The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - Season 4 Episode 3: Douglas Murray

25-Yan, 2021
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Douglas Murray and I discuss, among other topics, the collapse of grand narratives on the left and the right alike, the potential for the resultant explanatory and motivational void to be filled by more radical ideological ideas, and the dangers posed by the mutual recrimination that all-too-frequently characterizes relationships across the left-right divide.
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  • This interview is so well done. I appreciated the balanced perspectives. For all the people who posted angry comments: I hope you'll continue to listen to these men and others who you disagree with, since that willingness is the only thing holding the ship together.

    SkyWriterSkyWriter10 soat oldin
  • The Boogie Man and the Promise Land. Conservatives don't like revolutionary ideas? whooda thunkit..

    rick fuccirick fucci10 soat oldin
  • recently listened to the madness of crowds and loved it, and the more Douglas Murray I see the more I like him and his ideas

    Matt HaferMatt Hafer10 soat oldin
  • It seems like two of my favorite thinkers have stopped thinking 😢

    Yishai NathanYishai Nathan12 soat oldin
  • Hand-marked paper ballots, counted in public combined with automatic suffrage of all 18 year-olds and an ink-stained finger is the obvious, easy and almost free solution to the electoral disputes.

    Iron ShirtIron Shirt13 soat oldin
  • Dr. P is adept at identifying the Left in academia but accepts the media's narrative on the election at face value. He and Murray leave me questioning them more than anything else after watching this. With regards to the election, the truth almost certainly lies somewhere in the muddy middle rather than in the corporate media's neatly packaged fantasy of an absolutely uncorrupted event. Yet that is the baseline narrative on which these two so confidently and boldly stand, castigating the right. Give me a break.

    Dan KrecklowDan Krecklow13 soat oldin
    • @SkyWriter ... but he did ... and we can do this back and forth ad infinitum. Looooooong time admirer of Dr P and Douglas Murray but they marginalized a very wide swath in this discussion as right-wing. This came across clearly to several others with whom I discussed this interview. And I am tired of said marginalization and just disappointed with the esteemed Dr. You are free to see it your way. ‘nuff said

      Dan KrecklowDan Krecklow7 soat oldin
    • But he didn't accept it at face value. He put forward the exact reasons why he thought the election result was valid.

      SkyWriterSkyWriter9 soat oldin
  • It's amazing to listen to these two brilliant men completely misapprehend the nature of the US electoral problem. They're so earnest and ethical that they misread it fundamentally. The situation here on the ground is one of utter corruption. Almost no one I know cares about right and wrong as categories. They only care about BEING right or wrong. In other words, they ONLY care about winning. Truth and rationality are no longer acceptable in polite society. So that when you say, "Hand-marked paper ballots, counted in public combined with automatic suffrage and an ink-stained finger is the obvious, easy and almost free solution to the electoral disputes," you're ridiculed and dismissed as some kind of simpleton. The problem will not be solved. It will be bloody. For the first time in my 60 years I am truly afraid and feel alienated from almost everyone I live amongst on either side.

    Iron ShirtIron Shirt14 soat oldin
  • I’ve been listening to what Douglas Murray had to say for almost a year, and I see that he has not much wisdom to offer beyond his “madness of crowds” narrative that he has been tirelessly repeating. To hear it once is refreshing, to hear it twice is fine, to hear it for the 25th time - the impression is he is no more than a salon type of thinker with no understanding of political history of the 20th century. He may be an astute critic of “wokeness”, yet he displays little knowledge about the real nature of the Left. As a person who lived for 30 years in totalitarian countries, I can say that an average American patriot from Tennessee or Nebraska knows much more about Freedom versus Tyranny than Douglas Murray.

    AmymoneAmymone16 soat oldin
  • Whatever happened to trying to find common ground between people?? When I was growing up, even in school I was taught this. It was the man reason they held "Show and Tell Days" in our classrooms. It is a way to get to know each other; to see that someone has something in common with you and others... And I'm sorry to say. If you go back before Trump put his hat in the ring of running for President. He was provoked! Go back to a couple years prior to him running. In public Former President Obama said in public at an event, of which I can't remember what the event was. I just remember there were a huge number of movie stars there. Anyway, Former President Obama, out of the blue made a joke about Trump running for President. It was very, very odd. His statement was completely "off topic"! But he did hit a nerve! It seemed like that was the turning point, that in the very moment Trump made up his mind to run and it was on! So to speak...

    Susan SagrilloSusan Sagrillo18 soat oldin
  • You are wrong when you stated "The Left" doesn't focus on illegal immigration! Former President Obama deported more people that ANY other President past or present tense. Look into that fact...

