The Game When Kobe Bryant Scored 81 Points & Became The Legend | January 22, 2006

28-Yan, 2020
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Take a look at full game highlights by Kobe Bryant who scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors | January 22, 2006

  • kobe was in possession of the gem

    huge papa gonhuge papa gon4 soat oldin
  • This game was His 666th game of his career . Helicopter =666 in Gematria . Vaccination =666 . St Corona =666 . Everything is Orchestrated by the Freemason Scumbags .

    Thomas DellarosaThomas Dellarosa18 soat oldin
  • Kobe ❤️

    Jacob GoldmanJacob Goldman23 soat oldin

    張哲僥張哲僥Kun oldin
  • I was there but I dont know anything about basketball back then this game changed it

  • Best baller mamba

    ZaneZaneKun oldin
  • Yesssirr

    Welly BusalWelly BusalKun oldin
  • He wanted Wilts record this game. Mamba was a true psycho 💜💛

    Fresco DiorFresco DiorKun oldin
  • he was making the raptors look terrible

    Cole KentCole Kent2 kun oldin
  • I wish I can this man in heaven someday. One on one and so I can break his record with 82 points...The Legend Kobe is King in the NBA! 💯👍🙏😇👏👏👏

    Timothy B. SalinasTimothy B. Salinas2 kun oldin
  • Sports betting should be legal

    TJTJ2 kun oldin
  • so much stamina

    GrindHardPeezyGrindHardPeezy2 kun oldin
  • Literal definition of perfecting your craft

    AbyzmalAbyzmal2 kun oldin
  • Kompi, M.J,L.jeims,japar,C.antonni,

    Αλεξης ΤσανοςΑλεξης Τσανος3 kun oldin
  • this happened 12 days before my birthday

    TheAnimeTrainTheAnimeTrain3 kun oldin
  • Wow

    HendeiHendei3 kun oldin
  • lebron GOAT

    Anjo CabadingAnjo Cabading3 kun oldin
  • 14 years an 4 days later. He had no idea. RIP Kob

    JohnnyJohnny3 kun oldin
  • In the school bathroom I get paper towels and throw into the trash and say "KOBE"

    LextryLextry3 kun oldin
  • Got subbed on his last game with 4secs remaining. Same as this game Had a family of 4 too

    Abdiaziz HassanAbdiaziz Hassan3 kun oldin
  • R.I.P

    GuillemGuillem4 kun oldin
  • Weird that the Lakeshow was behind most of the game. Just saying....

    Ron HarrisRon Harris4 kun oldin
  • I witnessed this game way back in 2006 when was 16 years old. Before jersey change in 24

    Fernan SahagunFernan Sahagun4 kun oldin

    Daddy JamesDaddy James5 kun oldin
  • "And an 81 point game! 55 in the second half!" - still gives me chills 🙏

    calijatt0809calijatt08095 kun oldin
  • Never be another Kobe rip to my idol

    Phil The maccPhil The macc5 kun oldin
  • All of those shots were pretty as hell also. Kobe is the MAN!!

    TylerTyler5 kun oldin
  • RIP Kobe

    Emc2Emc25 kun oldin
  • I still can’t watch Kobe...still hurts

    Weston RichardsWeston Richards5 kun oldin
  • Damn, just damn

    The Alex ReyesThe Alex Reyes5 kun oldin
  • I'm start to realized that i'm just want to be like u kobe,,,

    Nova PriantonoNova Priantono6 kun oldin
  • Kobe is the most graceful basketball player of all time. LeBron moves like a Mack truck. Kobe just glides.

    Blah BeeblahBlah Beeblah6 kun oldin
  • I just noticed that when he scored his 81st point, there was 24 seconds on the clock and then he switched his jersey number to 24. Coincidence?

    Phillip HarnagePhillip Harnage6 kun oldin
  • my second basketball legendary

    mohar kanmohar kan6 kun oldin
  • what i want to know did his counslor get fried for telling kobe he wouldnt do well at basketball he always worked his butt off and set a good example for his girls

    kimberly perrinkimberly perrin6 kun oldin
  • Is there a difference between him and the poorest Afghanistan farmer?

    Robert MalcolmRobert Malcolm6 kun oldin
  • Kobe: scores announcer: kobeeeeeeeee

    Samuel SSamuel S6 kun oldin
  • Wow that man was a legend 👏👏👏👏

    Ismail BoujidaIsmail Boujida6 kun oldin
  • Legend.

    PeopleAreDumbPeopleAreDumb6 kun oldin
  • we love you 4️⃣🖐🏽

    Johan GarciaJohan Garcia6 kun oldin
  • He wasn't even celebrating after a 81point game, jesus! This man was pure work ethic! :)

    Luca #19Luca #197 kun oldin
  • Kobe is the king, not that idiot La Bronte!!!

    Tom JakovacTom Jakovac7 kun oldin
  • 😂😅😁

    Marcel JosephMarcel Joseph7 kun oldin
  • I am happy that he lived and played in my era ...

    tonimkd1000tonimkd10007 kun oldin
  • El mejor después de jordan❤️

    jeremy bencosmejeremy bencosme8 kun oldin
  • A massacre for the Raptors!

    atomiconnectionatomiconnection8 kun oldin
  • At 4:35 you hear Kobe hissing 🐍 for the ball

    Tookyapak CruzTookyapak Cruz9 kun oldin
  • It is amazing grown people get excited when a ball goes in . When we have a living God that keeps trillions of planets in space, created life, the number of hairs on your head are counted and he is the one who died to pay for the sins that would send a person to the lake of fire for eternity. And is ignored by most people and most in the government do not like him. The grace gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and read Romans 5:9 and 10:9-10. Use the KJV bible.

