The Truth About Donald And Melania Trump's Only Son

25-Sen, 2020
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Love him or hate him, President Donald Trump and his family have capitalized on the reality star-turned-politician's fame. But while most of the Trumps are making headlines, one family member has managed to skirt the spotlight. 14-year-old Barron Trump is the only son of President Trump and the First Lady - and here's what America's First Kid is all about!
Barron Trump is one of five children, from Donald's three marriages. Barron's older brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, are the children of Donald and his first wife, Ivana. Also from the first marriage is Ivanka, who works as an official assistant to the President, while her husband, Jared Kushner, is a senior adviser.
Barron's two older brothers often appear in the spotlight due to their leading roles in The Trump Organization. And all three of the older kids made appearances during their father's campaign, speaking at both the 2016 and the 2020 Republican National Conventions. The siblings were also joined by their younger sister, Tiffany, from Donald's second marriage to Marla Maples, who spoke in support of her father, as well.
While Barron may have been absent from the official podium, we're certain he would have been speaking, too, if he were just a little older. And, it's not like he isn't familiar with being on TV… Keep watching to learn The Truth About Donald And Melania Trump's Only Son!
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The youngest Trump | 0:00
TV debut on Oprah | 1:14
A-list celebrity gifts | 2:05
Speaking Slovenian | 3:41
Total sneakerhead | 5:00
Focusing on school | 5:46
Having his back | 6:42
"Little Donald" | 8:20
First boy since JFK Jr. | 8:49
Hitting the links | 9:37
Bend it like Barron | 10:30
Trumping his dad | 11:28
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  • What do you think Barron Trump will grow up to be like?

    The ListThe List29 kun oldin
    • @Bob Frapples he’s not only a Trump. He’s a 14 years old boy. Leave him alone as you may have let Obama’s girls alone.

      J HacksbJ Hacksb9 soat oldin
    • @syllahk you are a sickening person

      Jennifer OertwigJennifer Oertwig10 soat oldin
    • @Bob Frapples ooôooookok

      Tessie JamesTessie James12 soat oldin
    • Everyone acts like he’s gonna be different and like he hates his dad but those people are so f**king stupid and blind he’s most likely not gonna be any different. His dad is trump. That’s his role model. Do they really think he’s gonna be different? All of his life he’s seen his dad and what he’s done so he’s probably gonna be like him because he had no better role model as a father

      Kat DoneKat Done16 soat oldin
    • President Trump, 2038.

      PoM MoMPoM MoMKun oldin
  • Baron might be the only one to clean the Trump name ,,, cos they are trash at this moment!!!!!!!!!!

    decard90decard9012 daqiqa oldin
  • How can you believe in Darwin when 4 out of 5 children look Iike him? I hope Ivanka is smart enough to keep the child away from his father.

    Eva KEva K26 daqiqa oldin
  • October 25, 2020: The TRUTH is this boy is severely bullied for no reason

    Katherine KassKatherine Kass27 daqiqa oldin
  • Who the baby mother is? Not a single one of his children look alike.

    AlexAlex32 daqiqa oldin
  • if you’re thinking having Comments about other’s Right or wrong you’re better think about yours leave the other’s alone.

    k amirk amir42 daqiqa oldin
  • Oh my god new balance is also my brand. They’re cheap, they’re comfortable, easy choice

    FrogwellFrogwellSoat oldin
  • 1:10 Lol melania is always tanking her hand away from trump. xD

    FrogwellFrogwellSoat oldin
  • I like Barron. He's a good-looking kid and appears to be well-mannered. I wish him well.

    James SavikJames SavikSoat oldin
  • Hate him

    Laura LongLaura Long2 soat oldin
  • The Force is strong in him.

    blondewoman1blondewoman12 soat oldin
  • Trump 2020 Tucker 2024 Barron 2032 !

    blondewoman1blondewoman12 soat oldin
  • Leave the kid alone.

    Zielona PapugaZielona Papuga2 soat oldin
  • God Bless the Trump Family. Medical Professionals for Trump! -- Trump 2020!!!

    JBosler3JBosler33 soat oldin
  • Thats not his only son..

