The “Myth” that Lebron had an EASY Path to the NBA Finals

29-Sen, 2020
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The “Myth” that Lebron had an EASY Path to the NBA Finals
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  • Hey Guys, The NBA FInals are HERE!!! But was it too easy for our guy Lebron, too hard maybe?? What are your thoughts and opinions on the matter? Who we got winning Game 1? - M I K E

    Mike KorzembaMike Korzemba21 kun oldin
    • It's supossed to won

      Jayce the FaceJayce the Face6 kun oldin
    • Top two players in the NBA are both on the Lakers, this is a cakewalk for the Lakers and a cakewalk for LeBron!

      Kasey BurlinghamKasey Burlingham8 kun oldin
    • It wasn't easy for the Lakers to win a championship, what people don't understand that the Lakers had to play the same teams as everyone else and when the league was suspenison LeBron James stayed ready by keeping inshape they were the most improved team didn't win award for that, LeBron James deserve to get MVP of the season and didn't get that, but now that's not going to matter now, cause they are about to get the championship ring the Lakers have been through a lot this season and they deserve this season.

      Billionaire BillyBillionaire Billy11 kun oldin
    • What’s the name Of The Beat

      BleachFan 2.0BleachFan 2.011 kun oldin
    • Indeed its hard not only for LeBron but for the entire Lakers nation and Lakers team in general. aint no easy path I absolutely agree with you

      renato jusayanrenato jusayan11 kun oldin
  • Lebron represents all these entitled kids who believe they can be anything they want to be. They are arrogant and believe they deserve the world.

    Sammy FSammy FSoat oldin
  • check the stats buddy

    Unrequitedphilly *Unrequitedphilly *Kun oldin
  • It's not LeBrons fault that he's friends with Anthony Davis.

    tarmas Khalifatarmas KhalifaKun oldin
  • Everyone is like “ They didn’t have to go through the clippers or bucks” First of all Pandemic P is trash 😂, second the bucks lost to the heat so that means the heat were a better team and same with the clippers losing to the nuggets. I don’t get it 🤦‍♂️ these haters smh

    UzumakiUzumakiKun oldin
  • Yall acting like Lebron isn't the greatest closeout game player ever 😴

    Mikey ZamudioMikey Zamudio2 kun oldin
  • Using SRS lebron had the third easiest road to a chip in 37 years

    D DD D2 kun oldin
  • Critics know how great LBJ is. Most of them are just doing it for show to keep the fans entertained. And this is how it goes for the National Business Association. I mean Basketball. That's all.

    Mariano Venida IIIMariano Venida III2 kun oldin
  • this was the 35 easiest finals though lol suck it

    HuskyHusky2 kun oldin
  • Antentakumpo is the best in the nba

    Jaquat FluellenJaquat Fluellen3 kun oldin
  • Lebron had an easy path

    Jaquat FluellenJaquat Fluellen3 kun oldin
  • The lakers are not an op team u say AD jivale McGee diwhite Howard rando all of them being on a all star team but they are not op haha😂

    Jaquat FluellenJaquat Fluellen3 kun oldin
  • He had the best team in the whole nba two top players him and ad. But if the warriors made it and he lost to them y’all would be like he had a bad game🖐😂

    Antoinette LucasAntoinette Lucas3 kun oldin
  • Nice debunk!

    Poochi PoochPoochi Pooch3 kun oldin
  • would've been easy if still had steph curry with a 40 inch vertical!

    W SW S3 kun oldin
  • Lebron whole career has been and very easy path to all of his championships, his team rosters are setup for him to win, and his finals rings should be made of glass,shit up can't try and change the narrowtive either.

    gator1gator14 kun oldin
  • That wasn't fair using Shannon to say he picked the blazers. He didn't. He called it correctly and said they would get a game because of dame. Not cool

    MarkMark4 kun oldin
  • Idk if Westbrook is really an mvp caliber player, he padded his way to that mvp!

    Jack HJack H4 kun oldin
  • I agree with you but I don't like how you cherry picked those Shannon Sharpe clips. He always praised and respected all the teams the Lakers played, but never said those teams would beat the Lakers.

    Blake WBlake W4 kun oldin
  • Micheal Jordan will always be my goat because he played while his dad died and he won a ring

    Mclain LeslieMclain Leslie5 kun oldin

  • Once the great hope clippers lost the narrative changed to the ring dont count but it was the tuffest ring when they thought kawhi would win

  • Skip be like: He avoided the Clippers who's fault is that? 🤷

    Roi MaasinRoi Maasin5 kun oldin
  • Who’s here after LeBron won his fourth championship ring?

