The Future of Smartphones & Technology - MKBHD

25-Dek, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with Marques Brownlee, also known professionally as MKBHD to talk about how he built his top tech UZworld channel and how others can copy his success. Subscribe to his channel:
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About the Guest: Marques Keith Brownlee, also known professionally as MKBHD, is an American UZworldr and professional ultimate frisbee player, best known for his technology-focused videos as well as his podcast, Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast. The name of his UZworld channel is a concatenation of MKB and HD.
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  • there are 3 chinese marks of the top 5 marks worldwide marketting list👀. huwaie dominated specially in europe.

    GN35 NG35GN35 NG35Kun oldin
  • The chilly plane premenstrually bang because colombia strangely live against a deranged hacksaw. literate, spotted legal

    Elden MardirosianElden MardirosianKun oldin
  • communism is free masonry. elon must is lab created clone (robot).all the news (Live) comment section has been disabled. the only evil organisation of this world has stolen all the entertainers of each country , transgendered them at birth and abused them. it is what the evil free masonry (WHO ROYALS UN GOVERNMENTS) do.there is no corona virus and pfizer forcing people to take the vaccine against their will. . many people have died because of it. it is in our constitution . we cannot be forced. many people have died because of the covid vaccine . Jesus Is The ONLY Power!!

    TsambikaTsambika3 kun oldin
  • In Colombia the iPhones is very expensive. The Huawei phones are very popular and affordable compared to iPhones.

    Iglesia Compañerismo Cristiano BogotaIglesia Compañerismo Cristiano Bogota3 kun oldin
  • We cannot think what comes next in cell phones because we are not in the race to be the best in the cell industry.

    Iglesia Compañerismo Cristiano BogotaIglesia Compañerismo Cristiano Bogota3 kun oldin
  • Give free ecosystem and free service for 1 year, and training and you capture baby boomers

    Danny AugustusDanny Augustus4 kun oldin
  • Super sleek idea

    glueckspilzglueckspilz4 kun oldin
  • Wow 🤩

    Ryan Laing mvpRyan Laing mvp5 kun oldin
  • Full circle . Landline phone

    Civic CustomerCivic Customer5 kun oldin
  • Hey Marcus....that would be a landline bell atlantic lmao

    Civic CustomerCivic Customer5 kun oldin
  • He not technology he just a UZworld host

    Andy MartinezAndy Martinez5 kun oldin
  • Watching without reading the comments is boring😂

    Minyaro ThomasMinyaro Thomas7 kun oldin
  • Tesla phone ecosystem would be a Tesla car , Solar panels and battery storage on home, car phone computer systems that would generate very cheap power and mine a crypto coin in large network of owner/users together. Allowing its members to enter into independent system of creating and storage of wealth.

    What WhoWhat Who8 kun oldin
  • There are 2 main sets of users. Ones that will never switch to/go back to Apple & those that will never switch to/go back to Droids.

    BigMikeBigMike9 kun oldin
  • Apple is winning for now - someone is in the lab thinking of some thing new right now

    Tanisha MarieTanisha Marie9 kun oldin
  • I wish Elon would come up with a phone.

    Paulo Mateus GuerraPaulo Mateus Guerra9 kun oldin
  • So what are you watching these days ? Answer: Only youtube. Me: No you cant be.. oh wait.

    Vincent VegaVincent Vega10 kun oldin
  • Marques is legend!

    Fact ChitandaFact Chitanda10 kun oldin
  • If youtube decided to curate for quality quality would improve. Currently much clickbait on UZworld.

    savedfavessavedfaves10 kun oldin
  • I think Tesla should collab with LG Samsung or Oneplus to make a Tesla branded phone so the wouldn't have to start from scratch 👌

    Darth MaliceDarth Malice11 kun oldin
  • 48:00 Asian Companies

    Hugo Z.Hugo Z.12 kun oldin
  • How is this not in the Valuetainment Podcast!?

