The Corey Holcomb 5150 Live 09.29.2020

29-Sen, 2020
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  • Rizza was tippity tap dancin' on this one , sheesh.

    maat sankaramaat sankara7 soat oldin
  • 1:08:15

    John DoeJohn Doe4 kun oldin
  • The truth hurt!

    johnny twilliejohnny twillie6 kun oldin
  • Bippty Bopptty Boo 51 10s 11es7 e1750 nic notice if the blac men dosent sell out he is either on the bottom or illed bm with sill do not have job or infracture Bri chief ​Wilt Chamberlain pulled a Ice Cube with Nixon and got roasted by the Black community. ​I hope ya'll saw Alicia Garza trying to go in on Ice Cube s5,,41 ,109e8,1s650,,1e650,,140e0,,, s11 ,,,ss4 themia ebonytheblessedone ,nyaruonkoang,pinkbeso,richgurltira,vitaamariee,,alexis brejay,,elleenjoli,,,prettyp9019

    RCH 32RCH 327 kun oldin
  • The quality of this video is terrible asl like come on y’all smh

    gwood316gwood3167 kun oldin
  • This is 1 of the best shows from 5150 in a while for the simple fact I could hear everyone. No excessive yelling and talking over each other!

    seeeyeseeeye7 kun oldin
  • 27:15 Corey said something untrue. A L.E.O. who does the right thing will not be fired. They mat be ostracized and their job will be harder but they wont be fired. Which in my opinion makes it worse that "good cops" wont stand up. It proves they are ok with whats going on.

    seeeyeseeeye7 kun oldin
  • He said fuck these motherfuckas outta existence 😂😂😂

    MANSA MusaMANSA Musa9 kun oldin
  • Damn niggas low key aint have the same energy wit Shaq as chuck smh y’all can be bought to clearly if a dent in yo pocket will shut you up you are being bought period

    FirstFirst12 kun oldin
  • Real talk. I just went thru that shit with my neighbor. Even after I told him I hate neighbors because I dont feel obligated to talk to u just because your there. He can't fuckin stand it. Facts!!

    Atomic DawgAtomic Dawg13 kun oldin
  • Tiger married his caddy nanny/Maid!

    Neo the oneNeo the one13 kun oldin
  • I hate corey man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 He said she look like the Big Unit tho Randy Johnson

    Stunt ManStunt Man13 kun oldin
  • Corey dressed as deadpool stepfather Deadweight

    DuncanDuncan13 kun oldin
  • I’m glad corey gave Kraig a shot cuz Im definitely ditching 5150 for kraig facts

    Eagleman MediaEagleman Media13 kun oldin
  • Riza is never comming back. This show was Daaaark

    Thomas LeckyThomas Lecky13 kun oldin
  • Why is Rizza always fast talking? He be on this the black man down shit! Fuck all that take what tf you want! It’s not about the white man no more! That shit sound crazy! Idgaf who in your way destroy them color is not an option! Black people don’t even have any demands to bring to the so called white man! Foh! When we get our shit together they have to respect it! Tf!

    Hey NikkiHey Nikki15 kun oldin
  • Yea that something different thing pushed alotta dudes to Latinas in nyc

    ChuNk NorrisChuNk Norris16 kun oldin
  • The Purged Part...Yup

    Go CPNGGo CPNG17 kun oldin
  • I Love Us...Everybody Coming In Late But Right On Time ...Like Angela Bassett In That Movie When She Sung On The Church Choir...

    Go CPNGGo CPNG17 kun oldin
  • Riot Every Time

    Go CPNGGo CPNG17 kun oldin
  • 1:19:45 ACEBOONKUN!!!!! 51/50 ATLANTA

    Aceboonkun AceboonkunAceboonkun Aceboonkun18 kun oldin
  • These niggas is so outta touch 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Bomb hills Not countriesBomb hills Not countries18 kun oldin
  • This nigga on cashapp a straight bum He real life praying to get paid off charity mistakes . Is that worse than just lying for charity???

    FullClip GamingFullClip Gaming18 kun oldin
  • I couldn't finish cause the gum chewing damn

    Marlon WhoMarlon Who18 kun oldin
  • Man how u late on UZworld video? This is a real nigga 😂😂😂

    QP FrmcleQP Frmcle18 kun oldin
  • White woman don't need to identify with me on shit......I just want some WAP!!!

