The Rise of Russell Wilson 📈 | #shorts

9-Yan, 2021
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Russell Wilson has been a stud from day 1, but he wasn't treated like it until Pete Carroll stepped up and handed him the keys to the offense. Russ delivered and then some. He isn't done yet though. Will Russ add a second Super Bowl to his resume?
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    Frank Michael SmithFrank Michael Smith7 kun oldin
    • Hey baby girl

      charcharcharchar7 kun oldin
  • He also went first round exit

    King KaiKing Kai2 kun oldin
  • Ayyyy i live near Russell Wilson

    Sitting Planet11Sitting Planet113 kun oldin
  • Let’s go hawks

    Layne MillerLayne Miller5 kun oldin
  • run the ball

    tiffany atiffany a5 kun oldin
  • Who else are Seahawks fans

    Parker HeeterParker Heeter5 kun oldin
  • Imagine if he were to pull a Jordan and retire for baseball

    SkatrSkatr5 kun oldin
  • No u won’t bc I’m not giving u anything

    Aqua impulse YTAqua impulse YT9 kun oldin
  • I bet he can sling a baseball now. I hope he goes to spring training

    Ms. IppiMs. Ippi9 kun oldin
  • Aye he never going to be better than trace mcsorley

    Eduardo SanchezEduardo Sanchez9 kun oldin
  • That’s what I say about sports Whatever’s in season Also about hunting and fishing too because I get addicted to the outdoors lmao

    No More Identity PoliticsNo More Identity Politics9 kun oldin
  • Actually Big Ben was the first rookie to win the fastest super bowl

    Ortiz VlogsOrtiz Vlogs9 kun oldin
  • It's not a waste of 140 million dollars It's Russell Wilson

    Kane ChiefstickKane Chiefstick9 kun oldin
  • “Hes so boring but so good at football”

    CJ JacksonCJ Jackson9 kun oldin
  • I’m British I don’t know what is going on here but it is interesting 😂

    Alien Guy - KazmiKompanyAlien Guy - KazmiKompany9 kun oldin
    • Same

      Aqua impulse YTAqua impulse YT9 kun oldin
  • My dudes really impressed about someone beating out Matt Flynn for a job and getting carried to a super bowl win lmfaoooo.

    Jeffrey CavanaughJeffrey Cavanaugh10 kun oldin
  • He is the football version of wilt chamberlain

    FarpyFarpy10 kun oldin
  • He’s also overrated and shit

    Adam ElkhairyAdam Elkhairy10 kun oldin
  • Anybody else see that tiktok of him and his wife in bed?

    AJ RoppulAJ Roppul10 kun oldin
  • Goated

    Greeen NblueGreeen Nblue10 kun oldin
  • Never knew he chose NC star the state I live in

    bruce changbruce chang10 kun oldin
  • You Seahawks fan poor thing

    banana boltbanana bolt10 kun oldin
  • I was waiting for him to say like and follow for part two

    Philip KaiserPhilip Kaiser10 kun oldin
  • Bald gang

    B GB G10 kun oldin
  • He also had played for my local baseball team the tri city dust devils

    SophiaGTV TMSophiaGTV TM10 kun oldin
  • This a bottom feeder video if I’ve ever seen one👎

    Allen DreherAllen Dreher10 kun oldin
  • And now he sucks...

    Juan ArósteguiJuan Aróstegui10 kun oldin
  • He also got beat up a few times by the Benidictine college preparatory defense go cadets!

    notsagegavnotsagegav10 kun oldin
  • Lmao I live on an island nearby Seattle and one time I saw him on the ferry over there

    BagmanBagman10 kun oldin

    Cameron_ McBCameron_ McB10 kun oldin
  • Russell downfall ciara for sure.

    Willie ParkerWillie Parker10 kun oldin
  • So you telling me that he retired mlb for nfl. Then he made a record of quick retirement

    Honestlyy DemonicHonestlyy Demonic10 kun oldin
  • For someone that played baseball at a minor league level, the first pitch he made few years ago in a Mariners game was pretty darn shitty🤷🏾‍♂️

    Xavier BellXavier Bell10 kun oldin
  • NLG I know nothing about what you say

    Logan BrowningLogan Browning10 kun oldin
  • But how much does he bench press?

    madwrestler 145madwrestler 14510 kun oldin
  • Don’t ever say Russ dominated Peyton Seattle’s defense is the reason they won that game

    BigMikeGamingBigMikeGaming10 kun oldin
    • Russ dominated Peyton

      Hazen 1Hazen 19 kun oldin
  • "Like Russle Wilson falling way back in the draft, make something out of nothing" -Em

    Suck AButtSuck AButt10 kun oldin
  • Because he can throw and run.....

