The Fall of Bleach: 4 Years Later

26-Sen, 2020
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Turns out the true villain of Bleach… was me.
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The Fall of Bleach: How it Happened
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  • 6:00 I'm here for confirmation bias sir. I agree with your analysis

    UnreealUnreeal2 soat oldin
  • 6:38 "Onmipient" is from now on the word I will use for "galaxy brain"

    FrippTrickyFrippTricky3 soat oldin
  • WATCH THIS PLEASE: The Rise of BLEACH: 4 Years Later

    DarohnaDarohna3 soat oldin
  • Can u pls make an appeal of bleach video,bruh bleach fans need this

    Tadiwanashe ChikanyaTadiwanashe Chikanya4 soat oldin
  • So I guess the real enemy of bleach was that in the end it too was Hollow

    Red SkeithRed Skeith4 soat oldin
  • 5:57 is totally true though. Bleach is incredibly well drawn and it leaves impressionable youth with the idea that there could be something awesome there but it's just really not that good.

    TheCheshireLionTheCheshireLion5 soat oldin
  • im also going to throw this out there. having an issue with Ichigo being a "reactionary protagonist" doesnt make bleach bad. if anything, it makes Ichigo far more relatable than most shonen MC's. Ichigo's prime motivations have always been the same. protecting his friends and family. He isnt out there to change the world, become a king, seek revenge, or become hokage. he is a teenager who wants to have a happy life. half of the point of Ichigos story is that he is born with powers that often put him in unwanted situations where he is forced to save his friends and family, or defenseless people. this is actually something that makes him such a unique protagonist, compared to literally every other shonen hero. This also fits so damned well with Ichigo having conflicting emotions about his powers, having these powers puts his friends and family in danger, and he is forced to act. this is literally how the show started. His high spiritual pressure leads a hollow to his family, and puts his sisters life in danger. its this conflict that makes him fear his power as a soul reaper, then his hollow powers, as that symbolizes his lack of control. culminating in his battle with Aizen and giving up those powers in order to protect everyone he cares about. and then the story goes as far to show us the repercussions of him losing his powers, and the psychological effect it has on him. its a rare plot type we never see in any other shonen. what happens when the hero's big quest is over? what happens when things return to "normal"? This is Ichigo's darkest point emotionally. this is his "rock bottom". and then we actually get to know what the deal is with the substitute soul reaper of the past. all while the action and plot points/ enemies are shown forcefully distancing ichigo from his friends, which reflects his internal struggle feeling removed from everything going on while his friends fight hollows, while he is stuck powerless. Then, as it is with the cyclical message of bleach, ichigo regains his soul reaper powers in a similar way to how he first attained them in the very first episode. this time though, again because of his past actions, its all of his soul reaper allies (captains and lieutenants) who share their powers with him. Its actually embarrassing to see such a superficial "evaluation" of this series that flat out ignores the strings of the continuity and general theme that hold it all together. Kubo's biggest folly. expecting people to understand subtext and storytelling above a basic level.

    abbacus potterabbacus potter5 soat oldin
  • yo, i gotta say, you miss a major point about hueco mundo, there is a major reason it parallels the soul society arc, well several reasons actually. but first, hueco mundo is not hell. its purgatory, and a direct opposite of the soul society. where the soul society is the representative of order, hueco mundo is chaos. Aside from that, the other reason H.M arc is a mirror to the soul society arc is because Ichigo is still struggling to grow/it's still part of Aizen's formula for Ichigo to grow stronger. now, to continue on about how S.S. and H.M. are opposite sides of the same coin, (balance in existence, and all that spiritual jazz), what is Aizen, and what is his goal? Aizen is a soul reaper. An agent of order. his goal is to merge hollows (agents of chaos) with soul reapers. to create perfect beings (mainly to make himself a god). So, why does it seem so wrong to you that he would introduce a structure into H.M. similar to that of the soul society? If he is, in essence, trying to merge the two entity types, would it not make sense that he would restructure H.M. to be akin to the S.S.? and just as he manipulated events in soul society, he does it in Hueco Mundo. As for the way story beats line up to be the same, that is done to show a cyclical nature of existence, and the nature of growth as (human)beings. Ichigo is facing the same struggles, internal and external as he was in S.S. as are his friends and allies. And when you throw in the idea that Aizen has manipulated events to test and control Ichigo's powers, it makes sense he would have a formula for doing so, purposefully throwing him into similar, yet more dire, situations. Hell, there is a lot in this arc that uses that mirroring in order to show that H.M. isnt strictly an evil place. it is just another necessary element of existence. two sides of the same coin. As an example of the cyclical intent of this arc: Uryu Ishida fights Granz as a parallel to Mayuri, and yet, here, he cant win, has Renji fighting with him and still cant win, and is instead saved by Mayuri, whom he failed to kill in the past. Cyclical nature of existence/struggle, yet differences occur within the cycle, based on past actions (karma). Looking at the Renji/Grimmjow parallel, this also isnt done out of a "lack or ideas" or "repetitiveness" It is part of Ichigo's growth and acceptance of his powers. Defeating Renji is part of Ichigo's growth as a soul reaper. Grimmjow was used specifically to show ichigo that he had to learn to accept and control his hollow powers if he had any hope of continuing to fight against the Arrancars. Where Renji was used to show Ichigo the need to stop fearing the intent to kill/win, Grimmjow was there for Ichigo to learn to stop fearing his inner hollow. I honestly dont understand how someone as smart as you ignores the obvious meanings behind this arc and its parallels with S.S. arc. both from the religious/spiritual belief structures bleach was inspired by, and from a character development stand-point.

