The Upper MI Cluster of missing people that include the disappearance of two military officers.

10-Yan, 2021
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The Upper Michigan peninsula is a site filled with missing people. In this episode straight from David Paulides' Missing 411 books, Mr.Paulides presents the case of two United States Air Force flyers that vanish along with two hunters and a hiker that were never found.
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  • Love your work, sir

    Michael RingMichael Ring6 soat oldin
  • Do people ever secretly put up trail cameras and if so what have they seen?

    Sue FooteSue Foote8 soat oldin
  • I honestly can't believe that the US Air Force quit searching after a few days when 2 of their pilots crashed in their own backyard!? *Allegedly* It's not like the aircraft went down behind enemy lines in a warzone...that just blows my mind🤯 I am from Canada and I can say that most definitely those American pilots would know any RCAF aircraft because most (if not all) of the aircraft that we have in our Air Force were all purchased 2nd hand from your Air Force! LMAO What in the hell happened to their jet!? If it crashed in the water it would have been found and if crashed in the bush it woulda been found...2 things pop into my mind with this one. Were the 2 pilots and fighter jet vaporized or were they transported or teleported somewhere else?

    a modern alchemista modern alchemist9 soat oldin
  • when your around swamps, alligators roam

    isabel sanchezisabel sanchez10 soat oldin
  • Sorry for the typos gotta love it should Proof read sorry 😞 everybody

    Melissa DavisMelissa Davis21 soat oldin
  • This story fascinates me all these stories me baby born actually at Helen Joy Newberry Michigan ,lived in McMillan Michigan for many years my grandfather who worked as a lumberjack for many years north of Newberry and he and my grandmother never mentioned any of this disappearances and my grandparents and many family were in these swamps and woods over the years especially our old homestead in McMillan 100 acres no one ever came up missing ever and grandpa never ever mentioned any weird experiences I just remember my grandpa used to tell me not to wander off into the back because of the Bears get lots of them back in the 70s when are used to spend a lot of time now in the summer but grandpa never ever mentioned any weird runnings working in the lumber camps these Stories just fascinate me Being so close to my hometown and where I was born thank you for sharing my story never heard about it before or any of these stories keep up the excellent work the story about being so close to my hometown is truly intriguing

    Melissa DavisMelissa Davis21 soat oldin
  • Another missing woman this weekend in Yosemite 😔

    Alison HAlison H22 soat oldin
  • Twitter and Facebook are so powerful now that they can influence politics / mainstream media / decision making in big business and more importantly the thinking of the average citizen . Now they are openly censoring anything they deem " wrong " IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO YOU AGREE WITH they are in effect controlling the discourse ..... time to boycott

    NickNewNickNew22 soat oldin
  • Upper Michigan has metals in the earth lots of copper compasses might have issues

    Dan MckennyDan Mckenny23 soat oldin
  • I will add some more strangeness to the UP stories. This happened to me in September 2008. My age was 48. I was living in another state and seeing a man from Michigan. He and I were visiting his Mom in the lower part of Mi. We decided to take a trip to the UP since I had never been there. We ended up staying in a lodge up by Porcupine Mountains State Park. We spent most of our time hiking. One day we were out hiking. I had climbed down a cliff to take pictures of a creek below. Instead of going around to get back to my friend I decided I would climbed straight up the cliff. When I got to the top I realized the face of the cliff was jutting out over the rocks below. I couldn't climb down or I could lose my balance and fall or climb over without help. I asked my friend to pull me over and he wouldn't help me. He was upset because he told me not to climb down to take pictures in the first place. I decided to take matters into my own hands at that point and grabbed a small tree and a root and tried to pull myself over the cliff. I was almost over when the rocks crumbled underneath me and I fell. This friend said as he watched me fall back I stopped in mid air for a second and flipped over from my back to my side like a cat. He watched me fall 30 feet then as I hit the rocks he said I disappeared. I was there one minute and gone the next. I do remember hitting the rocks. Next I became aware my body was under the very cold creek water. I tried to get up and I couldn't move. I remember thinking maybe I am dead. Then I felt a force stronger that anything I have ever felt before lift me out of the water. I remember coming fully conscious standing up with my heart racing underneath the cliff. The friend said he had looked up and down the creek and rocks and was getting ready to get help when he decided to yell my name one more time. By this time I was standing beside the cliff and answered him. The weird thing though I was 50 yards away from the original site where I fell. I was able to walk out of there without any broken bones or trauma. The only injury was a sprained wrist. I am very lucky. I ditched the guy too.

