The Magician’s Rabbit ||ORIGINAL GLMM|| Gacha Life Mini Movie

24-Sen, 2020
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✨Hey peeps!! WE JUST REACHED 100K I’m so HAPPY!!! Aaaaaaaahhh!! Mwah mwah mwah! 🖤 (read my speech in my community tab) this took me 1 whole week so SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT!!! =many many many hours of time put into this. This is my very own original storyline that my imagination made. And I am very proud of it! I hope you guys enjoyed because there will be a PART DUOS!!!🖤✨
I don’t own any music what so ever! All music belongs to there rightful owners🖤✨

  • Some of y’all confused as heck. So the reason why Ella got angry with Danny is because he took advantage with their love, Ella really thought Danny and her had something special. Danny got all stupid and didn’t think before he acted and said all that made up! Which didn’t “PLEASE” Ella too much and kinda made her mad... you’ll find out more in part too🖤🖤🖤

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    • Fjfhhfh💜

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    • I know pig latin ok ok ikelay histay ideovay

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    • why shes mad😩 imsaddd😳😖😖

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    • Lonely HeartClub cool 😎

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    • yaya plsss part 2 😿😿😿 👨❤🐰 plsss love is life hehe jk lang walang forever 😎😎😎😎😈 haha bat its a prank plssss 2 2 2 2 2 part 2!!!!! 😥😥😥😥

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  • I love this vid it's so good and I'm a big fan!

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  • Ending is a littleeeeeee cringe but... i still love it

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  • *Me when I see the boy acting like he has magic*Me:AWWW HES TO FRICKING ADORABLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️✨✨Like if you agree

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  • @_@-It wouldn't ruin my life you you screwed up on stage- explain do u realize something is weird here

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  • perfectto

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  • #Ain’tneverseentwobestfriends And none of them are ugly ;)

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  • The 5 yEaR old : I THINK IM LOST Me: BRUHHHH YOU THINK The music when he says hes lost: THATS GOOD

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  • When danny said Your Names Ella right? and when she nodded yes the music said "sounds good"

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  • Jimmy at the camera be like I love ma job

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  • i like it

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  • BYE 😭🤚

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  • Is it ok if I use ellas design? On the thumbnail?

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  • I love the" she didn't give me a comment on my sespenders

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  • I'm at the beginning of the video but I just want to say that you are SO good at making cute characters! Ella is cute, and in "My Girlfriend is An Alien", Evelyn is adorable in her human and her alien form!

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  • Lol when Daniel said u know French and Aunt Charlie said it's pig Latin that remindes me of the scene in Stranger Things.

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  • I love this! ❤️

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  • for the thumbnail why is the eye color diffrent? :0

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  • I love this it’s so romantic. ✨ UvU

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  • omg i love this videobi WILL SUBCRIBE THANK YOU

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  • I seen a white rabbit before-

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  • "dont worry im not a murderer" meh: "dont worry im not one of those people who put poison in water"

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  • ahh yes *sips tEa* the power of gacha logic very noice! *chugs down the cup of tea* edit:IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • Bruhh i watch dis a 10 times😂😂

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  • me before there shows finish: AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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  • I hate Ella and I hate your story

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  • How do u do the pants thing plss reply

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  • Who else knows backslang? I do

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  • when are you going to make a part 2


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  • I just watched a glmm and the guy goes "shut up and be my girlfriend" and the girl goes "yes" The End Hah

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  • "You're lucky you're so cute!" Hi Gumball refrense Read more

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  • Sorry it was a cut out bunny for me ;-;

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  • mYMagIc WaND

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  • Aunque la pelea del final de la parte 1 fue horenda

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  • Que lindoooooooooooooooooo 😍😍

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  • 1st Gacha ever that I've ever seen that doesn't have some major flaw, people are actually humans and not some weird hybrid wolf fairy!!

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  • When they grow up and making a show why is the rabbit ugly?

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    • Uhh-

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  • Ella:paparazzi Me:pepperoni 👌😈

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    • Yes

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  • beautiful work great joob

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  • Jesus didn't know gacha had so many reflexes lol🤣

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  • So yeye ALMOST DOUBLE!