    abbacus potterabbacus potter7 soat oldin
  • i gotta say, Aizen's illusions are so effective that they spread to the real world. First time watching this, as soon as i saw Aizen, i was like ok, this guy is definitely the villain, hes way too over the top nice, and his voice/cadence is laid on thicc. he has to be the secret villain. then bam, he's "dead". I then thought, oh hell, i was way off the mark. and when the reveal came that he was alive and was a villain, i was actually surprised, felt like a double fake out, and it was a masterpiece of villain reveals, nothing in any other anime comes close.

    abbacus potterabbacus potter7 soat oldin
  • Dude Literally I agree with everything you said since you calculations and narative is right, I will see the final arc, but the ending is the worst ending of any manga and the sadness is all its left.

    Michel ClMichel Cl8 soat oldin
  • I loved the save Rukia arc, loved most of the characters, I wouldnt mind a reboot .....

    Elrick KingElrick King11 soat oldin
  • While Bleach did overuse the asspulls to an absolute, some of them aren't a bad technical narrative imo, but specially when you expect a character to unveil their Bankai, or even when Kenpachi uses sword with 2 hands (almost a 4th wall breaking gag)

    Роман КозакРоман Козак12 soat oldin
  • I have the same problem with Soul Society. It's too Japanese a setting when souls from ALL walks of life go here. Also, it's weird that there's a brutal caste system there. It feels more like a Purgatory than an afterlife. There's actually no Heaven and Hell.

  • One push back even though your typically right using the unveiling of banki and shiki for the vice caps and caps is unfair because we already had prior knowledge that they had these abilities they were just yet to be unveiled

    Oglog gamingOglog gaming18 soat oldin
  • Oddly enough my favorite bit of the Bleach Anime is that slow sad movie with the ghost girl that Ichigo talks with and dates. I just love how personal and beautiful it let's itself be

    6PenceaPlenty6PenceaPlenty20 soat oldin
  • The fact that Bleach took such a sharp nose dive so fast always bummed me out because between the character design and the worlds we got thrown into, it was my favourite shounen anime. Ichigo himself was my favourite shounen protagonist too. But even he disappointed me because there was so much unrealised potential in him. If he only had more drive, was less selfless in the pursuit of his own dreams, if he even _had_ his own dreams, this would have been spectacular. This series could have been fucking amazing but it only ever half lived up to expectation. Not even that in places.

    loudgirl4021loudgirl402121 soat oldin
  • I dont know if Bleach can ever be as good as it was on the Soul Society arc. That was one of the best shonen arcs ever. Nevertheless, I still appreciate the show a lot

    pedrinhobitpedrinhobit22 soat oldin
  • I'll be honest, i unsubbed from your channel a while ago after your silent hill 3 video since sh3 is my favorite game of all time, and i didn't agree with anything you said in it (i still don't) but your words at the end of this video really made me think, i've still kept watching your videos from time to time since i like your stuff but i'll properly sub again now after seeing you talk about this exact thing even if in an unrelated topic, sorry for being so immature like that before, great vid as always!! You really touched perfectly on all the points that made me love soul society

    Boneax _Boneax _23 soat oldin
  • i hope the anime changes some things

    Black TitanBlack TitanKun oldin
  • I actually enjoy bleach artwork over Naruto's artwork.

    Blanca SegoviaBlanca SegoviaKun oldin
  • I'm just gonna... point out 17:51 - 17:58. That. Just. All of that. The inflection is the best thing ever.

    KrisKrisKun oldin
  • The thing is I don't even disagree with you. I just still enjoy bleach. It may not be the best on any level but it holds a special place. It was one of the first shows that I was able to follow week-to-week right up to the end of the anime. With the news of a Revival for the final Arc I'm excited to see the conclusion.

    Durty DanDurty DanKun oldin
  • The ones that disliked this video are the ones that didn't finish the whole thing. I also didn't like his viewpoint, but I came to understand it at the ending of the video✊🤞

    Skhanyana SkhadoSkhanyana SkhadoKun oldin
  • 44:11 500,000 divided by 120,000 is 0.4%, not 0.04%. If you're going to use math to try to prove a point it's important to at least use the correct numbers.

    andrew34765andrew34765Kun oldin
  • Sometimes it feels like super eye patch wolf just wants to Play DnD, i mean he always sounds like Dungeon Master.

