The Future of Feminists

8-Yan, 2021
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This video is a commentary on the 2009 documentary Cat Ladies.
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  • 5:38 this woman is attractive, but you cant see right away shes crazy

    HADESHADES3 daqiqa oldin
  • Are you a sociopath?

    Hardwyn 2 Electric BoogalooHardwyn 2 Electric Boogaloo23 daqiqa oldin
  • One cat is too many.

    xxBad_Acidxx 007xxBad_Acidxx 00729 daqiqa oldin
  • At 5:39, I don't know what up with you, but she sounds sad, like actually sad. Most of the time you're spot on, but you missed the mark this time.

    Hardwyn 2 Electric BoogalooHardwyn 2 Electric Boogaloo29 daqiqa oldin
  • If feminism means that women are free from men, it also means that men are free from women ! So thank you feminism ;)

    MGTOW FrançaisMGTOW Français55 daqiqa oldin
  • I feel bad for the gato in the video. (Cat =gato)

    theopbit inctheopbit incSoat oldin
  • God knows i love cats and i am pretty obsessed with them but i wouldn’t have more than two. I am obsessed in a way of i have a cat and if i have some extra money i do buy cat food for street cats as well. I can’t understand how ppl own 16 cats like just like u wouldn’t have 16 children why have 16 cats

    Maria_SMaria_S4 soat oldin
  • Is it possible for me to have a life, where I make friends who live with me for the rest of our lives without reproduction? Cause I don’t want children,

    BatMite06 MemesBatMite06 Memes5 soat oldin
  • It's the cats man it's the cats

    DANIELDANIEL6 soat oldin
  • I have a cat

    bigBoi 1bigBoi 17 soat oldin
  • Bro why did your nose just close up at the beginning of the vid

    Connor McGeheeConnor McGehee7 soat oldin
  • Poor cats

    rollmeisterrollmeister7 soat oldin
  • The future looks bleak in western world: Women-> feminist cat lady Man-> mgtow basement troll In asia we didnt have that much problem (yet)... Except Japan i think.

    SN4SN48 soat oldin
  • You should duo with Dr.Shaym

    EduLeaTechEduLeaTech9 soat oldin
  • Anymore...

    mr blackmr black11 soat oldin
  • The most generic incel channel out there

    FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worstFIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst13 soat oldin
    • he has a girlfriend

