26-Noy, 2018
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50,000 Likes and ill drop the full video on this scumbag, or i can drop it. don't wanna beat a dead horse. Let me know and thanks for watching :)
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  • he said nigga

    nizier brunsonnizier brunson2 oy oldin
  • Where’s the full video

    Qa’Seem LangleyQa’Seem Langley2 oy oldin
  • 🐐 fuck the haters

    Mike SMike S5 oy oldin
  • Faze clan and u r fans should team up and do some hunt for u r stuff

    JJV MEDIAJJV MEDIA5 oy oldin
  • Also none of u r friends saw it

    JJV MEDIAJJV MEDIA5 oy oldin
  • Maybe he should get a personal security guy

    JJV MEDIAJJV MEDIA5 oy oldin
  • Bro that so fucked up cuz your fucking dope bro if that was me I would never do that I would deck that dude bro and give it to you with no charge just cuz you a real humble dope human being bro fuck those people faze up all the way 💯

    Erik MoralesErik Morales5 oy oldin
  • racist

    JONAH on FNJONAH on FN6 oy oldin
  • Doesn't matter what you have or flaunt, people need to not touch shot that doesn't belong to them!!!

    Beefy BaconBeefy Bacon6 oy oldin
  • Cops are worthless and now we be protesting! Fuck the police!!!

    Beefy BaconBeefy Bacon6 oy oldin
  • My dude I don’t think the n word was the correct way

    DarkKnightDarkKnight6 oy oldin
  • he only sed the n word bc hes mad AFFFFFF

    Kelly TetreaultKelly Tetreault7 oy oldin
  • Why does that guy steal I’d be triggered the second I found out

    sallam ahmadsallam ahmad7 oy oldin
  • Alex is so dope, fuck all the haters bro. They’re all just jealous of all your success

    Derek NycumDerek Nycum7 oy oldin
  • I want a faze bracelet so bad but can’t find them

    Derek NycumDerek Nycum7 oy oldin
  • I just realized he said the n word I’m dead lmfao

    mutemute7 oy oldin
  • Bruh he said the n word😂

    StiplaysStiplays7 oy oldin
  • How can you rob adapt tho fr like he’s too innocent bro it’s like robbing an old lady (a really fucking rich old lady)😂

    APG IllusionsAPG Illusions8 oy oldin
  • 2020 recommended lol March btw

    soyysoyy8 oy oldin
  • Why is no one reacting about him saying the n word

    John CenaJohn Cena9 oy oldin
    • just a word but nowadays people are just so sensitive

      ricric4 oy oldin
    • @Niko Bellic white boys been saying nigga since the late 90's thats a fact

      MIKS 28MIKS 286 oy oldin
    • MIKS 28 no they don’t

      Niko BellicNiko Bellic6 oy oldin
    • Thank whole faze clan say nigga

      MIKS 28MIKS 288 oy oldin
  • he said the n word at 14:34

    VergeFNVergeFN9 oy oldin
    • well no shit SHERLOCK

      PinkPink21 kun oldin
  • Are we not gonna ignore the fact that he said the n word

    Jared HeinkeJared Heinke9 oy oldin
  • n word

    Will MORRISONWill MORRISON9 oy oldin
  • 14:34 the moment we're all waiting for

    Milan RadicMilan Radic10 oy oldin
    • Cvrly if the n word Is a bad word then how come black people are allowed to say it. Wouldn’t that make them racist. The n word is like saying homie. N word with er is the racist one

      JoseJose6 oy oldin
    • Victor Wu smh

      CvrlyCvrly6 oy oldin
    • He knows so many black people he def got the pass

      memepluggmemeplugg6 oy oldin
    • Why are y’all soo amazed that he said a word

      CenZoredCenZored7 oy oldin
    • Yoooo wtf

      CvrlyCvrly8 oy oldin
  • Bro ill get u yo bag back,tell him og 2 tone gnna help u get ur shit bag,he kno who i am

    Los AlvaradoLos Alvarado10 oy oldin
  • 3:37 adapt used his brain

    Hish12345Hish1234511 oy oldin
  • Where this foo att dawg

    TIMR4WTIMR4W11 oy oldin
  • 2024?