    Tushar RathoreTushar RathoreKun oldin
  • I watched half this video, took and nap , and then watched the rest

    DjinnDjinnKun oldin
  • As soon as the SS arc ended i felt something was off and i droped bleach entirely,its been over a decade and i regrer nothing.

    LexzeyferLexzeyferKun oldin
  • I hope the anime expands on the ending it was so bad

    jawill24jawill24Kun oldin
  • I'm gonna have to stop you there at Wakomundo. The character development of the arancars isn't as much, but I believe that is deliberate. They are hollows, and the lack of development reflects that. They are similar to the Soul Society as you mentioned, but the lack of character and "heart" is deliberately contrasted to them. They are mysterious, they don't have many motivations. They are hollow and empty inside, they live for one purpose and it is strength. Few do break this mold, but they are so few that it is noticeable. When they do they feel more human than hollow by just a bit, and it is clear that this is seen as a weakness that must not be shown. It is a world where nobody really trusts each other and the only hierarchy are those who are stronger than the weak and threaten to devour them. Also I like the art of Wakomundo, it amplifies that hollowness that the place is home to. It is atmospheric and is meant to be as mysterious as the characters that inhabit it. Although I get a lot of what you are saying. There really does become a sense of deus ex machina in all this. Like Tite Kubo is having problems finding new ways of making the characters stronger. He is suffering from his own narrative's power creep. I even think that Bleach comes up with filler episodes particularly at moments when it seems like Tite does a bit, and has to go back to the drawing board to figure out what to do next, and when he has figured it out he goes and finishes up the main plot thread. There is a sense of laziness that comes afterwards that is palpable.

    Jason GibsonJason GibsonKun oldin
  • I like Bleach a great deal. I'll agree with you that the first two arcs, "Agent of the Shinigami" and "Soul Society", were the best in terms of story, characters, and combat scenes. I think you're a little hard on the "Arrancar" arc and "Fake Karakura Town" arc.Those two arcs were doing what they were suppose to do, be the big fight scene against the threats to the spirit world revealed in the "Soul Society" arc. I loved the final fight between Ichigo and Aizen was the culmination of every conflict in the series. Two over powered beings throwing it all down for the fate of the world and victory. It was a satisfying ending with Aizen sealed and Ichigo making the ultimate sacrifice for the world and himself. For me, it was after this that the whole series fell apart. Kubo could have ended the series right there or taken the series in any direction. There was plenty that wasn't explained in the prior arcs and there were plenty of landmarks that were rushed past on the way to fights. I thought the "Fullbring" arc was going back to the explore the living world with Ichigo having to make it with a new far weaker power and having to learn to use new tactics, but as you point out, that didn't happen. "The 1,000 Year Blood War" arc was just a clusterfrack of pointless characters, rushed fights, and incomplete story ideas thrown at the wall to see what would stick. Of course, I agree that Ichigo is the main problem with the series. I've always said the series was at its best when Ichigo wasn't the focus of the frame and those times he wasn't was the draw for me as I started following the series during the "Soul Society" arc when there were other fights going on. I'm glad that other series have taken the broken foundation laid by Bleach and built off the good while learning the lessons from the bad.

    Keith GallistelKeith GallistelKun oldin
  • I still love Bleach, I still love most of the characters, and love the unique powers. As a writer, it sucks seeing all the wasted potential of his story. I'll always hope he does something else with this universe he made and fixes the flaws in his stories. I have high hope for Burn the Witch.

    Nikki LynNikki LynKun oldin
  • As a massive One Piece fan watching it dominate and stay on top pretty much uncontested throughout that entire sales figures animation was really satisfying. One Piece will always be number one! And my favorite manga of all time.

    Thwap23Thwap23Kun oldin
  • I was 15 when I first discovered Bleach and I thought it was the best thing ever. Going back now I realize how weak Kubo made his story. Ichigo faces Soul Reapers, well, he is one, Ichigo faces Hollows well, he is one, Ichigo faces Fullbringers well, he is one, Ichigo faces Quincies well, he fucking is one.

    Franco ViejoFranco ViejoKun oldin
    • hey ya its almost as if Ichigo is the product of an experiment to merge the powers of known entities to create a literal god. XD

      abbacus potterabbacus potter6 soat oldin
  • Seems like u only read the sole society arc

    vayne.vfxvayne.vfxKun oldin
  • If anything, at least the music's pretty fucking good

    Alex WalkerAlex WalkerKun oldin
  • Dude who takes down their third most popular video for kinda minor mistakes? Love this guy

    Andy MillerAndy Miller2 kun oldin
  • Bleach tricked me into thinking it was gonna be ghost detectives... I will never forgive it. Lol

    kaemon bonetkaemon bonet2 kun oldin
  • "Hueco Mundo is like Hell" *Hell Verse:* Am I a joke to you?

    Suiko RyosSuiko Ryos2 kun oldin
  • One piece and Naruto are better stories bleach was dope at a time yet I don't like it now

    Michael EnochMichael Enoch2 kun oldin
  • I remember reading that part where the gotei 13 captain got killed and remember not long after that losing intrest ENTIRELY because i saw articles talking about how the final arc was going to be 10 years long. So i thought fuck it ill binge it when its done. Hearing about how abrut it ended long before 10 years and its decline made me presume it ended up not being good and i never bothered to finish it too this day with little intrest in going back to do so.

