The REAL TRUTH Behind The James Harden to The Nets Trade

13-Yan, 2021
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The REAL TRUTH Behind The James Harden to The Nets Trade
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    Mike KorzembaMike Korzemba10 kun oldin
    • My man said "with that starting lineup you have ONE NBA champion" immediately stopped watching.... need to have every fact straight to keep me interested.

      Julio Cesar Moises IrahetaJulio Cesar Moises Iraheta5 kun oldin
    • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

      Cirineu 41Cirineu 417 kun oldin
    • 👹👹👹👹👹👹

      Cirineu 41Cirineu 417 kun oldin
    • The REAL TRUTH.. lol so what's the REAL TRUTH behind the trade? You ain't reveal no information not already available in every platform. Fkin garbage upload, cant believe i wasted 12 mins on this

      Daryl VergaraDaryl Vergara8 kun oldin
    • Kryie ivring , he still hurting from Kobe death remember it about be a year soon

      Mark CouteeMark Coutee8 kun oldin
  • After what you said about the kawhi trade I don’t believe a word that comes out of you

    Aman DesaiAman Desai17 soat oldin
  • You might want to be able to beat the Cavs first LOL

    Chris BlyChris Bly18 soat oldin
  • Lakers are worried? I'm doubtful they gonna meet in the playoffs at all.

    themilliondollarbabythemilliondollarbaby22 soat oldin
  • Yeah but with all that said they wont beat the Lakers. They'll go to the finals but wont win.

    Eli UngerEli UngerKun oldin
  • This aint gonna work

    Puppet KingPuppet KingKun oldin
  • They just gave up 147 to Cle.... 🤣🤣🤣

    Mike G82Mike G822 kun oldin
  • Kyrie irving is a nba champion as well sir!

    Deuce WayDeuce Way2 kun oldin
  • Colin sexton just beat them...

    imjusthere8imjusthere82 kun oldin
  • wait but didn't kyrie leave the cavs because he wasn't the main guy? uh.. poor kyrie man.

    hosctshoscts2 kun oldin
  • Why break ? durant and harden are teammates before and all of them defeated by lebron james. so lebron is not scared of nets roster.

    Gems BadillaGems Badilla2 kun oldin
  • Lol Lakers watch out "sarcastic voice"

    TDP RAWTDP RAW2 kun oldin
  • They lost to Cavs, I think the Lakers will be fine. On a side not, Bucks could have had Malcom and Christian Wood for 3 million less than older Jrue and Brook.

    Mo SafrenMo Safren3 kun oldin
  • If Steve Nash can channel Phil Jackson then the Nets will win.

    Parallel BurritoParallel Burrito3 kun oldin
  • Lakers are afraid, that's false advertisement lol

    Stan MonroyStan Monroy3 kun oldin
  • None of the rumors about Kyrie Irving matter, he went to a family birthday party totally did not have a face mask or social distancing and then he came back after that party and tried to quarantine himself without telling his team or the league literally going AWOL is such a dumbass now they had to take them out for 14 days for him to quarantine himself Kyrie is an emotional player and he is a very high maintenance player to have on any team complains and everything I don't think you'll be a really good player for the team I think you'll be very inconsistent Abby been everywhere else

    JJ skyflyerJJ skyflyer3 kun oldin
  • They are going to work out Kyrie is good . Brooklyn is going to be insane.

    Steven CaseySteven Casey3 kun oldin
  • theres actually 2 NBA champions on the team, Kryie too

    Atmic ShotzAtmic Shotz4 kun oldin
  • They all in New York making 30million 😂😂😂and have talented teammates what else do u want dats a dream come true

    Fastguytehnext TaFastguytehnext Ta4 kun oldin
  • I’ve been with Brooklyn since day one when they used to be the New Jersey’s and it means a lot to me that they are making progress and growing as a as a team and I’m sure that kirie is happy that he is getting some help and means a lot to him and with the fans around him I’m sure they can win that ring les go nets!!!

