The Think Tank Podcast #049 - The Boner Principle (Mark Normand)

16-Dek, 2019
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Mark Normand (Comedian) joins Tank Sinatra and they discuss being on a never ending pursuit of accomplishing goals, Tank's Ellen announcement, living in the moment, "making it" while maintaining originality and integrity, wanting what you can't have, having low self-esteem as a child, getting stuck in your own head and so much more!
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  • Being aware that you’re thinking isn’t thinking. Awareness is the absence of thought.

    Super TankSuper Tank19 kun oldin
  • 30:37 who are they talking about? Who has a “stool as cellphone” bit?

    ARCoventryARCoventryOy oldin
  • Holy hell that part where Mr. Tank talked about his murderous thoughts was pure fffin GOLD!!!!💪🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Praise Allah!

    Ranek InpinewoodsRanek Inpinewoods2 oy oldin
  • @45:00Tank: ”I had this thought, I was going to kill my son” Mark: “ wait wait On accident?” Tank: No on purpose! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Daniel SaucedoDaniel Saucedo3 oy oldin
  • this is mark interviewing the interviewer

    DhigunDhigun7 oy oldin
  • This pod is great and will definitely blow up

    Spencer SileoSpencer Sileo9 oy oldin
  • Mark you're a person worth listening to. You don't have to be funny.

    X95 23X95 239 oy oldin
  • 30:32 who are they talking about

    Behind the Bar with JRBehind the Bar with JR10 oy oldin
    • @jrsilad thanks

      ARCoventryARCoventryOy oldin
    • Orney Adams

      jrsiladjrsilad8 oy oldin
  • love how even at the end mark is doubting his worth/talent. what a humble queef!!

    Lee AndressLee Andress10 oy oldin
  • Just found out about your podcast, love it mr tank

    Joe KellerJoe Keller11 oy oldin
  • How do you not get the Comedian quote about Jack Nicholson?

    Dan ZindrenDan ZindrenYil oldin
  • Love the honesty here. Subscribe

    nahnahYil oldin
  • 🤣😂 right out the gate. "Imagine those nails on the man in th he boat"

    Robert HubertRobert HubertYil oldin
    • 💅

      Carolyn TalbotCarolyn Talbot2 oy oldin
  • Hope you dont take this the wrong way but I've never heard of you but after today I will watch your podcast thought it was great and liked your vibe

    Matthew LugoMatthew LugoYil oldin
    • nope, i like when people don't know who i am, it means you don't hate me yet!

      Influencers in the WildInfluencers in the Wild11 oy oldin
  • 8:18

    Matthew HallMatthew HallYil oldin
  • Tank looks like a giant buff baby. And Micheal chiklis

    Antt rAntt rYil oldin
  • Maybe Tank Sinatra needs to take his own advice: Maybe you put your own thoughts on Trump and "negativity". Everything is subjective. The fact that anyone identifies as a democrat or republican from childhood or based on their parents beliefs is the major flaw in the american system. - respectfully from a Canadian.

    TomthetrainwreckTomthetrainwreckYil oldin
  • This bald guy, like most bald people, is very depressing.

    BC BCBC BCYil oldin
    • Thank you for this brillant insight.

      LeeLeeYil oldin
  • Tank doesnt even realize he's being classist against blue collar workers by saying he can't get work done around his house without hearing how great trump is. Coastal elites never smell their own shit.

    Tons More CowbellTons More CowbellYil oldin
  • Lol Tank does not seem to know that Mark just says shit to be funny... I could be going overboard though, I'm only 10 minutes in.

    nephewsbnephewsbYil oldin
  • You can't be on Ellen and be on Gas Digital... It's complete opposites

    nephewsbnephewsbYil oldin
    • @Tons More Cowbell That's on him if he wants to talk about mundane subjects with people who aren't willing to open up or he can keep talking to interesting people about real shit and not make real money. Thing that sucks, is he can't do both... The guest on Gas Digitial will absolutely get him fired from any real gig.

      nephewsbnephewsbYil oldin
    • I think this showed tank belongs on mainstream tv

      Tons More CowbellTons More CowbellYil oldin
  • When he said he sits at home and gets sad... oof

    Mike_RafonMike_RafonYil oldin
  • 4 minutes in and Mark says "I thought Ellen was gay" I'm not sure how that went over his head and he obviously snipped out the rest of it. He obviously didn't know who mark normand was because he says stuff like that EVERY FIVE SECONDS.