    Leah McDanielLeah McDaniel3 soat oldin
  • He is on the autistic spectrum...that's a 100% fact. There's nothing wrong with that. The Drumpfs should actually advocate for that group. But of course they wouldn't bc they see it as weakness.

    Ken PowersKen Powers3 soat oldin
  • Their all garbage

    Pamela OlsonPamela Olson4 soat oldin
  • Poor kid. Man, people should leave him alone.

    Jacqueline McKenneyJacqueline McKenney4 soat oldin
  • Calling him little Donald is kinda creepy, no?

    Oscar HershkowitzOscar Hershkowitz4 soat oldin
  • Watch their kid run away at 18.

    Oscar HershkowitzOscar Hershkowitz4 soat oldin
  • TRUMP 2020

    SunSun5 soat oldin
  • Antichrist

    Carr JhaezCarr Jhaez5 soat oldin
  • God bless Trump all Junior Happy Durga Puja fastible

    biplob prasadbiplob prasad5 soat oldin
  • Barron looks like trump but younger, handsome, and has hair. He’s a beautiful child.

    Courtney JoyCourtney Joy6 soat oldin
  • Barron is a good boy. Melania is a wonderful mother.

    Nein zu KorruptionNein zu Korruption6 soat oldin
  • Does he basketball?!!Donald would have a conniption. He’d rather he play golf or hockey or something like that 😏

    Tola IzardTola Izard6 soat oldin
  • Barron is the future US president. No doubt about that.

    Ton BongTon Bong6 soat oldin
  • "his 6ft3 father" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Peter iPeter i6 soat oldin
  • Barron is very blessed!

    Patrisia HernandezPatrisia Hernandez7 soat oldin
  • You should be ashamed of yourself to make a video about a child. Does Obama’s daughters get this same treatment?

    Vincenza8907Vincenza89077 soat oldin
  • A beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

  • Why is this kid so tall?

    Miss MidNight :VMiss MidNight :V8 soat oldin
  • What is an “Oder” person?

    J HacksbJ Hacksb9 soat oldin
  • Vote trump for law and order . no looting vandalism arson violence.

    Ni YeenNi Yeen10 soat oldin

    Ginger BoudreauxGinger Boudreaux10 soat oldin
  • Please let Barron Trump watch Anime not Hentai.

    Jayrald TJayrald T10 soat oldin
  • I just love Barron Trump! What wonderful parents and family 👍

    Jennifer OertwigJennifer Oertwig11 soat oldin
  • leahashe screenrant bestfriend kalimba

    juan mtzjuan mtz11 soat oldin
  • The First Lady, Sounds so much better than the Third Wife. What do you think?

    Dave HudsonDave Hudson11 soat oldin
  • 5:59 these 3 individuals share nothing in common, they are 3 different people from 3 different families.

    Jenna TaliaJenna Talia11 soat oldin
  • Melania is a real woman and i think Big Mike agrees

    Jenna TaliaJenna Talia11 soat oldin
  • Family with DISCIPLINE

    Barend De KlerkBarend De Klerk12 soat oldin
  • I think I'm going to puke!

    Gabriel EspringtimeGabriel Espringtime12 soat oldin
  • Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful & positive video about Barron & the Trump family! You are to be commended for this beautiful piece that is truly a pleasure to watch. It brought a smile to my face early in the beginning & is still on my face while I am writing this comment. Excellent job!!!

    Sheryl Stern TitoneSheryl Stern Titone13 soat oldin
  • Just calling it like I see it! The son, Barron looks and acts very STRANGE, NEVER SMILES! Probably because he sees his father LIES SO MUCH! It WOULDN'T SURPRISE ME IF ONE NIGHT WHEN MOM AND DAD ARE SLEEPING, BARRON STABS TO DEATH, BOTH OF THEM!

    The HammerThe Hammer14 soat oldin
  • Baron is already a little monster, you can see it in his face. It obviously runs in the family. Maybe throw him in a cage and lose his parents? (Oh, how can I be so cruel? Yeah, my words are cruel, but I’ve had excellent training from Baron’s father for the last 4 years - as has Baron himself. I wonder who the training would have rubbed off on more?)