    Larry GribaudoLarry Gribaudo9 kun oldin
  • What a performance!!! The only player he can be compared with MJ....R.I.P!!!!!

    Γιώργος ΓιαννακοπουλοςΓιώργος Γιαννακοπουλος9 kun oldin
  • Chris Bosh realizing he should go follow LeBron to the Heat

    Matt MMatt M9 kun oldin
  • I feel honored that the Raptors get to be involved in a nba record like this crazy game from Kobe the legend

    Evan PierottiEvan Pierotti9 kun oldin
  • Kobe shot nearly 61% in this game.

    Robby CRobby C9 kun oldin
  • This was on my birthday

    K&R_ YTK&R_ YT9 kun oldin
  • Nobody beats kobe 81pts

    Des LegaspiDes Legaspi9 kun oldin
  • Kobe Bryant & Luke Walton combined for 82 Pts!

    The NyanThe Nyan10 kun oldin
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    Chad BurnettChad Burnett10 kun oldin
  • Well, murasakibara scored 100 points

    Ardel AronsenArdel Aronsen11 kun oldin
  • Back when he became Jalen roses father

    Jack BellJack Bell11 kun oldin
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    david Lakeishadavid Lakeisha11 kun oldin
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    Harry LHCHarry LHC11 kun oldin
  • The title should be changed to "The Day Jalen Rose Got 81 Dropped On His Head"

    Chicken NoodleChicken Noodle11 kun oldin
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  • My daily dosis of Kobe highlights

    Mario GVMario GV11 kun oldin
  • 2.5 dislikes from lebron fans who cannot realize the poor soul begging and running towards DWADE, KYRIE, ray allen and ATHONY DAVIS for help. Sad lebricks ...

    Flash InstinctsFlash Instincts11 kun oldin
  • We miss kobe here from Philippines!

    Amanda Kiril Angela GeronimoAmanda Kiril Angela Geronimo11 kun oldin
  • Basketball sucks now... I haven't watched an NBA game since the 2019 finals, and I probably never will again.

    Just SayingJust Saying11 kun oldin
  • Mesmerizing!

    R GriffinR Griffin11 kun oldin
  • Everyone showing love to kobe until the ranking comes and mfs act like they have convenient amnesia. “Love Kobe but he barely top 10” MJ: Kobe is the only one worthy of comparison. But y’all rather listen to bums like nick wright

    Lucas michaelsLucas michaels12 kun oldin
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    Bob BestBob Best12 kun oldin
  • RIP

    kristen leeskristen lees12 kun oldin
  • 4:34 Mamba hiss

    Jonando BomaJonando Boma12 kun oldin
  • 6:18 favorite play of the game

    Jonathan CainJonathan Cain12 kun oldin
  • I kno I’m not the only on who heard Kobe hiss

    coochie mancoochie man12 kun oldin
  • He never got the credits he deserved when he was alive.

    Fresh 'N RebelFresh 'N Rebel12 kun oldin
  • this is my 5th time watching this!

    RcDx2RcDx212 kun oldin
  • Sometimes God sends the ordinary and sometimes It sends the excellent.

    1337S0lja1337S0lja12 kun oldin
  • sabko mera sadar pranaam!! baaki dunia jhand hai laude ka ghamand hai

    vak singhvak singh13 kun oldin
  • People forget, the Raptors were trying hard to win this game. It's not like they decided to roll out the red carpet for Kobe. And the Lakers trailed by A LOT at first. And defenders were given more leeway by the refs back then. Kobe put his team on his back to come from behind for the W. Simply amazing.

    QicharQichar13 kun oldin
  • damn i knew kobe was good, but i didn't now how goated he was until this video. rip to the greatest

    HawtubHawtub13 kun oldin
  • Logan Paul and Justin Bieber should've been in the Helicopter instead of our Mamba

    PizzaDan167PizzaDan16713 kun oldin
  • bill russel died yall sid nothing , or when wily karem so why kobe , what if vince dies , what if shaq dies , what if Lebron dies , what if scottie dies , what if any players die

    Rahman BakhtariRahman Bakhtari13 kun oldin
  • ❤❤

    LouisLouis14 kun oldin
  • Thank you

    Tyler BlairTyler Blair14 kun oldin
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    Bobby SnyderBobby Snyder14 kun oldin
  • crowd got so loud by the end

    Elijah ErnstElijah Ernst14 kun oldin
  • Around 3:20 you can see the beginning of why NBA basketball is boring.

    J MoountfortJ Moountfort14 kun oldin
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    Pykle SixPykle Six14 kun oldin
  • Glad to be a part of the Kobe era!!!!!

    David the critic LopezDavid the critic Lopez14 kun oldin
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    includ sinclud s14 kun oldin
  • He scored more than his whole team combined....

    Jr ShawJr Shaw14 kun oldin
  • just inspiring to say the least

    Johnathan Public speakingJohnathan Public speaking14 kun oldin
  • I swear this wasn’t 15 years ago...

    Velse 9Velse 914 kun oldin
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    Robby MorningRobby Morning14 kun oldin
  • First 30 minutes of the game he scored 41. The remaining 18 minutes of the game, he scored 40. Savage!

    McTaint69McTaint6914 kun oldin
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    Dana and Frank Stokes and StoneDana and Frank Stokes and Stone14 kun oldin
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    蔡英皇蔡英皇15 kun oldin
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    Кирилл СтрельцовКирилл Стрельцов15 kun oldin
  • Талантливый чел был!

    ZorgsteinKillooZorgsteinKilloo15 kun oldin
  • man this guy carried a whole nba game alone wth did his teammates do anything?

    THEM0J0MANTHEM0J0MAN15 kun oldin