    summergirl2782summergirl278223 soat oldin
  • Your personal story of the swamp scares the bejeezus out of me. What could have possibly made that sound and why? I would have torn the ground up, hauling butt out of there and never gone back. Theres too many things going on in our world that if not for you and your informing us of them, we'd be totally ignorant of and I can never thank you enough for the enlightenment. Trust me also when I say that in the many years of listening to you, I have not once doubted one story that you have related. When I first came across you, you were not yet well known and George Norry and Art Bell was helping you to become better known. I was hooked the very first interview I listened to and have tried to listen to every one of your interviews and talks. Cannot thank you enough for all your hard work in scaring the crap out of me while steadily educating me about the forests and safety. Blessings Stay safe. You are certainly my biggest hero.

    Keekee hawkKeekee hawkKun oldin
  • If there is one thing I think is sinister it’s walks on two legs and it’s a male as for planes there have gone missing over the years never to be seen again no I don’t believe in little green men .

    Christine RoseChristine RoseKun oldin
  • Too bad Parler is down. Big Tech is CRAZY!

    RedHD MommaRedHD MommaKun oldin
  • I check EVERYDAY to make sure I'm still subscribed to Dave. :) You should do it too!

    Lorelei SchwarzwaldLorelei SchwarzwaldKun oldin
  • LOL. It’s that lack of concern about an incursion from us that leaves you vulnerable. But seriously, great broadcast as usual, Mr. Paulides.

    Christopher BishopChristopher BishopKun oldin
  • Thank You Dave for all that you do!!

    Stefan HernsStefan HernsKun oldin
  • Bet it was a sasquatch Dave, what you hear coming out of the swamp,,,,,!!! They're are in the upper Michigan,!!

    Pahoo WingsPahoo WingsKun oldin
  • No thats Not true, i Don't buy it,, ...They found something after 4 days & stop the serche, thats why & hushed it up,!!!AGAIN,!!!!!

    Pahoo WingsPahoo WingsKun oldin
  • As you said pleased subscribed I looked and saw i was unsubscribed . Like really seriously. Ill make it point to look to look at my subscription. Thanks Dave .

    cat Moorecat MooreKun oldin
  • I have deer hunted since I was 12yrs old 1979 in Northern Wisconsin. Almost every year we run across a random areas where our compass spins.

    Doc RoseDoc RoseKun oldin
  • David I have the bell on but no notification 🥺

    Speak your truthSpeak your truthKun oldin
  • David, I watch a lot of shows like yours and the hosts Im sure are decent people, but there’s something different about you. I honestly feel like you care deeply about these folks who have gone missing, I don’t think you’re even remotely putting on an act for “likes” or “subscribers” like some of the others. Such an inspiration. Thank you.

    Black Crow HomesteadBlack Crow HomesteadKun oldin
  • Thanks !

    Pat DePat DeKun oldin
  • Thanks Dave, being from Michigan I found this especially interesting and Sad, Thank you for keeping these stories alive.

    Dusty HershbergerDusty Hershberger2 kun oldin
  • Dear David, I have read 2 or 3 of your early 411 books (maybe 8 - 10 years ago) and I have seen virtually all your videos and I have an observation. It appears that the folks that disappear are all dear, sweet, innocent and loved. They may be very talented and smart or mentally challenged but never-the-less are innocent dear and sweet and wouldn't harm anyone. Question: were any of the ones that disappeared and fit the profile of a bad nature? The kind that people are actually happier that they are gone and are glad to never see them again? It doesn't seem so. Then, is something targeting people of a decent heart? Or rather, is having a decent heart one of the criteria for being disappeared?

    Andrew StevanoAndrew Stevano2 kun oldin
  • Keep it up

    James JonesJames Jones2 kun oldin
  • Always remember to hit that like button for all the dedicated, determined, consistent work Dave does for all these missing persons cases. We defiantly need more ppl like him in this world.. Thanks Dave for EVERYTHING that I do for so many ppl. Such a selfless act .. Thank you once again....

