The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show 1-5-2021

5-Yan, 2021
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  • Boy was zo wrong drama was around the corner

  • I'm w/Zo settle this face to face not on the internet. Corey is wrong for this. Dee has never said anything about being w/a women.

    Renee ColgateRenee ColgateKun oldin
  • Same reason you love the show is the same thing that will make you hate the show

    Leaf BuckLeaf BuckKun oldin
  • 39:48 mark......we can see whats coming the next show.

    TTSantiago821TTSantiago8213 kun oldin
  • The prequel to what blew up with him and zo.....smh

    TTSantiago821TTSantiago8213 kun oldin
  • I was dead wrong. Corey didn't do anything wrong. He gave them back what he does but they couldn't handle it. He admitted he apologized on air and called Grady. Y'all almost had me defending f@ck sh@t with the crew.

    David RobinsonDavid Robinson5 kun oldin
  • I judged too soon. This was not Corey fault as far ast the Zo and Corey altercation. If anything Corey did admit what he did with Barkley and Smith and admitted he was scared. Zo went hard on calling Corey out and kept calling him scared and saying he embarrassed 5150. Yet he fought Aries claiming because he wasn't a comedian and couldn't take Aries jokes and ignorance but kept going in on Corey. Corey a comedian. Zo got what he asked for. He really went in after Corey put Grady on blast. Zo in front of Corey audience calling him out hard but tucked tail when Corey threw it back. Grady and Zo went in on Corey, yet Corey the only one that still was cool with Grady and Zo after they put Corey on blast but Zo and Grady in they feelings when Corey do it back. Him playing old video of them lying is understandable. Don't sit here like you the man and all righteous when skeletons in your closest and you get called out.

    David RobinsonDavid Robinson5 kun oldin
  • Who remembers the good ol days

    Geb NuttGeb Nutt5 kun oldin
  • Shit you know what.... Corey is smart. He knows what’s happening.

    Ay SalAy Sal6 kun oldin
  • Corey is Cartman from Southpark. Cartman is my favourite character.... but Cartman is a character, while Corey is REAL!

    Ay SalAy Sal6 kun oldin
  • “I forgot he was that big” I’m 😂

    Al-Jus FightitoffAl-Jus Fightitoff7 kun oldin
  • Craig is a different kind of funny. I appreciate his presence. He has a good show of his own.

    Al-Jus FightitoffAl-Jus Fightitoff7 kun oldin
  • Looking at the comments I don’t know what people watch this show for. Corey’s exactly who he has always been and he’s calling the bullshit out.

    Al-Jus FightitoffAl-Jus Fightitoff7 kun oldin
  • Yo! This shit started off right! Corey’s gonna call it!

    Al-Jus FightitoffAl-Jus Fightitoff7 kun oldin
  • chuck norris would tell you bruce was the goat for real. he trained to fight for real that's why he never was in rings. in a ring there are rules. bruce created the form that birthed mma. put some respec on his name.

    Nikisha BibbinsNikisha Bibbins7 kun oldin
  • at the beginning of the show corey is admitting to being a hypocrite at times. a week later zo is accusing him of not owning up to being a hypocrite. but everybody thinks Malcolm King Farrakhan can do no wrong.

    Nikisha BibbinsNikisha Bibbins7 kun oldin
  • Kraig, King Henry was not white

    F. W.F. W.8 kun oldin
  • Cory is a sucka

    Chaz HamptonChaz Hampton8 kun oldin
  • Nate said “that second Pip behind Gladys....I don’t fuck wit all the Pips!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mister GritzMister Gritz8 kun oldin
  • 4:37 Only a ghetto show would do some stuff like this (see left top screen). LOL

    noneofyour damnbusinessnoneofyour damnbusiness8 kun oldin
  • Corey should say bump it and get a therapy reality tv show... it'd do numbers but he needs help as we all mature

    Dr Mike SmithDr Mike Smith8 kun oldin
  • What about Pierre situation (the comic). Corey said Pierre was a bitch for doing the same shit he did to Grady. Corey is a hypocrite!!!

    Mayo's Money Madness: MMMMayo's Money Madness: MMM9 kun oldin
  • This Nigga Corey Got alot HoAssNess in Em

    THE BROTHE BRO9 kun oldin
  • I knew a guy that always warned people to not fight him because of "what he might do".. he not here no more.

    Patrick GroganPatrick Grogan9 kun oldin
  • Maybe Corey's old lady left cause he lied to her. Corey lies like EVERY other Man when it comes to Women.

    sharon johnsonsharon johnson10 kun oldin
  • Watch what you say or do to genuine people, Karma don't miss a soul.

