8-Mar, 2020
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Leave a like if your excited for the new faze house!! Also comment what videos you guys wanna see
THE NEW $30,000,000 FaZe House is insane..
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  • Let me know what videos u wanna see me and the boys make at the new crib!!

    FaZe AdaptFaZe AdaptYil oldin
    • It’s crip

      KickKickOy oldin
    • what are all you fucking idiots styled like our generation, demography, culture, cultural heritage and how we grew up now ? what is your fucking problem ? off white raid our fucking cultures too that fucking asshole DID N O T grow up in our cultures

      KlaschihhiyKlaschihhiy2 oy oldin
    • FaZe Adapt sup

      UltraFNUltraFN6 oy oldin
    • My name is faze arushi lol. Jk im not a faze member yet but ill make it there bro trust me :) yall literally have my personality and the vibe is real over there at the faze house. Im proud bro truly as a rapper/singer i see true talent from every member in faze !!! Wait for me ill pop up soon. Arushi out!

      Ruti LokotRuti Lokot10 oy oldin
    • @Vision Exotic hell nah

      ConorConorYil oldin

    ggsatonawallggsatonawall26 kun oldin
  • Rest in Peace Juice #LLJW #9994Life #999Gang

    Fade's Awesome GamingFade's Awesome GamingOy oldin
  • Who else tripped out when the knock sound played

    Oscar-tc-Oscar-tc-2 oy oldin
  • Last time we saw the house with like 8 floors

    Buffum Auto racing teamBuffum Auto racing team4 oy oldin
  • Busted man

    Will PlayzWill Playz5 oy oldin
  • I see you guys went from the city life (with like the pervious FaZe House) now to the country-side. Also; is it me, or is THIS house a lot smaller than the pervious ones as well as much older as well?

    Nathan Andrew DavisNathan Andrew Davis6 oy oldin
  • io

    EinsNeunSiebenEinsNeunSieben6 oy oldin
  • I think faZe rug shudded move in

    David VaughnDavid Vaughn7 oy oldin
  • Just wondering what is your bed called

    Fat heymanFat heyman7 oy oldin
    • Same

      The BlakeThe Blake7 oy oldin
  • Just wondering what is your bed called

    The BlakeThe Blake7 oy oldin
  • Default cool

    lil rob Jrlil rob Jr7 oy oldin
  • Can I join faze thes is my name befaulte cool

    lil rob Jrlil rob Jr7 oy oldin
  • anyone know what adapts chanel chain is called

    Josh RajasekaranJosh Rajasekaran8 oy oldin
  • Look at rains thumbnail from 5 years ago doing the faze house tour and look at this vids thumbnail

    Cj HeflinCj Heflin8 oy oldin
  • 0:56

    Lite NolanLite Nolan10 oy oldin
  • who is watching in 2025

    stunz_ytstunz_yt10 oy oldin
  • 111222222233334455

    mahum khanmahum khan10 oy oldin
  • How’s your punishment

    syed zaahidsyed zaahid10 oy oldin
  • What happened to faze Barry???

    Only FrankieOnly Frankie10 oy oldin
  • Can I join? I will literally Sh*t on you in Fortnite

    Jack PowellJack Powell10 oy oldin
  • Rice should move in

    Max TMax T11 oy oldin
  • What happened to old faze house

    Mark GeigerMark Geiger11 oy oldin
    • Sadly the TikTok hype house group brought it

      dylan hartdylan hart11 oy oldin
  • Someone please tell me what LED lights adapt uses

    NightHunterXNightHunterX11 oy oldin
  • Carter and lizzy and everyone moved into the old faze house

    It’s NaiseIt’s Naise11 oy oldin
  • Gamma tower

    The1astPlayer YTThe1astPlayer YT11 oy oldin
  • Who's watching dis now

    Cyber beatsCyber beats11 oy oldin
  • Hide and seek in faze house

    Frenzyy.Frenzyy.11 oy oldin
  • Get a room for rug and Sommer

    i. ii. i11 oy oldin
  • I should live there coz I don’t realy have a good house

    Maani CampbellMaani Campbell11 oy oldin

    Not JaeNot JaeYil oldin
  • Adapt

    This is my name YesThis is my name YesYil oldin
  • My life would be set, I am 12 and if I joined FaZe I just lived here, finished my education, hang out with ADAPT, would be goated...

    RxftRxftYil oldin
  • That's fake

    YaqnnYaqnnYil oldin
  • the basketball edit with banks actually had me dying

    Cisco NBACisco NBAYil oldin
  • One of the open rooms belong to jev!

    GREGGREGYil oldin
  • 0:57 scared tf out of me

    VerifiedAntonioVerifiedAntonioYil oldin
  • Who’s the other guy in the pic of ny house Ik apex nordan Alex and banks but who’s the ginger

    Hunter BeissenherzHunter BeissenherzYil oldin
  • Break the walls to the closets and make it into 1 big closet.

    Authentic GucciAuthentic GucciYil oldin
  • When u went to the old house your gaming chair was there

    Jake Taylor - THV StudentJake Taylor - THV StudentYil oldin
  • Where is Apex?

    MikkaMikkaYil oldin
  • how do you just give ur cat to ur roommate?