    Sarah RazeeSarah Razee2 kun oldin
  • Dave, personally I wish that this was not actually happening, but it is and I thank God for you and your dedication to the missing and the loved ones left behind! I believe someone/something is taking the folks for whatever sinister purposes and that there are certain entities that are aware of and perhaps in collusion with this agenda. This is my personal opinion. Please be safe, May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to keep you & family safe in his care! Thank you!

    Ellen BakerEllen Baker2 kun oldin
  • I have been watching this channel for some time now. One of many channels I follow on youtube and I see a correlation with some other information. These parks where people get missing are national parks. All these parks are connected to each other by underground bases. Look up Phil schneider on Deep Underground Military Bases in short D.U.M.B.'s These national parks house Alien bases and other supernatural creatures like sasquatch or Bigfoot. Missing 411 links up with what Phil schneider is saying he has worked in these bases and helped constructing them in one way or another. People that get missing are being housed in these complexes deep underground and they are being tested and used as slaves by extra terrestrial forces. People that get found back dead are done so with a specific reason to create myths so people don't venture to deep into these places because they house these bases and entities that's why most parks are off limit or not accessible. They got to close or have seen something that was not ment for their eyes. You can look up Phil schneiders videos on UZworld I have to say he is not amongst us anymore they have murderd him for breaching the confidentiality on these bases. Dead man tell no tales.. Simply said all parks are connected to each other by underground highways and these facilities are being used and operated by extra terrestrial forces.

    Hive Mind SocietyHive Mind Society2 kun oldin
  • Hello, I am. back to work in a Federal Park looking forward to your awesome videos.. Wonder how many people have vanished in 2021 ? Regardless of that number we all know it that number sadly be higher than 2020.

  • Over half of Canada lives S. of Mr. Paulides.

    Stanley CrimStanley Crim3 kun oldin
  • The best theory I can come up with is some type of breakaway civilization which I believe to be inside the earth. Haven't really gotten past that point. I can only dedicate so much time per day.

    Jason WheelerJason Wheeler3 kun oldin
  • I grew up in a town where areo-space was the major industry and testing went on constantly. So I looked at the aircraft critically for design flaws which are all too common in in the beginning phases of production aircraft. This is what I found: Even though the Scorpion was rapidly entering squadron service all throughout 1952, the interceptor continued to be plagued by engine failures. The initial production blocks (1 through 20) of the F-89C were powered by a pair of J35-A-21 engines. In service, these engines were very unreliable and were subject to frequent failures. The problem was solved as in the case of the F-89A and B by retrofitting these early F-89Cs with the improved and more reliable J35-A-21A engine. A jet aircraft without power had the flight charismatics of a brick. To me this is common knowledge, because of where I grew up, but it also makes a difference in the story. Not that this is the only possibility,but it is in keeping with the time of the year and Occam's razor. After 4 days the likelihood of finding the pilot and EWO alive is zero, and according to military thinking, the objective is to find the trained pilot and the electronic warfare operator alive, as an asset. the sad truth is that any GI is only as important as the cost of training and the experience they represent to the unit. People die in warfare, as a normal course of action in any battle or engagement. So in spite of the value of human life, or how we feel about a fellow human or friend, the command structure has to make a judgment call on the long term effects of a continued rescue action. It's not how I feel about it but it is an actual reality all GI's live with.

    DW Des VoigneDW Des Voigne3 kun oldin
  • These poor families. I just don't know, but would spend my life looking if I could. Family is everything. Especially under such circumstances.

    sillylillysillylilly3 kun oldin
  • There were NORAD drone and missile experiments in the 1940s-- 50's in this area. WWll was active and the allies planned to put a line of ballistic defense across the continent, near the border. I live on the Canada side 20 miles from Paradise. You might be interested in Warren Goetz ( I knew his daughter Elise) from the Detour/Goetzville--near this area. He says he was abducted by aliens and wrote a book called "Universe Speaks' about what they taught him. He also attempted to build a spaceship with their technology. He got it off the ground but it cracked. My friend ( she's dead now) vouched for him as they would go on trips to site UFO's. I know that rangers saw UFO's in the Sleeping Bear Dune Area as did people in my area see them here. The military has denied classified deep water access/exploration to a 20 mile 6-800 foot off-shore trench, stretching from Coppermine Point to Montreal River. There was a shooting range here, 1942-1962. They had license to shoot at objects 40,000 feet high. I have some documents. But, try to get T-171813, Schedule A, notes from 1952, August 8, JB Chambers OLS. Notes may be in possession of Dave Urso. Military researchers told me that the US may know more than Canada about what went on here.