    Xavi CardosoXavi Cardoso4 kun oldin
  • Nike what happened to ur brothers nfl videos?

    The BidThe Bid4 kun oldin
  • anyone else want him to bring back what ifs

    ThatGuyTyThatGuyTy4 kun oldin
  • Kd will rock the shii out of lebron let argues 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Number9 KeNumber9 Ke4 kun oldin
  • KD joins up with kyrie then recruits Harden and it’s all good. LeBron recruits AD and he “needs to be carried” THAT is the difference between LeBron and KD.

    dirk digglerdirk diggler5 kun oldin
  • Kyrie........................!!!!!!!!!

    Auburn7543Auburn75435 kun oldin
  • James Harden? The same man who went 2/17 from the 3 in game 7 against the Warriors? Okay

    J BrownJ Brown5 kun oldin
  • 😂i can’t wait till shit goes wrong on this team

    SneakerEnt98SneakerEnt985 kun oldin
  • Lets see Rookie Coach 3 divas shit defense 2 choke masters yea I’m sure Lakers are so scared

    Tyrell AcevedoTyrell Acevedo5 kun oldin
  • I hope the Nets will knock off the Fakers and beat LeBeach in his own game of teaming up with other super stars !!

    Lucas .LucasLucas .Lucas5 kun oldin
  • Kyrie taking personal days in the playoffs

    WW JDWW JD5 kun oldin
  • I would trade Kyrie for Beal , run Harden at 1 Beal 2 and KD at 3

    WW JDWW JD5 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is gonna hate been the 3rd wheel

    WW JDWW JD5 kun oldin
  • I always think that Nets will struggle since Steve Nash don't put a lot of work on defense and Harden Irving combo won't work since Irving eaten by his ego and leave Cleveland they are both ISO player that don't run around to get an open shot. Now that Mike Korzemba think the same as me I will change my mind and the Nets will dominate this season. Mike Korzemba is the Stephen A. Smith of UZworld

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. Luffy5 kun oldin
  • If they’re so good why did they get beat by the hornets

    in kame lawrencein kame lawrence5 kun oldin
  • Smoothest chip an nba team will get. Hands down i disagree itll be a rough ride. The only team who might challenge them will be the 76ers

    155lb everyday155lb everyday6 kun oldin
  • The NBA will just not stop trying to stop LeBron, but I see at least one more ring in his future

    Shawn JohnShawn John6 kun oldin
  • Bucks is a better fit for Harden

    mr. chowmr. chow6 kun oldin
  • minus lrving

    Trevor PeterTrevor Peter6 kun oldin
  • the REAL question is who will SACRIFICE to be the sixth man?

    GhostedGhosted6 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is a pain in the ass

    Chris GuccierrezChris Guccierrez6 kun oldin
  • 4:03 How are you not happy? You are in New York and you have Harden and Durant on your team

    aparajita pathakaparajita pathak6 kun oldin
  • bruh ik this isn’t the main point but ain’t no way u said u wanna see ben and embiid run it back again 😂 ben simmons is garbage then need to get rid of him ASAP

    Zacharie PhairZacharie Phair6 kun oldin
  • Irving and harden both cry when they don’t get what they want

    Ian AnonyIan Anony6 kun oldin
  • Didn’t Durant say he wanted to retire at 35??

    Kelvin ColladoKelvin Collado6 kun oldin
  • Not everyone is Lebron. We cant bet on KD and Harden being at superstar level at 35+

    Munty LEGENDMunty LEGEND6 kun oldin
  • Lol your a casual if you think harden is still a bad defender he’s like top 3 in steals and he’s up there in deflections and he can block shots

    Sean RossSean Ross6 kun oldin
  • They've got DeAndre Jordan on defense, he's a true rim protector

    Three Six NineThree Six Nine6 kun oldin
  • What a surprise that stars *always* end up teaming up in high-market areas like New York or Cali. You'd never see this happen in Minnesota, for example. It's getting too predictable, like the league is controlling it. It's all about $$$ not fair competition.