    Mr. Balls JanglesMr. Balls Jangles19 kun oldin
  • 🙌🏾👏🏾🤲🏿👍🏿Everything Rizza said abt BLACK PPL & WOMEN 💪🏾🖤 🎯🥰😍😘🤸🏾‍♂️🤸🏾‍♀️💎

    Ms. MessinaMs. Messina19 kun oldin
  • I'm with Corey 1000 percent ladies and gentlemen please pic a guy/woman who is about something n u can count on who hasn't shown u bs from day 1 I always stayed away from the cancerous type not for me n people always show u who they are u jus gotta stop ignoring signs n talking to he or she cause they got money or can do something for them the like thats your legacy n do u really want to deal with that person for 18 yrs I kno i dnt

    Tiyale WhitehurstTiyale Whitehurst19 kun oldin
  • I know rizza mad uncomfortable

    nomad Barkanomad Barka19 kun oldin
  • Don't forget we all saw Charles cross over when he kissed that old referee at the all-star game on national TV.

    TJ SwannTJ Swann19 kun oldin
  • Corey claims they don’t know the facts when he actually doesn’t. He , like most are going off hearsay and lies on that case. Read the police report. They were there to bust her because she wanted to be Miss Trap Queen. The major victim is “her boyfriend” or the dude she currently was fucking because her real dude(the drug dealer) was in jail. He had know idea of white shawty was into. In one statement, he said she shot at the cops. Then he stated he did it. Ahmaud-murdered trying to defend himself(racial) George-Drug Overdose(non-racial) Breonna-caught in the line of fire after her boyfriend shot at the police. (Non-racial) None of the case are the same.

    SouthEast DustySouthEast Dusty19 kun oldin
  • Everytime I hear that "come in all shapes and colors" shit from black people especially pro blacks i can't take em seriously

    YoungLG2KYoungLG2K19 kun oldin
  • Rizza so pro black it's almost gay

    swampboy Drayswampboy Dray19 kun oldin
  • LOL. What the hell. Yall can't even put titles on the damn videos. LOL. every video says the same. How the hell do i know i'm even interested. Not wasting time, watching half a video, to later find out, i'm not even interested in hearing that...Wonder how many more people see it the same man...

    LonewalkerLonewalker19 kun oldin
  • IDk... rizza kinda brings the show down

    Brett ShepherdBrett Shepherd19 kun oldin
  • “We gotta fuck these mfs outta existence” lmao 😂

    Shad GotEmShad GotEm20 kun oldin
  • OBoi on Point.

    Azaria ZRAzaria ZR20 kun oldin
  • great topic

    Rayquon ElliottRayquon Elliott20 kun oldin
  • Man I really wish Corey would’ve let them talk that vaccine conversation out they were flowing! You have to let those talks go on and get to the bullshit later

    Cortez G.Cortez G.20 kun oldin
  • We BEEN knew about Barkley but no one should be shocked about Shaq. The Papa John's s**t should let you know where he stands

    662chillin662chillin20 kun oldin
  • The struggle bringers😂🤣😅

    Sultan MuhammadSultan Muhammad20 kun oldin
  • The fact that Brother Rizza Islam can deal with them as a Muslim and still communicate with intelligence and veing down to earth...he is a Real Nigga and I really appreciate seeing him in this light!!!

    Allen W.Allen W.20 kun oldin
  • Alot of women choose to ruin their lives and fvck with those type dudes then play victim at the end lol...they arent victims they are participants

    Ed Tha UnchosenEd Tha Unchosen20 kun oldin
  • She a real nigga in the face! 😝

    greenempress1greenempress121 kun oldin
  • Maybe I'm confused..😒ain't corey talking about himself and Stephen A ??? @2:03:54 that's exactly what he did when Stephen A pulled up on him..

    702pow702pow21 kun oldin
  • Breonna was in her bed how personal can you get.

    KENDRA G.KENDRA G.21 kun oldin
  • This whole show was bullshit

    Bomb hills Not countriesBomb hills Not countries21 kun oldin
  • Rizza is not who you think he is..... something ain't right about dude.

    PettyMurphy956PettyMurphy95621 kun oldin
  • Rizza can answer Young Pharoah

    Corey A SmithCorey A Smith21 kun oldin
  • Corey got the micheal jackson fit on !!