    WuteverWutever2 kun oldin
    • That's fine. When the bleach anime returns for the final arc next year, you can probably sit down and skip fillers and binge bleach at once to form an opinion

      Weyard WizWeyard Wiz2 kun oldin
  • I take some issue with your 'deus ex machina' argument as you basically just list every unknown power or newly developed power ever revealed in the show. If that's enough then almost every reveal in Shounen is the same thing. I get the Ishida thing a little bit as he just has constant little powerful tricks introduced with very little build up, but every Lieutenant has a shikai, we know this. Sure, it ends up being a case where it's revealed and it's generally a good counter and wins them the fight, but an argument can be made that it's the fact it's these perfect conditions that makes them reveal their powers and use them where they otherwise wouldn't. Those fighters tend to not rely on their swords abilities so much, an issue that becomes apparent later in the series when the Captains acknowledge the fact that they are relying on their swords strength and it's also clear that they haven't really been challenged much in the past. Part of the reason I like Bleach is that there are some nice subtle themes going on in the background, like the obvious fact that the Gotei 13 are actually pretty stagnant. All it takes is one smart guy with a really powerful zanpakuto to end up destabilizing everything, partially because the current captains and leadership are kinda weak and rely too much on their own Zanpakutos. The strongest among them are pretty much the oldest three and the one who doesn't know his Zanpakuto and had to get strong enough to be a captain without it. Kenpachi, Shunsui, Yamamoto and the previous Kenpachi. Even the Zero squad gets trashed probably partially because they removed themselves entirely and stagnated, they were super powerful but let others creep ever closer to their strength and eventually destroy them because they were complacent. The story of Bleach isn't just about the way Ichigo and his friends gorw over time throughout the story but also it helps Soul Society develop and change. You even mentioned how the Soul Society itself looks like feudal Japan and I think that's entirely intentional, it's a perfect visual representation of the stagnation and failure to adapt of the Gotei 13. Aizen is almost a representation of trying to change too fast, of tiring of that stagnation and letting the promise of progress and power draw you in and twist you. He ended up throwing away everything he had just to try and become some kind of higher, perfect being and it ended up weakening him almost as much as it strengthened him. In the end he almost seemed to accept his defeat, perhaps acknowledging the fact that his attempt to take a shortcut to godhood was flawed, his concept of being the next step for the future was just his own hubris. Ichigo wins by being truly willing to throw away everything, not for some permanent state of godhood but just for long enough to defeat Aizen. Aizen tried to win by sacrificing everyone around him, Ichigo won by being willing to sacrifice himself. The Heuco Mundo arc is like Aizen's cynical mirroring of the Soul Society, a mockery to show them how flawed and weak their system is. The choice to make Heuco Mundo a desert might seem 'boring' but the concept of a world where there is basically nothing, just barren wasteland in which the unclaimed souls of innocent and souls of terrible people can do nothing but consume each other in endless hunger forever is in my opinion far more interesting than hellfire and demons that we see often enough. As for it being a mirror of the first arc, there are definitely core similarities, but if you boil things down to simplistic terms enough I think you'd be surprised how often that is the case. There is a clear examination of the interactions and personalities of many of the key Arrancars, we see the interpersonal relationships between the likes of Neliel, Nnoitra, Grimmjow and Halibel, the thoughts and feelings of Ulquiorra around the others and towards humans is examined closely. As for the reveal of powers, that's really just a part of Kubo's preferred style of writing, to not show things off before revealing them in all their glory to give them a full impact. Chad's other arm made complete sense and was a logical development to his character. The so called pattern of Chad seeming powerful then being stomped to show off how powerful someone else is feels like a stretch, he doesn't seem super more capable than what Uryuu is capable of and loses what is really his first proper fight without us really seeing much. Then he manages to actually win a significant fight and is dunked on, but only as much as the others are when they meet comparable opponents, there's no real pattern to his fights between the arcs. Uryuu's tools do feel a bit like they come out of nowhere, but his use of tools is well established and it would just seem a bit strange for him to constantly explain any new tool he picks up and decides to use. I'm not debating that Bleach has flaws, they're definitely there, I just think that some of the issues you lay out are a bit over simplified and that can make things seem far more flawed than they really are. The same comments about Deus Ex Machina can be very easily applied to almost every single anime, let alone shounen and isn't inherently a flaw, not to mention some of those examples were actually set up before hand.