  • We sud be the fped i,m his doter

    mr gilmartinmr gilmartin11 oy oldin
  • Hi Alex

    jessica castrojessica castroYil oldin
  • 14.34 erm

    FlickerFlickerYil oldin
  • Says racist slur but like in 2 mins he says nigga

    Juan SaldanaJuan SaldanaYil oldin
  • What the f happened to your head

    Yosimar PachecoYosimar PachecoYil oldin
  • Dude I'd take baseball bat to his teeth and his peoples

  • Adapt the type of guy to say nigga and get away with it

    W for WavyW for WavyYil oldin
  • Yooo adapt! Please make a full video on what happened, it’s been nine months!! It’s killing me!

    anthony Santiagoanthony SantiagoYil oldin
  • That dude is a scum bag

    KeekeeKeekeeYil oldin
  • Adapt your things were really expensive I know how you feel dawg ;(

    KeekeeKeekeeYil oldin
  • Hi

    KeekeeKeekeeYil oldin
  • U sould get a gun license and 360 no scope letter stall or some shit off a building in Kill that mov

    overflexoverflexYil oldin
  • So did you get your stuff back or

    Thrax DubzThrax DubzYil oldin
  • what happen ed with all of this?

    eMVyeMVyYil oldin
  • Is every gunna ignore that he said the n word then said racist slere

    Warren DaltonWarren DaltonYil oldin
    • For real thi

      Warren DaltonWarren DaltonYil oldin
  • People are dumb

    XCWolfXCWolfYil oldin
  • pleaseeeee update us!!

    Lexi HandleyLexi HandleyYil oldin
  • Why would he message u that's dumb ass hell and why would he give it back stupid ass hell sounds fake

    Twitch Secret_MongralTwitch Secret_MongralYil oldin
  • @8:36 In-breaded 🍞🍞

    Shibbitybop 25Shibbitybop 25Yil oldin
  • I like that he said he knew how to fight bc of flash I like adapt and one of the things I like the most is that he’s a flash fan like that shit litt but it’s like if he is going to turn time into flash time and stop and save everything

    Mist1c_ SupremeMist1c_ SupremeYil oldin
  • Damn bro, need me in that house. I got shooters, my niggas trick shot too.

    Allan RamnarainAllan RamnarainYil oldin
  • First of all hes not a rich kid because he works for his money her mom doesn't buy the things for him so think before u write

    Random RandomRandom RandomYil oldin
  • Did he make a detailed video on him?

    KingjulienhKingjulienhYil oldin

    fnphixfnphixYil oldin
  • Please show what happened I’m interested in what has happened and if u do I’m sure ur fans could help

    Chr0m3Fus1on _Chr0m3Fus1on _Yil oldin
  • The real question is who is the scum bag that brought them to your house.

    andrew1jlandrew1jlYil oldin
  • so where’s the full vid?

    Devin UlbrichDevin UlbrichYil oldin
  • How is he able to say nigga without getting on blast wtf

    austin campbellaustin campbellYil oldin
  • people are just jealous and needa get a life and stop hating on ur success

    meetumeetuYil oldin
  • Yes please

    CalebplayezCalebplayezYil oldin
  • Clearfully lol

    Family BunchFamily BunchYil oldin
  • We need an update mahn wit happened

    nawal wardnawal wardYil oldin
  • He said nigga

    grillaaa -grillaaa -Yil oldin
  • 1: Green arrow and flash moment. 2: Fortnite comparison. 3: yeh I know that guy he robbed my neighbour. Watch out for those moments in the vid. There funny.

  • First of all I feel so bad for like you lost your faze chain like that shit was dope af. But like don't get mad at me but the first time someone said nigga in the comments you said some random shit but basicallyu avoided it but then at 14:34 u said nigga

    Ibrahim NawazIbrahim NawazYil oldin
    • Who fucking cares bro. He got robbed by a nigga man fuck dat shit nigga. Fuck dat. Don't play adapt like that bro. Don't play like dat nigga. Anyway man peace. PS:I'm not black.