      samyak.tsamyak.t3 soat oldin
  • My mother is a not a cat lady, but she is a product of bad/tragic decisions that fucked up mine and my sisters life. My mothers father killed himself after hes wife left him (she was 16 at the time iirc), ever since then she became self-serving and emotionally distant to others and put her own needs and desires first, when she had me and my sister(at age 20 my sister, and me 1 year later at 21years of age) she calmed down a bit and we lived in a small town for about 7 years, but then my father tried to kill her, failed, and killed himself, which seems to have made her psychosis worse and she started to move all over the country (Sweden) and we stayed in the same place for only a year tops while she went through man after man like she was changing underwear, belittling any man she left when we asked why she left this or that guy. It was very hard for me to make any friends at all especially since i wasn't the outspoken type and i had no male role models to teach me anything, my sister tho was the outgoing type who had an easy time making friends and as soon as she could, she rebelled and left our dumpster mother, however, i had been "trained" to be reliant on my mother, so i could not do what my sister did and stuck around with my mother, being severely depressed not knowing what to do with my life, and my mother never tried to help me, instead she offered comforting words like "You are strong, you are worth something, you can be anything you want" all the while she only thought of her own needs and desires not giving a shi* that i needed real help such as guidance which she provided none. To give a clearer view of what i mean: My mother was/still is a single mother who never had any time for her kids to learn something slowly, a single mother doesn't have time to have their kids do something slowly, so they do it FOR their kids, and that makes you reliant on your mother since she does everything for you, and that forms you, and shapes the personality you develop, i still today at the age of 35 find it hard to do things on my own, but i have gotten MUCH better, but it is a struggle for me and i genuinely hate my mother for what she has done to me, as i think the personality i developed through-out the years is largely thanks to her being such a un-caring and un-deserving mother who put her own needs first every time she made a choice, and the choices she made over the years made both my sisters and my own life terrible and we have been scarred for life by it and have developed personalities that are not good for society thanks to it, and it is VERY hard to change your personality. I did not "break free" from my mothers grasp, instead it was she who left me, (for yet another man) i was all alone welcoming the life of "adulthood" at the age of 18 with no one to help me or guide me (i knew next to nothing of what it meant to pay rent, wash your clothes, making my own food etc), it was and still is the most horrible and lonely time of my life, i had to go to social service to have them help me with money as i had no income and my mother left the apartment to me, to go live with her new man she found, all the while i was too depressed to almost lift a finger, i could hardly motivate myself to eat and went to sleep without eating many days in a row sometimes and only eating when i felt i could no longer go without food, i wasn't trying to starve myself, i just did not want to eat as that was a hard thing to do for me at that time and all i wanted to do was to sleep as sleep would let me feel good and have a bit of a "release" from the terrible reality i faced of being alone with no one that cared about me or anyone that could guide me. Today i am 35 years old, have no relevant education and has been deemed "unfit for the working market" due to the personality problems i developed during the formative years (problems with the "start and stop" function apparently, called "Executive functions" a straight translation, not sure what the English translation of it would actually be, anyway, i have a hard time to start something, but then also have a hard time stop doing something) i live on well-fare as i can not get a job due to the diagnose given to me by 2 psychiatrists (needed to be 2 to agree on the diagnose) and i desperately crave an intimate relationship but have very low self-esteem due to being what i consider a failure of a man in today's society: i have no income of my own, don't have any of the "regular" male traits such as confidence, wit, street-smarts or good looks etc and i don't know any relevant skills. I found out something really chocking and terrible that my mother had done during a very hard time during my upbringing which made me cut of contact with her, i still see her during Christmas and New years since she is invited to my sisters home, me and my sister during our childhood relied on each other a lot and my sister helped me a lot so i still celebrate with her every year and i love her a lot and will always be there for her. People say it is my own responsibility as a grown-up to "man-up" and take charge of my life, i really hate that phrase, do people know what it takes to change your personality? i am still working on that bit, and i have gotten better with each day that has gone by, but it is still a hard struggle for me to continue with the changes, especially since i still haven't had anyone to guide me, it has always only been me and on occasions my sister, and i don't know if i will ever feel like i am a whole-man as i have always felt like half-of-a-man, missing core components of what it means to be a real man, or perhaps even being a Person. My own life i think is an example of what to avoid, and part of that, is today's feminist ideology which is very selfish and self-serving.

    NiklasNiklas17 soat oldin
  • But I like my clothes :( lol

    Manny ThrashManny Thrash20 soat oldin
  • Literally everyone needed to hear this including me

    Kingboss WymeanKingboss Wymean22 soat oldin
  • Had you made this video about addiction and mental illness you would be spot on... 0 correlation to do with feminism... you're grasping at straws to link this to feminism...

    Angelus MortisAngelus Mortis23 soat oldin
    • 0 correlation with feminism? What? The modern feminist ideology teaches women they don't need a family, being independent, single, and childless is great. This is not about mental illness, you will become a depressed cat lady even if you don't have mental illnesses.

      Alex MurphyAlex Murphy15 soat oldin
  • The chick in green: "I call my cat my BOYFRIEND because he love me, he is my guy" also "just because a single woman has cats, doesn't mean she is a crazy cat lady!". The lack of self awareness in this one is ASTOUNDING!!!!

    Jermaine AyivohJermaine Ayivoh23 soat oldin
  • If any of those women want a husband, I would marry some of them since i want that green card.

    KSVKSV23 soat oldin
  • “They can clean it off later”, she says as she wipes the mess on areas the cat cannot reach.

    Paul LeePaul LeeKun oldin
  • "99% of cat hoarders are women" So there's a 1% error buffer.

    Asanda NdimandeAsanda NdimandeKun oldin
  • Most cat lady homes are more like kitty Auschwitz

    ElwoodElwoodKun oldin
  • 5:36 made me genuinely sad

    SteveSteveKun oldin
  • I love your channel,you ain't sugar coating shit just truth

    truck -kuntruck -kunKun oldin
  • I can learn from this guy.