    Leandro AlvarezLeandro Alvarez12 kun oldin
  • the next thing to beat apple is gonna be the tv, somehow history repeats itself i believe when apple creates a video game console its game over our eyes will be glued to a screen and we will be transfered into a vr like world , like in the episode of black mirror

    Chris80h5Chris80h512 kun oldin
  • 4:35 Marques just uploaded videos for the fun of it. 8:20 Apple being a monopoly 30:00 Huawei isnt sold on usa and they are the best phones for those outside of the usa who are cheap 31:15 Iphone and degrading 33:09 For every smart man decision there is the right answer and the real answer 37:50 Best communicators and marques being fascinated by that. 40:23 Marques advice 46:15

    NightstarNightstar12 kun oldin
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    Blue WolfBlue Wolf13 kun oldin
  • Neuralink = no more phones

    Shane HavensShane Havens13 kun oldin
  • Jacque Fresco The Venus Project please get him on here

    TruthSeeker AiTruthSeeker Ai15 kun oldin
    • my son was coming up with M brown on youtube but he was 10 at the time m brown made his first u tube vid but i was always a tech head so my son was always into u tube and cameras/computers but he never really uploaded til after m brown and didnt like that world so he fell back to tech and gaming but m brown is a genius for what he did he is like Steve jobs of the young youtubers the start of something great. i wish him greatness goodness

      TruthSeeker AiTruthSeeker Ai14 kun oldin
  • Tech is cool. No microchip on my head though

    Tomas NunezTomas Nunez15 kun oldin
  • why is MKBHD collabing with a dude that runs a multi-level marketing company?

    Anant GillAnant Gill15 kun oldin
  • I see him in Samsung. Maybe LG if they step up their phone game

    toneone108toneone10815 kun oldin
  • This kid is about to get that bag because of Pat and cause he’s on his bike. Good luck

    toneone108toneone10815 kun oldin
  • 43:50 lol

    Tamim Al ThaniTamim Al Thani15 kun oldin
  • Cynical? They sell you garbage every few months that become useless in 6 months.

    NIKNIK15 kun oldin
  • I'm too smart to fall for Apple's monopoly. Android all the way with their open platform.

    RaphaelRaphael15 kun oldin
  • He said it, Elon will now have to come out with a new cellphone/communication device that will give an exclusive increase in connectivity with the next gen of Tesla vehicles. This will be especially easy when they become fully automated, and the whole in house cellular package is just a prerequisite for automated driving. The next gen of Tesla owners would be more than happy to ditch their normal phones in favor of an equal service that Elon might be able to provide, especially if it meant access to new technologies..missing link hardware type stuff...c'mon guys, quit dropping hints and tell us what's really coming next from Elon, I know you know!! Maybe teaming up with Apple on this endeavor is more feasible. Did Tesla have any help with their onboard computer/control screen? Or was that all by Tesla? Haha just typoed "Yesla"

    john smithjohn smith15 kun oldin
  • Elon and Amazon are by far the most likely, followed by Facebook. The difference in their business strategies are so vast that I don't think they'd even start comparable companies. If Elon is the one to start it, it'll be a pretty radical departure in some ways from what we know as a smartphone. I don't even fully know how, but that's how Elon thinks - how can he do what nobody else willing or able to. And if he feels the need is there, he'll invest mountains of capital with tons of risk, knowing in the end he'll squeeze his way in and the growth is exponential from there. The downside? Elon has no real smart home ecosystem to compete with Google, Amazon, or Apple... but that would also be the easiest thing to get into. Nobody can touch Apple on wearables right now, so that's something he'd also have to contend with. Amazon, on the other hand, has the market share, has the services, smart home, the electronics and software expertise (Kindle and Fire Tablets), and plenty of reason to disrupt that industry with their own answer to Google Fi. But Amazon is also very concerned with their shareholders, and definitely has no desire to take the sort of risks Elon would take from a financial or design angle. Any phone Amazon makes would be a "safe" phone with enough power, good software, and a (likely subsidized) price point. Facebook is last on the list, and the only way I see them ever attempting to get in the smartphone game is through their Oculus property. It could happen though.