    Michael CollingsMichael CollingsYil oldin
    • Be ON Ellen. Man, I think of myself as a smart person sometimes, but I did not get his joke until right now. Fuck.

      Influencers in the WildInfluencers in the Wild11 oy oldin
  • Love Mark and Tank is great! Awesome episode!

    Corey YatesCorey YatesYil oldin
  • Hey I really like Chris DeStefano but “a modern day Colin Quinn”....? I don’t think so Tank ha

    Chris NelsonChris NelsonYil oldin
  • Funny he explains how those thoughts work. That's what happens on lsd, as soon as I eat it I start dwelling on the fact that I have aweful thoughts so I can try to adjust my mindset in the trip but the very moment the lsd hits my system I laugh like a child at myself, telling myself that the fact that I immedatel y know it's not what I want to do is what really matters and that the bad thoughts are just a bored mind at play

    Jeff BJeff BYil oldin
    • I tell you what though, do NOT challenge your brain, telling it you bested it by dismantling it's validity because it'll start making things nose dive south... making it go away is harder than meditating, but it's exactly how you make it stop- do without doing. Ignore it without trying to ignore it. Even if a million of them come and go, do your best to "look the other way" until one day they finally stop. If I learned anything in life it's that the ego is second to the brain for better or worse

      Jeff BJeff BYil oldin
  • MARK! You muppet we DO wanna hear about comedy that’s what we’re here for! 😂😂 carry on don’t change the subject!!

    SSYil oldin
  • Mark Normand's text to Louis CK is the exact reason I fucking love the guy.

    PrimusaurPrimusaurYil oldin
  • Jesus crist dude. Stop with the honesty. You're giving me a fucking panic attack

    AK 4oAK 4oYil oldin
  • 0:19

    shane parryshane parryYil oldin
  • Normand is hilarious. I highly recommend people see him live

    AK 4oAK 4oYil oldin
  • Lol mark normand continuing the trend of appearing on the most random podcasts. Loool

    kentucky mnkentucky mnYil oldin
    • 😂 He’s doing the work.

      superdeluxesmellsuperdeluxesmellYil oldin
    • it's so good though. the old well known pods are talking the same shit as they have been for the past 10 years. It's time to shake this shit up.

      Savannah PSavannah PYil oldin
    • He's always down for a pod

      Matt HenryMatt HenryYil oldin
  • The internet is such a weird place because someone who has 2.5 million followers on one platform can have 2 hundred on another..

    Ryan BRyan BYil oldin
    • Yeah I have no idea who this dude is. I'm here for Normdawg.

      Matt HenryMatt HenryYil oldin
    • Ryan Bracken 571 views on two days... I came for Normand and came.

      Ryan A.Ryan A.Yil oldin
  • Who is the comedian “who uses the stool as a cell phone” they are referring to?

    markrm21711markrm21711Yil oldin
    • @tryitout -

      HasbinHasbin2 oy oldin
    • @154 Shubham Pansari

      HasbinHasbin2 oy oldin

      HasbinHasbin2 oy oldin
    • Wondering the same

      154 Shubham Pansari154 Shubham Pansari6 oy oldin
    • Gavin McCinnis

      Bryan HubertBryan HubertYil oldin
  • Gayer and gayer everytime this guy

    YTkeepsmefromsleeptimeYTkeepsmefromsleeptimeYil oldin
  • Luis looks skinny.

    Wyatt RussellWyatt RussellYil oldin
    • You finally changed your avatar.

      Brian JohnsonBrian JohnsonYil oldin