The Japanese Food You've Never Tried | Trash Taste #17

25-Sen, 2020
936 039 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Regarding the french fry/condiment debate, I'm with you Garnt. Skinny fries all the way, and mayo is disgusting. Edit: That Japanese hamburger looks delicious. Connor, have you never had hamburger steak? Infinitely better than a burger on a bun. Fight me, lol XD

    Amanda LambkinAmanda Lambkin4 soat oldin
  • Geez, who goes to udon and expect a thick broth? It's meant to be light!

    Anakin SkyobiliviatorAnakin Skyobiliviator5 soat oldin
  • I love these monkey brains lmao

    Labii PieLabii Pie6 soat oldin
    • Also don't torture your food.

      Labii PieLabii Pie6 soat oldin
  • I wonder what the boys think about hamburger steaks (hamburger patty covered in gravy)

    Kalyrie WellsKalyrie Wells8 soat oldin
  • I'm with Connor on burgers here, except for the part about liking Mcdonald's burgers, those things are trash and the only way to enjoy them is if you want something trashy. Maybe it's cause I grew up with most of the burgers I ate being one my dad grilled at home, but I just can't enjoy burgers at restaurants the same way. Once you have locally grown and freshly butchered ground beef made into a patty at home and grilled just the way you want it you can't ever quite go back. Also Connor is 100% right on pork, when done right you can't beat pork. Oh and as an american, nah, pork over beef. Probably depends on what part of the US you are in, but a good rustic pork dish with bourbon sauce and carmelized onion is some of the best food I've ever had in my life.

    HeavensBane53HeavensBane538 soat oldin
  • Someone tell conner that burger sauce is on every big mac in every mcdonald's in the world

    garrett thurmangarrett thurman9 soat oldin
  • 52:15 "I like my noodles like I like my women, right? Like, I like 'em thicc" -Joey 2020

    just Georgejust George10 soat oldin
  • Pork is 1000% better than beef but lamb is definitely king

    KilltubecameronKilltubecameron12 soat oldin
  • I am eating a chili hot dog.

    Kalyrie WellsKalyrie Wells12 soat oldin
  • Dude, kill the thing before cooking it.

    SkyTower KuroganeSkyTower Kurogane13 soat oldin
  • Watching trash taste is like downing a pint of cocaine

    Josh Cute69Josh Cute6914 soat oldin
  • Me, an American who hates beef and pork and only eats chicken: oof

    EmEm14 soat oldin
  • I thought that Chris from Abroad in Japan was also a guest?

    The Gaming DecoratorThe Gaming Decorator15 soat oldin
  • I don't like hotdogs tbf

    Golden DarknessGolden Darkness19 soat oldin
  • coco curry is so good though and it's easily accessible. and thin noodle is so much better in ramen :') Also egg as safe to eat raw in canada, it's just a question of if they are pasteurize or not

    LadyOdowLadyOdow19 soat oldin

    AlpenickAlpenick19 soat oldin
    • also the thin fries are better as they have some crunch and you can taste all the salt

      AlpenickAlpenick19 soat oldin
  • Connor is right. We germans got that bread shit down.

    zakkizakki19 soat oldin
  • Hamburgers are meant to be eaten with a bun. Y'all are nuts

    Golden DarknessGolden Darkness19 soat oldin
  • Don't worry Garnt I don't like condiments either especially ketchup and mayo.

    CaveMan JenkinsCaveMan Jenkins19 soat oldin
  • 9:44 Joey: It was the most difficult gameplay with just the spacebar. Geometry Dash: Bruh

    Don matthewDon matthew21 soat oldin
  • Garnt you are not alone!! 40:44 same here dude

    tom_venustom_venusKun oldin
  • Udon is better than ramen

    NoodleNoodleKun oldin
  • I eat Burgers piece by piece tho like, the bread first then the meat ... // Nervous Chuckles //

    Hani HaniHani HaniKun oldin
  • Has Joey only ever had well-done steak? That's the only way someone could ever end up comparing steak to cardboard

    IRHTY12IRHTY12Kun oldin
  • I would agree to Connor. Here in the Philippines, why do you leave that one piece pizza, for example and wait for anyone to grabs it. I cannot focus to my friend when there is tiny food left on the table.

