The Insane Scale of Jeff Bezos' Wealth Visualized

28-Sen, 2020
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  • 7:23 keywords here are "average rate of return of 6%"... In reality, it won't be just 6%. In reality, he could become humanity's first trillion by the end of the decade.

    MrDManMrDMan15 daqiqa oldin
  • mf made $1,426,005 over the duration of this video

    BardeuxBardeuxSoat oldin
  • If he gave everybody on the planet $1billion he would make it back in less than a year

    Unreleased ProjectsUnreleased ProjectsSoat oldin
  • Most of Bezos's money is stock though. It's not physical cash or money in bank. It's not money waiting to be spent at all. To turn his net worth into actual spendable money he'd have to liquidate part of Amazon. 1) he can't do that because he only owns 10.88% and wouldn't be allowed by other stock holders to ruin Amazon. 2) ruining Amazon would mean millions of people either unemployed or affected as they sell wares through Amazon. Escobar's money on the other hand was not in stock which is worse because it's not being put to use. I am not saying Jeff is a good person or defending him but I wish people would understand what net worth means. To clear it up - yes he should pay his workers better and not over work them and pay more tax nor should he have a 25 bathroom house but he doesn't own mega billions.

    Laura 28Laura 283 soat oldin
  • I think he overdid the motherload cheat command to much

    Lifestyle 792Lifestyle 7923 soat oldin
  • Personally it disgusts me this man could change the world if I had his money I’d help everyone who needs help, help countries that are suffering financially I’ve never heard about him giving money to charity or anything

  • man thats why I love capitalism

    brunobruno7 soat oldin
  • Basicly he is the richest person in the world present date.

    Mr. XTremeMr. XTreme7 soat oldin
  • Jeff Bezos: You can make money abusing tax rights Wages, Work hours and still not get arrested Pablo Escobar: Teach me Sensei

    Karthik RejiKarthik Reji9 soat oldin
  • "on paper"

    Paulo RodriguesPaulo Rodrigues9 soat oldin
  • tax the rich ✨

    Timothy YoungTimothy Young9 soat oldin
    • no tax the poor for wasting welfare money

      CombatHDCombatHD4 soat oldin
  • The annual GDP of Indonesia is 1.042 trillion dollars, almost 5 times his wealth......(2:30-2:36)

    Taalha ShahTaalha Shah12 soat oldin
  • See 7:35, see u will be the most powerfull person in the world

    69 6969 6913 soat oldin
    • Nice

      Sucipto AsanSucipto Asan10 soat oldin
  • Too bad he has been droned

    The Creative ProcessThe Creative Process15 soat oldin
  • him: I would like to buy the ENTIRE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, at the equivalent of one penny for me.

    Andrew ThummelAndrew Thummel21 soat oldin
  • Of course Bezos is insanely rich. But people talk as if he had all that money as cash in a safe. The big big majority of his fortune is in shares. Which have value, of course, but cannot easily be converted in cash. If Bezos were to cash say a third of his Amazon shares, the price of the other two thirds would plummet.

    TinchoteTinchote21 soat oldin
  • Imagine anything leisure Jeff does is most companies worst year of profits. One hour lunch will cost him roughly $9 million dollars on his worst day. A weekend away is more than all of Marvel made in their franchise. Imagine making a phone call and making anything happen. It's pretty much a real life Genie.

    Allen HanAllen Han21 soat oldin
  • and these people still think capitalism is a smart idea

    ColtonsRhythmColtonsRhythmKun oldin
  • Hey guys I'm proud of his achievement however folks you will not take your wealth with you when you die. Its only temprimental... Just to have an avergare and comfortable life is what I desire.

    Target RecoveryTarget RecoveryKun oldin
  • I bet RLL has a Toyota Carolla and is just flexing it when he mentions it in a video.

    Cringeyness ExpresswayCringeyness ExpresswayKun oldin
  • Ah yes. Jeff Bezos is worth 10 million Toyota Corollas. Jeff Bezos has about the same net worth as Toyota’s market cap (~$200B) and 10 million cars is close to the amount of Toyota cars bought. TOYOTA COROLLA

    Ly TranLy TranKun oldin
  • During this video Jeff Bezos made $1,371,825... what the fuck.

