The ESSENTIAL Guide To Being RON F**** SWANSON | Parks and Recreation | Comedy Bites

30-Sen, 2020
76 787 Ko‘rishlar soni

What Man, Woman or Child wouldn't aspire to being Ron Swanson? When he eats it's the food that is afraid.
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  • Ron ███████ Swanson

    Lety VasquezLety Vasquez3 kun oldin
  • I wish my dad was Ron Swanson

    L CL C11 kun oldin
  • Dear everyone who disliked You are the equivalent of snails in the animal kingdom and the reason this species is failing as a whole End of truthful speech

    Darth VaderDarth Vader13 kun oldin
  • Ron Swanson a.k.a. Nick Offerman - That Lucky Duck Actor Gets To Say All The Things A-lot Of Men Wish They Could Say But Can't Get Away With . . .

    The WatcherThe Watcher14 kun oldin
  • The scene with the spinning chair and the old lady will always hold a special place in my heart😂😂

    Oreng KOreng K15 kun oldin
  • Teacher: "Marriage is a glorified form of slavery." Ron: Amen MGTOW: *AMEN*

    Tim BuktuTim Buktu16 kun oldin
  • Why can’t I watch this show on my Netflix????

    Doubtful BreadDoubtful Bread16 kun oldin
  • It would be amazing if Ron and jack Donaghy from 30rock

    Gavin SpringerGavin Springer16 kun oldin
  • The sign said don't drink the sprinkler water, so I ignored it and drank right from it because why follow rules and signs? It's just a metal rectangle. Doesn't mean anything

    Alex MurphyAlex Murphy16 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 exactly 😃 I would've done the same thing as Ron

      Ariel BanksAriel Banks16 kun oldin
  • Food and stuff looks like a great store, kill 2 birds with one stone.

    talon 86 Blaketalon 86 Blake17 kun oldin
  • Thats why i go to traders joe instead of the zoo 😂😂

    jason sanchezjason sanchez17 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised he gave so much information about his home with his comment about Food and stuff being equidistant from his home and work

    Movie HermitMovie Hermit17 kun oldin
    • What an outstanding point, a rare mistake from Ronald Ulysses Swanson

      The Cole Davidson ShowThe Cole Davidson Show15 kun oldin
  • put this show back on Netflix

    Caden ChaseCaden Chase17 kun oldin
  • Who else is here after they took this show off a Netflix?

    Naturally DistinctiveNaturally Distinctive17 kun oldin
    • @AestheticSloth Spasiba soldat

      Naturally DistinctiveNaturally Distinctive17 kun oldin
    • Its on Peacock for free, comrade

      AestheticSlothAestheticSloth17 kun oldin
  • Someday or heck probably today...this man will be a tall tale hero.

    Mister GioMister Gio17 kun oldin
  • The dislikes are from freakin’ vegans

    Lamia MLamia M17 kun oldin
  • Jesus is King. Put your trust in Him, establish a personal relationship with Him, forsake your sins and seek His forgiveness. For His yoke is light and He provides peace even in the worst situations. This life will never satisfy you, material items cannot keep you happy, but Gods love will give you meaning. God bless you and be safe...

    Brett FeltonBrett Felton18 kun oldin
  • I wish to one day be like Ron Swanson.

    Will StortsWill Storts18 kun oldin
  • you know what? maybe hes right, i am too considderate, i should call people other names because i dont remember them yet, they should in fact act in such a way that they will be remembered by me, or something like that...

    Sebastian WardanaSebastian Wardana18 kun oldin
  • i laugh at the round desk situation, but really, the women shouldnt have drank that water and he is right in ignoring her plight...

    Sebastian WardanaSebastian Wardana18 kun oldin
  • 7:41 Freya from GOD OF WAR

    Yeamin SiddiqiYeamin Siddiqi18 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe that Parks and Rec is off of Netflix.

    MilkManPlayzPS4MilkManPlayzPS418 kun oldin
    • that's one reason why I cancelled Netflix. What's left is total garbage.

      kateri17kateri178 kun oldin

      ViperBreath GamingViperBreath Gaming13 kun oldin
    • Also now tv

      Louise VoelkinLouise Voelkin17 kun oldin
    • Toolshed76 also peacock

      MilkManPlayzPS4MilkManPlayzPS417 kun oldin
    • It's on Prime Video now 😁

      Toolshed76Toolshed7617 kun oldin
  • “Okay everyone SHUT UP and look at me!” Lmfao!!! 😂

    PhazeFluxPhazeFlux18 kun oldin
  • I want an uncle like Ron.

    Jwen7836Jwen783618 kun oldin
  • Haha when I eat it is the foot that is scared that had me dying

    Maddie 4803Maddie 480318 kun oldin
  • Man, there's a lot of Meme content in this single video.

    Tharakaram DD 6049Tharakaram DD 604918 kun oldin
  • 03:00 Cry laugh every time

    Katharine BlowersKatharine Blowers18 kun oldin
  • I don’t know what was more scared the school bus that hit him or the paunch burgers he devours

    Aaron WibbenmeyerAaron Wibbenmeyer18 kun oldin
  • Those who dislike this are communists

    Aaron WibbenmeyerAaron Wibbenmeyer18 kun oldin
  • Ron Dun disliked this video

    SpongeySpoonSpongeySpoon18 kun oldin
  • nick offerman rules that is all

    stylesectionstylesection18 kun oldin
  • Why Ron & Diane belong together is simple; they both shop at Food & Stuff for all of their food and most of their stuff.