    Ellen K. Van LaarEllen K. Van Laar3 kun oldin
    • As soon as you mention missile tests , Nuclear , Hydrogen , Ballistic or any other I believe that there would be Extra terrestrial activity and presence and there always has been !!! They make sure us Humans don't let things get out of control and put us back into our place !!!!! I've never heard of Warren Goetz , but the name sounds very German to me , which to me is another ET connection straight away , but I will look into the man for sure , sounds very , very interesting !!! Thx for sharing , with love from Australia

      oliver woukoliver wouk3 kun oldin
  • Excellent...keep them coming x

    Merrykerry79Merrykerry793 kun oldin
  • Very strange dissapearances indeed! I can't thank you enough for your dedication.

    Yves BoutinYves Boutin3 kun oldin
  • I can imagine myself in the areas you describe with such good detail! I have heard some strange things out in unpopulated places a few times over my life, i can only explain what I heard is sounds from a different time or residual energy.

    Ed BarnesEd Barnes3 kun oldin
  • Food for thought, what if we are at war? What if we are being attacked and don't know it? War can last for hundreds of years. Just brain storming. I don't know why these people are going missing. My bad.

    Michael P.Michael P.3 kun oldin
  • Hi mr Paulides love your work and watch as much as l can l have a story that’s goes back to the 70s I’m now 53 it was New Year’s Eve and all the family were going to my mum and dads house to see in the bells but my gran being very superstitious wanted to celebrate the new year in her own home so l stayed with my gran and my grandfather went to my mums. We seen the bells in my gran done all her usual rituals out with the old in with the new lol and getting me to chap the door for her first foot l had dark hair the luckiest colour seemingly to enter the fresh hold . We left my grans around 12.30 starting walking the basically ten minutes journey to our house my grans version of events were to her dying day that we went to cross the road my gran went to take my hand then this thing out off nowhere was just above us it made no sound just appeared oval in shape and off grey in colour as quick as it came it was away still no sound but in my grans own words it came to us for a second stopped observed then was gone still in silence. My memory off that night is again we left grans going to mine went to cross the road reached my hand out to take my grans and l remember feeling my grans grip which was very tight but this thing at the time had no other words for it was just there we didn’t really have time to react we just stared then it left l was young around 8 or 9 but l knew this was something different and l also had the feeling this wasn’t just a coincidence and we just bumped into each other it was more like this grey flying thing with no sound seen us and came down to have a look the left. This is a true story and me and my gran were pretty shaken up and funny enough not one person in my house that night disbelieved us lol maybe because my gran never touched alcohol and was know for her honesty . Love you’re work and if you or anyone else read’s this hope you enjoy x

    Tish mclaughlanTish mclaughlan3 kun oldin
  • Deepest sympathy to these families on the loss of their loved ones and the agony of not being able to have closer. Know that there are peopole who truly care. God blessings and greatest comfort for you all.

    Laurie SlizLaurie Sliz3 kun oldin
  • Wish I could jab the the like button more than just once. You deserve the likes, Dave!

    Dwellin JDwellin J3 kun oldin
  • Thanks Dave great info on northern Michigan, you should do one on northern Wisconsin also,thanks again top notch stuff.

    Charlie irishCharlie irish3 kun oldin
  • David, your are a real life Fox Mulder. "The truth is out there"

    Joey CentofantiJoey Centofanti3 kun oldin
  • thank you for video. I could not stop myself from commenting here. Being that i live smack in the middle of Gods country Upper penninsula of michigan. Regarding your first story with the bomber, i am not sure if this plays into this at all, but about 6 or so weeks ago. another military plane went down, with a pilot whom was also exerienced, has perished.From what i heard the Fighter jet hit a brick wall doing mach one or so and flew nose down into the woods. There was some very serious items missing, and i am not sure if it has been acounted for yet. Asking me, i probably wouldnt ask too many questions and genrally i believe in the work my big brother does. It is common knowlage also K I Sawyer was a milititay base decomishioned sometime i think in mid 80s. I would like to add also to the missing people. Food for thought here. I know first hand how the elements up here are very drastic at times, and i also can swimm like a fish. i am by no means a stranger to the woods or diving. But consider this in your equation, if you have not already. IT only takes crows about roughly two days to eat a carcass and bones. Poof, gone. like it never happend. that is not also counting the coyotes, and wolfs, and beleive me they are very aggressive. and the storys ive heard from the old time ice fisherman is the wolves have been know to distract there prey. I would like to also mention to the skilled russian, and i hope this helps, it has been unseasonably warm up here lately. especially in november of 2020. To give you a little example of wheather at my house even now at almost 10 am, my window in kitchen is open, and i feel like im the king of getting wet and staying wet below zero God speed

