suet cakes, or even feed roadkill. I don't recommend feeding them poultry, but I've seen them absolutely destroy a big ham that was freezer burned.

    Paper AxesPaper Axes11 kun oldin
  • Kids crawling around in chicken shit!! Literally!! Braver parent than me I'll say that.

    Donna BellDonna Bell11 kun oldin
  • So what you’re basically saying is, if you beat up on a member of the Wandsworth family... “you’re coming to diner!” Great video, insightful.

    Paul BeaumontPaul Beaumont13 kun oldin
  • Very informative! 👍 OMG...the baby crawling into the chicken coop was so precious!! 😍 What an energetic & curious little tike!

    Mo PoppinsMo Poppins13 kun oldin
  • The lesson I learned growing up on a dairy farm is that if you have livestock, you don't get days off.

    Kevin McCallKevin McCall14 kun oldin
  • I used to raise meat birds years ago...they are eating and crapping machines and Have nasty personalities!! Never again!

    Doit NowDoit Now14 kun oldin
  • I have feed my chickens anything and everything besides chicken its self

    Icyvivid PrismIcyvivid Prism14 kun oldin
  • Things to know about raising chickens. You can buy chicks and feed them and care for them. Build them a nice area for them to scratch and eventually lay eggs. You can build up a nice customer base for these great little butt nuggets. Then some jackass will turn their dogs out, who eventually get to roaming, they end up hopping fence and chase your fowl and goats around. In just a few minutes kill half of your birds. People suck their Dogs now suck. Rant over Have raised chickens for 30 years never had such a disaster

    ralph crosbyralph crosby14 kun oldin
  • Heritage Breeds all the way. You don't have to feed them, let them out in the morning and let them in at night. Get a dog, he will defend them.

    Passive Solar Housing, CoopPassive Solar Housing, Coop14 kun oldin
  • My last surviving chicken ( I named him mcchicken) was very friendly. He went missing and I eventually found him under a wooden cranberry box.someone , probably one of our farm hands trapped him under it . Awful jackass .

    G TerrG Terr15 kun oldin
  • When I was a kid we had lots of chickens. The local husky got several every night. It was a blood bath.My father Finally caught him in the act.

    G TerrG Terr15 kun oldin
  • Essential Craftsman. You are ESSENTIAL!

    Truth OnlyTruth Only15 kun oldin
  • I don’t think these guys know how many people they are positively affecting. What a treasure to follow this channel

    World Wide WesWorld Wide Wes15 kun oldin
  • Keep up the good work!

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford16 kun oldin
  • informative, high-quality audio and video, 10/10.

    Tien HuynhTien Huynh17 kun oldin
  • Love it!!! Thank you! I recall as kids, MANY years ago, we would wrap a big 'chaw' of gum around a chicken's foot and laugh ourselves Sick watching the chicken run around...

    Duane LundgrenDuane Lundgren18 kun oldin
  • Very good video Brad!!

    Norman McGregorNorman McGregor18 kun oldin
  • Good job!

    Andy CuellarAndy Cuellar19 kun oldin
  • 1:23 The Great Christmas Day Chicken Massacre. How come I never read about it at school?!

    Bek TuranBek Turan19 kun oldin
  • Don't be a chicken

    LifehacksLifehacks19 kun oldin
  • Wise man once told me that chicken make terrible house pet.

    Tony K.Tony K.19 kun oldin
  • Check out the way the guy at carolina coops builds his coops. I modeled my coop after their basic plan. Totally secure. And for a chicken coop, fairly clean, with the easy bedding, cleaning method that is used. Some great ideas.

    Synister CrayonSynister Crayon19 kun oldin
  • Love this video and the stories. We are looking forward to getting some hens when we buy our homestead.

    Steven ButlerSteven Butler19 kun oldin
  • They’ll fowl their nest... I get it.😂

    Craig KellerCraig Keller19 kun oldin
  • My mom owns a farm which has 9 chicken pens made from carports behind the barn. We have chicken wire layed below the dirt and sawdust so nothing can dig underneath. Foxes, coyotes, rats, and racoons have always been something we've anticipated, but the 3 Maremmas and 3 Akbashes we have patrolling the property do a good job keeping them away.

    ColinTheAwesomestColinTheAwesomest19 kun oldin
  • Whoa there Pa Walton, vengeance is mine! You murdered and ate those roosters from a blackness in your heart!

    Richard GrahamRichard Graham20 kun oldin
  • 6:58 Now the young fella caught one he going to rough him up with a wrestlers back slam ...Lol🤣

    Andrew YoungAndrew Young20 kun oldin
  • You are the greatest story teller alive! I always learn something interesting no matter what subject is, and I somehow just generally feel better and more relaxed after your videos. I live how there is always a message in there as well. Thank you for doing what you do.