    BlargSmargBlargSmarg2 kun oldin
    • Exactly! The argument about shikai and bankai he brings up is absolutely absurd. Lol shonen series are ALL ABOUT special powerups. That's what attracts folks to shonen media

      Weyard WizWeyard Wiz2 kun oldin
  • I think everything both good and bad about Bleach was that it was supposed to be a rock opera, but Kubo-sensei cant write music for shit so he made it into a manga

    The Red Right Hand ProductionsThe Red Right Hand Productions2 kun oldin
  • 5:57 please gif this

    MataferMatafer2 kun oldin
  • wanna take this time to thank e-wolf for helping me finally understand what a deus ex machina *actually* is

    Kitti LumpoKitti Lumpo2 kun oldin
  • You all keep screaming bleach is back Where tf is the episodes

    Rap CapperRap Capper2 kun oldin
    • @Weyard Wiz thats Good very good indeed

      Rap CapperRap CapperKun oldin
    • They're in production. Theres literally 200+ chapters they have to animate, more than the soul siciety+fullbring arc combined, which is like 80 episodes

      Weyard WizWeyard Wiz2 kun oldin
  • ok you're absolutely right but yumichikas ability was foreshadowed with his first fight with hisagi.

    AH hUAH hU2 kun oldin
  • I think that HM arc being the same exact plot of the SS arc its quite fitting since what Aizen tries to do there is create a facsimile of soul society structure, but since he is not really interested in developing it, because that is just another diversion for the shinigamies while he developes his ultimate plan to invade the soul palace, so it, hueco mundo, becomes a lack luster copy of the gotei 13 much like the HM arc is to the SS one. Might not be intentional, but it is quite interesting that the basic story telling of HM arc reflects the lack of substance that it actually is trying to portray.

    Alexis Garcia CaperosAlexis Garcia Caperos2 kun oldin
    • it definitely was intentional. its partially used to correlate Aizens success at merging soul reapers and hollows. its also used to show what happens when you introduce an agent of order (aizen and the other soul reapers) into a realm of chaos.

      abbacus potterabbacus potter5 soat oldin
  • Good sir, Im now interested in seeing the first arc.

    Gildardo RodriguezGildardo Rodriguez2 kun oldin
  • I was only able to watch up to episode like 120 when it aired but once that beach filler hit I was done

    Zero EspadaZero Espada2 kun oldin
  • 15:30, was not desperate or terrifying. Because of the stakes there is no way the main character loses, it doesn't matter how the fight is set up there will never be tension. I watched this as a little kid and even then i was like wow Ichigo better not fucking win this fight, there is no way he is strong enough. And then. Oof, absolutely terrible.

    Da DisserDa Disser2 kun oldin
    • Have you seen the backlash with demon slayer in Japan because main characters died? Believe it or not, Japanese people have different taste than western people, they LOVE their characters and would go so far as to threaten the author of they kill their favorite characters, let alone the main character lol

      Weyard WizWeyard Wiz2 kun oldin
  • Jesus christ Eyepatch Wolf, his face melted from the opening of the Arc of the Covenant, not the Holy Grail. BLEACH APOLOGY PART 2 WHEN!?!?!

    CohemotgusCohemotgus2 kun oldin
  • 20:42-21:50 along with the rest of this video makes your frustration with the series extremely clear and reasonable.

    Name NoneName None2 kun oldin
  • One of your best videos yet! Always improving man!

    Edward JohnsonEdward Johnson3 kun oldin
  • 17:32 This segment is made so much better by the fact that his excitement feels legitimate. "ThE SoFT GlaSSeS BoY?!?!?!"

    BGXBGX3 kun oldin
  • will you review more of the silent hill games ?

    Vafa GhanbriVafa Ghanbri3 kun oldin
  • In an interview with Kohei Horikoshi Kubo said that he tried his best not to write the gotei 13 as villains or something like that.

  • Bro can you explain what your process is for making one of these videos. Like what do you go through when you analyse an anime. What do you look at and where can one learn these skills?

    Everything HeroEverything Hero3 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much for this video. It takes maturity and self-respect to be able to dissect one's own history like that. Also, I haven't been able to put into words what I wanted Bleach to be, but the absolute lack of worldbuilding you've demonstrated here shows the problems pretty clearly. I remember watching the original video and I seem to recall every chart and "popularity" thread being prefaced with "this isn't anything official," so I never had a problem with it. You can fuzz the numbers around but Bleach's popularity hit massive lows. You could look at the way the anime was going as well to get popularity explanations, I guess. I never read the manga, but oh my lord the first soul society arc was gold. Honestly, maybe one of the best shonen story arcs I have ever seen. Of course, it just falls flat after that, the anime having the first filler arc (copied 1:1 from Yu Yu Hakusho no less) and... just failing so miserably to be relevant. I 100% disagree with Ichigo's powers going away as some sort of powerful moment. It was absolutely meaningless since it was always obvious that the power loss would not be permanent. Just giving rise to another round of powerups to beat opponents. Ugh. Also, in DBZ Goku rose clearly above Frieza, but then Frieza powers up to match them. Honestly, there is exactly one fight in DBZ where it's not an overwhelmingly more powerful opponent just becoming undone when the underdog gets a powerup. You then have iterations of this, but you honestly never have battles of equals like in the original Dragon Ball. In Bleach after SS1... nothing really happens, nothing really changes, no one is really interested or invested, Bleach after the 1st SS arc was just a video game where you mow down endless opponents that come out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere once they're done. Random encounters. I watched the anime, skipping the filler arcs, this is honestly the first time I've heard about the last story arc, and it's... awful. "HA HA HA I was only pretending to be retarded all along." or "It was all a dream" I don't even know if I want to watch it. I kind of feel bad for Kubo, he seriously needed a break of a month or six to get his ducks in a row. That can't happen in a weekly series, soo... yeah. I guess Bleach was doomed from the start. Such a sad fate for something that had the potential to be one of the truly greatest series of all time.