    lukefenderrhodeslukefenderrhodes3 kun oldin
  • Dave, where can we buy your books?

    Caleb PCaleb P3 kun oldin
  • And now Google / Apple / Amazon have colluded to deplatform Parler. Big Tech's monopolistic assault on competition and free speech has become intolerable.

    John McIntyreJohn McIntyre3 kun oldin
  • Dave, Respectfully, you've likely thought of this. But, in case you haven't, my gut tells me, if you were able to do a little historical research & pull up a list of "Freakish Un-Expected Snowstorms" or "Nasty Unforecasted Blizzards" that were significant enough to have made the headlines in the past, that some of these events could likely correspondence with disappearances. It would sure be interesting if you found a significant weather event & then checked the missing persons report for that region, only to find a corresponding disappearance. We both know that it seems, whatever is doing this, is using mother nature to cover their tracks and make it hell on anyone attempting to immediately locate the subject. Personally, if I ever experience a drastic change in weather where heavy clouds start quickly rolling in on a day that was supposed to be perfectly clear, I'm likely gonna huddle up the troops and load for bear. Thanks for staying on UZworld. I know they're horrible, but the pro's still outweigh the cons. If you save one person that would have otherwise not seen your message, it's all worth it (In my opinion). Thank YOU Dave, You're a good man!

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    Australian Outdoor ManAustralian Outdoor Man3 kun oldin
  • Election officials!

    Nut Sack BearNut Sack Bear3 kun oldin
  • Who wears crocs out in the woods? An experienced woodsman certainly would not

    Kristine GuetschowKristine Guetschow3 kun oldin
  • 200k Subs let's go!!!!!

    RaydiateRaydiate3 kun oldin
  • David. Soo (pronounced Sue) Lockes is between Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. I live in Soo Ontario. Im glad you covered this. There are so many eye witness accounts of strange lights over Lake Superior. Many many strange happenings in the area on the Canadian side

    James McLeanJames McLean3 kun oldin
    • David, I will Email you in a bit. I'd like to run an idea by you.

      James McLeanJames McLean3 kun oldin
  • Thanx for all you do!!

    Janet LiebJanet Lieb4 kun oldin
  • Read The great Lakes Triangle!!

    Janet LiebJanet Lieb4 kun oldin
  • Compass acting up....Bermuda triangle

    Janet LiebJanet Lieb4 kun oldin
  • Thanx for sharing swamp experience!

    Janet LiebJanet Lieb4 kun oldin
  • Whatever this is it does not like hunters!

    Janet LiebJanet Lieb4 kun oldin
  • Water..

    Janet LiebJanet Lieb4 kun oldin
  • Dangerous to chase the u.f.os

    Janet LiebJanet Lieb4 kun oldin
  • I live in Michigan worked at Nuke power plant. Scout Master. My state has a lot of copper and iron in the ground. It can make your compass useless. I’ve also have had 5 encounters with Bigfoot. Very unpredictable short tempered animals. Their is another predators in Michigan’s woods but the sheriff deputy says can’t mention it. Universal blackout to all law enforcement. Goggle Michigan/dogman first National press release 1864. These get 20ft high revival Bigfoot. They eat each other. That’s all I can say. Last year couple ripped to bits in their home. Sheriff said Dogman killed them. Kept from news. Michigan

    Arne ServatiusArne Servatius4 kun oldin
  • Sad that big tech assaults our intelligence by squelching people like dave just to keep the status quo and push a narrative. Another good one dave.

    RoodboyRoodboy4 kun oldin
  • Theory Ive been mulling over, and I am certain some of you have probably considered something similar... Hypothetically speaking if I were under the impression something was tracking my scent it makes perfect sense to try and create scent decoys. Our feet and underarms contain most of our sweat glands and therefore would create the strongest portion of our scent I would assume. Obviously not all of the situations where people are found missing clothes or shoes can be accounted for this way... But I think its completely plausible that it could be a factor.