  • If you earned the money to buy is which you did you can buy whatever the fuck you want. You don't have to explain anything to anyone. I work my ass off every day struggling you make more in a year then I would in my life and I'm nothing but happy for you. Keep up everything you do your good ppl. Hope everything works out

    DarkesthourDarkesthourYil oldin
  • You guys are all stupid he earned all his wealth himself. Your awesome adapt.

    Gamer LamarGamer LamarYil oldin
  • good on you mate, dont let these jealous people bully you, stand your ground or perhaps move away to another place and dont tell anyone where you live. But do not pay your way out of everything. Keep humble and stay away from the people who will use you. peace bro. take care

    David MorganDavid MorganYil oldin
  • We want to see it

    Br0nceBr0nceYil oldin
  • The robbery is fake

    Shaji PurackelShaji PurackelYil oldin
  • He said the n word mrs obama get down

    Dat boi Dat boiDat boi Dat boiYil oldin
    • what??????????????

      killxuiakillxuia8 oy oldin
  • post full video

    Evan GrohEvan GrohYil oldin
  • Me baking black, I was proud when he said nigga😭😭😭💯

    The Salty PickelThe Salty PickelYil oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂this vid

    FexnhFexnhYil oldin
  • He said 10k 😂 yo that’s a lot of money like come on now #growup kids

    goat xvgoat xvYil oldin
  • The robber comments oh yah that was me

    Oliver DotyOliver DotyYil oldin
  • Wait his racist he said the n word 14:34

    AngeloretardAngeloretardYil oldin
  • drop the expose video

    Nick MasseyNick MasseyYil oldin
  • r we gonna ignore that he said nigga

    Baby JoeBaby JoeYil oldin
  • Human-tarian 😂😂

    Ronald BurkesRonald BurkesYil oldin
  • 16:03 his chair started going down

    DJRockster_ 360DJRockster_ 360Yil oldin
  • Why the f##k did adapt say the n word and Evan if it was in a comment you don’t have to say it just say n word.

    Zexel XZexel XYil oldin
  • We need another vid bro!!!

    The Project ProductionsThe Project ProductionsYil oldin

    which left?which left?Yil oldin
  • Make a vid of the call

    Toxic IsJacobToxic IsJacobYil oldin
  • At 14:34 he said the n word lol

    MarcMarcYil oldin
  • People hating on him are stupid lmao.. ik this 3 months late but still he’s humble he could have released his number, real name and probably other stuff and y’all saying karma y’all just pathetic

    MarcMarcYil oldin
  • I do

    Andrew HennessyAndrew HennessyYil oldin
  • Can you point to me the direction to the robber, haters and LAPD so I can beat their ass

    Cristian 02Cristian 02Yil oldin
  • Don’t leave anything around dude

    WTFAndyWTFAndyYil oldin
  • he has ads on the video. I mean I love Alex but the makes him look an asshole

    Harry GrayHarry GrayYil oldin
  • Any update??

    Wesley DavisWesley DavisYil oldin
  • Waaaa

    Everett ReactsEverett ReactsYil oldin
  • Please let me see a new vid

    Everett ReactsEverett ReactsYil oldin
  • My mom thinks this is fake🤦‍♂️

    Everett ReactsEverett ReactsYil oldin
    • Well tour fake

      Annalynn KruegerAnnalynn KruegerYil oldin
  • Bro your I love your vids but can u drop n words 🤣

    Mairead D'ArcyMairead D'ArcyYil oldin
  • Such a late comment but your way better person then Logan Paul, you not social media stupid, or every time you upload is social suicide because he's a f**king idiot and doesn't think about what he upload.. FaZe Up xx

    xTxAxMxExxTxAxMxExYil oldin
  • Carry a glock

    Gage AllenGage AllenYil oldin
  • I hare people like that bro pisses me tf off

    Gage AllenGage AllenYil oldin
  • Fuck them bro adapt u good g

    Gage AllenGage AllenYil oldin
  • Next time hire a bad ass private I or some ex military black market dudes to get yo shit back

    Don Mac-eeDon Mac-eeYil oldin
  • 14:34 why would u want him to murder people like u want him to get arrested?

    Shivani GShivani GYil oldin