    SugarCrispSugarCrisp10 kun oldin
  • "F*** Jesus Christ!" and "i aint talkin about that shit they taught yall when they brought yall/ us here!" (which is a lie, Christianity is an AFRICAN Religion and started IN Africa, thousands of years before any white person stepped foot in Africa), but see......look at what happened ONE week after Corey said this, him and Zoe get into that conflict and Corey further exposes his dysfunction and how lost he is, and further destroying his brand and his show. Now Zo probably will never come back after that (and the way Corey spoke on there, Zo better NOT ever come back, or Zo will look crazy- which is another terrible thing, you should NEVER put a loved one in a position where you did something to them so bad that they they're FORCED to part ways with you and have other option than to do so- That's the position Zo is now in. I stopped watching (and loving) Corey and this show, years ago, for this very reason (Coreys Anti-Jesus/ SATANIC beliefs, ideologies and heart), and i'm zero% surprised to see how things are unfolding now. That's just how it goes when you're against God and Jesus (and if Corey claims to believe in God...but hates Jesus, then the God he's believing in, following and communicating with is NOT the one and only God/ CREATOR of all things, but Satan and/ or 1 of satan's workers/ demons/ etc. That's how it works. Either you're with the REAL God, or you're with satan (whether you know it or consciously choose it or not).

    Dr. SurrealDr. Surreal10 kun oldin
  • Man you and Zo need to Squash that bullshit

    Otis OrmondOtis Ormond10 kun oldin
  • Kraig just made me realize Bruce Lee is the Rocky Balboa of Asian peoples...

    Comedian Mo GreenComedian Mo Green10 kun oldin
  • This 5150 crew is the best crew ever! I laughed from start to finish.

    J. K. P.J. K. P.10 kun oldin
  • Well the lesson here is.... You learn things better backwards... The cost for becoming a brand.

    Archie LeeArchie Lee11 kun oldin
  • Corey just a mark that’s from a city wit a notorious reputation and think I’m from Chicago means he not a mark niggas it’s marks from everywhere

    Coon HauerCoon Hauer11 kun oldin
  • Told yall i took a year off from this show because Corey is socially destructive. He always goes at it wit Dee which is whatever, but the way he played Zo? Could never come back from that

    O.J PimpsonO.J Pimpson11 kun oldin
  • He doesn’t even notice that he is the problem which is sad. You have problems with a lot of people you run through them yearly and you never find fault with yourself. Take a break and do some self reflection Corey. You showed some bish tendacies tonight.

    Pro_Moves84Pro_Moves8411 kun oldin
  • Kraig...”where the fuck is your mask”. You look like one of those Trump supporters!!! Dee gets a pass bc she’s “Fine as a mug”

    David WalkerDavid Walker12 kun oldin
  • Corey a punk. Good at talking. That's why Zo punked his ass. Kept saying he ain't Aries to Zo. Lol! Zo: So what that mean?

    Steven OuttenSteven Outten12 kun oldin
  • Bruce Lee have had real fights

  • I hope the show gets back to regular topics. I really get tired of "has dee been with women", "church", "Grady", "SAS", ETC. Just get back to making people laugh and giving up good game.

    GeechiXSuedeGeechiXSuede12 kun oldin
  • Let's be real....even before Covid...Corey stock been dropping....venues getting smaller, Twitter suspended, IG ain't hot....dude was bound to implode and it's happening right in front of our eyes

    MannyTwiceMannyTwice12 kun oldin
  • Corey if you ever wanted to run people off that have love for you than you are a master of it. Ive been a fan threw thick and thin but im starting to get at whits end. Its ok every once and a while to poke at people to get a rise out-of them but you come off like a bully at times. I figure its your defense mechanism but unless its something I know that's happening behind the scene with you, Dee or Zo you Wilding out on those that got your back. You all but called Zo a coward and threw all of that he still talk to you with sense just for you to test a person. What to prove you smarter than everybody in the room but at what cost. Zo check you on it too that you can be right but out of alignment. If you want to be alone you will get what you want but you can't be like Rick James and say nobody try to show love and pull your coat tail and say hey you Wilding out on family what you doing. Be tbe bigger person because with Grady you are apologizing and disses him at the same time. You have woke up a lot of people but you can't leave your pass behind you are a man so you will do what you want even at harm to yourself.

    MrVernonjenkinsMrVernonjenkins12 kun oldin
  • Coming back to finish this episode after his beef with Zo this week.