    shinrenxshinrenx3 kun oldin
  • Wow I forgot how good that initial soul society arc was it blew my mind as a wee teen

    FrankagatorFrankagator3 kun oldin
  • I appreciate the Zero Escape music lol

    George JamickGeorge Jamick3 kun oldin
  • At worst it is a big waste of time... ya, no doubt that's the boat I'm in. Didn't watch the last arc of the Fairy Tail anime, and won't be watching for Bleach either. No interest anymore. I did find that video from 4 years ago very interesting though, so I thought I'd check this out.

    HatchumoHatchumo3 kun oldin
  • It makes me sad because as I watched this video it filled me with the nostalgia of those first opening songs. That first story arch that was so compelling and how every character felt alive. And it made me realize why I cling to the show and the mobile game. Because I was looking for another story arch that was just as good. The series forever holds a special place in my heart, but every time I think about it I can't help feeling a little sad over the things I wish it was.

    SkyCraftSkyCraft3 kun oldin
  • do one on gintama

    Gintoki SakataGintoki Sakata3 kun oldin
  • bleach coming back

    Mori SenseiMori Sensei3 kun oldin
  • Bleach is Beautiful, and flawed. I think it has some of the b e s t characters ART and Charm also music in Anime. however, I do agree with many of the points presented, and carry the fantasy of what bleach couldve been. Now, looking to the future I too look forward Burn The Witch or whatever els Tite Kubo will work on to learn from its past mistakes and become one of timeless classics.

    Chaos BlowChaos Blow3 kun oldin
  • no manga spoilers skip????

    Chaos BlowChaos Blow3 kun oldin
  • I can't dispute anything you say... but I still love it.

    Reborn In RationalityReborn In Rationality3 kun oldin
  • video is great but there is just one tiny thing that bugs me. at 30:39 the powerlimitation was introduced in the karakura arc when renjy fought ichigo and was later revealed in their second battle that they are 20 percent weaker in the real word due to said limitation so this isnt much of a s t a h f i n g a problem. yeah thats it. the video is actually better than expected

    Fabian YusemFabian Yusem3 kun oldin
  • All these years and I just now realized that the Arrancar arc and the soul society arc are essentially the same thing.

    Jayson HarveyJayson Harvey3 kun oldin
  • 500.000 / 120.000.000 = 0.41, not 0.04

    Omen DivebombOmen Divebomb3 kun oldin
  • I been saying that I wanted to see more of White Ichigo's fighting style in the series.

    RasenRendanRasenRendan3 kun oldin
  • Great designs terrible writing.

    tlessmotlessmo3 kun oldin
  • I didn't like Aizen Vs Grim, it was so unsatisfying. "Im GoNnA dO tHiS fOr mY fRiEnDs" *rattles off names while slicing through whatever the fuck ability Jow uses* *Jow dies* ...okay.

    GummyGummy4 kun oldin
  • What happened when Byakuya fought against Robert, Candice, and NaNaNa? Why was it skipped?

    Daniel BaileyDaniel Bailey4 kun oldin
  • Why do all the evil strong guys are emo boys and WHY DO I FALL FOR THEM EVEN AFTER YEARS OF MY EMO PHASE!!

    aa4 kun oldin
  • Who is Bleach and did he hurt himself in the fall?

    BigBoi69 bruhBigBoi69 bruh4 kun oldin
  • Started watching this thinking, "I think I stopped right before the big showdown with Aizen... I really don't remember it." That evolved into, "Oh wait, I do have vague recollections of the Fullbringer Arc. But I'm pretty sure I never finished that one. THAT must be where I stopped." And eventually, "HANG ON, WHY DO I HAVE MEMORIES OF THE QUINCY ARC??" I never grew to hate or even really dislike Bleach. I just kind of forgot it because its repetitive nature causes it to all blur together. (That and I was too busy fuming over the direction of a certain other SJ manga at the time.) Which is a real shame as I do still quite enjoy some of the characters. Maybe I'll give the final season of the anime a go when it comes out, just to finish it off at last (because I do at least know for a fact that I never finished the manga).