    James HatfieldJames HatfieldKun oldin
  • 2:25 Not true, Indonesia's GDP is roughly USD $1.09 Trillion

    Friedrich der GroßeFriedrich der GroßeKun oldin
    • Ikr, this is misleading

      16 - M. Daffa Dwi Nugraha16 - M. Daffa Dwi Nugraha10 soat oldin
  • when you work your ass off 9 hours a day and get $15 per hour, when Jeff bezos pretty much does nothing and makes $9,000,000 an hour.. Society man, it sucks.

    KarmaIsSmexyKarmaIsSmexyKun oldin
  • Man is on the grind

    FxvFxvKun oldin
  • If ur stacked the entirety of Jeff bezos fortune in 1 dollar bills it would reach 58% of the way to the moon

    Jake ChurcherJake ChurcherKun oldin
  • whats the point of having that much

    Luke DoranLuke DoranKun oldin
  • No one should have that much money. Period.

    Nicolas LofgrenNicolas LofgrenKun oldin
  • Still not as much as the VOC though..

    MuxumMuxumKun oldin
  • Jeff Bezos:- I am the richest man alive now😂 Indian Politicians:- Hold my black money 😌😁

    5132_ Sharan_Ramesh5132_ Sharan_RameshKun oldin
  • This guy really likes his Toyota Corollas. He made a black hole video where he compared a black hole to Toyota corollas🤣🤣🤣

    Poopyscoop69 AturdPoopyscoop69 AturdKun oldin
  • When Amazon files for bankruptcy

    Hudson HaleyHudson HaleyKun oldin
  • Drinking Game: Take a drink every time someone copies me... Ye so......... exactly......

    Jay PlayzJay PlayzKun oldin
  • Elin musk will be the first trillionaire much more probable all his company’s are only now starting the exponential phase

    Magnus DimovMagnus DimovKun oldin
  • This video is basically one massive flex from Jeff Bezos

    Max LazarMax LazarKun oldin
  • I wish I happened to be born at the right time like him :/

    TjTjKun oldin
  • Further shows why billionaires like Jeff shouldn’t be getting huge tax cuts

    owetimbowetimbKun oldin
  • It’s actually disgusting to live in a world where people have this kind of money when 40% of humanity wonders where their next meal is coming from.

    Ricky RicardoRicky RicardoKun oldin
    • I see what you mean but why? The guy had a brilliant idea and built a company around it. It's not like he stole it from the 40%.

      CaptainSazzmanCaptainSazzmanSoat oldin
    • You can reach the same level of success, it won’t be easy though.

      Brandon UriosteguiBrandon Uriostegui16 soat oldin
  • Why did I watch a 10 minute video to see how rich an old white guy is 😅

    Master HereMaster HereKun oldin
  • this needs to stop ... now

    Adam HAdam H2 kun oldin
  • Wow am indonesian that qouit impresf indonesia 👏👏👏

    Noor HidayahNoor Hidayah2 kun oldin
  • Can Jeff bezos just pay for the next stimulus package?

    Micheal JordanMicheal Jordan2 kun oldin
  • "Who run the world? GIRLS" 5:04

    Caleb AndrewsCaleb Andrews2 kun oldin
  • 100 million or 500 billion is same shit. You do t need more

    Elite Ermin07Elite Ermin072 kun oldin
  • this made me realize something important . it made me realize how much i don't give a shit and knowing couldn't possibly matter .

    cliff luebkecliff luebke2 kun oldin
  • Imagine if he donated even 1 quarter of his welth.... idk if there would be any poverty anymore like

    Ghost 123Ghost 1232 kun oldin
  • I want to watch Jeff Bezos react to this video.

    Mihir DalwadiMihir Dalwadi2 kun oldin
  • Pablo would've been the wealthiest person in the world if he still alive

    BEASTMODE 13BEASTMODE 132 kun oldin
  • The stock market is an incredible tool

    Neil P.Neil P.2 kun oldin
  • He someone manages to put the Toyota Corolla in everything😭😭

    Francesco LeksFrancesco Leks2 kun oldin
  • No

    Artemida LuckyArtemida Lucky2 kun oldin
  • R.I.P. all the work to print all those money

    xX_-Cølør-_XxxX_-Cølør-_Xx2 kun oldin
  • Jeff is playing in creative mode

    The Scanner RailfanThe Scanner Railfan2 kun oldin
  • 2:29 Indonesia's annual GDP is 1 trillion btw. but still, Bezo is rich af

    TodayToday2 kun oldin
  • So much wealth and yet, people die of starvation and disease. So sad and unfair.