    Patrick BeztilnyPatrick Beztilny20 kun oldin
  • The 3-rooster gang attack story reminds me of a story my mom told me. When she was a little girl, my grand-grandmother's rooster jumped on her back and started pecking. The grand-grandma grabbed the rooster by the legs, slammed him onto a chopping block, and lopped his head off with an axe in what was basically a single fluid move. My mom still dislikes roosters to this day, but she says that one at least tasted real good.

    GigaGiga21 kun oldin
  • Why don't you feed your chooks meat scraps? It was always my birds' favourite.

    Frank ReadingFrank Reading21 kun oldin
  • y get chickens? i mean you gotta feed them water them etc why for some kfc or eggs its cheaper to go to the store and pay 1 dollar for a dozen eggs and 5 dolalrs for your kfc meal... not worth it for pets nahhh

    Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood21 kun oldin
  • I've heard those waterers aren't good for them, they can cause water to get into their lungs.

    Michael SparksMichael Sparks21 kun oldin
  • Your admiration of chicken has pull you over some great adventure that seem nice to talk within.

    Joven LagdaJoven Lagda21 kun oldin
  • Best video ever.

    MattMatt22 kun oldin
  • Why wouldn't you give them meat scraps? They'd love it.

    Dman222000Dman22200022 kun oldin
  • Where did you get your tool belt like the exact one you got??

    K-9TigerK-9Tiger22 kun oldin
  • Good vid. I enjoy listening to you. But - You sir, screwed up. Those three roosters were doing their jobs. That is the best reason why you have roosters... to protect the flock. The one that needed to learn the lesson was the child. It sounds like they did, just the wrong way. Roosters will be the first one in a fight against an invader. They will kick animals wanting an easy chicken dinner. Ever feel the spurs on a rooster? I understand what you were feeling, but I think you came to the wrong conclusion. They also watch the sky for large birds. They watch for movement from unknowns. They alert the girls to go hide. You punished them for doing what they do. Anything with two legs and thumbs must be in charge. That should have been the lesson. Pick up the rooster. They will learn if you attach me, I pick you up. Carry them around for a minute or so. They don't really like that.

    George SimpsonGeorge Simpson22 kun oldin

    Km JAndrewsKm JAndrews22 kun oldin
  • Yuppy nephew & some of his friends all got chickens. Found out that not only racoons like to eat them but hawks. After loosing every chicken he decided to build a chicken coop for them.

    Tom GarboTom Garbo23 kun oldin
  • Little boys have no fear. LOL

    Marcus GMarcus G23 kun oldin
  • I had 45 chickens and my dog chewed threw the chicken wire, got into their cage, and killed 20 of them.🥺

    KD GamesKD Games23 kun oldin
  • Have you ever noticed how loud a female only flock is? the rooster establishes the pecking order and I think is quieter overall even though the rooster crows.

    spacebikespacebike23 kun oldin
  • @essential craftsman or anyone else that would like to answer. This may seem like a random question but what clothes throughout your experience have you found to be the most useful, comfortable, and resistant/long lasting to wear and tear? I was able to buy several Duluth pants that I have enjoyed and gotten a lot of use out of myself but would like to know what long term experience has taught you. Thanks for your time.

    Garrett CrosbyGarrett Crosby23 kun oldin
  • After getting ducks, I can't even understand why people have chickens. Ducks have so much personality, they're hilarious to watch, they're so much quieter... depending on the breed they will lay daily, sometimes even two eggs - and the eggs are way bigger and tastier, almost 3/4 yolk... they all hang together in a group and never wander from home.... they love eating slugs... and they're even tastier than chickens!

    Welcome to PortlandistanWelcome to Portlandistan23 kun oldin
  • as someone who has had chickens, the Christmas Chicken Massacre made me sad and laugh all at the same time.

    speedbuggy16vspeedbuggy16v23 kun oldin
  • Oh yes, chickens have an alpha. EC, we had a MEAN fighting cock, acrat entered his cage and we found the dead rat in the morning. Yes, they do eat everything to include worms, cockroaches and poop. If they get too hungry, they'd eat their own eggs. They need to be deworm monthly

    PETEPETE23 kun oldin
  • excellent ..

    hillbilly Yohillbilly Yo23 kun oldin
  • Grand babies... the best!

    ebiri nkugbaebiri nkugba23 kun oldin
  • All the vegans disliking this video. lol

    mattdaddymattdaddy23 kun oldin
  • Wonderful, thankyou!