    GwydionAEGwydionAE4 kun oldin
  • Interesting, I didnt watch bleach but I also not mind beeing spoilered I think there should have been a spoiler warning way earlier, not that I complain I will not watch bleach. First arc description seemed very interesting and I really liked the animation and design of their abilities... but when I saw the plot going into a similar direction (Hueco Mundo Arc/ I dont know whats called exactly) I realised thats just a typical shouenen problem. Shouenen often sacrifices a lot of plot just to justify a huge amount of action. Its like action movies, there is actually a perfect example from an action movie i saw recently, called venom. First of all I am not even an action movie or an marvel fan but I think the moive was decent and defenitly was entertaining, but if the protagonist or his "venom buddy" were only a little bit smarter they could have prevented the "last epic fight" just by tricking the oponent but if they do that, that for action fans it would be hella boring to watch and it would prevent a action scene... I think a similar problem often rises with shounen, I dont even hate on Shouenen. but I noticed that their plot standards are a lot of the time lower than in other NOT shounen anime or manga. I am also maybe to good at prediciting plot developement... that happenend to me in Hunter recently too, which I am currently watching. In short after hearing only 26 min of the anime and also a friend of mine descriping the anime and manga to me, I dont want to invest in something which drops in story innovation/quality... The only shounen which has not the most complex but consistend plot I can think of is Haikyuu at the moment (I didnt thought long, there might be some other example). Also the characters there have a way more natural power spike and dont get overpowered overnight, a conecpt that also annoys me a bit in other shounen (see bleach). I think I would enjoy shounen more when they didnt had these flaws sometimes... But I can understand the appeal of shounen espcially to the younger audience.. I mean haikyuu is also perfect for younger audience and I really like haikyuu so dont take this statement as something with a negativ konnotation to it.

    ChillerNoKillerChillerNoKiller4 kun oldin
  • It is really difficult to put my opinions on bleach into words. It was one of the few animes I watched in my early weeb years and when comparing it to the later arcs of naruto I didn't mind the starfinger moments (in my opinion they weren't as extrem. It sucks when they reveal a new power but it is worse to break a pre-established rule i.e. that star platinum doesn't have any ranged attacks). Of course, I disliked the fullbringer arc but years later I started reading the manga from the start and when I realized that there was one more arc, I was hyped to no end. With the first few chapters, it instilled a feeling of horror. The sudden cruelty somehow had a much bigger impact than anything the Arrancar/hollow had done. The realization that some people we knew and loved since the soul society arc would die and wouldn't be brought back by some magic mumbo jumbo hit hard. I'm not a fan of the final chapters but I'm honestly not sure how he could have gotten out of the writing cul de sac Kubo got himself into. Yhwach vs Ichibē Hyōsube and Yhwach vs Yamamoto were in the literal sense of the word awesome but escalated Yhwachs power too far. Nevertheless, I still loved the final arc (and these 2 fights play a big role in that)

    Welf GarkischWelf Garkisch4 kun oldin
  • I like bleach for the battles, which I think are the best in shonen. I also really liked the captains going against the arrancar but I hated all the asspulls

    Michael McGuireMichael McGuire4 kun oldin
  • On a personal level, my biggest take away from this video is that I had no idea how slept on 20th Century Boys was in Japan. I guess it makes sense, it's like expecting Charles Burns' 'Black Hole' comics or 'Love and Rockets' by Jaime Hernandez to outsell Spider-Man; unrealistic sure, but the reality is comparatively far too disappointing.

    ThingTVThingTV4 kun oldin
  • It's always encouraging to see people revisit their own work in order to address weaknesses and/or mistakes, so thank you. Bleach helped re-introduce me to anime and so I will likely return to Bleach for nostalgic reasons, now and again, but I doubt I will ever watch the whole thing through. Because it becomes boring.

    rabidfish88rabidfish884 kun oldin
  • The thing that makes me the angriest and the most disappointed in this entire video & analysis, is when he said "This gif from Indiana Jones where a magical cup melts a mans face off". IT WASN'T A MAGIC CUP JOHN IT WAS A GOD BOX, YOU HANDSOME DEVIL!

    DillholeDillhole4 kun oldin
  • So what your saying is, you ruined bleach ? 😂😂 jkjk mistakes happened just look at me I was born.

    paddy duffypaddy duffy4 kun oldin
  • "Urahara Kisuke! I Despise you! How can you submit to that thing!"...... Aizen good guy? always wondered

    cpt191021cpt1910214 kun oldin
  • yeah rewatching bleach i loved it

    cpt191021cpt1910214 kun oldin
  • i thought it was a good video bro just a little overly critical to be honest bleach was overated, wait wah? So syked for bleach return wooooohhh

    cpt191021cpt1910214 kun oldin
  • i feel like bleach would’ve been more popular if it wasn’t for its fillers, all of the arcs are amazing, honestly my favourite anime

    664 kun oldin
  • An entire hour of wolf talking about Bleach.. Sign me up please