    D. NutsrtoastyD. Nutsrtoasty11 kun oldin
  • Did he just pronounce ciara wrong

    The real TalquanThe real Talquan11 kun oldin
  • O my god

    T0XIC Runic xcvT0XIC Runic xcv11 kun oldin
  • Ah ha ha 43-8 against the Broncos *pain*

    Mcminer24Mcminer2411 kun oldin
  • He got drafted twice?!

    Chopper_ 174Chopper_ 17411 kun oldin
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Jacob HortonJacob Horton11 kun oldin
  • Russell Wilson will never win a super bowl again so I don’t really care

    Dylan RemsburgDylan Remsburg11 kun oldin
  • Yes my favorite nfl qb

    Camron WalshCamron Walsh11 kun oldin
  • Kemda walker

    Kaspar KuusmikKaspar Kuusmik11 kun oldin
  • Kemba kemba kemba

    Kaspar KuusmikKaspar Kuusmik11 kun oldin
  • One super bowl ring ain’t nothing

    Trey WadkinsTrey Wadkins11 kun oldin
  • Well the Defense carried him to a championship he just had to not f it up and now it's on him and he hasn't been back

    Assuntay CleaverAssuntay Cleaver12 kun oldin
  • I did not know that

    Chance IsmirleChance Ismirle12 kun oldin
  • I’m a niner fan but russel is one of my favorite qb’s ever! Even though he always beats my niners. He’s a GOAT and he deserves the most respect from every nfl fan. I still hate the Seahawks though 😠

    Peyt808Peyt80812 kun oldin
    • Yeah I hate them too but I'ma stay a fan but that Rams game was just tough

      Jason CarrilloJason Carrillo12 kun oldin
  • I’m a Russ fan and it’s so stupid that people hate on him just Cause of one bad game

    faiz Alifaiz Ali12 kun oldin
  • Defense carried that Super Bowl

    Fin PerkinsFin Perkins12 kun oldin
  • This dude doesn't know how to say ciara name right

    Christian ChappellChristian Chappell12 kun oldin
  • You forgot he played for the tri cities dust devils I live here

    overtime 687overtime 68712 kun oldin
  • If he reads this he’ll pin me

    Jimmy ShaddJimmy Shadd12 kun oldin
  • Add in the bit where he chokes vs the Rams in the playoffs.

    Noah RobsonNoah Robson12 kun oldin
  • Everything was fine and dandy till he said Seara

    MollyMolly12 kun oldin
  • Right after “Go Hawks” she started riding something and said GO

    FlippyFlippy12 kun oldin
    • Flippy BAHAHAHHAHA

      Logan BennefeldLogan Bennefeld4 kun oldin
  • 2 things. 1. He failed yesterday 2. Manning won a more important Super Bowl.

    Natethesnake3Natethesnake313 kun oldin
    • @TripleLayerLemonCake Wow someone getting salty. Lol. Also it could have but we don't know because Russel didn't win it now did he? Manning won it. Plus it was his last game. The reason Super Bowl 50 was more important is because it was the 50th one. 50 more and we will have reached super bowl 100. But no the 100th anniversary of the super bowl won't be important at all. It will probably be another Seahawks loss in the end zone for all we know.

      Natethesnake3Natethesnake310 kun oldin
    • @Natethesnake3 because of a fucking number it’s important? Does it increase his contract anymore than if he won 51 or 49 instead? No, so it really doesn’t matter anymore than any other super bowl

      TripleLayerLemonCakeTripleLayerLemonCake10 kun oldin
    • @TripleLayerLemonCake It was the 50th super bowl. Has a but more prestige and honor and fame to it then others usually

      Natethesnake3Natethesnake310 kun oldin
    • No such thing as a “more important super bowl”. If they don’t all share the same value to you then you shouldn’t be there

      TripleLayerLemonCakeTripleLayerLemonCake10 kun oldin
  • 🟢🔵🌊🦅🐐🐐🐐😤😤😤

    Wizop ANFWizop ANF13 kun oldin
  • Boo Russell wussy

    Tred KirschbaumTred Kirschbaum13 kun oldin
  • The Seahawks are never winning a championship

    HellcatCrisDC—OnPs4HellcatCrisDC—OnPs413 kun oldin
    • @Christian Chappell you lost to the rams.