    RobRob16 kun oldin
  • I don´t even know what is Imessage so I was surprised to hear that's one the reasons why some people prefer Iphones, isn't it just a chat app?

    Ed DaysEd Days16 kun oldin
  • I had a Blackberry as well and this exact thing happened to me and I had an iPhone ever since 14:41

    Gerry ClarinGerry Clarin16 kun oldin
  • Marques is not a tech expert, he sounds like an employee for these big companies. Autonomous driving is not available for most make and models, thru a portable device mounted on the roof. $6000 dollars vs $60,000 u decide.

    Jesse BJesse B17 kun oldin
  • that sim card imessage bullshit is a huge headache!!!

    O PO P17 kun oldin
  • All the stuff is beautiful

    Bernd KeschnerBernd Keschner17 kun oldin
  • I like when he mentioned top gear the original 3 boys appeared.

    19VIK9019VIK9018 kun oldin
  • Apple uses SLAVE LABOR from China CCP China CCP Brutal, Atheist, Evil to the core regime, Forced Labor, Forced Abortion, Live Human Organ Harvesting, Hostage Diplomacy, Intellectual Property theft, Fisheries destruction, World subjugation, Ozone depletion, Pollution, Genocide, Pandemic, Honey Pots, Debt trap, Gray warfare, Famine, Currency manipulation, World resources destruction, This guy is way to young to be a NERD again "Yawn" entertainment from "Patrick ' " David"

    mark smithmark smith18 kun oldin
  • My maHn MKBHD

    istvan jegelsistvan jegels18 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the video, my guy! I think someone can only beat the leading competition today if they come with a new innovation that makes tech today so outdated. It's also a challenge for them if they will settle for their technology being bought by large companies or they will pursue to be bigger. I see future technology to be more immersive and addictive than what we have now that it's like literally living in another world, computer interacting with real life or having an AI assistant that you can literally talk with like a normal person but highly intelligent one.

    AL RizoAL Rizo18 kun oldin
  • If WE WERE SMART we would get rid of these TRACKING DEVICES.

    makeit happenmakeit happen18 kun oldin
  • My Note 4 with its replaceable battery still works very nicely. Kind of weird that newer phones have batteries that can not be replaced. Especially when everyone knows the battery is definitely going to degrade to a point of being unusable. Then you must buy a new phone instead of replacing the battery. What a scam...

    Halo HatHalo Hat18 kun oldin
  • The biggest thing coming in tech is great video site to kill UZworld!

    Terry RodbournTerry Rodbourn18 kun oldin
  • To the one year slow down on about you just give us the f'n option to replace our own battery itself. *android does*

    Richard CortealRichard Corteal18 kun oldin
  • Neuralink is what’s going to replace cell phones in the far away future.

    Richard De JesusRichard De Jesus18 kun oldin
  • APPLE will get WRECKED by what is being revealed about the CCP "Built-in" Spyware to the apple eco system.

    Sterling MichaelsSterling Michaels18 kun oldin
  • The term you got to have iphone , nope I had Android only for 20 plus years never ever cared to have iphone..people who stay with iPhone are hypnotized ,people who stay with androids knows the pricing value is better and the technology is ahead of Android users have a solid reason, iPhone users don't they just love anything iPhone put out that means the are under a iPhone spell. Lol

    Douglas JonesDouglas Jones19 kun oldin
  • I have Verizon and I merge 6 calls all the time and never had an issue. I've been doing it since last year so don't think it's a new feature. I'm not a Verizon fan boy just wanted to clarify that fact since he said it was the only reason he left Verizon.

    BeginnersLuckGarageBeginnersLuckGarage19 kun oldin
  • Dude, "Where did you get that cool biker jacket?" We love it!

    The BringerThe Bringer19 kun oldin
  • If you love a product that uses slave labor and suicide nets to keep people working themselves to death and like having contact tracking for a virus, makes me wonder about where your heart and priorities are.. listen to Edward Snowden talk about all the information gathered on you by a phone. Then sold overseas .