    Susan SagrilloSusan Sagrillo20 soat oldin
  • I just have one question. When President Trump was a "Democrat" EVERYONE loved him. It wasn't until he walked away from the Democratic Party that he became "their" enemy. You should ask yourself why? He didn't change his thoughts, statements, or actions, so why did they go after him; turn on him? It kind of reminds me of parents who, during a divorce, try to turn "their" children against the other parent, a tug-of-war based on "their" need to be the "good, and just parent"... What happened that broke them up in the first place? Why did he leave the Democratic Party? What are we missing behind the scenes???? This is true. Go back through the years and you will see what I am talking about. He was even on Oprah's talk show multiple times where she asked him if he would run for President; encouraged him to run and yet 5 years ago she did a complete about face!!! He was close to the Clintons, close to Oprah, close to all of them; rubbed elbows with them for all these years, and then he switched party affiliation and bam!!! He's now their #1 enemy!!! Why??? And I vote for whomever I believe will help our country as a whole and not based on a "political party"!!!

    Susan SagrilloSusan Sagrillo20 soat oldin
  • Two major, destructive radical groups emerged in the past year which are self described communist and were given a pass by so called progressive leadership so the notion that the right is seeing the communist boogeyman erroneously is patently absurd.

    Cheddulous DCheddulous D20 soat oldin
  • Scamdemics maiiiiiiiiiiiiiite...... That's 90% of YT comments in 2020

    RhetoricalmuseRhetoricalmuseKun oldin
  • I love this podcast, but I feel like you have mischaracterized many, many Trump voters. Like millions of others, I voted for Trump for his policy positions and absolutely not out of some vengence for Clinton.

    Kim BauerKim BauerKun oldin
  • Yes, missed sanity in an insane (Covid obsessed) world!

    Mark CarlinMark CarlinKun oldin
  • People need not have been gotten to, they only need to be cowards. Most if not all of the lawsuits were not ajudicated they were thrown out without a hearing of the facts. They may not have held up, but telling people to just shut up and sit down is what made January 6 enevitable.

    Anthony WatsonAnthony WatsonKun oldin
  • I listened to this podcast and am genuinely disappointed at the rhetoric you spewed. Don't forget over 75 million Americans question the results of this election and American's aren't the only people questioning the lost me as a follower. So much for the lobster. You should stand down, shut up and be embarrassed for this podcast not to mention your lousy advice .

    Tia FijalkowskiTia FijalkowskiKun oldin
    • Yikes

      SkyWriterSkyWriter9 soat oldin
  • They are so terrified of the consequences that would result from calling out this election impropriety that they are ushering in consequences that will be far more severe by dismissing these concerns out of hand.

    ImperiusImperiusKun oldin
  • Oh yes, I'm sure that's exactly what Julius Ceasars last thought was as the knives were going in, " What!?! This can't be happening! Why a conspiracy of this magnitude is simply absurd!! oww, Oww, OWW, YOU FUCKERS THAT HURTS! ARGHARGHARGHARGHARghaRGhArgHarghargurrglegasp.... Oh Brutus even you?" Sorry that last bit was some artistic license, but I hope you get the fucking point about "absurd" conspiracies.

    Jesse E.Jesse E.2 kun oldin
    • I don't think they're suggesting the conspiracies can't exist. They're just saying that they don't think these particular ones exist.

      SkyWriterSkyWriter9 soat oldin
  • I think most reasonable people looking at this election situation in the US agree that it could all be resolve quite simply by having an honest recount of the votes as Mr. Sullivan wrote below, why oppose it if what you want is a return to normalcy? We are in cognitive dissonance if we refuse to accept facts but facts have to be established first.

    Yves GodinYves Godin2 kun oldin
  • On Douglas' point of the right having to disavow their extreme outliers storming the capitol: Of course they do. It's the right thing (no pun intended) to disavow political violence. BUT: 1. They don't get any credit for disavowing their own side's bad guys - see the "very fine people" hoax. 2. Disavow political violence is what they did all summer - and it did get them just enough political capital to still lose the election. 3. Taking the hight road when your opponent doesn't is a great way to get defeated, and although Trump was the personified low blow the Republicans still (in my humble opinion) were the more graceful party. Political violence may not solve anything, but the left seems eager to prove that abstaining from it is a sure-fire way to lose the game. It's a no-win situation - civil war or the other party being in power and using all the levers of government against you. The second option is only valid as long as a majority of conservatives is of the opinion that being canceled etc. is not as bad as a full-scale civil war. But again, the left seems to want to make that decision as hard as it can.

    Maurizio KrumpholzMaurizio Krumpholz2 kun oldin
  • Wow, Peterson has really shorted the Trump supporter. What Universe does he live in with all the points he rages about but still gives the media, systems, and parties the benefit of the doubt. We don't care about the rhetoric we wanted someone to fight for the middle and working-class and implement the policies he ran on. He did implement the policies. I met tons of Trump supporters and none were White Supremacists. The only time I see it in on the comment sections of the Conservative website, in which the postings are ignored or shown what complete babble their ideas are. I am of the opinion they are opposition trolls. Otherwise, Dan Sullivan clearly points out what the two smartest men in the video both miss.

    BWreSlippySlopeBWreSlippySlope2 kun oldin
  • Love these guys but left, right or centrist there's plenty of abnormalities in the election and institutional dishonesty combined with massive corporation/oligarchy control over information it should be concerning to anyone who dares call themselves free.