    Mark TourtellotteMark Tourtellotte23 kun oldin
  • I used to just believe that chickens were vegetables with legs. Then I saw one take out a mouse and realized the truth, that they're down-on-their-luck tyrannosaurs.

    Rod Fitzsimmons FreyRod Fitzsimmons Frey24 kun oldin
  • 223 is how you fix the neighbours dogs if they destroy your chickens. People need to stop letting their dogs destroy everything, if they can tear apart chickens, they can tear apart little kids. I'd be fuming n the neighbour would be buying 50 chickens. Owning a dog is a responsibility and if they aren't fenced in properly, then that's a problem that needs to be addressed.

    archades54archades5424 kun oldin
  • Chickens will absolutely eat meat. Offal from every slaughter except birds goes to the chickens, hens will even kill snakes. We've always given every bit of biodegradable household waste to the chickens.. Then use planer shavings for bedding, the chicken poop breaks it down quickly for the garden.

    Tod ETod E24 kun oldin
  • Chickens are the ultimate pet. We have 42.

    CleaveMountaineeringCleaveMountaineering24 kun oldin
  • We just got chicks a few days ago. lololololol i use an stc-1000 controller, dirt cheap. Just build a box with an outlet that turns on or off with the probe.

    scoobtoober29scoobtoober2924 kun oldin
  • Love this channel. Your an Awesome craftsman, I continue to learn from you, thank you for laughing off my comment,

    Joshua FerrisJoshua Ferris24 kun oldin
  • I wish this guy was my dad

    El TigreEl Tigre24 kun oldin
  • So you killed the three roosters for protecting there pen because you sent a 5 year old to feed them and they did their job, maybe feed them yourself instead of sending a child to do your job. Are you the kind of guy that kicks your for breathing your air too..

    Joshua FerrisJoshua Ferris24 kun oldin
    • They were delicious!!

      Essential CraftsmanEssential Craftsman24 kun oldin
  • My wife loves a #buffhorse.

    Jimmy McTavishJimmy McTavish24 kun oldin
  • An animal dies in our family every Xmas

    Dan StevensDan Stevens24 kun oldin

    jamirjamir24 kun oldin
  • So you taught your granddaughter to kill and eat anything that hurts her? I'm being facetious of course. I am surprised you did that. Getting revenge on an animal for doing what nature intended seems pretty petty. When I got attacked when I was young, my grandfather showed me how to handle them and myself. That seems more reasonable.

    Jameson CrossJameson Cross24 kun oldin
  • Love hearing the ring of a northeastern state from the mouth of an honorable northwestern man

    Benjamin BurnsBenjamin Burns24 kun oldin
  • A farmer told me that he gives oyster shells to his chickens. They will peck and eat the shells for the calcium resulting in extra thick shells on the chicken eggs.

    Thomas LeismanThomas Leisman24 kun oldin
  • That little dude is a future worker. Teach them young.

    John DJohn D24 kun oldin
  • What do you do if you go away for vacation? Most of my Egg/Chicken friends are lucky enough to have neighbours to cover.

    Rail HookRail Hook24 kun oldin
  • Your little one crawling into the coop after the chickens made me laugh out loud, thanks for sharing!

    Charles MorrisCharles Morris24 kun oldin
  • love your stories!

    K CK C24 kun oldin
  • The smell! don't forget the smell! That's why I will not have a chicken coop.

    SquinjineSquinjine24 kun oldin
  • Ok, you guys need to give up on all the craftsman stuff and just start "The Rusty Channel".....that kid just makes me smile every time!! Watching him crawl in and out of that coop was a hoot

    John- 117John- 11724 kun oldin
  • Why don't you feed them meat? My chickens love it. Also chickens need to move and have greens available to them everyday. In my opinion a fixed chicken coop with yard is there second worse way to raise chickens. Mobile is the way to go give it a try.😀

    Nate BNate B24 kun oldin
  • One way to help avoid predators is to lay down some chicken wire that goes about 3 - 5 feet out from the coop. Securely attach the wire to the bottom frame of the coop then cover it with dirt and top it off with rock. It becomes to much of a problem for the predators.

    Tommy WilliamsonTommy Williamson25 kun oldin
  • What a great American.

    mphRagnarokmphRagnarok25 kun oldin
  • that little boy with glasses is a whoot!!

    Andrew LivingstonAndrew Livingston25 kun oldin
  • I used to have chickens and my favorite rooster I named Napoleon, he was tiny but absolutely fearless and ferocious, I actually saw him defeat a raccoon, I was running outside with my rifle and before I even got to the coop the raccoon took off and Napoleon came running and beating his wings in hot pursuit, I doubled up laughing it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Not a single hen was lost.