    Stephen ButlerStephen Butler4 kun oldin
  • Thank you David for sharing this with us !

    Kandi WolfeKandi Wolfe4 kun oldin
  • The unsubing is happening to a lot of people with different views than big tech!

    Black EchoBlack Echo4 kun oldin
  • There's no magnetic rock on this planet that's strong enough to dramatically effect a compass unless you're holding it very close to the rock! Another thing is the spinning compass thing also happening where people disappear in the woods like the Bermuda triangle. Possible sign or side effect of using some kind of advanced technology could be an electromagnetic field?

    Black EchoBlack Echo4 kun oldin
  • Either move from the place - weird, stay there and die - weird. We must come to the consusion as every other finding moves us further, but further outta answer.

    Oxi OxiOxi Oxi4 kun oldin
  • The cases thar goes thru my mind are rhe ones that like literally "sit there and died", maybe and it's a BIG maybe this is where most of the cases ends. Because they have waited but no rescue have came to find, it is not that bizzare if we would think about it.

    Oxi OxiOxi Oxi4 kun oldin
  • Dredge the lake back to original camp. Hopefully Vladimir is found.

    Hullu VikingHullu Viking4 kun oldin
  • Do not go to any rally on th's a ff and a trap.😘

    Daisy CutterDaisy Cutter4 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry Dave but in a harsh envirorment such us snow it's hard to detect a person if this person is moving still. I know that it is told that if you are lost just stay where you are but sometimes when it comes to OG in wilderness it may come the thing as " I will find the track" . I love your work, sometimes the demon is within ourselves, that we won't obey any rules, because we are TOO experienced in wilderness.

    Oxi OxiOxi Oxi4 kun oldin
  • Grats on 200K, Dave!

    IsotopeXIsotopeX4 kun oldin
  • This is the second time I have NOT been given a notification you posted a new video. I unsubscribed and re- subscribed again and made sure I clicked on the all notifications bell. I get tired of youtube playing games.

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  • Cold water temperatures hold bodies for a longer period of time and so decaying of body is stalled until water temperatures increase then body decays and ruptures and never surfaces underwater curtains if in a lake along with fish and other things eat the tissue and move body parts around. Remember that when searching for remains

    SheerWill SurvivalSheerWill Survival4 kun oldin
  • GREAT NEWS!!! Pandemic is over as it NEVER occurred!!!! Spread the word; quickly!!!! 100,000 doctors have united to reveal the truth. There is NO pandemic and never was. The vaccine; according to the below release states: "vaccine is designed to kill, cripple and/or cause infertility."

    s. leadbetters. leadbetter4 kun oldin
  • The greatest illusion is our own reality.

    Greg DohringGreg Dohring4 kun oldin
  • Thank you for making these videos, they help people who have had these experiences and to understand some of the unknown.............have a good week.

    Furry CatFurry Cat4 kun oldin
  • Dave, I've been a subscriber from the first. When you mentioned the 'subscription' issue, I noticed I had been unsubscribed. btw, I hope you're getting some bucks out of yt, for all the danged ads they have added.

    Global AvengerGlobal Avenger4 kun oldin
  • Hi David.I listen to some of your stories and I get so depressed that I have to turn them off. Im starting to lose faith as I dont see anywhere in the Bible about this kind of thing happening to folks. Unless its teh "catching away" but that is supposed to be a good happening. I just saw a video put out by Gina Marie Colvin showing a tractor beam coming out of the "sun".She took pretty clear pics of it and she said that it looks like the "sun" "beams" things up to it! I was wondering if that is whats happening to these people.That they are being Beamed up? Like in the Star Trek shows. You may have already thought of this. Thank you.

    Cathy MarshallCathy Marshall4 kun oldin
  • If you don't believe the Gov. controls everything you watch and listen to I'd look up "operation mockingbird" it's a former CIA OPP.

    Black EchoBlack Echo4 kun oldin
  • Sharyl is awesome!