    KJ2K VortexxKJ2K Vortexx5 kun oldin
  • Lewoke James should just stick to playing his game and stop trying to be a SJW. The NBA finals ratings went down by 70% , thanks to Lewoke's and other players stupidity.

    themailman43themailman435 kun oldin
  • That’s why he’s no king. They made him the king. He isn’t the real king. He didn’t do it himself. Facts 💯

  • Man dont put shannon's clips in this. He never believed the lakers were gonna lose

    Fueg0 GamingFueg0 Gaming6 kun oldin
  • So is Anthony Davis invisible now? Was he not on the court with Lebron or are we ignoring that?

    Evan SmithEvan Smith6 kun oldin
    • Everybody said AD is injury prone and wouldn’t even be healthy in the finals but now y’all wanna praise him Foh

      Cyrs MCyrs M2 kun oldin
  • This the same guy that said Lonzo Ball was the new Stephen Curry?

    Perc30ActivatedPerc30Activated6 kun oldin
  • I love this clip so much because now all of a sudden because folks now saying it was easy road to a chip now it was a cake walk. I’m like that not what y’all was saying before the series started and after the game 1 they lost. Lakers were counted out and soon as they lose one game oh the blazers got it oh the rockets got it soon as they get man handle it was easy no these media folks need to give credit

    Trevon HenryTrevon Henry6 kun oldin
  • And we all forgot that LeBron took 5 months off before going into the playoffs .

    JJ GJJ G6 kun oldin
    • Everyone had the same time off so what's your point?

      ruffin328ableruffin328able5 kun oldin
  • One quick note: if the clippers couldn’t beat the nuggets but the lakers did what does that say about a lakers clippers matchup? The argument I’ve seen is they had months to prepare when so did everyone else. The lakers weren’t even the best to start off with. They started off the bubble with terrible performances and bounced back. Not to mention being away from your family for 3 months being confined to a hotel room with not much outside contact. It’s not easy mentally.

    Lord TachankaLord Tachanka6 kun oldin
  • It's supossed to happen

    Jayce the FaceJayce the Face6 kun oldin
  • I want my damn respect - Lebron james We have to respect him because he is the goat in his era

    Lil XLil X6 kun oldin
  • 35 still dominate the game, that is greatness...this has cemented his name as the GREATEST OF ALL TIME>>>

    Rico BoylesRico Boyles6 kun oldin
  • every single soul in the media predicted that lakers would lose to Portland, Houston etc and the clippers would win it all... but not Shannon man. cmon

    adsøkj adkljfadsøkj adkljf6 kun oldin
  • This is a great video, an excellent analysis of lebron and the lakers this year and is too true

    Lucky The CrippelLucky The Crippel6 kun oldin
  • Love it - talking facts...cannot stand the haters preaching revisionist history and false narratives. Keep exposing those lies and give that kid from Akron his respect.

    Gezza 77Gezza 777 kun oldin
  • It's somehow LeBron's fault for not playing the Clippers yet it was too easy because he beat the team that beat the Clippers? Most heavily and unfairly scrutinized athlete of all time.

    Manberg900Manberg9007 kun oldin
  • B4 covid 19hit, lakers had statement wins over the bucks, & clippers. Heavy favs to go to the finals. Lebron had the lakers 3rd seed last year b4 he got hurt. Many 4got that. Saying welcome to the WEST lebron, no: lbj owned the west. Also not even kobe and mj took 3 franchises to titles

    richard escobarrichard escobar7 kun oldin
  • He was carried all playoffs tho

    Polo IVPolo IV7 kun oldin
  • Lebron has done so much damage to the NBA this year. Doesn't matter how good you are when no one wants to watch.

    Fin ConradFin Conrad7 kun oldin
  • Lol he has AD and still lost 2 games

    Spiritual JulieeSpiritual Juliee8 kun oldin
  • This aged perfectly well

    Yung SmooveYung Smoove8 kun oldin
  • Lebron is king 🤴 4rings

    Noijon Coble-WhiteNoijon Coble-White8 kun oldin
  • real basket ball fans know the nuggets were biggest threat all along besides the clippers

    DanielDaniel8 kun oldin
  • anybody here after lakers dub😎

    Gabriel CanabalGabriel Canabal8 kun oldin
  • LeBron loves trolling

    dIsin 1dIsin 18 kun oldin
  • Ih has never been a easy path, Just Lebron makes it look easy

    Bozhao LiuBozhao Liu8 kun oldin

  • You should Do a Kevin Durant version in 2017 finals.