      HellcatCrisDC—OnPs4HellcatCrisDC—OnPs412 kun oldin
    • This dumbass we already have and will again if we get the o line together

      Christian ChappellChristian Chappell12 kun oldin
    • They already have🤔

      KlapzYTKlapzYT13 kun oldin
  • Bad timing

    ZacharyZachary13 kun oldin
  • He dominated Peyton manning you mean that defense dominated Peyton manning

    Divoky95Divoky9513 kun oldin
    • Literally that steelers snap reminded me of that super bowl. If it wasnt for the high snap i think the broncos would have won that game it just shifted the momentum.

      Mason CookMason Cook12 kun oldin
  • Im a seahawks fan and I think we should trade him

    konmankonman13 kun oldin
    • Then your a fake fan then russ is the reason we made the playoffs

      Christian ChappellChristian Chappell12 kun oldin
    • I’m a Seahawks fan too, but no definitely not trade him

      Random VideosRandom Videos13 kun oldin
  • Russ is the second best qb

    taytay13 kun oldin
  • And then the 1 yard line

    Packers ProductionsPackers Productions13 kun oldin
    • Not his fault

      Quincy McDonaldQuincy McDonald10 kun oldin
  • Ur content Is kinda lame

    Tyler LewisTyler Lewis13 kun oldin
  • Seara😂

    SHDW CLANSHDW CLAN14 kun oldin
  • outstanding bra good work

    Sarge JacksonSarge Jackson14 kun oldin
  • This aged well he just choked to the rams and lost

    Irfan AhmedIrfan Ahmed14 kun oldin
    • @BenYamin Ben-David ya. Schotty did the same thing everytime. He needs to understand that if something doesn’t work, he needs to change what he is doing. Especially when u play very good coaches like kingsbury and mcvay

      Jaxon ConklinJaxon Conklin4 kun oldin
    • @Cubby gig both did

      Quick - SprintQuick - Sprint7 kun oldin
    • @Jaxon Conklin 💯 Agree bro. The defense only gave up 23 points and 7 of those were also off of the special teams fumble. Russ barely completed 40% of his passes and even though people blame the o-line, even when Russ had time he still didn’t hit his targets. It’s on Russ and the coaching. Specially on schotty for not having more creative playcalls. The offense has been off since the first Rams game and ultimately its the lack of innovation on offense that doomed us to that loss

      BenYamin Ben-DavidBenYamin Ben-David12 kun oldin
    • The offensive line did so stfu

      albert Prietoalbert Prieto13 kun oldin
    • As a hawks fan, I gotta say that Russ and coaching sold the game. D for once played awesome

      Jaxon ConklinJaxon Conklin13 kun oldin
  • Who's here after he lost the playoffs

    branden8045 theultramangofighterbranden8045 theultramangofighter14 kun oldin
    • Same

      Vvs_NoahVvs_Noah6 kun oldin
    • @Cubby gig L

      Orlando PlayzOrlando Playz8 kun oldin
    • @Pats Fan same

      Orlando PlayzOrlando Playz8 kun oldin
    • @Coastal cutthroat fisherman !! Take the L

      Orlando PlayzOrlando Playz8 kun oldin
    • Don’t even talk about it

      GreyDogYTGreyDogYT9 kun oldin
  • Do Aaron Rodgers next please

    CanadianCanadian14 kun oldin
  • I live in North Carolina and he played baseball at a college park there

    • @baseballplayer555 yesssir

    • I'm a Steelers fan in NC too!

      baseballplayer555baseballplayer5557 kun oldin
    • @QK5 Yeah ik

    • I lot of people don’t know he went to NC State for 3-4 years and then went to Wisconsin for 1

      QK5QK510 kun oldin
  • This is a repost

    K ZK Z14 kun oldin
  • Repost?

    Bean BlowerBean Blower14 kun oldin
  • MVP 2020-21. BIG snub last year

    ThundearethebestThundearethebest14 kun oldin
    • Lol, no. Russ got cooked by the Rams.

      Navi ArretchéNavi Arretché13 kun oldin
  • 0:30

    Charles LewisCharles Lewis14 kun oldin
  • Russ was a all around athlete

    Caden SCaden S14 kun oldin
  • Nice video keep it up

    GorrliaBeatzGorrliaBeatz14 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Big Savage180Big Savage18014 kun oldin
    • U first man

      GorrliaBeatzGorrliaBeatz14 kun oldin