    Kevin GomolchakKevin Gomolchak18 kun oldin
  • I don’t know if he smart or dumb or like Homer Simpson but with sprinkles of smartish but feel like he lazy most of the times

    Nathanael PinedaNathanael Pineda18 kun oldin
    • Lazy for the government, all out for everything he believes in

      AestheticSlothAestheticSloth17 kun oldin
  • one word: icon✨

    lol betchlol betch18 kun oldin
  • He is right.

    BazerkBazerk18 kun oldin
  • I like saying no. It lowers their enthusiasm.

    Cal MaloneCal Malone19 kun oldin
  • Who the fudge disliked this vid?....

    Maha BamaaroufMaha Bamaarouf19 kun oldin
  • The worst part is the speech he gave 2 that 1st grader is like 99% accurate

    Nadia RichyNadia Richy19 kun oldin
    • 99%? That is insultingly low.

      The-Anh PhamThe-Anh Pham17 kun oldin
  • Shhhh....look at that thing. ...nature is amazing.

    Tom LewisTom Lewis19 kun oldin
  • "Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desert. Be ice cream or be nothing " End of comment

    LongBeachWerewolfLongBeachWerewolf19 kun oldin
  • "I live the way I live, I eat the way I eat, and I'll die the way I'll die." -Ron Swanson Truly beautiful.

    Samuel TiemanSamuel Tieman19 kun oldin
    • Samuel Tieman, that need to be a quote people don’t dismiss because it is said by a fictional character.

      The-Anh PhamThe-Anh Pham17 kun oldin
    • That needs to be on a tombstone.

      BazerkBazerk18 kun oldin
  • Ron: "In my experience wedding presents are nothing more than kindling on the divorce bonfire" Words from a wise man 😄😄

    Arun ThiagarajanArun Thiagarajan19 kun oldin
  • I was waiting for this to simply say “Be a man.”

    Darth TaterDarth Tater19 kun oldin
    • Darth Tater same here

      Alexandra MargaretAlexandra Margaret17 kun oldin
    • Alexandra Margaret that could’ve been the entire video and I would’ve been satisfied

      Darth TaterDarth Tater17 kun oldin
    • So was i

      Alexandra MargaretAlexandra Margaret17 kun oldin
  • a

    Lucas ChaoLucas Chao19 kun oldin
  • Cause of Ron Swanson whenever i pick up meat i give it a slap before buying it, and i'm proud of it.

    KaptsonKaptson19 kun oldin
    • I do that every time too. Please and thank you.

      MyLuckyZippoMyLuckyZippo19 kun oldin
  • I was thinking of becoming *the* Swanson... Why is this so conveniently perfect timed? Is this a privacy violation?

    Bart AllenBart Allen19 kun oldin
    • @John Barber sure I'll change it

      Bart AllenBart Allen18 kun oldin
  • Ron: When I eat, it is the food that is scared. Also Ron: I have voided more than Tom's body weight in the last 24 hours alone, because of a stupid mini calzone.

    AkshayAkshay19 kun oldin
  • Bruh parks and rec is getting taken off of Netflix oct 1 😪

    p9tiencep9tience19 kun oldin
    • Sadness

      Henry CollinsHenry Collins9 kun oldin
    • @Laura Anne ik😪

      p9tiencep9tience18 kun oldin

      Laura AnneLaura Anne18 kun oldin
  • 8:09 Satisfied

    John EJohn E19 kun oldin
  • Ah yes, 0 dislikes, this is what we like to see

    Sky WSky W19 kun oldin
    • *2

      drdr19 kun oldin
  • foot en stuff

    Claude The BOOFClaude The BOOF19 kun oldin
  • Season 3 & 4 ron was the best Ron.

    Anant RamanAnant Raman19 kun oldin
  • Dwight and Ron, working togheter in the National Park in a crossover.. is my purest dream

    Hafyr Rocha GMHafyr Rocha GM19 kun oldin
    • Ron would get sick that Dwight talking about his farm and his beets

      Gavin SpringerGavin Springer16 kun oldin
    • I would've said wetest

      A PA P19 kun oldin
  • "Why Government Matters." 😂

    Brown Gone1Brown Gone119 kun oldin
    • It doesn’t

      Alexandra MargaretAlexandra Margaret17 kun oldin
    • "Well said." ~Ron Swanson.

      Krypton AvengerKrypton Avenger19 kun oldin
    • It dosent

      Blue ManBlue Man19 kun oldin
  • Nice

    Milind SinghMilind Singh19 kun oldin
  • Bacon=Meat candy

    PaNDaSNiP3RPaNDaSNiP3R19 kun oldin
    • Bacon = meat candy But Meat candy = not good visual

      The-Anh PhamThe-Anh Pham17 kun oldin
    • Yes

      Hairpair 84Hairpair 8419 kun oldin