    JourneyFrom TheRootsJourneyFrom TheRoots12 kun oldin
  • If Corey would have to Zo hat off it would have been on🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kenneth McCoyKenneth McCoy13 kun oldin
  • That grady situation sound like click sht

    Dwayne WhiteDwayne White13 kun oldin
  • 23:20 😂😂😂😂😂✊🏾... luv that shit... man said he got shook n found another lounge

    PNut PizzlePNut Pizzle13 kun oldin
  • Dee Was Ice-T Girl When She Was A Baby.

    BALL 4our FamBALL 4our Fam13 kun oldin
  • Good to see Nate 5150 family squash shit! Here after the Zo vs Corey show. Hopefully we get a moment like this in the future

    JJHcarsJJHcars13 kun oldin
  • That conversation was aggressive it needed to happen. I can careless How things went between ZO AND COREY. "How Can two walk together, except they be in agreement" Amos 3:3 If they have different perspectives and beliefs on a situation or story. LET IT OUT! If they separate or squash it so be it. THIS AINT NO SOAP OPERA TALK SHOW LOL.

    TO OSTO OS13 kun oldin
  • Why can't he keep Grady name out of his damn mouth.

    Antony HansonAntony Hanson13 kun oldin
  • Corey better step up tonight when it comes to the capitol mess. Stephen A has.....

    Brett ShepherdBrett Shepherd13 kun oldin
    • he's a comedian not a news analyst.

      QQ13 kun oldin
  • 37:16

    Go CPNGGo CPNG13 kun oldin
  • How Many People Bang With Charles Barkley's Sneaks?

    Go CPNGGo CPNG13 kun oldin
  • Living Off The Land A Making A Profit Is The New Norm For Black People

    Go CPNGGo CPNG13 kun oldin
  • It took me a whole week to watch this show it was fiya had me laughing

    Kareem tKareem t13 kun oldin
  • It pains me to say but over the last year and some change I’m starting to see Corey for the sucka that he is

    Elvee SureElvee Sure13 kun oldin
  • it's a week later and im just finishing last week show... this show was funny as hell

    Leo GeniusLeo Genius13 kun oldin
  • I need that beat

    Joseph BealsJoseph Beals14 kun oldin
  • Exactly what Zo said....took the words right outta my mouth...if Corey ain’t ready to go at with these people....maybe he needs to stop talking shit about em!

    E ME M14 kun oldin
  • Zo been on bs

    Ekg199Ekg19914 kun oldin
  • Corey was jealous of nate

    Lavel BrownLavel Brown14 kun oldin
  • Grady = That’s a Cap 🧢

    Parker Photography & VideoParker Photography & Video14 kun oldin
  • Corey talking in massive circles.

    Mad VillainMad Villain14 kun oldin
  • Yooo the dude in the corner 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t!

    Sel DSel D14 kun oldin
  • Get Tony Baker on Corey!!

    Dom MooreDom Moore14 kun oldin
  • Be Quiet Dee! ....bwhahahaha

    Darth NastyDarth Nasty14 kun oldin
  • Craig comments on everything Corey says except when Stephen A subject comes up!

    E BarberE Barber14 kun oldin
  • These fools got me running around yelling GAWD!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    Mitch Dawg YoungMitch Dawg Young14 kun oldin
  • Welcome back Nate

    Tony JonesTony Jones15 kun oldin
  • Corey Holcomb nuts!

    Jeremy DunnJeremy Dunn15 kun oldin
  • Its funny how many niggas watch the show every week just to hate in the comments, 🤣if dude so bad why keep watching?

    D PizzleD Pizzle15 kun oldin
    • 🤷🏽‍♂️ I want to know too.

      Terrance Prescott BarnesTerrance Prescott Barnes14 kun oldin
  • Bruh i fuck with corey but that was soft asf showing that video of grady knowing he got an ole lady at home thats what women do my dawg.

    D DavisD Davis15 kun oldin
  • They need to remind Corey on how he was mad at his ex wife for taking a pic with Stephen A.

    Kool Moe KeemKool Moe Keem15 kun oldin
  • Welcome Back Nate ✌🏾😎👍🏾

    Scamp DieselScamp Diesel15 kun oldin
  • 14:53 be quiet dee lmao

    broken solacebroken solace15 kun oldin
  • Kraig with that "GAWD" 😂😂 i wait for him to say that every time i watch him 😂😂😂😂 GAWG GAWD GAWD.... GAWWWD!!!

    Slimbo SliceSlimbo Slice15 kun oldin
  • 55:59 to get away from Charles lol They fucking u up

    Marcus JacksonMarcus Jackson15 kun oldin
  • Lmao

    Marcus JacksonMarcus Jackson15 kun oldin
  • 45:36 Lmaaao....."....and then u had some chicken in ya hand" ahhhhhhhh lok im dead.....dont tell me corey started off with beef .....and ended up wit chicken lol

    Marcus JacksonMarcus Jackson16 kun oldin
  • Did anyone notice how happy and giddy Corey gets when he sh*ts on one of his friends and how depressed he acts when he apologizes and squashes a beef? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Just sayin. Kinda brings the whole beef with uncle Bobby into greater perspective.