    Parikshit RaoParikshit Rao4 kun oldin
  • Writing this here more for myself than for a comment. I like this UZworldr (sorry for not knowing a near million subscriber channel, this is the first video from this channel I’ve watched) watched Bleach right when I was graduating from high school and entering into the adult world. I related to the Soul Society ark because I felt like I was living through it in my life. This UZworldr comparing the Soul Society to the adult world made it click with me on why I loved Bleach so much. I felt like Bleach kept repeating itself after saving Rukia but stuck with it because I had related to it so much. I eventually dropped the show after Issen was defeated as that was the last lose strand I cared about and even now I think that’s were Bleach should have ended Ichigo losing his powers to defeat the ultimate bad guy of the series. After this I kinda shut Bleach out of my life and moved on. Coming back to it today via this video brought so much emotion to me. This video made me realize Bleach raised me and matured me during a period of my life. I feel like sometimes I still cling onto anime today for what it’s done for me in the past but I’m 30 years old now and I’m having a hard time finding a show that’s relevant to me to help me get through life now. I’m panged with emotion right now because I realized I had Bleach then but nothing now. Don’t get the wrong idea my life is awesome and I’m an optimist that enjoys nearly every day. I just find it hard to relate to something today like I did to Bleach back in the day and that hurts.

    Brad DyeBrad Dye4 kun oldin
  • I was obsessed with the anime at the start and absolutely riveted by the cast and story through the Soul Society arc. After that my enthusiasm slowly died until Ichigo's final fight with Ulquiorra, at which point I suddenly realized that I couldn't care less anymore. I had no investment in the characters or conflicts anymore since it all just felt like hollow filler, the opposite of how tight and weighty it felt in those early arcs. I dropped it and was never tempted back. Your video really resonated with me, so--in spite of how melancholy this all feels--thank you for elucidating why my enthusiasm died over the course of the Hueco Mundo arc!

    Ryan GRyan G4 kun oldin
  • IMHO for some weird reason the pinnacle momment of bleach was... Urahara + Yorouchi + old captains mini arc. You know, like the arc that had the least to do with Ichigo. I remember watching it late in the night and being absolutely amazed with how bleach CAN be but rarely is.

    The SaivalThe Saival4 kun oldin
  • I remember my sadness when i finally realized that bleach was just a series of asspulls and that it would never get better. the first two arcs of bleach will always stay in my heart, everything else is just disappointment.

    Daniel RochaDaniel Rocha4 kun oldin
  • From 45:47 to 53:27 are SPOILERS for the blood war arc

    Super JoshRollinsSuper JoshRollins4 kun oldin
  • Great video. I especially liked the part where you put the Gotei 13 and Arrancar arcs side by side to reinforce how they were basically copy-pasted with new names on the same old tricks. It's sad that the vampire arc from the anime put just a little more depth into Ichigo, but still couldn't keep me awake long enough to care.

    Steven DavidsonSteven Davidson4 kun oldin
  • PLEASE MR WOLF, READ MY COMMENTS... or dont if you dont want to. Hollows, that come from Hueco mundo, ya know, empty beings, from an empty place, leading empty existences... i see no problem with the Hollow world of Hollows being hollow, i feel like that's kind of the point. Hollows want to escape exactly because their world is empty to the point of madness and suffering. -I also dont agree about the shikais and bankais being 'revealed' being a deus ex machina, specially with people we knew had them already, we just never saw their use- Also also, the stakes in the last fight with Aizen are more internal. Ichigo knows that, if he ends up having to deploy the ultimate technique, that will eat away his paranormal power. Not having that power means being isolated from his friends, both humans and shinigamis, since the humans all have some ability and the shinigamis will not even be visible to him anymore. Maybe the failure of the fight is not the lack of stakes but the lack of adressing those stakes, because in that moment, Aizen is the eminent threat, but what comes after, the consequences of squashing that threat, are more relevant to Ichigo as a character. Losing the ability to see and interact with spirits takes away a big part of who he is, who he always was, even before Rukia came to him. He saves everyone, but in a sense, he loses them all. He is content with that, because they survive and are living their lives, but that costs him. -i swear, i'll stop editing this comment now.-

    Ivy is DeadIvy is Dead4 kun oldin
  • You make the best content on youtube, no pressure lol

    Edward JohnsonEdward Johnson4 kun oldin
  • Damn, Yall got emotional over tide pods

    Milkman AssassinMilkman Assassin4 kun oldin
  • i cant judge the manga, BUT, as the anime is concearned, the only big problems i had with it were how they interrupted the Aizen's war/invasion arc way too frequently and in major moments, making the pace of that arc get slowed down to a screeching hault everytime (i do like the storys of the filler arcs tho) and the Fullbring arc felt boring, redundant and the coolest part of it, Ichigo seeing his friends again, was like, 5 minutes before the anime ended, and that was that. I've rewatched ita few years ago and it filled me with love, nostalgia and this heart ache, that those good times will never come back. I dont care how flawed it is, in it's substance, it gave me more than any other of the same style of anime i've ever watched, it sits confortably in my top 10s, along side stuff i grew up with, like Saint Seya and Sailor Moon, my teenage love of Death Note, the heartbreak of Fullmetal Alchemist's ending and even more 'recent' stuff like Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan.

    Ivy is DeadIvy is Dead4 kun oldin
  • When the final chapter was released on mangastream, the date shown for it was 8/18/16 rather than 8/22/16.

    Daniel BaileyDaniel Bailey4 kun oldin