    Ami ChanAmi ChanKun oldin
  • so garnt is a monk conor was a shonen protag and joey is disgusting as hell

    Ω CrimsonΩ CrimsonKun oldin
  • Am I the only one who thinks Burger King is trash at least in America McDonalds is much better than burger king

    Austin PechfelderAustin PechfelderKun oldin
    • much better? eh I rated them about the same

      HY KHY K14 soat oldin
  • 42:35 "people always CHAT shit about it" OMFG THE ACCENT IS MAGNIFICENT

    Bokuto's waifuBokuto's waifuKun oldin
  • I googled dominatrix cause i didnt know what it meant. :,)

    Bokuto's waifuBokuto's waifuKun oldin
  • omg please play monopoly! i was never taught but my big sis always kicked me out when they played cuz they drinked as well

    XxVampiregirl17xXXxVampiregirl17xXKun oldin
  • This talk of what they do to animals makes me want to become a vegan .-.

    Badlex 727Badlex 727Kun oldin
  • I agree with Celery being the devil's vegetable

    HY KHY KKun oldin
  • Maybe I just live in a super good area for this type of food but I've literally been able to get all of the food they've talked about in Chicago and out in the suburbs besides unagi but thats just because I don't want to pay for it. Just might have to suck it up and pay the money to try it now though.

    Ryan VoightRyan VoightKun oldin

    ρπεπΑηα chowdhuryρπεπΑηα chowdhuryKun oldin
  • Hell yeah we do have goo bread in Germany

    Raycrax !Raycrax !Kun oldin
  • Nandos! South Africa represent!

    Darrion SinghDarrion SinghKun oldin
  • A burger not in a bun\bread is not a burger, its just a sad rissole, or a large meatball

    daemonbane1daemonbane1Kun oldin
  • I’m with Garnt, I hate condiments

    Childish NujabesChildish NujabesKun oldin
  • Me 1st time watching Trash Taste: "Wow these guys really are trash." *Proceeds to finish the the entire video and binge watches the rest of the videos* Me 2 days later: "Maybe I am the trash."

    gd131gd1312 kun oldin
  • I agree with Garnt about watching something being cooked alive in front of you. I have no issue with the killing part (I have hunted and still fish) but it's different watching something squirm in pain as it's cooked then immediately eating it. I think it's having a disconnect from death to eating rather than it happening when you've sat down to eat.

    MrCanadianAviatorMrCanadianAviator2 kun oldin
  • Fact: hamburgs can destroy friendships... Truly dangerous

    Theory TimeTheory Time2 kun oldin
  • of course the most heated trash taste is about food

    Tyler SchmittTyler Schmitt2 kun oldin
  • I always thought of Japanese hambung like mini meatloaves.

    Lady and The OtakuLady and The Otaku2 kun oldin
  • Monopoly episode when?

    Badlex 727Badlex 7272 kun oldin
  • "Family Mart fried chicken FUCKING SUCKS!" >Chris Broad has entered the chat

    meepymoofmeepymoof2 kun oldin
  • What about fried pork chops

    GO-han SANSGO-han SANS2 kun oldin
  • Trash taste is just joey and garnt having shitty takes and connor shutting them down with god tier takes.

    kuriiiboykuriiiboy2 kun oldin
  • *i love watching grown men argueing over having different disagreements on food* 😅🤭

    Emo TrashEmo Trash2 kun oldin
  • I'm with garnt, fuck brussel sprouts, thin fries for the win. However, mayo is bangin

    Golden DarknessGolden Darkness2 kun oldin
  • wow this is a fucking shit show

    Jon Gabriel GonzalesJon Gabriel Gonzales2 kun oldin

    Jay MJay M2 kun oldin
  • I’m white asf but my family has spent a shit ton of time in China to the point where a bunch of my family members speak the language so i had rice all the tine growing lol

    Lane KamphausenLane Kamphausen2 kun oldin
  • Joey out here shooting shots at people that like ramen :(

    Pol CodinaPol Codina2 kun oldin
  • I dislike most sauces and shit and also plain fries are not that sad

    m3m3lord _123m3m3lord _1232 kun oldin
  • The camera decided to focus on the figures instead of the boys.