    Russian AcornsRussian Acorns25 kun oldin
  • That's not always true about roosters. I had 8 hens and one rooster, the hens murdered the rooster. That's Right, they 'LITERALLY' hen pecked him to death. True story✋

    bonanzatimebonanzatime25 kun oldin
  • Chicken shit everywhere happens

    bonanzatimebonanzatime25 kun oldin
  • I stayed in Powell a few days ago on the way home from Yellowstone. Beautiful country in Wyoming.

    Fluffy PillowFluffy Pillow25 kun oldin
  • A lovely video. In the UK, the fox is our worst predator, even in town. In many year’s experience, most of the time the fox doesn’t even take a chicken, just kills the lot. After a gap of a couple of years I’m starting again because there’s nothing like a new laid egg. The only time we kept a cockerel, the fox killed him defending his his girls, I was so angry! Your grandchildren are beyond adorable and seeing the toddler going in and out of the henhouse gladdened my heart!

    Olga Danes-VolkovOlga Danes-Volkov25 kun oldin
  • Is that chicken wire you have there as screen on the outer section of your coop? Raccoons tore through ours. I ended up going with hardwear cloth. And Doug a foot down Into the ground and a foot out. To prevent any thing that will dig. A lot of work but worth it

    Dave KavaDave Kava25 kun oldin
  • Spoken like a real father. Happy to hear she was no longer scared to feed the chickens.

    Andrew SchaferAndrew Schafer25 kun oldin
  • Priceless!!

    Ruth & Ralph BradleyRuth & Ralph Bradley25 kun oldin
  • My uncle was telling me a story about prey birds -I want to say it was pheasants- and how they usually have a claw/talon higher up their leg that they use for jabbing. He said when his friend reached for something on the ground that the bird wanted, that friend ended up with a bleeding hole between his thumb and index finger in an instant. I’d say a guard rooster can be a pretty good thing to have around in some niche situations.

    KirkendauhlKirkendauhl25 kun oldin
  • If the chicken roost is up high, how do the chickens know to lay their eggs down below?

    909sickle909sickle25 kun oldin
  • Backyard chickens: the most expensive way to buy eggs on this planet. They're great, though.

    Garrie IronsGarrie Irons25 kun oldin
    • Ours aren't bad. $8 bag of feed once a month and table scraps. They keep down bugs from the garden and barn and help with mice. Then we also get almost a dozen eggs each day. Sell one or two dozen a month to pay for feed and give the rest to older folks at church.

      Fred BeckerFred BeckerKun oldin
  • Our cats used to stalk our chickens but the chickens would turn on them and chase the cats round the garden, we only had 5 chickens and they all died of old age.

    Leo RumleyLeo Rumley25 kun oldin
  • If you put down wood chips, it attracts worms and helps breed lots of worms, and the chickens love to dig through it looking for the worms.

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith25 kun oldin
  • Brilliant video. I am from India and watch your all videos with full devotion. Thus video reminds me of my childhood days when my grand parents had a farmhouse and only papers, plastics and metal objects, basically all non biodegradable waste, went out of the home to the scrapyard. There was almost zero waste that went out as garbage. Every food waste generated after processing basically was turned into manure and used back in the farm and as the feed for the chickens ( we had close to 200 or so chickens, 50 goats, 30 cows and 25 bulls). The whole set up worked like a so well oiled machinery. The animals provided us all those eggs and milks and poop for manure. Which was used in the farm that gave us all the produce and the waste then was in turn used for the animals as feed. All happy including mother nature. Nice Podcasts EC! Wish you the best🙏

    Conrod FoxConrod Fox25 kun oldin
  • Off the Ranch did a video years ago when he built a rain catching system using the same nipples you are to water his chickens.

    Rick HowellRick Howell25 kun oldin
  • I was amazed to hear our rooster alert the flock of crows flying overhead. They came together and under cover. We are new to having chickens!

    Chris ParentChris Parent25 kun oldin
  • i have no clue about chickens apart from reading/videos, but i was under the impression they will happily eat meat too?

    foobargorchfoobargorch25 kun oldin
  • "Grandpa, thanks for my new jungle gym. Me love it so much. Me really love the little ramp and door you put, so me can crawl through. Thank you Grandpa. You the best!!" 3:54 :-)

    Patrick WagzPatrick Wagz25 kun oldin
  • We had chickens growing up and it was great. I loved watching them clean off a corn cob after a picnic or bbq. My father also taught us that the old chop the head off method was not the best way to get the fob done.

    George ReissGeorge Reiss25 kun oldin
  • This dude is cool

    KrocodockleKrocodockle25 kun oldin