    Sauroņ NdgSauroņ Ndg2 kun oldin
  • Rockefeller is staring into my soul, why am I creeped out?

    Lanz-apexLanz-apex2 kun oldin
  • hes really a nobody in the eyes of the people that are in charge of printing the money!!! Rothchild family, or who ever is in charge of the mint!!! To common people gates, bezos, elon, etc.. are looked as wealthy people which they are, but the real power comes from the big boys that print the currency or in modern terms enter digits via computer!!! Good for bezos but even he knows hes a nobody because he knows hes a little fish compare to the money printers!!

    dholmastersherlockdholmastersherlock2 kun oldin
  • Hi

    KX435KX4352 kun oldin

    Ethan ElliottEthan Elliott2 kun oldin
  • “Jeff bezos will become humanity’s first trillionare” Genghis Khan, Augustus Caesar: 😐

    hotshot 414hotshot 4142 kun oldin
  • Can you become the worlds first trillionaire Jeff: Hold my 10,941,176 toyota corollas

    Jaasim JiffryJaasim Jiffry3 kun oldin
  • Hey Jeff can you buy me this house? “In a minute.”

    JerrlitoJerrlito3 kun oldin
  • If you do your research properly you’ll see that Pablo Escobar was worth around 155 billion

    Mansa MusaMansa Musa3 kun oldin
  • This man could spend 8 billion dollars and make every person in the world a billionaire. And still be the richest.

    Billy ThurmanBilly Thurman3 kun oldin
  • Why do you need that much tho I’d honestly rather donate 98% of it than buy useless shit

    Smooth smoothie 68 419Smooth smoothie 68 4193 kun oldin
  • After showing how many Toyota Corollas it takes to visualize his wealth: "Let's think of his wealth in a different sense" Why? You already gave me all the information I need

    GovikaGovika3 kun oldin
  • 5:25 Those all companies are owned by a single company.

    Preetam PalPreetam Pal3 kun oldin
  • According to my horrible calculations Jeff bezoz will be a trillionaur by the the year 2026

    Dannylee OatsDannylee Oats3 kun oldin
  • Reminder to everyone: All of this wealth doesn't come from any "hard work". His companies have an infamous track record of underpaying and over working his employees in every non developed country they operate in. Add to that a bunch of wealth he gets from all the tax cuts and cheap operating costs in those places.

    I Just Fell DownI Just Fell Down3 kun oldin
    • And anyway, I mentioned non developed countries in the first place because no one talks about that. There isn't any coverage for those because smaller media outlets could probably get sued for defamation for criticising Amazon. And by the way, the minimum wage in America is nowhere near enough to make a sustainable living. Earning above minimum wage doesn't mean you're not being underpaid.

      I Just Fell DownI Just Fell Down3 kun oldin
    • do your research they pay way above minimum wage and have no record of overworking

      Jaibn reactionsJaibn reactions3 kun oldin
  • Tax his ass

    Caleb BurkhartCaleb Burkhart3 kun oldin
  • Humanity is in a unstoppable downward spiral with allow people get that rich.

    Cor du RoyCor du Roy3 kun oldin
  • Thinking that someone can have so much money like that sort of made me angry

    paterson022paterson0223 kun oldin
  • This is absurd given all the inequality and suffering in the world. Bernie Sanders is correct, the 1% should be contributing far more.

    ObliviousPenguinObliviousPenguin3 kun oldin
    • amazon contributes almost half a percent of americas gdp

      CombatHDCombatHD4 soat oldin
    • he has contributed. How many people use amazon?

      CombatHDCombatHD4 soat oldin
  • There is no 0 AD. The Gregorian calendar goes from 1 BC to 1 AD

    FDNFDN3 kun oldin
  • You know, what this does completely discourages wanting to work hard and accomplish these same things. The insane disparity that this portrays makes me kind of just want to die instead.