    GodGod8 kun oldin
  • What song name?!

    Lebron HardenLebron Harden8 kun oldin
  • Who’s here after the Lakers won the finals and Lebron got finals MVP💛💜

    Chxnge999Chxnge9998 kun oldin
  • Maybe just maybe LeBrons path is so easy because he is so dominant and makes it look easy 😯

    LucLak13LucLak138 kun oldin
  • Lebron will never get the full respect he deserves even when he retires, sad to see a man get so much hate for doing what he loves

    Anton Gielle Y AguasAnton Gielle Y Aguas8 kun oldin
  • Yeah it carried along the finals,Lakers are the champions and LeBron is the fmvp😂😂

    Renjith RajuRenjith Raju8 kun oldin
  • LeBron can’t take a break from the hater, he win this year they said that is an ez championship, game 5 he pass, haters say that MJ and Kobe would shoot it. The man can’t take a break. They can’t enjoy greatness until it’s not here anymore!

    Fr0sty IsABotFr0sty IsABot8 kun oldin
  • Haters be like: 1. LeBron cant handle the West. 2. Okay? He wont even make the Playoffs 3. Okay? The Blazers will eliminate the Lakers 4. Okay? The Rockets will eliminate the Lakers 5. Okay? The Clippers will eliminate- nvm 6. It's because AD carried him. 5. **see his stats for FMVP** Bruh it's because of the bubble this series. It's not the same anymore. Thats why he made it and it's cakewalk. It shouldnt be counted

    Mobile Legends MEMESMobile Legends MEMES8 kun oldin
    • They keep bringing up that "it's the bubble" when they literally have the same playing environment😭I don't understand the haters' logics

      Jaheim PendragonJaheim Pendragon6 kun oldin
  • Who’s here after LeBron and the Lakers won the championship? Let’s go babyyyyyy🏀🏆💛💜💯

    Elroi Marc OrdinarioElroi Marc Ordinario8 kun oldin
    • @PlaySZ clan let’s go

      Elroi Marc OrdinarioElroi Marc Ordinario3 kun oldin
    • Elroi Marc Ordinario me let’s go 🟡🟣

      PlaySZ clanPlaySZ clan8 kun oldin
  • On the other hand, picture this: Lakers facing a better prepared clippers team (i blame doc rivers for that not happening but anyway) in the conference finals then in the finals facing a full powered milwaukee bucks with the MVP and DPOY Giannis. Now that would be a much more interesting run to me, but it didn't hapen bc these teams flat out choked. And of course it isn't LeBron's fault but i do think it made the path somewhat (if not considerably) easier for them. We still gotta appreciate him for the great athlete he is anyway, i'll stay tuned for the next season.

    richardrichard8 kun oldin
  • Even if they had beaten the Clippers they would of been like "PG13 3 point shooting hurt the Clippers" or "The Clippers weren't playing in full strength cause they had to play game 7". But we all know damn well that the Clippers make the Finals everyone is going to be "The Clippers are the best team in the NBA" but won't bring up the same argument as they do for the Lakers and Lebron. 😤😤😤

    Dah KingDah King8 kun oldin
  • Lesson: No matter what you do you will always be hated and talked down upon.

    GMNRG YTGMNRG YT8 kun oldin

    KADEN JKADEN J8 kun oldin
  • Im waiting for mikes video about the nba finals...

    James ManuelJames Manuel8 kun oldin
  • whos here after the lakers win the finals LETS GOOOOO LAKERS #LAKERNATION

    BMPresentsBMPresents8 kun oldin
  • Who here after he won his 4 ring

  • Who’s watching after lebron got his 4th ring

    John DJohn D8 kun oldin
  • I'm starting to think yall dont know basketball! And obviously bias! I'm going to only say this once this is by far the easiest ring he has gotten and that lebron road to the finals was never hard and has walked thru the east unscathed all 9 appearances especially given the fact he's had all-star help more than once and still managed to lose! Its clear as day! As a older guy I have never seen a player get the praise and excuses when he loses and then the narrative is always in favor of him. Narrative after narrative if he doesn't win and the biggest part is that lebron has no help when thats false on so many levels. And he can take garbage teams to the finals and thats definitely not true! After you said its false I didn't even wanna watch the rest im 29 sec in and now here comes the ass kissing and dick riding. Please misleading ppl. Honest opinion lebron was never better than kobe and kobe is constantly being disrespected even when he was still playing