    Nick GrossnickleNick Grossnickle2 kun oldin
  • Peterson needs to supplicate with Lex Fridman and VDH, if not Thomas Sowell. Having Sapolsky and Michael Savage in the mix would heighten the conversation.

    Pasquale GelardiPasquale Gelardi2 kun oldin
  • I wish I could understand the man speaking in the echo chamber

    Pasquale GelardiPasquale Gelardi2 kun oldin
  • Peterson and Murray state that the GOP establishment (and GOP appointed judges) support Trump and would push back on any election fraud. That shows that they do not know anything about American politics and should stop talking about it.

    G ZG Z2 kun oldin
  • I think it’s also a narcissistic issue regarding the ultra left. They are like egocentric children. Their pronouns don’t really matter to anyone but themselves, or their mothers’. Nobody cares as much as they think they care.

    redfo3009redfo30093 kun oldin
  • beautifully spoken douglas about the mystery that all of us feel but can never reach; thanks guys for this wonderful interview!

    chedwa pintochedwa pinto3 kun oldin
  • I really like these two but there is some horrible takes in this episode. Almost seems cowardly. Jordan repeating the amount of cases thrown out was cringe worthy.

    FtGFFtGF3 kun oldin
  • I don’t know if I’m disappointed or just sadden by the way this discussion went. I’m willing to admit that I’m biased on behalf of trump but I’m also able to look at things that happened and see them clearly. The tru o stuff was bad enough but when they talk about the virus stuff it almost turns me sick.

    Lord thunder ChickenLord thunder Chicken3 kun oldin
  • The problem is where the facts come from

    Michael WilsonMichael Wilson3 kun oldin
  • Not to mention Hillary was absolutely a criminal and would have been the worst President in history. Fact

    Michael WilsonMichael Wilson3 kun oldin
  • His Hollywood friend is pretty close to the radical left. Love this podcast. Im buying the book for sure.

    Michael WilsonMichael Wilson3 kun oldin
  • the election was stolen,, its obvious he is winning in a landslide,,, send the observers home and wake up the next day he looses.....

    john millerjohn miller3 kun oldin
  • I would love to have been in this talk as a trump voter in both elections. Their views and discussions on the election, elections results, trump voters and the character of those voters is so far off its tangible. The idea that the American media just makes “slips” in their reporting is another issue that needs to be addressed. They didn’t “slip” in their biased and often dishonest reporting the didn’t it intentionally.

    Lord thunder ChickenLord thunder Chicken3 kun oldin
  • Whilst I admire the intellect and incisiveness of these two men, I wonder if their opinions have changed at all in light of the recent Time magazine article where it was disclosed how organisations on the left of politics (and some on the right) joined forces to undermine US democracy purely to stop Trump from being re-elected in 2020. It certainly made me see sections of this conversation in a different light.

    Val HaynesVal Haynes3 kun oldin
  • Confirmation bias works both ways and Trump was elected because we believed he would do what we’ve wanted done by every Republican president but only he had the balls to stand against the unrelenting insanity of smears projected at a candidate. Frustrating how it’s just assumed Trump is wrong and his actions were horrible, when there is actually evidence to suggest the alliance of all the worlds most powerful people wanted him out because he wasn’t playing their game and had different goals. Isn’t is the simplest explanation that these shrewd and aggressively controlling people enacted a plan to steal the election. I think it’s pretty damn obvious that there was to much at stake for the most powerful people to ever live and they would not allow him in that position again. Trump was only of perseverance in the face of massive overwhelming corruption. If anyone can understand that you would think it would be these two men. This naive way of giving people benefit of the doubt is just so obviously unwise.

    SwiftSpeersSwiftSpeers3 kun oldin
  • 1:30:00 so Jordan's message at the end is stop supporting Trump, trust our leaders and take the vaccine. Think I'll pass on that.

    hej la4hej la43 kun oldin
  • How can Peterson, after all the media and the pharmaceutical system have put him through, still swallow the election, capitol, “pandemic” and vaccine narratives hook, line and sinker? Beats me.

    Andrew PearceAndrew Pearce3 kun oldin
    • Maybe he's trying to save face in the public eye

      ApplesApples3 kun oldin
  • Douglas sold out here and showed his true colours. Trump had every right to challenge the election.

    efc toffeeefc toffee3 kun oldin
  • I have read Jordan’s and Murray’ books, and highly respect them, but my respect has taken a ratchet down after listening to this. These social scientists have not done one iota of research into any of the details of the election process last year. Jordan just writes it off as an election decided within the margin of error being the cause of the unrest, and then leaps into a totally subjective and conjectural diatribe about ‘Trump voters’. This is a scientific dereliction of duty. He clearly knows nothing about the legal meaning of standing and is not even aware that this was the basis of the court’s decisions, and the process never got to the point of hearing evidence of fraud. This conversation is superficial, riddled with pop psychology that is typically found in the NYTS. Jordan apparently listens to a Dem ad-writer for some of his information. This thinking is not up to Peterson’s standard. Shouldn’t ‘scientists’ research subjects before pontificating and speculating? Shame shame

    G CaddellG Caddell4 kun oldin
  • Mr. Trump been the best president I have witnessed in my life. I am not even from America.