    700Islands&Cays NatureKeepers700Islands&Cays NatureKeepers21 kun oldin
  • Being able to see past the physical is a true sign of enlightenment. When two people from different racial backgrounds can live together in peace and harmony and produce beautiful children is called intelligence... There is nothing intelligent about someone saying I don't sleep with co called White people when they were never white to begin with

    Erebus ZepTepiErebus ZepTepi21 kun oldin
  • My mom & pop told me when I was young if she can’t use ur comb don’t bring her home 😂😂😂😂

    DeMarcus NixonDeMarcus Nixon21 kun oldin
  • Zo look like Great Value Dame Dash 😂😂😂

    DeMarcus NixonDeMarcus Nixon21 kun oldin
  • Dee was talking about Marcellus Whiley (Chargers) when she said the football players mom wasn't feeling her because she wasn't black. 🤣 Hosting his own show on Fox too and always talks about his black wife. As simple as she looks as of late, Dee's Rolodex is full of seven figure brothers she dated. Notice she stay quiet because Corey and the gang were blowing up her real life experience without even knowing.

    Vi FerreiraVi Ferreira21 kun oldin
  • Respect

    Sylvia VinsantSylvia Vinsant21 kun oldin
  • Facts

    Sylvia VinsantSylvia Vinsant21 kun oldin
  • Aman

    Sylvia VinsantSylvia Vinsant21 kun oldin
  • God bless. Everybody

    Sylvia VinsantSylvia Vinsant21 kun oldin
  • Facts and feelings have never been given a chance to exist independent of one another.

    dcbreezdcbreez21 kun oldin
  • Corey is probably... Definitely waaay more intelligent than he wants to let on to you all. Prolly in the top ten most intelligent people in America. In my opinion.

    dcbreezdcbreez21 kun oldin
  • Both men & women do that @ work cause u kno men have jobs too it be so funny when u hang out with one of your co worker outside of work & they be a whole different person I feel like a lot of people are like that of course if you've never had a job or can't hold a job you might feel differently my ex GF got fired from the gas station for fighting a crack head 😂 shit like that it's a way to behave on the job without kissing ass LoL

    Sabrina JohnsonSabrina Johnson21 kun oldin
  • 1:39:50 Corey being super slow... and Zo and Craig reaction is the best thing ever...😂🤣 Too fucking funny

    Riley FreemanRiley Freeman22 kun oldin
  • Zo... the child reflects you ...Wow perfectly put !!!

    Aaron FarmerAaron Farmer22 kun oldin
  • Our people still buying Jordans after he said he don't take pictures with niggas. I have never bought a pair of Jordans in in my life and never will. I would never wear this snakes shit even if they started giving them away. Micheal Jordan, Charles sellout Barkley, and Shaq hate their own people but our people still love them.

    BluefeetBluefeet22 kun oldin
  • Tariq Nashit has never been with a whitewoman before and his mother-in-law is actually black.

    Sir KaySir Kay22 kun oldin
  • Corey a cap on that SAS story.. Corey was poppin of on SAS long before that all star weekend run in.. SAS stepped to Corey n Corey didn't say none of that shit to his face lol Corey know he punkd out from all that shit was talkin that's why his voice get all sus when he talk abt it lol

    Chris GaineyChris Gainey22 kun oldin
  • In 2042, The Entire Race gonna look like The Simpson Show

    Celebrity Truck DriverCelebrity Truck Driver22 kun oldin
  • This was really good,

    Empress ZaireEmpress Zaire22 kun oldin
  • 🤣😂Shaq will beat the fuck outta Craig 😂

    Michael HarrisMichael Harris22 kun oldin
  • A White Woman taught me how to drive a Stick Shift Car

    Celebrity Truck DriverCelebrity Truck Driver22 kun oldin
  • Rizza is right. The black woman has all the physical preferences that a man looks for✊🏿😍

    Reggie PhillipsReggie Phillips22 kun oldin
  • the brotha on the far right, we do not breed them out, they breed us out. if you breed down the dna chain you are weakening yourself forever to extinction, it's a european silent war called "PRIMA NOCTAE", watch the movie "BRAVEHEART", starring Mel Gibson.

    Ronald MurphyRonald Murphy22 kun oldin
  • Rizza is not a genuine person in my opinion. He seems to reluctant to call out Shaq, probably in the hopes of doing business with him. He seems to blame black men a lot as well, which is something the Nation does. They don’t want to say black women need to get their act together too because they know many would not want to hear that. Many people may not know that after the reconstruction era 1866-1877, I believe, there was a boom in interracial relationships the majority being of black women and white men. This is right after slavery, now let that sink in. People don’t want to talk about the absolute worship many black women have for white men. They make it seem like, it’s black men that are obsessed with white women and it’s simply not true. I can be friends with women of other races without being in a sexual relationship with them.

    BiggShawnBiggShawn22 kun oldin
  • Damn. Dee looking like Danny Trejo now.