    Xavier JonesXavier Jones8 kun oldin
  • Ngl I rooted for all the Lakers opponents. But honestly it's bc I almist always root for the underdogs. But I knew the chances of the Lakers winning. I knew the chance of the Lakers winning everything was bigger than the trail blazers beating them for example. And also saying Lebron proved anyone wrong or that he has been the one closing out the games is just cap. He didn't really prove anyone wrong by going to the west bc he did get a lot just handed to him like AD. And also we all know it's AD who's been the guy carrying and the guy taking big time shots. But in the same time he kinda proved some of us wrong. He made it further than I expected and I respect that. And I don't hate it at all. I like when someone prove me wrong. Shows what kind of mentality they have. And we talk a lot about how the teams can beat the lakers but actually looking back now it sounds stupid listening to what everyone said. He did kinda have it easy. But shoutout to everyone including LBJ. Also as I said I root for the underdogs so I'm hoping the heat can take the W tonight. Jimmy's just built different. Tyler as well. Been one of my favorites since Jimmy went on the JJ Reddick podcast.

    Luffar TVLuffar TV8 kun oldin
  • I REALLY don't like LeBron on the court because im a warriors fan for life, but even I can say he deserves to go to the finals

    Caleb MolaCaleb Mola8 kun oldin
  • Does mike not realize that Damian Lillard and his team were playing severely hurt and/or short handed.

    Cameron FowlerCameron Fowler8 kun oldin
  • Shootin Space Jam 2☺☺Most Definitely

    Ju'Quon OrtizJu'Quon Ortiz9 kun oldin
  • Yeah bc 90% of the GSW were hurt this season LOL

    CrackCrack9 kun oldin
  • It was an easy path.

    Cotton Candy LoLCotton Candy LoL9 kun oldin
  • The myth that LeBron is the goat.... Lol

    D. SmithD. Smith9 kun oldin
  • I can agree with everything else but stop with this 35 years old bullshit. He has literally trained his body for years and spent millions on it to be this good at 35🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s not that crazy

    agibson35 !agibson35 !9 kun oldin
  • Why is everyone guaranteeing the lakers to win

    nahome bruknahome bruk9 kun oldin
    • DADEFUYE u right u right just give treat their proper for giving the lakers an uncomfortable series

      nahome bruknahome bruk8 kun oldin
    • in this situation, experience wins the game. that's what the lakers have more than heats.

      DADEFUYEDADEFUYE8 kun oldin
  • Watch when the Warriors come back

    Nasinator EmpireNasinator Empire9 kun oldin
    • That's what I said watch when they get gainis too

      First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name8 kun oldin
  • No warriors, no KD, no Kylrie, 5 months off, playing in the bubble... LeBron is about as good as he has been for the past three of four years: “Best player in the league-ish.” He can be the best player in the league and still have an easy path one year. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive 🤦🏽‍♂️ And before the comments sections blows its lid off with, “all of the other teams had to go through COVID and the bubble, etc.” NOT every team benefited from this. The older guys took the five months off seriously. LeBron and AD had time to lick their wounds from the first half of the season. Certain teams thrive off of the fans and the momentum of the regular season as well as a regular setting. For the record, I would have said the same for the Clippers, had they beaten the Lakers. They would have benefited greatly from not having to play in a hostile HOME/AWAY setting.

    Mister BoogahMister Boogah9 kun oldin
    • You typed a bunch of words and didn't say anything

      Silky LewJrSilky LewJr8 kun oldin
  • Save hating on LeBron until he retires. He's only got a few more years so appreciate the fact that you were fortunate enough to witness one of the greatest basketball players to ever walk on the earth

    Callum StewartCallum Stewart9 kun oldin
  • Mickey Mouse chip. Nobody considers Lebron the goat but little kids and Shannon Sharp. MJ is easily the 🐐.

    AJ85AJ859 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who noticed the first background song he choose is from monogatari?!

    Tjay GatariTjay Gatari9 kun oldin
  • im jus absolutely loving this mike is jus shuttin all the haters the fuck up! no one can talk no more shit bout lebrons path

    Eliezeri NiyukuriEliezeri Niyukuri9 kun oldin
  • congrats Lebron, you played 20 games against a bunch of scrub teams but we're gonna crown you your forth titles. Even tho you just jump from team to team thats good. all you titles besides the Cleveland one are a total joke. taking the easy way out.