    Idris HussainIdris Hussain4 kun oldin
    • How so, if you don't mind me asking.

      balthzar16balthzar162 kun oldin
  • It's obvious what most are missing... it's purpose. Most require a society to give them purpose a few figure out genetic legacy conveys purpose. So kill 2 butds with 1 stone. Make the colonization of space the grand narrative & the cold heartless universe & human extinction as the common enemy.

    not surenot sure4 kun oldin
  • Out of those "90 court cases that were thrown out by the courts" only one was actually ruled against Trump. The rest weren't allowed to go forward on different grounds such as standing and other reasons. The evidence has not been heard in a court of law. Period.

    Mike SemoreMike Semore4 kun oldin
    • The 'evidence' is on the internet buddy. if it had legal weight we would all have heard about it. We aint.

      RhetoricalmuseRhetoricalmuseKun oldin
  • This was awesome! Can't wait to see Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray in a discussion. Deeply miss Christopher Hitchens!

    Idris HussainIdris Hussain4 kun oldin
  • Thank you for your voices of Reason. I am very Happy you are back and well Jordan - you have been missed.

    Robert SmithRobert Smith4 kun oldin
  • I do feel sorry for Douglas that he thinks women in their mid-thirties will have to resort to boxes and buckets to gestate a fetus.

    Andrea SpeijerAndrea Speijer4 kun oldin
  • If Murray had real friends they would have told him to stop attacking the hosts when he was invited to give his opinions, it is true the videos of him owning the hosts have millions of views but he will never be invited on to those shows again, Friends don't pat your back when they see or hear you mess up your own career

    ShaquilShaquil4 kun oldin
  • JP can we have you debate craig biddle on the podcast?

    Mystic_Saige_The_PsychMystic_Saige_The_Psych4 kun oldin
  • I generally respect these two commentators and was enjoying this until the conversation turned to Donald Trump. Neither of them appear to have the faintest idea that DT was elected because millions of Americans had seen their industries moved to China, their jobs and livelihoods had disappeared, their childrens' futures looked uncertain and of course the kids from these working class communities were the ones who were sent of to die in the Middle East under the guise of bringing American-style 'democracy' to the world. Well, we've seen how that democracy works haven't others have said, Time Magazine has revealed all.

    Tim MaslowTim Maslow4 kun oldin
  • Jordan, I look up to you greatly. I want to first say I'd like to ask you a question about something we strongly disagree on. If 6hrs worth of video, of non partisan poll workers in my neighboring state, under oath, 60 something year old ladies some of them, (which I bet have never had as much as a speeding ticket) signed affidavits stating they witnessed fraud, and a lot of it, why in the world wouldn't the courts at least look at it? I get it may not be enough to sway the election, but it was damn sure enough to make me somewhat lose faith in a mostly fair election. I get there is sketchy things going on in all elections, but this one was different. Not just because Trump said he won, but because what these people witnessed that didn't even care if he won...I hear what your saying about people would have to think everyone had lost their marbles except trump and a couple others, but those ladies have never been in trouble. They aren't gonna face federal prison for anyone, especially someone they may have not even cared for in the first place. Man I hope you or Douglas can respond to this! Glad to see ya up and running man! Really glad!

    Project Stock Bottom EndProject Stock Bottom End5 kun oldin
  • I've listened to every JBP podcast. I've never liked the way he relies on the leftist political scale that goes from commies on the far left to fascists on the far right, mostly because the Fascisti and Nazis were Italian and German socialists. A more honest political spectrum wouldn't limit itself to just the Marxist end. A better one is communism (100% government) to true anarchy (0% government). That said, this is the first JBP podcast I've heard where I found myself yelling at the speakers about what uninformed leftist idiots these two are. The judicial system in America isn't corrupt through and through? Republican-appointed judges can't possibly be neverTrumpers? Judges can't be so afraid of leftist riots if they permit the evidence for the stolen election to be presented that they simply won't hear the cases? And judges refusing to hear cases is proof there's no evidence of the theft? I could go on. This was a disturbingly lame-brained interview by JBP and Murray, to whom I've generally enjoyed listening (though he, too, is clearly a leftist who lives in a well-insulated info bubble).

    Dick AveryDick Avery5 kun oldin
  • I love this conversation! However, when Douglas says “You can have the questions as long as you respect the process” (talking about the validity of the election), I have to disagree. How many democratic societies have fallen because of the corruption of the democratic process? Many! This is something that should be addressed publicly anytime there’s an inkling of fraud in our elections in democratic countries. And, unfortunately, there was much, much more than an inkling of corruption during this election. It’s the duty of those in office to protest when the signs of fraud are as blatantly obvious as they were in this election. I’m one of the 90% of republicans who sees just how corrupted this election was. It was so much more than a “margin for error”. It’s not something you have to look very hard to find. And, if the claims are true, then democracy in America hangs in the balance. Which is something we should be talking about every day all day long until there’s a solution. Douglas, you mentioned how worried you were while visiting America recently and, you should be. Our country will continue to divide itself until we have leaders who are willing to begin bridging the gap between the Democratic Party (which is run by progressive leftist) and the Republican Party (which is run by weak leadership). Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who’s able. Certainly not the Biden administration. Everything he’s done since day one is to continue divide and take revenge for the last four years. This is something I saw coming from the day Trump won the election. I believe we will now be locked in a battle of revenge with every Party change until something happens to wake us up or we fall.