    S1 DubbzzS1 Dubbzz16 kun oldin
  • Corey hasn't been right since he and wifey divorced.

    • @Dr Mike Smith I totally agree I myself use to watch this show faithfully..

      john walkerjohn walker8 kun oldin
    • walker I'd consider myself a fan...his rawness is what I love about Corey....his lack of growth over the years made me no longer find time to watch religiously about a year definitely coincided with his personal issues that trickled out w his wife

      Dr Mike SmithDr Mike Smith8 kun oldin
    • @Dr Mike Smith wow its a lot going behind the scenes

      john walkerjohn walker8 kun oldin
    • @john walker couple years ago

      Dr Mike SmithDr Mike Smith8 kun oldin
    • When was this ?

      john walkerjohn walker11 kun oldin
  • Corey please give Marcus poor ass a black shirt, so we don’t have to see his country ass arm pits sweating the whole show.

    Gil BellGil Bell16 kun oldin
  • Said grady on the fake GD side of the game 😭🤣

    702pow702pow16 kun oldin
    • They are over 50 so who the hell cares about some stupid GD nonsense. Just tell jokes and make us laugh....period.

      S1 DubbzzS1 Dubbzz16 kun oldin
  • Bring back the old format. The drama too much to watch

  • This whole time I thought there was an issue with Nate n Grady when there’s was nothing...Corey was the one saying that false ass shit

    Elvee SureElvee Sure16 kun oldin
  • Cory let Steven a Smith punk him. This nigga always got a clean up .

    Jack Double UJack Double U16 kun oldin
  • I honestly believe Corey only had maybe two scraps in his life

    Elvee SureElvee Sure16 kun oldin
  • Cory didn't make it to the club because he talk to much shit . He scared some real niggas who would test him would be there.

    Jack Double UJack Double U16 kun oldin
  • Cory a sucka Self sabotage nigga!

    Jack Double UJack Double U16 kun oldin
  • You can’t believe ANYTHING on the internet... (including 5150)

    Ndacut 82Ndacut 8216 kun oldin
  • The loudest one in the room .....y’all know the rest.

    MurdokMurdok16 kun oldin
  • Corey drop the album this yr GOD!!!!

    Mr. 681Mr. 68116 kun oldin
  • Corey is doing way too much now with the exposing other comics. Fuck them and do you.

    Hardworkin THardworkin T16 kun oldin
  • Damn corey still on that shit?

    derekj773derekj77317 kun oldin
  • That “I ain’t got the time for it” song is a cut

    CT ReidCT Reid17 kun oldin
  • no tengo tiempo

    Sonny BRSonny BR17 kun oldin
  • Damm i thought 2020 was dee last year... And like how she pretended like she didnt hear that mexican loose talk comment..

    Bad seed ent. VeintasBad seed ent. Veintas17 kun oldin
  • If that’s ya boy you don’t air out his Biz ON-AIR,that’s moist behavior,Corey been in the game long enough to know that ain’t G

    Bird MaticBird Matic17 kun oldin
  • Grady from Flossmoor?

    Chef TeddiBoChef TeddiBo17 kun oldin
    • @S1 Dubbzz ok is he from flossmoor though? nothing wrong with being from flossmoor

      Chef TeddiBoChef TeddiBo11 kun oldin
    • Don't care if he is from Jupiter. As long as he can make his audience laugh we could give a damn. Over 50 year old men doing this sort gossipy back and forth is pathetic.

      S1 DubbzzS1 Dubbzz16 kun oldin
  • thats y freeze left cuz corey tried that "did u cheat on your wife" shit wit him freeze was hot and he left after that. now that i c how corey did grady yea i get it corey is a gossiping woman

    Walker WayWalker Way17 kun oldin
    • @Kool Moe Keem what show was that

      thatkenyanniggathatkenyannigga6 kun oldin
    • @Vic Larosa yea like every year

      Kool Moe KeemKool Moe Keem13 kun oldin
    • @Kool Moe Keem You notice Dee lied about leaving the show? Shte said it was her last year

      Vic LarosaVic Larosa13 kun oldin
    • He left after Corey said something about his cousin Dr. Joy Degruy

      Kool Moe KeemKool Moe Keem14 kun oldin
  • if i was grady i would go up to 5150 and beat a skin tag off corey sloppy ass

    Walker WayWalker Way17 kun oldin
  • Gawd!!

    Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson17 kun oldin