    EricEric9 kun oldin
  • We're folks sayin' this about the Showtime Lakers, Dynasty Lakers, Russell's Celtics, or Bird's Celtics? Think about it.

    UnexpectedWonderUnexpectedWonder9 kun oldin
  • Why are you using media for opinion justification? The media always talks good about the team that plays the favorite team as a potential to derail the favored team to create a sense of suspense and entertainment. Let's be realistic. Nobody thought anybody would beat them but the Clippers.

    soulsearch1234soulsearch12349 kun oldin
  • Not a talented roster?????????? His number 2 when not Injured puts up better numbers and is a legit #1-3 player. He is playing one of the best PGs in Rondo, he has athletic floor running centers, he has streaky shooters, solid vets! We gotta be real. Clippers imploded but the Lakers had it all to beat them. NOT JUST LEBRON

    Damon NevilsDamon Nevils9 kun oldin
  • I see the comments and I laugh. He was in the east with stacked teams, came to the west and he had a stacked team. The false narrative is that he is superman doing this himself. That is the false narrative.

    Damon NevilsDamon Nevils9 kun oldin
  • Mike.. can you make a video about the surprising Heat appearance in the Finals? Nobody saw this coming. It'd be interesting to watch the story unfold. You're the best at that.

    Tommy MorilloTommy Morillo9 kun oldin
  • LeBron will never get his proper props

    Justin BlakelyJustin Blakely9 kun oldin
  • Facts!!! Way too much hating and not enough celebrating this incredible greatness we are witnessing 🤦‍♂️

    NoahMercs 1NoahMercs 19 kun oldin
  • Awesome video! When the bubble began I wanted the Clipp vs. Lakers. That was my championship. I believe that many wanted to see that matchup. No one wanted to see the Lakers vs. Nuggets.

    Loveis My messageLoveis My message10 kun oldin
  • People are stupid and some people don't deserve to view their opinions. Its the Clippers and Bucks fault!!! Its not the Lakers fault that the Bucks and Clippers couldn't hold up their end of the bargain. Also, what does it mean to beat the teams that beat the Bucks and Clippers?

    Patrick TaliauliPatrick Taliauli10 kun oldin
  • Kawhi would have won the chip on any team if he stayed or went to another Cali team

  • mike spittin facts

    Christophoros MertzanidisChristophoros Mertzanidis10 kun oldin
  • Nah it was easy af. Hasn’t played a real team.

    Joey mp4Joey mp410 kun oldin
    • Bro lakers just lost last night Miami is a real team

      Khore The ManKhore The Man10 kun oldin
  • I'm so sick of this shit. Haters of MJ think he had no competition. Haters of Lebron think he had no competition. Look some titles, some paths are easier than others that's just how it is. Bulls first title in 91 the Lakers lost BOTH James Worthy and Byron Scott (both starters). They still had Magic who was still a superstar at the time but he needed his full team to beat Chicago. This path for Lebron to the finals has been one of his easier one's but I still think Lakers beat Clippers in a 7 game series. Jokic destroyed the Clippers so how did they plan to stop AD who is better in the post and more dominant than Jokic? And this series with Miami I have to admit, Lakers are coughing up some games they should be winning. Remember Miami is without two starters. One player who was leading the team in scoring and assist and another guy who was leading in rebounds. I was wrong about the sweep but Lakers will win this series because they have Lebron.

    SouthernStarSouthernStar10 kun oldin
  • Mike need sum hearing aids? Nobody said the rockets will beat the lakers. They said if anyone will be dangerous to stop the lakers from going against the clippers it would have been the Rockets.. Great job at listening.

    10k subscribers For nothing?10k subscribers For nothing?10 kun oldin
  • I don't see anyone challenging next year either, barring some crazy trades and huge pride swallowing during the offseason. The odds that Steph and Clay will both return to previous form simaltaneously is unlikely. At best we'll get them back at around at around 85% for the first year...and without durant, that won't be enough. Add to that the strong and HUGE bench that the Lakers have and Lebron sees at least one more chip after this season to tie Kobe...Hell, he might even come off the bench at 40 to win another one with the team of his choice...cuz who doesn't want this guy on their team. Wonder what Kyries up to right now.

    The SolooshThe Soloosh10 kun oldin
  • Clippers didnt hv a better team who has rings on the clippers please tell me lakers

    john carterjohn carter10 kun oldin