    Three Six NineThree Six Nine6 kun oldin
  • Brooklyn nets aren’t going to work... they won’t get to the finals either

    Andrew LubertoAndrew Luberto6 kun oldin
  • Kyrie did this on the Celtics and he ended up blaming it on the team for not helping him , he also said he made us lose to thr bucks

    foxy 49foxy 496 kun oldin
  • Kd is not ball dominate I’m tired of y’all saying that shit he can play off ball and he unselfish . He can take 13 shots and get 30 . He to efficient

    Vante PearsonVante Pearson6 kun oldin
  • Well we saw that KD and Kyrie can perform well in the playoffs they just harden to play well

    SxrictSxrict6 kun oldin
  • The Broken Nets

    mcranoxpmcranoxp6 kun oldin
  • The only part that bothers me is Harden quitting on Houston.

    George MGeorge M6 kun oldin
  • So it's basically the snake,with the hogger of balls,and the wanna be Bigg boss, on the same team??lmao JSP I think there team is good

    Mjay OmwereMjay Omwere6 kun oldin
  • Kyrie harden kevin durant Oh no lebron finna shit his pant Lakers in five😌

    HuddyHuddy7 kun oldin
  • Wait Mike Korzemba is still relevant??

    Joel WrightJoel Wright7 kun oldin
  • They can get westbrick and curry they wont beat the Lachamps

    Fisnik ReciFisnik Reci7 kun oldin
  • It’s hilarious that Kyrie had to leave Cleveland to get out of Lebron’s shadow just to be under Durant’s shadow. The guy is whacky.

    TheKoolAidMakerTheKoolAidMaker7 kun oldin
  • Lakers not afraid bec lakers is super team

    Jeiff ZiJeiff Zi7 kun oldin
  • 4:58 Cavs: DRose 🌹

    Lucas OsuagwuLucas Osuagwu7 kun oldin
  • Maybe KD & Harden can get a finals rematch against lebron

    D.M.K. OKAD.M.K. OKA7 kun oldin
  • How is it possible that these guys are going to suck?? The nets are championship caliber (behind the Lakers of course) now that Harden had signed with them. I got the Nets vs. Lakers in the Finals.

    Dan KimDan Kim7 kun oldin
  • Bron doesn't even care😂😂

    Lubomir AlitchkovLubomir Alitchkov7 kun oldin
  • What if the Brooklyn Nets trade Kyrie for Westbrook and reunite the Oklahoma City Thunder Trio 😳😳

    Jan OlivoJan Olivo7 kun oldin
  • Gl nash to get those huge egos play for the team lol

    VanhaRaimo _VanhaRaimo _7 kun oldin
  • Haha hatters to ng lakers , 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ryan paul calinogryan paul calinog7 kun oldin
  • James harden + kevin durant + westbrook on OKC without championship . how about kyrie irving ?

    Realyn SalvaRealyn Salva7 kun oldin
  • Cosgroves vid on this was way better and he beat you to it

    NotelluNotellu7 kun oldin
  • Just saying, Kawhi travelled on the buzzer beater. Btw I'm a Lakers fan

    Allen IversonAllen Iverson7 kun oldin
  • The Nets will win a ton of regular season games, but they'll be LUCKY to ever make it to just the conference finals, much less the NBA Finals.

    HorrorKidd88HorrorKidd887 kun oldin
  • Definition of Clickbait

    Ivan HernandezIvan Hernandez7 kun oldin
  • There is no real truth, he wanted out and he got out. stop trying to turn something so simple into something so confusing

    Benedict SturekBenedict Sturek7 kun oldin
  • The Brooklyn Divas

    Andrew BravoAndrew Bravo7 kun oldin
  • At 1:35 James Harden took 5 steps to the hoop

    SFS IpRoGsSFS IpRoGs7 kun oldin
  • Kyrie is never a MVP caliber player but IS the most toxic. I really do feel had for the nets.

    hiu hiuhiu hiu7 kun oldin
  • They have no bench and no big men.. Lakers in 6

    Him FrescoHim Fresco7 kun oldin
  • Bench isn't deep enough, Kyrie and KD do not share the ball well, now they add an out of shape James Harden who will never get back into shape. They well self-destruct in the first round.