    Jeremiah McLainJeremiah McLain4 kun oldin
  • the u p also has alot of copper mines. i read that the copper has a 5% silver ratio and is only found in the u p. another interesting tid bit is that the excavation of red haired giants had armor of copper with that 5% silver, and is found in tombs all the way to Egypt.

    zenzen4 kun oldin
  • What about iron in the ground

    emily horakemily horak4 kun oldin
  • I like your style Mr. Paulides. No BS, straight ahead. Respect.

    John AudetteJohn Audette4 kun oldin
  • America will be the end of unwanted preditors. There is a reason the wright brothers were american. We didnt have tyrant government to stop us at the time. In one lifetime from then, we have made it to space. They want to keep us down, but america will prevail.

    b58llyb58lly4 kun oldin
  • Electromagnetic waves.... Time travel and electromagnetic waves go hand in hand according to al beliek. If you are family to these people, please stop reading now... "There's no point for you to hear this"..........Al beliek also talks about how we realize we have an extraterrestrial predator out for humans by the year 2017. Well, that was before he came to our timeline. In theory that makes a new timeline, maybe in this time line we realize we are cattle hopefully year 2021.... Al beliek has 5 and a half hours of biography. Really entertaining and inciteful. If al is skitzo, its consistent and chalk full of detail. Al does not come off skitzo at all. I sincerely believe david and trump are getting to the bottom of this. It is obvious there are elite people involved in hiding this info.... "Nevermind ufo's, there's nothing criminal happening there. Nevermind these missing people, there is nothing happening there"... (they say)

    b58llyb58lly4 kun oldin
    • @b58lly Al Bielek was my inspiration for time travel research and interdimensional. I study this for many years. Very interesting. Do you know, by chance what was the frequency of the rotating magnetic field on Eldridge?

      Jerry E.Jerry E.4 kun oldin
    • Al beliek jumped off the uss eldrigde in the Philadelphia experiment to avoid the radiation burns and woke up in the hospital.... In the future. He spent some time there then came back, thus, the al beliek story.

      b58llyb58lly4 kun oldin
  • Keep up the great work. You are awesome. Thank you

    Max WolfMax Wolf4 kun oldin
  • My BF grew up in the Ottawa National Forest in the UP. He has some strange stories....

    Alisha LarsonAlisha Larson4 kun oldin
  • The missing F86 is pretty interesting, but the invisible stsmpede of buffalo thundering across a swap really lit me up. .........and......Dave explained that is only one of many inexplicable. experiencess hes had. Hooves on hard ground noise in a swamp sure ....suggests.....a dimension issue. It would be great to hear what other things have happened to Dave while visiting Missing locations...........yes?

    Compassion CampaignerCompassion Campaigner4 kun oldin
  • I've walked in circles in the swamp in the snow and i was trying to walk from point to point. About 15 years of experience when this happened.

    ChrisChris4 kun oldin
  • A couple hours south is a HOTSPOT as well. "Deadstream" just a couple years ago there was a head scratcher. Snow on the ground. So anybody could have found them. They burnt cash. And it wasn't to build a fire. It was in a wet area so they called the search off until spring. They went back in spring and found the man and woman a couple hundred yards from were the car was stuck. Both near one another in the water. This one bothers me.

    ChrisChris4 kun oldin
  • Bless you cheryl 🙏

    ChrisChris4 kun oldin
  • Paranormal malevolent intelligence involved

    ANSCANSC4 kun oldin
  • As always, I "liked" before I watched. And that is because I trust you and your work, Dave and 411 team. 💯 --Shannon Aguilar 🔥

    Edilver AguilarEdilver Aguilar4 kun oldin
  • City News in Toronto is corrupted with biased notions and now fear mongering heath concerns. View all current videos on UZworld for yourself but be careful. Always go to the comment section on every video regarding the pandemic or anything related or unrelated.

    Jimiel JosephJimiel Joseph4 kun oldin
  • Dave, thank you.

    Edilver AguilarEdilver Aguilar4 kun oldin
  • People are rea,,y starting to catch on to your videos. People are using the term “missing 411” to explain weird occurrences in unrelated video comments. Glad to see people are starting to wake up and take notice

    Lambros KLambros K4 kun oldin
  • Dave, I'm a law enforcement officer in Maine. If there is ever anything I can do to help please let me know. I've shared your content with fellow LEOs to increase the awareness of what is going on. Keep fighting the good fight brother.

    Caleb PCaleb P4 kun oldin
  • We love you Dave

    Andrea GallegosAndrea Gallegos5 kun oldin

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