    Karen PowersKaren Powers5 kun oldin
    • We do respect the process, that why we want the audits and investigations... to confirm that the process was respected!

      ArticulatedHypernovaArticulatedHypernova5 kun oldin
  • With regards to the US election we cannot say if it was stolen but what we can say is if those irregularities are not addressed that idea will remain. The people must have faith in their democratic system and at the moment they can't.

    mrgazpacho 33mrgazpacho 335 kun oldin
    • I agree 100%.

      Fall RiverFall River5 kun oldin
  • They obviously have not seen the videos.

    BirdsongBirdsong5 kun oldin
  • "Can-ye"

    NateDawgNateDawg5 kun oldin
  • 'Tyrants aren't scared of wordy intellectuals--They're scared of drunken poets who may crack a joke that will catch on'.

    nick glenisternick glenister5 kun oldin
  • Transparency of elections is critical. Validating voter IDs and signatures is important. Canada has relatively strict voter ID requirements. This is not the case throughout the USA.

    Dennis D. AndrewsDennis D. Andrews5 kun oldin
  • Douglas Murray passionately goes after Trump “…he refused to leave the White House” wrong. No critical thinking in this discussion. I might as well watch CNN who stood in front of a burning building and mayhem then said, everyone is mostly peaceful 🙈🙊🙉sums this discussion up.

    Michelle HaleyMichelle Haley5 kun oldin

    Michelle HaleyMichelle Haley5 kun oldin
  • If the right are to except that Biden is the legimate president the left must admit Trump was the legimate president

    mrjekyll andhydemrjekyll andhyde5 kun oldin
  • Hi Mr Peterson, I highly recommend watching videos by Uberboyo, his take on the significance of the left and right brain and identity is incredible.

    SkyemondeSkyemonde6 kun oldin
  • As Mao said, "No Investigation, No Right To Speak"

    Ryan MichelzRyan Michelz6 kun oldin
  • I have to disagree with your political analysis; much of it seems to stem from what you may have been exposed to on mainstream media or the internet. Americans are tired of politicians and dysfunctional government. The election of President Trump was not a reaction exclusive to Hilary Clinton. It was a reaction to the entire swamp and the degradation of America’s moral, cultural and financial future. Donald Trump is not a politician and his ambitions are not political. Even if you do not respect his personality or his character you must at least respect his business savvy. A socialist government run by the same old swamp will kill innovation, further reduce our moral condition and financially destroy the country. Nobody should discount what 50% of the American people believe - and please do not confuse Donald Trump’s attention grabbing marketing tactics with his actual business/governmental policies. You may want to consider the possibility that the leaders of the “insurrection” may have been far LEFT individuals with the intent to blame Trump’s . Of course many people on the right were predictably caught up in the “madness of the crowds.” When President Obama was first elected I was proud of him and of our country for electing him. Unfortunately he sowed seeds of societal/racial discontent that are going to be very difficult to repair. Donald Trump is not any more anti black than he is anti Jewish. The truth is turned inside out by the media and 50% of Americas believe it. The division is equal and the gap is huge.

    Therese AndersenTherese Andersen6 kun oldin
  • About 4 years ago, the Petersen/Paglia discussion had a "like to dislike ratio" of 40 to 1. His most recent four discussions have a "like to dislike ratio" of as follows: Hurwitz: 7 to 1, Murray: 16 to 1, Ridley: 20 to 1, Saad: 25 to 1. These numbers show a seismic shift downwards in Petersen's likability factor. Throwing mud all over conservatives, while down-playing the rampaging left, doesn't seem to be working for him. It gratifies me to know that many others can see through this spin merchant, trickster and charlatan. "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.".... ...........Wrong-doing, lies, badness and evil have one singular point of origin. Professor Paul Kengor's book, "The Devil and Karl Marx" (2020), describes the diabolical side of Karl Marx. He was fascinated with the devil, and his writings have ultimately caused the death of tens of millions of people, not to mention all the associated misery. With the rise of communist China, there is another dangerous disequilibrium in the world. The far "left" situation in America, and the covid/reset era now afflicting the entire world, are the direct result of CCP planning and action. ....Check out the Yuri Bezmenov interviews from the 1970/80s. He was a high level KGB defector to the USA. He succinctly outlines what has happened in western nations for decades: communist infiltration, population demoralisation, institutional destabilisation, introduction of a "crisis", then normalisation / reset. There it is. God help us all.

    duncansunriseduncansunrise6 kun oldin
    • I won't disagree that Marxism produces all kinds of evil, but I think evil stems from somewhere a lot deeper and more intrinsic to us than that. And I think Jordan should only speak the truth as he sees it, no matter how unlikable it makes him.