    MG TMG TKun oldin
  • cats will need therapy poor cats :(

    lonely lovelylonely lovelyKun oldin
  • 6

    4321elzzird4321elzzirdKun oldin
    • 7

      Cubix ManCubix ManKun oldin
  • 3:51 Woman do that a lot, state reasons to why she likes something when clearly are others reasons

    GabrielGabrielKun oldin
  • cats are nice but theyll control u if u have a weak personality. They come lay and sleep on u and its up to u to say "nah cat i got shit to do" or just sit there and pet the cat...thats the highlight of it day afterall.

    WonderWafflesWonderWafflesKun oldin
  • hey man, i dont agree when you said that fixing the problems in your life will make quitting addictions easier - addictions will throw a wrench in anything you want to change. imo, you have to quit before or at the same time as working on deeper issues.

    Saiper1990Saiper1990Kun oldin
  • Feminist: "Just because a woman loves cats doesn't mean that she is a crazy cat lady." Cat: *Hisses*

    Annalisa SauterAnnalisa SauterKun oldin
  • Would you rather be an alcoholic with a factory job or a cat lady who reads Cosmo? (Takes a sip and waits....)

    N. H. MorenoN. H. Moreno2 kun oldin
  • That last one creeps me out

    Predator ASAPPredator ASAP2 kun oldin
  • I have 4 cats, and they can be a bit much sometimes, I can't imagine even having 6 or more- that's just unhealthy

    Vicar MoffmanVicar Moffman2 kun oldin
  • Bruh...that cat getting captured at 16:00 on..its like I cant stop watching look at it try to run for dear life., Then the look on its face once its in the car while shes saying she "saved" it...amazing..I feel like I truly know what animal abuse is now.

    shideyafudoshideyafudo2 kun oldin
  • As a feminist who lives in a thrid world country all i want is equal rights, respect, opportunities etc as men. Each and every comment is the reason feminist exist some may be way too extreme but soo people are open anti feminist when the moment itself is fight for EQUALITY is just sad.

    Phoenix GrayPhoenix Gray2 kun oldin
    • so you dont have equal oppurtunities as men, can you name one in your country

      samyak.tsamyak.t16 soat oldin
    • The problem is in first world countries are anything but for equality. Firstly women already have significantly more rights than men, so all that's left to do for feminists is to constantly belittle men and actually make women insane. Example: Me: I taught math to girls. Feminist: I bet you only did that so you can feel superior. This is literally abuse making girls think they are worse at math than a man. Me: I think I'll just go to the bar and drink until I drop. Feminist: Oh that's typical. This is what I'm talking about. This is toxic masculinity. Edit: While this is sarcastic something like that actually happened to me.

      Just one more thingJust one more thingKun oldin
  • The last crazy cat lady looks like the lovechild of Dwight and Angela from The Office.

    Banana ChildBanana Child2 kun oldin
    • She's what Angela would be without Dwight.

      NJGuy1973NJGuy1973Kun oldin
  • Women don't necessarily need to identify as a feminist. It all comes out when you see their behavior. All women have been programmed by this ideology. No matter what part of the world. Some more infected than others.

    Luis TamanahaLuis Tamanaha2 kun oldin
  • I've met 2 ladies at my job who have no kids and lived a wild life when they were young, they're now unattractive, old, tired and with lots of bills to pay, it's sad this is gonna be the future for so many in 20-30 years.

    Fer CrowFer Crow2 kun oldin
  • I am getting a cat because I love cats. I am single 22 year old veteran I want a cat because I want a lower maintence pet that can kinda take care of itself. Also its a big fuck you to my mom for getting rid of my cat in 6th grade.

    Samuel WahlsSamuel Wahls2 kun oldin
  • Tf does this have to do with feminism? I’m very confused.

    Laughing Xelor 303Laughing Xelor 3032 kun oldin
  • I can tell what you look like just by your voice

    Monsieur MonsieurMonsieur Monsieur2 kun oldin
  • Cats are cute stfu

    Monsieur MonsieurMonsieur Monsieur2 kun oldin
  • According to that ABC News article, Sigi was forced to get rid of her furniture because it was so unsanitary it became a health hazard. She sleeps in a plastic lawn chair. If you think there is something wrong with that, then you need a hobby!