    Tyler WTyler W3 kun oldin
  • Bruh ur telling me israel's gdp is bigger then all of those african and other countries

    Omer VOmer V3 kun oldin
  • Elon will probably beat Jeff to a trillion

    Kinthot.Kinthot.3 kun oldin
  • I bet these people buy organs.

    Alexandre AndrejowAlexandre Andrejow3 kun oldin
  • I wonder what good his astronomical wealth will do him when he dies and faces God.

    Knowbuddy YunoKnowbuddy Yuno3 kun oldin
    • It'll seperate him from us that's for sure. Money won't buy you a seat next to the big man

      xSynxSyn3 kun oldin
  • Hell yeah!!! American dream baby!

    Nick TheTraderNick TheTrader3 kun oldin
  • It's insane how our financial system still allows people such as Jeff to amass so much wealth legally while average Americans are barely scraping by, even with our respectable jobs, proper budgeting, and financial know how. We'll always be scraping by until we die.

    Douglas SmithDouglas Smith3 kun oldin
  • This man has enough money to end world hunger, or the clean water crisis, or the poverty crisis, or send humans to Mars, and yet he keeps most of it for himself. The greatest threat to humanity, is greed.

    Nate LaraNate Lara3 kun oldin
  • he should give me all of it. i would make the biggest oil company

    BlockacreBlockacre3 kun oldin
  • And yet we still have people starving to death on the streets.

    Kim MingyuKim Mingyu4 kun oldin
  • Imagine a Jeff Bezos and mister beast collab...

    Vittorio BarbanoVittorio Barbano4 kun oldin
  • Jeff Bezos has a net worth of 200 billion. Pablo Escabar had all his assets in CASH. Big difference.

    Jeremy FisherJeremy Fisher4 kun oldin
  • It’s crazy how one man can be worth so much money and yet we still got homeless people smh

    Celo BCelo B4 kun oldin
    • that’s capitalism for ya

      FederalRobotsFederalRobots2 kun oldin
  • Hey man, how can I add PT-BR subtitles to your videos? I can transcript it into portuguese for you.

    # Matt# Matt4 kun oldin
  • Jeff amzon!

    Aiden DunpheyAiden Dunphey4 kun oldin
  • Indonesia's GDP is >1 trillion... 🙄 how could I trust the rest of the video?

    Pvs 09Pvs 094 kun oldin
  • Just think Obama and Biden sent almost that much 150 billion in 600 pallets of cash, pallets and pallets of cash. We always do business like that... Yea right.

    Webrider357Webrider3574 kun oldin
  • He's gotta share some of the love!

    Heart Centred WisdomHeart Centred Wisdom4 kun oldin
  • i feel poor

    TheDiaClubTheDiaClub4 kun oldin
  • These guys don't pay tax that's why

    The TruthThe Truth4 kun oldin
    • It's because our government passes tax cuts not because he did anything wrong tho

      Shashwat ChoudharyShashwat Choudhary2 kun oldin
  • nah he finna get shut down cuz his company is going to become a monopoly

    SMX Fr0stSMX Fr0st4 kun oldin
  • Jeff bezoz net worth is 116 billion

    Mir Nowazesh AliMir Nowazesh Ali4 kun oldin
  • 2:37 uhh... i've searched it on google, Indonesia's GDP is around 1 Trillion Dollars Just saying

    PatriccPatricc4 kun oldin
    • The annual is 1 Trillion a year right?

      PatriccPatricc21 soat oldin
    • *annual, not entire.

      ShapurlavatShapurlavatKun oldin
  • Most people can only pay off one house in their lifetime. If each house was $500,000, Jeff Bezos can own over 400,000 houses and still be a billionare. In one year he could buy over 30,000 additional houses and still make billions in profit. He could buy a house every 15 minutes forever at that price and never run out of money. It takes him longer to get to work than it takes for him to make a million dollars.

    Matthew MitchellMatthew Mitchell4 kun oldin
  • False. Elon will become the first trillionaire. Period no debate.

    BladeCastBladeCast4 kun oldin
  • please make german undertitle

    orhan Atasoyiorhan Atasoyi4 kun oldin