      SkyWriterSkyWriter9 soat oldin
  • Wow, lots of people here pretending Trump didn’t lose and sayings others are missing the point. No, you are missing the point. Trump is not a winner. You can’t back that horse. He was toxic. If you can’t win handsomely, then you’re losing. You should be thinking how to win next time and what went wrong.

    Andy WilliamsAndy Williams6 kun oldin
    • Thank you for the refreshing comment

      SkyWriterSkyWriter9 soat oldin
  • Excellent discussion.

    Simon Ward-HornerSimon Ward-Horner6 kun oldin
  • they think they know everything. would they still think Trump wasn't good enough for another four years? now that they've seen Biden in action. 🤔

    Patrick CastermansPatrick Castermans6 kun oldin
  • I do have issues with the election but I do not believe it was stolen but I do believe something is amiss. Regardless the country is extremely divided and you have to do a breakdown of the times article that came out "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election". I would really like to hear both your views on this.

    Alejandro AlonsoAlejandro Alonso6 kun oldin
  • Love both of these men massively, but I disagree on their views about Trump and the election. I wonder if they've fully looked into the evidence for fraud. Seems very substantial to me. So why did the courts reject so many cases? Well most were on technicalities, I believe. But the others, well, I don't think cowardice is an unreasonable explanation. There was a great deal of fear of public unrest in the country, especially given the riots earlier in the year. I also don't think it's unreasonable to imagine that certain groups of people with large amounts of money and power are able to apply substantial pressure to judges and politicians to influence their decisions.

    Soapbox SewerSoapbox Sewer6 kun oldin
  • The Question is ; what will the citizens do Knowing the election was Stolen 🤔 ?

    RicardoRicardo6 kun oldin
  • Jordan I love you bro but can you quit interrupting your interviewees so frequently? Lol. I feel like they fail to establish a strong argument oftentimes because you interrupt them mid statement. Thank youuuu

    Geoies CaballesGeoies Caballes6 kun oldin
  • So glad you're calling out the final weeks of Trump disaster for what they were. Facts matter. Murray points to a very important reality - the need for a grieving process after defeat. And, as always, utmost respect to JBP for actually questioning his own assessment of the actual threat posed by Communism to the USA.

    Isabelle H.Isabelle H.6 kun oldin
  • Murray was unbearable and Peterson was the least impressive I have ever seen him. Such naive, Establishment takes on the election and the pandemic. So disappointingly mundane and Lefty/claptrappy that I am still trying to grapple with their intellectual cowardice weeks after the podcast. That was not the Jordan Peterson we knew.

    Richard KuyperRichard Kuyper7 kun oldin
  • I probably should have listened to this discussion in it’s entirety before commenting, but I couldn’t help but interject in its beginning by saying that a great many people and for quite along time now have already discovered the answer to this supposed great mystery of why we exist, and to what our overall objective purpose should be here while we spend our very short lives in this ever evolving and changing physical realm. If I had to try to summarize it in the shortest way I could, I’d summarize it in what we have already been given for what we might understand. We are created beings and are placed here solely by the grace of God who chose to give us life by sharing his own life with us, but also by honoring mankind as being his crown jewel creation over what seems an almost infinite number of other creatures of this world. But he gave life to others also, not just in this physical realm but also the spiritual realm that was before the physical. We are all called to be servants to our fellow kind and as custodians to this earth and all of the creatures that live on this planet with us. This is the major form of worship to our creator in acknowledging and honoring him for all he has called us to do. It’s a simple thing that even most children could understand, and yet many brilliantly gifted men through the centuries have tied their minds into knots with their vain philosophical ideas. For those who chose to believe that we, along with the entire universe are just some sort of accidental mindless cosmic bit of chance, then this belief that is not from the imagination conjured up from mortal men, but inspired by the spirit of God and in written form for our benefit is mere nonsense to those who choose not to believe it. It is also written, “ that this gospel for life eternal is all foolishness to those who are perishing.” The gospel that leads to eternal life is not in believing what I tried to explain, which was only a summarized attempt for answering the question of why we exist & our purpose. But if even this is rejected, then the the rest of the story would most certainly be considered foolishness to those who are perishing.

    Gary WilsonGary Wilson7 kun oldin
  • I am glad Jordan is back and he can now rejoin the ID Politics debate with Murray. We need more than ever to find the minds that can make us strong. Trump is simply a momentary bubble in the molten madness. At stake are far deeper forces in society that Trump, who was merely a symptom of those forces, was not able to articulate. One of the deeper forces is of course the loss of faith in the nation state and the death of religion and an accelerating erosion of the kind of mystique that authority formerly had. This moral emasculation of society, it’s new vulnerability, has given rise to extremist activity. We need a massive Revolution which may mean a war, but perhaps this is the only way that we can all be freed of the unconscious animal that is now dogging us. We have got to still live, no matter how many skies have fallen.