    Vicki JohnsonVicki Johnson19 kun oldin
  • should ask abt censorship on YT and alternative video platforms

    Alkzandr Denmanm1Alkzandr Denmanm119 kun oldin
  • This was a great interview 👏 and would like to say that is the coolest painting I've ever seen wish I could tell who the tree guy are in the back.

    Warren BradleyWarren Bradley20 kun oldin
  • You don't even need an iPhone to start a UZworld channel. You can do it with a Samsung or a chromebook. Samsung has all kinds of in house editing features. Plug-ins exist for the chromebook. Much cheaper way to do than with a PC,Mac or iPhone.

    Pit PridePit Pride20 kun oldin
  • Support innovation and make money on this

    Duyunov motorsDuyunov motors20 kun oldin
  • Salute in your selection in interviewing this youth.........."For every smart man decision theirs the right answer and the real answer!" Feliz ano nuevo

    tariq alitariq ali20 kun oldin
  • Samsung has foldable displays and are free range to third party developers. You can customize your phone soooo much on androids and play console games just out the box on your phone. You need to jailbreak your iphone to do close to a third of what the ui and system can do. Apple personnel are sucked in the chamber thats hard to leave. The ipad, the mac, the watch, the mask, the sticker they are all expensive on purpose you will buy it no matter what. They havent inovated in years and use samsung technology. If apple came out with a condom people would buy it. People are so sucked in that they cant leave.

    MoodyShoot BlanksMoodyShoot Blanks20 kun oldin
  • Marques Brownlee,, now THAT's one smart young man. Never heard of him before now BUT I will be finding his channel, subscribing and watching. Wow! Great interview Patrick!

    John ZJohn Z20 kun oldin
  • Bill gates good buddy🤔🙄😲🙄👀😒🤟

    pighater52pighater5220 kun oldin
  • Implantable microchip in the back of your head? Count me out

    KaitlinKaitlin20 kun oldin
  • iMessage, facetime, and then iOS specific apps, then status from branding

    Thomas StoweThomas Stowe20 kun oldin
  • Ye ain't the saltines out

    Ewe KnowkimcheeEwe Knowkimchee20 kun oldin
  • long live SAMSUNG

    CYACYA20 kun oldin
  • The AV on this video is amazing

    Andrew CullariAndrew Cullari20 kun oldin
  • Please interview one Nicholas J. Fuentes.

    Make America Based AgainMake America Based Again21 kun oldin
  • MKBHD my man....came here to watch only coz of him

    Rocky BhaiRocky Bhai21 kun oldin
  • Part of the reason Apple has a stronger hold is because of they targeting schools and colleges early on with their Macintosh computers.

    Hem RamachandranHem Ramachandran21 kun oldin
  • 12:18 Marques brownlee basically says a whole lot of nothing, and pats response is “Something that’s better?” Lol

    Mufasa ShabazzMufasa Shabazz21 kun oldin
  • I hit play REAL QUICK when I saw my guy Marques B🔥

    CoopdevilleTV2CoopdevilleTV221 kun oldin
  • Samsung is the company that can compete with Apple. Check out the Samsung video cold fusion made. Then of course there is Elon Musk’s Neuralink which may be the tech that replaces smart phones.

    jdlitsonjdlitson21 kun oldin
  • As a kid, I wanted a magical wristwatch that could do anything. Now we have it and I'm stuck looking at my PC instead.

    kome360kome36021 kun oldin
  • Eleon will never go to the smartphone he will probably license it or make the product near to connecting it to the mind directly as there is inefficiency in a separate device

    BusinessReviews VlogBusinessReviews Vlog21 kun oldin
  • Never doubt the Musk!!

    daniel robinsondaniel robinson21 kun oldin
  • i am using apple products just because my employer pays for it . all the products I pay for are android and i never been tempted to switch.why? because i found the way apple is treating me as a client... offensive to say the least.

    palamida gheopalamida gheo21 kun oldin
  • Smart clothes? I’m in on that ☝️

    Chris HChris H22 kun oldin
  • The illusion of exclusivity is what Apple sells.🤦‍♀️ I didn't know who Marques was...but suddenly I'm an admirer. He's very level headed and honest.😊