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  • I'm 9 in halv

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  • Why did Ella say she was 5 and he was 4 but later on on his 18 birthday he’s 18 and she’s 16 No hate

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  • I think that’s pig latin not French

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  • Damn that 6 year old has a huge room all to himself while I have been sharing one with my sisters for 13 years

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  • I went back into gacha life and I have 1 thing to say I love the music

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  • *"I'm not scared tho, I'm almost six! I'm a big kid!"* That is totally six year old me

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  • Me:are they a couple- :the story THERE BASICALLY BROTHER AND SISTER

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  • At the end I just had to skip I thought I was gonna die 😂 but I love your story

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  • Gurl speed all the tea👁👄👁

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  • Title text goes here ✌️

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  • UwU

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  • DO PART 3

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  • Ella:no me and ice cream r on a date shhhhh!!

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  • Danny:ella I need to tell ya sum...

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  • Me when she said her name is Ella: B-but thats my name-

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  • 13:28 * He is eating banana * Me : look at the banana that my mom give it to me and.... Me : banana he is eating your father '-' The Banana : '-'....

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    • TwT

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    • That's tragic

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    • 🙀

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  • WOW I-

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  • I- I dont know what to say

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  • No one: *another camera in the background of Maggie and the Magician's studio*

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  • Pretty sure she was saying good bye gay children...〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜 and I ship her with the producer kinda...

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  • Have any of you guys see a bunny use a dress or it’s just gacha logic?

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  • I love how in Gacha parents are always fine with their child kidnapping another child-

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  • Is Le oufit for sale :o

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  • There is Danny riding in a limo at the age of 18.. and here is my 16 year old sister begging for her fav biscuits to our father- xD

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  • love story 😎

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  • cute 😍

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  • If i was the creator i would do that but zero two and hiro version darling in the franxx

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  • aww that bunny is so cute very cute right guys. so the magician's rabbit is very cute.

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  • OMG! Your a fan of The Beatles too?? They are the best band ever!!

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  • Be carful she can drag you into the rabbit hole!

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  • Part Two

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  • When the guard said "I hAtE kIDs" boi weren't u a kid once?

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  • Lonely HeartClub OMG DONT MAKE ME SAY THIS YOUR A WAY BETTER GACHATUBER THAN ME + THIS GACHA MINI MOVIE IS THE BEST I WATCHED LIKE DA FIRST ONE LIKE 500000 AND THE SECOND ONE LIKE 5000000 TIMES OMG JUST LIKE IM HERE SAYING MY VIDEOS ARE GOOD GO ON UZworld TO RECOMMENDED I SEE YOU NOW ME ADDICTED TO YOUR CHANNEL MORE THEN AMONG US CRAZY + WHEN ARE YOU gonna upload again??? Because like I watched everysingle on of you videos already the spy is good the kitty bodyguard 1/2 perfect my alien girlfriend 1/2 watched how. Your next video how to be Lonely HeartCluB no but seriously. So me for my videos is like 2 you 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 no but seriously.

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  • He looks so handsome

  • Fun fact: he looks like the king (only roblox players know who)

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  • I am almost 8 years old!!

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  • I’m going to wait for part two

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  • Nice video I’m so excited!!

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  • You make the coolest videos ever

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  • this is doesn't make sense if danny its 18 elle susposed to be 17 right? autocorrect for you btw love your video UwUz

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  • Ohhhhh i know pig latin ok ok ikelay histay ideovay

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  • No, one litterly no one stares at the fat bunny👁👄👁🔎

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  • Bro, I’ve watched almost all of ur GLMMs! Their amazing, if I can rate them from 1 - 10 it would be.... 100,000,000,00,0000000000000,00000000000,,, / 10 :>

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  • also that's why every air Force is stronger because he can exert the multiverse and he is the strongest in the multiverse and he has nothing against him and forth breaker stands is also stronger than therefore for not only stronger than air Force so he's stronger than all and all your characters that you create

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  • She's stupid and mean or negative this is my opinion excuse me I'm going to stop watching you videos forever and not like

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  • wait a minute... Before in the story...daniel and ella used to call her aunt now there calling her 11:52

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  • They keep huging 🤣

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  • aUnT cHaRlIe DaMeLiO (I spell it wrong ; - ;)

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  • The title: The magicians rabbit What the boy said: ooh a bunny Me: bunnies and rabbits arnt the same ;-;

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  • The fact that this video was reacted to and suggested to watch by a popular UZworldr⬜ I wish I had enough motivate to do cool gacha life videos like this 😂❤

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  • U have to at least be 9 to be a big kid ... -_-

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  • ;O

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  • The last scene was too cheesy and cringey ?_?

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  • ThAtS aLoT oF tEa" Spill it already

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