    HanaHana2 kun oldin
  • Pesketerian is what I have been since childhood. It’s not bad. But I am also from India and it is very easy to be a vegetarian or pesketerian here.

    Ajay VaidyaAjay Vaidya2 kun oldin
  • wait till they found out in denmark we have something called hakkebøf, its just a patty with potatoes and sauce

    christiaan egelundchristiaan egelund2 kun oldin
  • "THAT'S A LOT OF LUCK!!!!!"

    Yesh LivesYesh Lives2 kun oldin
  • I eat my fries without sauce because I prefer it

    Dion EdelstenDion Edelsten2 kun oldin
  • Nandos was founded in South Africa though, so it isn't proper British based.

    Craig BoonzaierCraig Boonzaier2 kun oldin
  • i lived in japan for 2 years and one of the things i miss the most is the rice everyday, the rice here isnt the same even if i go to a asain store to buy it

    sebastiansebastian3 kun oldin
  • *clap clap clap*

    cameron holliscameron hollis3 kun oldin
  • This podcast is basically J: says something C&G: wtf? G: Says something J&C: Wtf?? C:says something G&J: WTF??!

    RicharddRichardd3 kun oldin
  • I kind of understand garnt with condiments. I am not grossed out like him but i do rather a lot of my meals without them. I rarely use ketchup, use bbq more but For example i would prefer my hot dog with no sauce. My favourite sauce is sweet & sour.

    Boggle 100Boggle 1003 kun oldin
  • I'm totally agreeing with Garnt, the animals should be killed before cooking. When he was telling about the lobster I was very uncomfortable and if I was there I would most likely just get out of that place. I don't care what it is or how much actual pain it can feel, if I 'have' to eat it, just please kill it quickly, so there's no unnecessary pain and cruelty. Also, udon is great and I think I would choose it over anything else.

    Iga K.Iga K.3 kun oldin
  • Connor you need to try egg sandwiches in New York City. They're easily S-tier cheap food.

    Kevin SpolarichKevin Spolarich3 kun oldin
  • I really enjoy cooking, and i cook all my own meals. The only time I go to a restaurant is if i DON'T want to cook. Tf am i paying them for if i do all the work myself? Also there is no good system for cooking/eating at a korean style bbq. It takes 3 mins to cook and 4 seconds to eat, how does that work out to having no wait times? I guess if you take baby bites.

    Da DisserDa Disser3 kun oldin
  • These people are cretins. I would eat steak every meal, every day, for years. It is always the best, who cares if it's too heavy, it's fuckin steak.

    AWanderingSwordsmanAWanderingSwordsman3 kun oldin
  • How can someone say steak is a mid but a whopper is good?!?!?!?! That's not even physically possible.

    AWanderingSwordsmanAWanderingSwordsman3 kun oldin
  • I know everything they talk about is a matter of opinion but bro I love Udon and the Udon I get in America is prob 20x more shit than the stuff in Japan D:

    Briar RoseBriar Rose3 kun oldin
  • Raw egg is actually pretty safe here in America

    ThatFolfThatFolf3 kun oldin
  • I’ve eaten a wasabi filled hotdog bun and I’m fine afterwards

    Michael ChengMichael Cheng3 kun oldin
  • I agree with Garnt on the shellfish thing. Watching things suffer is not the same as preparing it after it is dead. The end result is the same, but the first seems horrible to me.

    Adumbration of an aliasAdumbration of an alias3 kun oldin
  • That Japanese breakfast looked like triple the food I ate at my peak when I was playing American football. Too much food

    KGBCowgirlKGBCowgirl3 kun oldin
  • It's honestly sad how indian food has become synonymous with stomach problems, I don't like it.