    M BM B7 kun oldin
  • The way Trump held the CCP accountable in a real way was truly disgraceful. I mean they only killed maybe a million or ten Chinese Muslims because of their religion and profited from their organs; it's only a fraction of their population. And Trump's powerhouse economy completely ignored the environment, of course if we ignore the fact that carbon output declined more rapidly with Trump and his unprecedented economy and job growth than ever.

    no availno avail7 kun oldin
  • That is true that people didn't vote for Trump they voted against Clinton. I mean Trump's spontaneous support-convoys we're only a couple hundred miles long on a good day. Sometimes only 90 miles long.

    no availno avail7 kun oldin
  • Ben is one of my favorite humans. He has a calm, cool, and educated understanding of the country. He would have been a great president if he won in 2016. He had my vote before he dropped out.

    SnakemaxswellSnakemaxswell7 kun oldin
  • Frist I want to Point out that I AM NOT a fan of Trump. I'm a conservative, but not a Trumpy. I'm glad he beat Hillary , but not because I'm a fan. Hillary is the definition of Corruption and evil. So if a he beat her...... so be it. And I'm glad for it. Plus I was very pleasantly surprised that he did an amazing amount of good for this country; schmuck that he is. You think anyone else could have forced the private corporations to create a Vaccine for COVID in a year?? I don't think so. But he won't get credit. And Biden will probably politicize it so the majority of American's won't get it. My standard is........ who do I want in the Fox Hole with me if my life depended on it? A man I Like because he's fun and a good guy but just don't trust his character? ....... or a man I don't like at all but he keeps his word and is dependable? I'll take the latter if my life depended on it. So enlighten me. My question is: Is it true or not that, on the night of the election, when Trump was ahead by 70,000 votes in one battleground state and very much ahead in all other battle ground states............... is it true or not that every battleground state shut their machines down at the same time around 1-2am? You don't find that odd? That each battleground state, on their own, individually, at the same time, decided to shut down the voting machines? And then when they turned the machines back on at 5am, all at the same time, suddenly Biden was ahead by 70,000 votes? That doesn't seem odd to you? You don't find it odd that those who were in charge of the voting machines,( the democrat's), would not let Republican representatives present while the votes were being counted? You don't find that odd? They were kept far away so they could not see the voting. You don't find it odd that the democrats were covering up the windows of voting location so no one could look in............. during a FREE election? You don't find that odd?? Don't you find it odd that countless people on both sides had given affidavits, with the threat of prison for perjury, had put themselves forward to testify about the cheating and voting irregularities that were occurring at each of the battleground state locations? And that was ignored by both the media and the Courts? Don't you find that a little bit odd? I love both of these men and trust their intelligence and opinions, but Jordan keep talking about how impossible it is that the supreme court could be corrupt. He cites that 90 percent of Trumps objections were thrown out by the Supreme Court and that alone is proof that he lost. Do you really think that after what Kavanaugh went through during his confirmation didn't remind him he better fall in line? Or else? As Jordan must know, when a culture is corrupt, whether it is a country,, business, community., family ......... whatever............. when the baseline is corrupt it doesn't matter how Pure any single individual is who enters that corrupt culture. You either fall in line or you don't survive. He has reminded me many times that, I myself, would have probably been a prison guard at Auschwitz, AND enjoyed my work!!! I believe him when he reminds me of my potential to be evil If I'm not careful....... and I'm grateful for his teaching me this about myself. So if anyone should know what I'm trying to say here............ it is Jordan!! Do you not know, Jordan, about the events that I have mentioned above? About the closing of the voting machines or the covering up of windows? Or the people who put themselves forward with the threat of prison if they were lying? Have you not hear any of this? Are you not aware of these realities? I do believe the courts are corrupt.......... it believe both houses are completely corrupt. I believe the Media is corrupt. I believe the entire political process is corrupt. What we witnessed in this last election is that Trump was not successful in draining the swamp!! The Corrupt Swamp is still with us, the Courts, McConnell, the bureaucracy, Pelosi.............all of them.......... and apparently they will be with us for life! Unless the American people finally wake up and vote them all out!! Here's my prediction. Eventually, the radical Left will insist on Harris being president............ and the silence in the Media regarding Hunter Biden and Daddy Biden's Dementia will suddenly become headline news. Or, they will tell Daddy Biden it will become Headline news unless he steps down.............. for medical reasons of course. And he will step down....... he doesn't have the strength to resist. Congratulations America. You just voted a Communist as vise president who will soon become THE President.

    John RayJohn Ray7 kun oldin
  • I agree with the forgiveness argument, mostly because these days apologizing has no value. In fact apologizing is seen like an admittance of guilt, you will still be thrown out of society, and still looked down on, even when you did what they asked. All the while those who refuse to apologize and stand up for themselves seem to bounce back, and find a new society to operate in. I've seen this happen in smaller circles, and of course we see this online wit celebritets all the time.

    Magnus LudvigsenMagnus Ludvigsen7 kun oldin
  • The Impeachment of Trump is in and of it self a form of paranoid conspiracy theory. That he somehow was sending secret messages to his followers to attack Capitol, while saying outright that they should "fight [...] peacefully" It's really two grand conspiracy narratives being cooked up, one on either side.