    Svu KicSvu Kic14 soat oldin
  • Who cares

    Ladytee HeywardLadytee Heyward14 soat oldin
  • Oh, i forgot: Fonda and Karlan can put their hateful statements (and ideally themselves, too), where the sun doesn't shine.

    Donnie DarkoDonnie Darko14 soat oldin
  • Yes, "leave Barron Trump alone", that also goes to the makers of this video.

    Donnie DarkoDonnie Darko14 soat oldin
  • I really like that video. President Trump's son is very good looking, but all of them are. If I wish my husband alive to see all of this.. He and I liked the same things in politics. This President is the best on in my life, Thank you for loving our country. After Obama we got I really did not like him. I was scared he would have so many Muslims we might have Sharia Law. That is how they take over a country. All islamic country were taken over by force. CAIR said they would take over our country and they no matter how long it takes.

    EmilyEmily14 soat oldin
  • Growth hormones

  • Why does he have an accent?

    No SmokeNo Smoke15 soat oldin
  • too much caviar cream!

    I. LuriaI. Luria15 soat oldin
  • G

    filomena pestellofilomena pestello15 soat oldin
  • That boy looks more like Putin than Trump

    geraldo rodriguezgeraldo rodriguez16 soat oldin
  • I refuse to believe his son is real, I can tell he's murmuring russian in a robotic voice. Listen...he hides under the podiums in every rally, with notes for Trump to read.

    BL Guerrilla EntertainmentBL Guerrilla Entertainment16 soat oldin
  • Lovely son of trump

    Abid ShaikhAbid Shaikh16 soat oldin
  • Great family

    Abid ShaikhAbid Shaikh16 soat oldin
  • Everyone's like a child is a kid, a kid is a child, but yet someb parents allow their "child" to make decisions about their genders, orientation, and allow their "child" to make decisions on life that they don't understand yet, because they're still "growing up," simply because they're not happy, and it Makes you feel like a bad parent. The hipocrisy is real. You will all answer to God, on the day of judgement.

    JoshJosh16 soat oldin
  • Everyone's like a child is a kid, a kid is a child, but yet someb parents allow their "child" to make decisions about their genders, orientation, and allow their "child" to make decisions on life that they don't understand yet, because they're still "growing up," simply because they're not happy, and it Makes you feel like a bad parent. The hipocrisy is real. You will all answer to God, on the day of judgement.

    JoshJosh16 soat oldin
  • I'm gonna hurl***

    Thomas MatlakThomas Matlak16 soat oldin
  • He’s Is Going Get Clowned Once He Gets Older 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jean Rhys ForgesJean Rhys Forges17 soat oldin
  • JerUUUSSSAAAlem wake up! God All Mighty call you! Dear all, D. Trump is the last real wall against multiple arms of satan. Please pray, pray and pray. Don't be afraid, have faith now. If President Tramp fall we all humans falls.

    Ion OglindaIon Oglinda17 soat oldin
  • sorry for defensive soldiers about for self depended solders best of all in the world

    md al kadirmd al kadir17 soat oldin
  • the world is in absolute crisis and this nonsense is at almost 4m views. wtf cares about barrons sneakers. This country has a shameful intellect no wonder the fake gets away with what they do.

    Corinne PurdyCorinne Purdy17 soat oldin
  • Poor guy doesn't know how to hold a child.

    Caseydae2 DrapeauxCaseydae2 Drapeaux18 soat oldin
  • NO TRADES WITH CHINA is the deadly weapon to kill the Communism China

    vu tavu ta18 soat oldin
  • Nice

    WAJID PaperCraftsWAJID PaperCrafts18 soat oldin
  • Check policy first . USA needs free medicare system and free university's tuition. Something like that. So, take more taxes from 5~ 10 % rich ppl of America like northern European countries. Don't u think so, and Trump ? Biden policy is better for this parts than Trump's one . USA system for these now is the worst system compared with northern Europeans system.

    책낭독과 명언Maxims & Funny Lee책낭독과 명언Maxims & Funny Lee18 soat oldin
  • He sure looks a whole lot like trump's long time body guard don't ya think....just saying.