    Vada VooVada Voo22 kun oldin
  • I'm new at trying to make Videos but I also got a OM4 to go with my Note 20 ultra. So I have the Mimosa app. I also Just got Powerdirector app with I think is awesome. I also Got this little microphone 🎤 Which I think is awesome and works great 👍 I like it so much I got a second one for my gopro. Here is a link they are only $26 Oh and can also be used as a lavalier microphone link --》

    Tarz ThomasTarz Thomas22 kun oldin
  • I'm new at trying to make Videos but I also got a OM4 to go with my Note 20 ultra. So I have the Mimosa app. I also Just got Powerdirector app with I think is awesome. I also Got this little microphone 🎤 Which I think is awesome and works great 👍 I like it so much I got a second one for my gopro. Here is a link they are only $26 Oh and can also be used as a lavalier microphone link --》

    Tarz ThomasTarz Thomas22 kun oldin
  • The fast clips and broken clips bothers the eyes. I’m confused why they did this intro.

    Joshua DJoshua D22 kun oldin
  • My two fav. business people in one vid, this is really nice. By the way i heard apple was coming up with an electric car

    oluonafesooluonafeso22 kun oldin
  • Come on MKBHD... correct him.. it's not Droid, it's Android! Droid was a MOT phone.

    kazuki nakamurakazuki nakamura22 kun oldin
  • Apple needs to revamp their home networking gear. They haven't released a new product in years. I still have my 2TB time capsule.

    kazuki nakamurakazuki nakamura22 kun oldin
  • 24:00 Tesla and RED would be better off making a smartphone together with samsung or motorola. A partnership. Like RED develops the camera and stuff or Tesla develops a phone with apple having implementing like special metals or glass like with the cybertruck.

    SocialHostageSocialHostage22 kun oldin
  • Within five to ten years, Tesla will be the second coming of Theranos. A lot of hype and claims and very little delivery. And financial reporting that will be deemed completely fraudulent. UZworld gives me more access to great content (generally international) and access to the creators that you cannot get elsewhere. You yourself send me 10x the number of texts that my friends do. Of course, they pick up the phone and call. I have yet to find a compelling reason to give up my $50 LG phone and my $199 Chromebook for any Apple products. So many of the people who I counsel through financial problems have brand new cars, the latest in tech and the like yet struggle to pay the bills. I would agree with you that the Apple phones were a major upgrade to Blackberries in all areas except for security.

    jlawrence01jlawrence0122 kun oldin
  • Hey you should interview Kevin Weeks!

    GENESISGENESIS22 kun oldin
  • Getting ahead on removing features like the headphone jack. No thanks. This is why Apple doesn't have market share in China and elsewhere. Some people value function over form.

    syousefsyousef22 kun oldin
  • Planned obsolescence is definitely a thing in the technology space. And in today's technology ecosystem our evolving wireless technology gives these ancient continued practices more traction.

    Craig DePuyCraig DePuy22 kun oldin
  • Neuralink is going to replace smartphones.

    Anas AlbarghouthyAnas Albarghouthy22 kun oldin
  • Trillion dollar question

    Suresh ThatiSuresh Thati23 kun oldin

    Elizabeth MartinElizabeth Martin23 kun oldin

    Elizabeth MartinElizabeth Martin23 kun oldin
  • Funded and Sponsored by apple 🍎 iPhone

    Wedi GidayWedi Giday23 kun oldin
  • Mkbhd still using his camera from 2014 for this interview. Respect breda

    snazzy sailorsnazzy sailor23 kun oldin
  • What about the EMFs?? 5G will devastate insect populations and cause massive cellular damage in humans and animals. Joe Mercola has extensive research on this in his book EMF'D. Guys open your eyes to real science.

    JudyFarmer-Keto/PilatesJudyFarmer-Keto/Pilates23 kun oldin

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire23 kun oldin
    • When?

      Warren RogersWarren Rogers23 kun oldin

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire23 kun oldin