    IllumiNoEye GamingIllumiNoEye Gaming3 kun oldin
  • The idea of cooking it alive so cruel in general. As intelligent people we owe it to the other animals to kill them quickly and as painlessly as possible. Sure, kill it in front of me and then put on the grill, but don't fucking grill it alive.

    IllumiNoEye GamingIllumiNoEye Gaming3 kun oldin
  • 1:49:22 _Amane Kanata wants to know your location_

    Kokoro ChacareroKokoro Chacarero3 kun oldin
  • just here enjoying 3 adult fighting over burgers 😂

    Eva NatashiaEva Natashia3 kun oldin
  • The only thing im proud of as a german is our bread. I love it, literally eat it every day. Its just so perfect for breakfast

    This comment is sarcasm or not YeyThis comment is sarcasm or not Yey4 kun oldin
  • 1:31:40 The best part.

    Ryzen 2990WXRyzen 2990WX4 kun oldin
  • Connor is the true to namesake for Trash Taste. That's just a fact.

    BoyzbyBoyzby4 kun oldin
  • To solve Connor's feeling dilemma of how to split 6 pieces with 4 people... Bruh, use that engineering degree. Cut two pieces in half, then each person gets 1 & a half.

    Quinn CalvertQuinn Calvert4 kun oldin
  • I remember every single meal I had while in Japan, every meal I had for 3 weeks. Truly god-tiered stuff of dreams.

    SakuraPopSakuraPop4 kun oldin
  • Garnt has just come to a realization about the origins of the meat he consumes. Not yet a monk, Garnt.

    SakuraPopSakuraPop4 kun oldin
  • Gigguk, brussel sprouts have been selectively bred to be less bitter over the years, so if you hated them at a kid it's not as bad now

    Quinn CalvertQuinn Calvert4 kun oldin
  • Here's why you feel hungry quicker. First off vegetables and fruits have a lot less calories for the quantity this fills up your stomach without actually providing much total energy. Also when it comes to breaking down the 3 main calorie bits in carbs, proteins, and fats the speed at which your body goes through them is carbs the quickest then proteins then fats. So adding a meat to the meal adds a lot more caloric density and also provides a lot more slower burning calories and that's what keeps you full longer.

    FidelCattoFidelCatto4 kun oldin
  • anybody heard of meatball?

  • I’m almost 4 minutes in and I just want to say that conner’s rant on taxes is 100% correct. Thank you for spreading the truth brother

    OwenOwen4 kun oldin
  • This episode made me question my belief in food

    Amann MalikAmann Malik4 kun oldin
  • Vegetarian me watching 3 guys talk about meat for two hours

    Ruchir JainRuchir Jain4 kun oldin
  • I’m American from the south and I say pork because BBQ

    N PN P4 kun oldin
  • Hey Guys If You Like That Check Out My TikTok 93degress/zxlowi I make Anime Content.

    zxlowizxlowi5 kun oldin
  • 1:24:54 I gotta go to germany one day. They got good beer, bread, and guns.

    PatriotCraftsboyPatriotCraftsboy5 kun oldin
  • 1:08:32 No way. Tuna is the chicken of fish. Salmon is second place. Mackerel is somewhere in the middle.

    PatriotCraftsboyPatriotCraftsboy5 kun oldin
  • 59:00 I like Udon but I hate mochi. I feel like I'm gonna suffocate if I eat mochi.

    PatriotCraftsboyPatriotCraftsboy5 kun oldin
  • "tastes like you just got jizzed in the mouth" joey you talking from experience??

    Tyler SchmittTyler Schmitt5 kun oldin
  • Miniclip! That really takes me back! unreal flash, club penguin, sift heads, etc

    PatriotCraftsboyPatriotCraftsboy5 kun oldin
  • No Garnt that’s not a hamburger. What you just described is cooked ground beef. I’m convinced you haven’t had a good american burger. Bruh who in the actual fuck eats mayo by itself

    phoenix lampphoenix lamp5 kun oldin
  • closest thing to a Bento anime episode

    I3l@ck_Bro.I3l@ck_Bro.5 kun oldin
  • perfect tier list episode. Such a missed opportunity

    I3l@ck_Bro.I3l@ck_Bro.5 kun oldin