    Tim The Field WorkerTim The Field Worker18 soat oldin
  • The latest news that he is aggressive and abusive to staff throwing things at them is truly sad to hear.

    Katharine HarrisonKatharine Harrison19 soat oldin
  • Barron is a handsome young man*

    CouldISing4YouCouldISing4You19 soat oldin
  • reality star? um, he was famous way before that show. a

    Dean SoingsDean Soings19 soat oldin
  • Cant believe a news Media actually paid compliments 2 Barron... A pleasant change from the usual smear Campaign... Thanks 4 your Honesty... I will watch your site again 👍🤳😏

    Dian TopeDian Tope20 soat oldin

    Mythili RichardsMythili Richards20 soat oldin
  • Either he's a time traveler or Ingersoll lockwood is because the book baron trumps marvelous andventures has too many parallels to the present day to be just a coincidence.

    Lonely ShadowLonely Shadow20 soat oldin
  • I think baron does trumps tweets.. idol t understand how a 70 year old man can troll so hard!! Honestly hes a chess player and they get backed in everytime lol even with the 60 minutes thing 🤣 he leaks the whole thing and then only people with a brain watch it and it's very obviously bias. But then they go on damage control and use parts out of context again and skip actually substance lol proving him right even more!! Lol and the aoc thing and the coyote thing lol omg that cant be trump, it's just to good! He cant be that savage...

    Read MoreRead More20 soat oldin
  • i think he is a lovely child but i believe he is on the autistic spectrum

    jeff barberjeff barber21 soat oldin
  • Sad bunch of liberals attacking children....

    Frank AndersonFrank Anderson21 soat oldin
  • Thankfully he must look like his mother. I hope he’s not as rude as his father.

  • Donald Trump is not 'well over 6 feet tall'. He wears lifts in his shoes.

    Karen JensenKaren Jensen22 soat oldin
  • I am glad most of people agree, leave him to grow in peace.

    Chaska GChaska G23 soat oldin
  • What a wonderful woman.

    Jeremiah QuinlanJeremiah Quinlan23 soat oldin
  • Melania's anchor child

    Sergio SalazarSergio Salazar23 soat oldin
  • Trump isn’t intelligent enough to speak other languages

    Ghost102Ghost10223 soat oldin
  • I didn't see the whole video, but of what I saw, I was amazed at how well done and enlightening this was. So kind, well spoken and positive. I'm subscribing. Kudos...

    Troy WilcoxTroy Wilcox23 soat oldin
  • What bullshit

    runningfromtheherdrunningfromtheherd23 soat oldin
  • Typical Trump illegal immigrant, anchor baby, and chain migration.

    Ann HewettAnn HewettKun oldin
  • Who cares?

    Vera SandersVera SandersKun oldin
  • Poor kid.

    Boaty Mc BoatfaceBoaty Mc BoatfaceKun oldin
  • Stay away from children, you have no business.

    Jango 129Jango 129Kun oldin
  • I hope Barron doesn't grow up to be like his father.

    sandra johnsonsandra johnsonKun oldin
  • Barron's 'real' father being a Russian basketball player ⛹️

    Oola HulaOola HulaKun oldin
  • Boring!

    MaryMaryKun oldin
  • U forgot about how he’s a time traveler

    Nasir RNasir RKun oldin
  • Have the decency to Leave the kids out of it. Let them be kids.

    Beach GirrlBeach GirrlKun oldin
  • Sounds like he's just as cruel as his father. He had a boy friend spend the night at the White House and rigged the room with lights and sounds to make it seem haunted, the poor friend was frightened and Melania thought Barron was ''clever'' and laughed. She, who is supposed to be against bullying. And Don Jr.'s 2012 mistress said that Barron didn't like the food on Air Force One and threw his plate across the room at his server. The whole family are jerks.

    PhyllisPhyllisKun oldin
  • Hmmm. Cant help but think that now is a good time to quote Trumps supporters here “This is America. Speak English!!”

    Lady GigiLady GigiKun oldin
  • This boy will do a lot better than his father. Why ???? because he sees how NOT to do it

    Henk SmitHenk SmitKun oldin
  • LOL "THE TRUTH" by UZworld and the Media??

    RDRDKun oldin