    Dewayne TaylorDewayne Taylor7 kun oldin
  • Ain't nobody scared of the Nets cuz they're getting James harden they're going to be useless this season but next season after they get a rhythm of playing with each other they definitely going to be a threat.

    I AM Zero223I AM Zero2237 kun oldin
  • the association is a joke. yes, after a player throws a tantrum he's rewarded w/ a trade? this is one of the reasons the nba is failing in regards to viewership.

    ps3 nintendops3 nintendo7 kun oldin
  • are we just going to ignore how bad that jersey swap is in the thumbnail

    its Mammothits Mammoth7 kun oldin
  • Did u hear about Kyrie probably going to the bucks for d j Wilson that d name did I can’t spell and a 2021 first round pick

    CourtlandCourtland7 kun oldin
  • The nba was already broke

    LaRon ScottLaRon Scott7 kun oldin
  • I guess this is why Kyrie taking some “personal days”...dudes butthurt

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    TIV67 PlayzTIV67 Playz7 kun oldin
  • This is dumb kd needs 3 all stars to win a championship like the warriors own this when he was on okc he wasn’t going to no finals

    Izaiah HardyIzaiah Hardy7 kun oldin
  • Lakers afraid of who? Lol Harden is a PF now. Dude is 260 lbs

    Just chuckJust chuck7 kun oldin
  • 36 year old players playing at an MVP level?!? What kind of nonsense is that??!?!? I can only remember 2 in the last 3 decades: Malone and James, two of the most durable NBA players ever. Other then them, plus a hypothetical 36yo MJ, there has been nobody at that age playing close to MVP level.

    amjanamjan7 kun oldin
  • Kyrie needs to be on meds.theres something wrong with him.

    Keith HowardKeith Howard7 kun oldin
  • They hate them bc they say they need three balls and this cant work out And they hate them bc they made a big 3 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Pyr3xlivingPyr3xliving7 kun oldin
  • Honestly, just another collection of talent on paper that probably won’t pan out. You can just take their scoring average and add the numbers and assume they will blow everyone out by 50 points. Only 1 ball and you got 3 guys who gotta have it. Harden didn’t want to listen to CP3, didn’t want to share with Wes...but he’s going to listen to Kyrie? Doubtful

    Mike MMike M7 kun oldin
  • Everything you say "breaks the NBA" How did Lonzo Ball and Thon Maker work out? Have they broken the NBA yet?"

    Jan OngJan Ong7 kun oldin
  • Damn I feel old 90s baby been HEATNATION since Zo days era but I remember VC J Kidd K mart nets I forgot if Richard Jefferson was on that squad i also remember D Will Iso Joe KG Pierce Lopez nets lol now this squad

    TheRantGuyYeazyTheRantGuyYeazy7 kun oldin
  • They got dinwiddie still I though

    TheRantGuyYeazyTheRantGuyYeazy7 kun oldin
  • This Big Three will Fail.

    American Paisa ReturnsAmerican Paisa Returns7 kun oldin
  • only 36 and 35 eh?..... alot of players loose their touch around that age.... doesn't matter if your a regular or a superstar level player..... not everyone is lbj mike....

    Generoso Marqueses Jr.Generoso Marqueses Jr.8 kun oldin
  • It’s crazy people forget that kd & harden played in the finals together. Honestly minus Westbrook blowing it for them they would have won. Now in their primes & more knowledge is scary I would not doubt they’re anything less than contenders.

    lorenz hunterlorenz hunter8 kun oldin
  • The downside is that they r all ball hugs sometimes

    Elo verseElo verse8 kun oldin
  • If they can control their ego and treat each other fair they are gonna win the championship this season

    Jay- RJay- R8 kun oldin
  • You really said victor olidipo over harden was a big W for Houston 😂😂😂😂🤤 dude delete this entire video

    BDotVisualzBDotVisualz8 kun oldin