    DwoprusDwoprus2 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Where is the promise of His coming?Where is the promise of His coming?2 kun oldin
  • What's your real name? I'd like to know the name of man I'd kneel in respect to.

    Ima OnnafoneIma Onnafone2 kun oldin
    • i guess, he mentioned once, it was tobias, or i am just hallucinating

      samyak.tsamyak.t16 soat oldin
  • that first chic is kinda cute tho . really sad honestly . shes just soo timid

    jordanjordan2 kun oldin
  • The future of a feminist lol. Crazy cat lady.

    A JA J2 kun oldin
  • I love dogs and have one, am I doing something wrong

    Hector SHector S2 kun oldin
  • Ziggy is an animal abuser!!

    Tim KearnsTim Kearns2 kun oldin
  • I feel bad for her tbh

    Hunts_ FPSHunts_ FPS2 kun oldin
  • This guy is the new doctor shaym

    ulyssesulysses2 kun oldin
  • My eyes LITERALLY widened! I COMPLETELY forgot that complementing people is an option!

    Jefry UmanzorJefry Umanzor2 kun oldin
  • my CAT went Missing, now i know where it went 16:41

    Mad MaxMad Max2 kun oldin
  • Because of Femenism white population globally is declining!

    Mad MaxMad Max3 kun oldin
  • Democrats destroying America from within. All these women are miserable and it started with them believing leftist dogma

    bassbuckmasterbassbuckmaster3 kun oldin
  • Man if I met one of these ladies, and we get back to her place and I see there are 16 cats... I'm out. At an absolute minimum, that many cats are incredibly expensive to maintain. I have had a max of 4 cats and by the time the vet bills and food are bought, a LOT of money is spent. I love animals. I have had dogs, cats, and fish as pets (is a fish REALLY a pet?) I think they are an awesome addition to your life. So pets / cats are not the issue. At worst it suggests some real emotional / psychological issues that are a huge red flag. Unless it is your gig to be the White Knight and tilt that windmill, it just sound like you are simply signing up for heartache and possible financial ruin. Ok... trapping a cat may be necessary and I have never met a cat that did not go a bit bonkers when they realized it. "Feels like victory"? Yea sometimes it can as most times it is a battle to get the little buggers in. "They know someone loves them"? Lol lady, don't kid yourself. "Love" isn't what that cat in the carrier is feeling. Is she trespassing on someone's property to Pennywise a cat? I helped a group clean up a "Cat House" where the lady simply walked away but there were like 30 cats still in the house. OMG the inside of that house was a funky reek of stench. Urine soaked floorboards and carpets. Catpoo everywhere. Few if any of the cats looked healthy. Only a couple were comfortable around humans. Ziggy is batshitinsane.... Straight up.

    MrShadowpanther3MrShadowpanther33 kun oldin
  • 🤣

    Christopher AndrewsChristopher Andrews3 kun oldin
  • 23:38

    L eoL eo3 kun oldin
  • I hate people like this; They admit they have a problem, They know it is a problem and why, They refuse to get help, They refuse to help themselves.... Every fucking time, people complain about their problems. and than you tell them why they have those problems and tell them how to fix it... for them to ignore you and keep complaining about their problems... some people just want attention.

    ishit realbadishit realbad3 kun oldin
  • Cat ladies aka coping with 🐈.

    Frog boxFrog box3 kun oldin
  • "I'm saving you by trapping you and forcing you to live with me!" Just imagine that but with people... Yeah, exactly.

    ChrCOLTChrChrCOLTChr3 kun oldin
  • 19:37 thank you for pointing that out. Sometimes I think I'm a bad person and try to do better. I've been guild tript in the past by some who claim to be a good person.

    Lighterfo XXXLighterfo XXX3 kun oldin
  • Dude, thinking that taking care of people is a disease. I hope she got some help. And I don’t mean more cats

    The Clueless ThinkerThe Clueless Thinker3 kun oldin
  • Women that I used to see as were someone who are into makeup, dresses, and looking good waiting for their Romeo. Nowadays, I just see them as some insolent dolts prone to misinformation and will instantly call your manager after getting to the wrong aisle in a store.