    MrReedStanleyMrReedStanley22 kun oldin
  • Rizza-"Caucasian people start of with sex in the anus." Zo- " It's very customary in Roman culture", Rizza Islam.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Steven CoburnSteven Coburn22 kun oldin
  • " All a white woman can do for me is sell some 🐈." 🎯💯🎯💯 I felt every part of that in my soul.

    Steven CoburnSteven Coburn22 kun oldin
  • Corey you talk big, but when you see someone you take a picture and pick up chicken🍗🍗

    lavale Kelleylavale Kelley22 kun oldin
  • 50 ain’t say shit wrong that bitch crazy

    GFH MikeJetGFH MikeJet22 kun oldin
  • Malcolm said that the system uses entertainers whom they control to speak for the black community

    Ronald MurphyRonald Murphy22 kun oldin
  • everyone of us in main stream media are bought and paid for. that's just what it is

    Ronald MurphyRonald Murphy22 kun oldin
  • Where is my baby GREEEEEEEDY😣

    Karma SaundersKarma Saunders22 kun oldin
  • Do y'all FACTS & RESEARCH instead of SPEAKING FROM EMOTIONAS!!! Breunna Taylor most definitely been involved and on the search warrant and her BF SHOULDA GOTTEN CHARGED WITH HER DEATH!!!! DO YA RESEARCH FIRST!!!

    Davon BaskettDavon Baskett22 kun oldin
  • HOW???????

    Jason BoldenJason Bolden22 kun oldin
  • Vlad unsubscribed

    Mista BlueMista Blue22 kun oldin
  • 8 minutes???

    DeShawn DuncanDeShawn Duncan22 kun oldin
  • Why is 50 never checked and told to "act" his age but the 19 yr old, in defense of her family spoke out is told to be mature? Dr Dre should have chose better because he knew who his wife was when he pedastooled her. He chose the non melinated woman to share wealth with as many seem to do when they get $$$. Some BM take that wealth and squander it offering no provision to the same community they come from.They dont link up to make it better. No hate just looking at the world.

    MRS JMRS J22 kun oldin
  • This was a much better show than the last few. I’ll always rock with 5150 even tho I be like 🤨🤔 when he Talmbout what he gon say or do if he see somebody

    T SmooveT Smoove23 kun oldin
  • Irony Big CH talmbout i can’t respect you if you talk that shit and don’t say nothing when you see them.....from a nigga that took a pic with some chickin in his mouth with Steven A atm around him

    T SmooveT Smoove23 kun oldin
  • This podcast on some other shit 😂🖖🏾 Skin tone everything to y’all ... not even knowing beyond that

    T SpiziteT Spizite23 kun oldin
  • I really like the show but I have to respectfully disagree with your stance on Shaq. With all his successful business accomplishments he does not need TNT. Maybe its what he believes and it's his opinion.

    Montego KornegayMontego Kornegay23 kun oldin
  • Thoughts, Camera, Action found out about Vlad a long time ago. Vlad tried to have his platform taken down for exposing him

    TheSheriffessTheSheriffess23 kun oldin
  • Can you do me a favor go to UZworld and type in Darnell Williams at smoke And joke Comedy show And give me your honest opinion a thumbs up or thumbs downI

    Darnell WilliamsDarnell Williams23 kun oldin
  • This station is the truth! Unfiltered.

    J.E.88 BlackJ.E.88 Black23 kun oldin
  • Well that's what Michael Jackson did with those white so called kids....... Black man gave back all his Jackson $$$$$ right back to the whites....... Real talk💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Darius FloydDarius Floyd23 kun oldin
  • Brother Zo hit it on the head no man can fix a woman and no woman can fix a man , you have to fix yourself

    Michael SmithMichael Smith23 kun oldin
  • Only a 130 good woman on the planet damn

    Michael SmithMichael Smith23 kun oldin
  • The truth should always be expressed depending on the circumstances and issues and that could mean in every case.

    Uraeus AhmenUraeus Ahmen23 kun oldin
  • SHAQ always been"one time"

    ROLLIN100"SROLLIN100"S23 kun oldin
  • Shaq and Barkley said the same damn thing, they dismissed Charles but CREATED reasons to “understand” Shaqs point of view!! Selective hate is never a good sign. Keep it real with everyone. But At this point, we already know that’s Coreys M.O.!!

    William WhitakerWilliam Whitaker23 kun oldin
  • Now that situation with Corey talking about Dr Dre’s daughter was wrong with calling out 50 Cent for what he is. She wasn’t wrong for calling him a batch n word. She didn’t need to be mature, she isn’t too old for that; The bitches that be crazy is Corey, this time. Lol

    Terrance Prescott BarnesTerrance Prescott Barnes23 kun oldin