    Magnus LudvigsenMagnus Ludvigsen7 kun oldin
  • I don't thin Trump was just the vengance, I think he represented something different, and people were willing to entertain the new, even if it grabbed them by the p***y. Not only that he had a lot of policy ideas that resonated with people. But I must admit my "I choose him over Hillary" was mostly out of spite for the identity politics. (If I was an american I would have voted Garry though)

    Magnus LudvigsenMagnus Ludvigsen7 kun oldin
  • I find it so odd that we "have to" focus on what makes us different. When what makes us similar is what makes the most sense to focus on. Because we are a hell of a lot more similar than different, with exception of a small group of real outliers.

    Magnus LudvigsenMagnus Ludvigsen7 kun oldin
  • "Stupidity" of Trump voters? Damn Jordan. Been listening to you for years and thought you were perfect until now.

    • No he is bang on. If you cna argue a positive reason to vote for Trump that does not put the USAs political system at risk then I'd like to hear it.

      RhetoricalmuseRhetoricalmuseKun oldin
  • So glad to see this good man regaining his health❤️

    Ann FlemingAnn Fleming7 kun oldin
  • Two great minds!

    Cecilia GrayCecilia Gray7 kun oldin
  • The article from Time magazine, the secret cabal, sure shines a whole new light on things.

    Frank RizzoFrank Rizzo7 kun oldin
  • Douglas Murray didn't see the Time Magazine article then where they document precisely how the election WAS manipulated by the wealthy elites.

    GrumpyGreboGrumpyGrebo7 kun oldin
  • So whilst I respect both of these gentlemen and have learned from both, realistically I don't think they are seeing the picture from the lense of the common man, trump was a disrupter not the messiah. The cognitive dissonance that allows these guys to believe the electoral system and the legal system has not been corrupted to a level that is an epidemic is more indicative of their environment and social status than of rational thought, sorry boys, Jordan in particular, maybe it's time to re read the gulag archipelago. GDay from an Aussie.

    Luke Sky walkerLuke Sky walker7 kun oldin
  • The fact that the UZworld algorithm is promoting both these men like crazy tells you that they are Establishment-approved gatekeepers to keep people on the reservation.

    Thad tuiolThad tuiol8 kun oldin
    • Have you ever tried thinking? Legitimately? Or do you just accept your nutty paranoid thoughts as fact and never question anything that pops into your head?

      RaptureRapture8 kun oldin
  • True capitalism. Natural Law.

    Pamela ArescurrinagaPamela Arescurrinaga8 kun oldin
  • They both sound confused.

    Juan SuarezJuan Suarez8 kun oldin
    • @O. Shawabkeh You sound as confused as them.

      Juan SuarezJuan Suarez6 kun oldin
    • Because in this podcast, they both were blatantly lying, or at least playing dumb, in regard to the election talk Those outside the US are witnesses to the ongoing circus of the past four years

      O. ShawabkehO. Shawabkeh6 kun oldin
  • How does the right grieve over Trump loosing when they seen the videos of discrepancies in ALL of the few counties that mattered most for the outcome? Look at the Time article, a cabal got together and changed the rules last minute, and it was planned in 2019. They admit this and get-off on saying it. Just like the governors get-off on dining in restaurants when they just told everyone else that they can't go out. When I say get-off, I mean that they probably yank and diddle their junk while watching the news and reading the stories, you know Cumming .

    Travis CentersTravis Centers8 kun oldin
  • Why did Trump get chosen??? What was the better option? Hillary? Do they think everyone on the right got in a room and decided Trump was the best person out of everyone in the USA? No, he was less deep state out of a few people. A lot of conservatives are things like small business owners. We have seen the government do things to hurt our pockets and to help corporations or to get their blood money. Leftists that work for these corporations do not see what happens to business industries. They don't put fourth extreme time and work to have it taken away.

    Travis CentersTravis Centers8 kun oldin
  • 36:26 Fuck you dude. your left is showing.

    ECCastironECCastiron8 kun oldin
  • lots of left leaning bias here. Such a shame with these bright minds.

    Ethos AnandaEthos Ananda8 kun oldin
    • If you think there's any left-leaning bias here, you're probably finding yourself too far on the right. Like the munchkins on the left who think anyone remotely conservative is a fascist.

      RaptureRapture8 kun oldin
  • Many talking about the Time article, which is ironically, an explanation of how the Election was manipulated. The MSM has been the key factor of election corruption for well over 100 years. Both the People and Politicians are controlled by it, at the whim of the owners of the media outlets. Whomever control the information ... (like whoever controls the money) controls the country.

    Old Man from Scene Twenty FourOld Man from Scene Twenty Four8 kun oldin
  • They talked about election fraud and none of them brought the massive amount of evidence that trump has to make his case. They just condemned him for following the constitution and defending the integrity of the election. Democrats stole the election, however this will make Trump stronger and stronger. The country is now a mess with thief biden open borders, lockdowns, no schools. Trump will be president again

    Clark WatsonClark Watson8 kun oldin
  • You think an expert like yourself would understand that we need the right and the left to keep a balance in America! Go on with yourself and leave your opinion to yourself!

    Stephanie WallaceStephanie Wallace8 kun oldin