    АфелиосАфелиос3 kun oldin
    • But... females are humans that have preferences. What if it’s not Romeo but Juliet?

      Furious HuggerFurious HuggerKun oldin
  • It's sad, just fucking sad...I do feel sorry for these ladies. They bought into the feminist lie and now they suffer.

    Irimia Radu-SilviuIrimia Radu-Silviu3 kun oldin
    • But feminism isn’t a lie? Like not misandry but actual feminism? I’m sorry for not understanding but I quite like pants and being regarded as an actual person.

      Furious HuggerFurious HuggerKun oldin
  • That woman that trapped that panicking cat gave me serious serial killer vibes. I can imagine her locking you in the basement “when you trap them, you feel like you’ve won” Shame she can’t trap a fella huh

    IainIain3 kun oldin
  • The humanity is fuc*ed

    CRJCRJ3 kun oldin
    • This is why Thanos didn't need to snap us, we could destroy ourselves.

      SpritvioSpritvio2 kun oldin
  • I've met cat people before. You immediately know they are by the smell and pieces of fur on their clothes. They're bat shit crazy. Don't deal with them, and I'm not even talking about dating. I have a cat myself, but I'm not even near to be obsessed with it. It's just a pet, not a friend, not a family member.

    Igor MikeshinIgor Mikeshin3 kun oldin
  • 16 cats... holy shit.

    Fdlt 1658Fdlt 16583 kun oldin
  • 16 cats...... I can smell the cat piss off her

    ghostface killahghostface killah3 kun oldin
  • Without the cats I'd ve down

    Adam LauerAdam Lauer3 kun oldin
  • Holy shit this is depressing

    Adam LauerAdam Lauer3 kun oldin
  • I have a cat, the cat is saving me from women.

    draken pagedraken page3 kun oldin
  • If i never have kids or a husband I'll gladly become the crazy dog lady. Actually even if i have the husbando and kiddos ill still be the crazy 🐶 🐕 lady.

    M I N U I TM I N U I T3 kun oldin
  • ".....anymore."

    Nolan Is InnocentNolan Is Innocent3 kun oldin
  • The maximum amount of cats you can own before being deemed crazy is 3.

    Thomas SteeleThomas Steele3 kun oldin
  • Misery love company

    thee DRGthee DRG3 kun oldin
  • Future of Feminism: “where have all the good men gone?” “That’s misogyny!” “I don’t see why men have an International Men’s Day. That’s everyday to them.” “He’s gotta be 6ft, handsome, lots of money, takes me out to nice places, and only have eyes for me.” “Lol, that’s lil d*ck energy. You’re probably fat and ugly anyway. Just look at your profile pic. No wonder no girl wants you.” “It’s my body and I can do what I want with it!” “I don’t have a problem with my weight! You’re just fatphobic!” “Lol, he’s so stupid! Doesn’t even know I’m seein his best friend/boss/neighbor/coworker/family member/etc.” “If I don’t want to be a mother I don’t have to be. I can terminate whenever I want and he has no say whatsoever.” “I just see him as a wallet and nothing more.” “If you broke, just say that.” “Lol, he’s just a second class citizen to me.” (There’s seriously so much more but this is what I’ve heard and seen the most). Answer: you chased them away by your attitude, words and behaviors. You refused to ever see yourself as wrong, tried to justify your hatred for men in your single ladies echo chamber groups, never tried seeing things from your partner’s or any man’s perspective, always shifted the blame instead of taking accountability for your actions, wanted gender equality when it was convenient for you but when things got too difficult that’s when you wanted men to take up the slack, never cooked, never cleaned, never bought groceries but was always willing to spend money on unnecessary items, never bothered to ask about your partner’s health in any areas, never thought to get anything meaningful for your partner at all, only thought enough about him to use him for his body or his money, you threw your weight around the office (or wherever you work at) and thought you could treat ppl however you wanted, made false allegations hoping to get innocent men arrested your own selfish benefits, believed you were in the right to cheat cuz you fell out of love for your partner, etc. Just stop the BS and realize your actions have consequences. The sooner you own up to them the sooner you could potentially get a man but then that’d mean actually caring about how your actions are viewed by others. That and checking your privilege and pride.