    SpamzzSpamzzYil oldin
  • The gangs all here :)

    Low NBLow NBYil oldin
  • Can i join faze

    Bilal HassanBilal HassanYil oldin
  • Adapt got kicked out into the tree house for uploading faze house too early

    Yeet FeetYeet FeetYil oldin
  • You have hit that cat because when they move away from your hand that means that you hit them and they're scared of you poor cat

    kja presentskja presentsYil oldin
  • I need apex In here asap

    Rflex FrostedRflex FrostedYil oldin
  • Alex wheres the GTR ?

    Ft BankzFt BankzYil oldin
  • Next faze house just be them buying a small town

    BillingcBillingcYil oldin
  • Hide n seek

    K GK GYil oldin
  • Troll again the Faze House Guys

    EclipseEclipseYil oldin
  • You guys accomplished a lot thru out life

    mystery Musicmystery MusicYil oldin
  • I should live their

    DOOZIE_ cloakDOOZIE_ cloakYil oldin
  • In your videos

    Itz TascItz TascYil oldin
  • Faze adapt why don’t you show your cat

    Itz TascItz TascYil oldin
  • Room is dope af but you should put star ceiling thing you had in ny

    Lucc DundeeJrLucc DundeeJrYil oldin
  • Imagine having 3 closets

    Emily RollinsEmily RollinsYil oldin
  • jet, apex

    RikkaIs JustBetterRikkaIs JustBetterYil oldin
  • That clip of banks getting hit by a ball😂😂

    alijah fosteralijah fosterYil oldin
  • Y’all should make a blazikan in a room. He’s done sm for faze clan and he has to live with himself

    Squirrel gangツSquirrel gangツYil oldin
  • Apex and Blazakin should move in no one wants cizzorz in

    Charlie CraigCharlie CraigYil oldin
  • Why do all the Faze Members say the n Word

    Block TeweBlock TeweYil oldin
  • [*MANSION*]

    MR. NOOBMR. NOOBYil oldin
  • Who are the faze members that live in the faze house

    MR. NOOBMR. NOOBYil oldin
  • Hey where is orba?

    MR. NOOBMR. NOOBYil oldin
  • I'm so jealous bro

    TwixxieTwixxieYil oldin
  • That room is fire 🔥 bro vibes

    Marina PascacioMarina PascacioYil oldin
  • where apex and blaze bring them in

    xqsxxqsxYil oldin
  • You should recruit Tiko to faze

    MaxIsCoolMaxIsCoolYil oldin
  • Apex please

    JayslingJayslingYil oldin
  • 2:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    CLAPS24CLAPS24Yil oldin
  • Bruuuuu the knock at 0:56 is sooo real😭

    David Ramirez Jr.David Ramirez Jr.Yil oldin
  • blaze and orba shud live with you guys

    ELIONELIONYil oldin
  • Take jev

    Wmxttt WWmxttt WYil oldin
  • anyone else with a headset on look to the right after hearing the knock at 0:56

    crooshcrooshYil oldin
  • no ricegum

    Rohith DevarajaRohith DevarajaYil oldin
  • I've been gon for a year but what happened to sky?

    DeantolDeantolYil oldin
  • Should Barry be in FaZe

    PotatoPotatoYil oldin
  • Hope you all know Justin Bieber use to live in that house that is fire AF

    BrxndonBrxndonYil oldin
  • I'm not cracked but I'm good can I join

    ariaky rodriguezariaky rodriguezYil oldin
  • Football game at the new faze house ?

    Josu. ayeJosu. ayeYil oldin
  • Alright I hope you see this but it is really important this is my whole life forever dream and goal so let me tell you this its really important I want to join faze and if I do I will liget li,e be the happiest person in the whole living life so I'm also going to be messaging on faze clan channel

    Antonio LaraAntonio LaraYil oldin
  • Bro Adapt. We need Apex and Blaze in here ( possibly Jev as well )

    CyberbearCyberbearYil oldin
  • This is the lamest most white bread group of humans ive ever seen

    Alexander TaberAlexander TaberYil oldin
  • blaze and rug but if rug cant then apex

    Joseph daguannoJoseph daguannoYil oldin
  • Hide and seek is lit

    Lighting Edler GodLighting Edler GodYil oldin
  • My last name is Schofield

    KamrynKamrynYil oldin
  • Bring in Blaziken and Jev

    Hayden HunterHayden HunterYil oldin
  • you need apex and cheo. They the homies

    TajeromeTajeromeYil oldin
  • Invite me for a 1v1 on cod4 remastered im undefeated

    KAR98K ClanKAR98K ClanYil oldin
  • The pc setup he got is uncomfortable AF, I know he doesn't game anymore but still feels inappropriate for a faze member

    thanasis834thanasis834Yil oldin
  • Does highsky live there?

    TD Barrett Jr.TD Barrett Jr.Yil oldin
  • I think I should live there!

    Erik GáspárErik GáspárYil oldin
  • Trick shots off the house video

    Damien BladadahDamien BladadahYil oldin
  • I love that juice world painting my nigga

    Damien BladadahDamien BladadahYil oldin
  • Who votes for blaze and apex to move in !!!

    Angel RecendezAngel RecendezYil oldin
  • faze rug should live here

    Walid MustafaWalid MustafaYil oldin
  • FaZe Sway And HighSky1

    KyrixKyrixYil oldin
  • “Let me know who should live here because we have 2 empty rooms” that’s messed up.. Blaze deserved to be there.. faze out here becoming snakes

    Jasmin xJasmin xYil oldin
  • Los lujos de la droga

    David BaezDavid BaezYil oldin