    Joshua LomaxJoshua Lomax3 kun oldin
  • There will be a time when men go mad, and they will point at those not like them and say you are not like us, you must be mad.

    Clay BennettClay Bennett3 kun oldin
  • My 2 cats are independent they come home to sleep and they get there own food a lot of the time from other small animals and I only feed the younger girl cat when she is at home and sits by the food bowl and askes for food.

    Bradley MaguireBradley Maguire3 kun oldin
  • Trapping cats. always looks so fucking sad.

    Skevie StevieSkevie Stevie3 kun oldin
  • Lol

    eppsislikeeppsislike3 kun oldin
  • very ture ,, great vid

    PHATBLOOD666PHATBLOOD6663 kun oldin
  • I once debated in college. I debated a women on a case topic. She could not convince me otherwise. I provided vague substance without revealing it whole. Once she realized that i did not change stance. She conspired against me in order to make my stance not exist by telling others to switch the votes of the group from 29/31 to 31/31. which is the votes of opposition to a side. I also saw 1 girl degrading men in an art history course. Nobody confronted her instead the sub teacher was like ok and switched the topic next. My socialology teacher also called men stupid. Which was really odd. This is all experinced in 5 months. School is scary environment.

    Darthwing XodiusDarthwing Xodius3 kun oldin
  • 11:39 well damn

    The Otaku RoninThe Otaku Ronin3 kun oldin
  • In other time, they are called whitches and make him burn. Now they are so much better and still not happy. What we can do?? What they want from us?

    Aldo BobadillaAldo Bobadilla3 kun oldin
  • That is crazy, and the advice is 100% legit

    Luis WatkinsLuis Watkins3 kun oldin
  • I have a cousin, she not a cat lady, she's a dog lady. Her dog left and she became desperate, however the dog return, and she became very happy.

    DekuLevi 93DekuLevi 933 kun oldin
  • I'm a 40 year old woman. I never knew that having one cat made someone a "crazy cat lady." I thought you had to have at least 3 or 4 cats before becoming this dreaded trope. I have a cat. Now I feel dead inside.

    The Duchess of Hazel DellThe Duchess of Hazel Dell3 kun oldin
    • @Spritvio how would u do that?😳

      Titan KingTitan King2 kun oldin
    • Maybe I can help you.

      SpritvioSpritvio2 kun oldin
    • Don't worry i have one too😂

      Titan KingTitan King3 kun oldin
  • I had never thought of the fact that lonely women specifically get cats, and not dogs or any other common pet, because the way they behave and treat them is pretty similar to an alpha male (ignore them, use them, are generally selfish). But a cat doesn't just disappear and stays with them, in a way, they subconsciously try to satisfy the dream of finally locking down the alpha male.

    JokerJoker3 kun oldin
  • Every Battle of the Sexes is, intentionally or otherwise, a joke- we almost always end up having one side who's in it to win and the other who's in it to be declared the winner.

    dy031101dy0311014 kun oldin
    • As Henry Kissinger said, neither side will win the Battle of the Sexes because there's too much fraternizing with the enemy.

      NJGuy1973NJGuy1973Kun oldin
  • They have no idea about how much back breakin labour it takes to build a building of any size not to mention the danger involved.

    James NiemanJames Nieman4 kun oldin
  • Every single leftist ideology and movement is completely cancerous to society and civilization. Luckily, things which aren't sustainable (deranged left-wing worldviews) cannot last forever.

    Skyrim's_For_The_NordsSkyrim's_For_The_Nords4 kun oldin
  • This is very depressing...

    Loki RoLoki Ro4 kun oldin
    • Hey Loki, where is the Tessuract?

      SpritvioSpritvio2 kun oldin
  • Whoever is responsiple for this Damage to society, needs to be put to justice.

    PaleAsAGhost -PaleAsAGhost -4 kun oldin
  • I really love how he talks about serious stuff, but the background is sum photos of cute cats

    SheepMareepSheepMareep4 kun oldin