The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show 11_24_2020

24-Noy, 2020
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  • Cool 😎

    Terry DomineckTerry Domineck2 kun oldin
  • What about Pierre situation (the comic). Corey said Pierre was a bitch for doing the same shit he did to Grady. Corey is a hypocrite!!!

    Mayo's Money Madness: MMMMayo's Money Madness: MMM10 kun oldin
  • That far Biggs don’t know what he talking about when it come to Gucci . Gucci blew jezzy out the water

    Virgin HairVirgin Hair22 kun oldin
    • Lol at “Biggs” I hate when they do that

      Mo MoeMo Moe18 kun oldin
  • Most hated watched show

    Melusi MnisiMelusi Mnisi24 kun oldin
  • They listening to 5150 in the West Indies too...shout out to Branch.

    deedub1029deedub1029Oy oldin
  • 18:20 he talking about bobby 🤣🤣🤣😅

    Duane PooleDuane PooleOy oldin
  • What show was it that Grady and Nate argued?

    HyperionHyperionOy oldin
  • 1:40:00

    Rob BobRob BobOy oldin
  • Wow🤔😒

    Kat SKat SOy oldin
  • Other then Corey and Darlene who are these other two niggas to speak on other shit further more feel entitled to some ?

    Willie McmeansWillie McmeansOy oldin
  • that Maryland Terrapin 🐢 shit was funny 🤣🤣🤣

    Gamaliel YoungGamaliel YoungOy oldin
  • Aries still a bitch💀💀💀💀

    WillWillOy oldin
  • This nigga Corey lookin like a Rest In Peace shirt😆

    perry98perry98Oy oldin
  • Phrases and names Corey should stop saying IMMEDIATELY: - Stand on it - On sight - Tear dis mutha up - Stomped out - Be a man - Stephen A. - Aries Spears - Alex Thomas

    Monte EdwinsMonte EdwinsOy oldin
  • I personally CANNOT WAIT until Corey takes he's own advice and stop cappin about how he's gonna put hands on this cat and the other. Stick to the funny Big Hammy.

    Monte EdwinsMonte EdwinsOy oldin
  • Funny how Corey didn't support Nate's new club because he's busy, but everybody who supports Corey show it's all good. Nate just wanted him to stop by and see it. Now he put Nate on blast. I lost a lot of respect for Corey.

    MrGfunk06MrGfunk06Oy oldin
  • He was on point... Chappelle's Show: Season One Uncensored “Chappelle's Show: Season One Uncensored” DVD, released on Tuesday, February 24, 2004, is the best-selling TV on DVD Title. To date, the first season has sold close to 3 million copies, outpacing also-rans “Seinfeld” and “The Family Guy” for the top spot in overall sales.

    focused313focused313Oy oldin
  • Corey get ur burnt bunt cake forehead lol

    Latricha TurnerLatricha TurnerOy oldin
  • This nigga said twerking kills the aliens😂😂😂😂😂

    Neal PettigrewNeal PettigrewOy oldin
  • Its the highest selling "TV show" dvd

    60473hellraiser60473hellraiserOy oldin
  • Marcus Laugh Like Buddy Love From The Nutty Professor

    Bangem BuggBangem BuggOy oldin
  • That nigga said he got a gangsta spot...🤣🤣🤣

    MrWoodthegreatMrWoodthegreatOy oldin
  • Fuck that I disagree with Corey. Monique is owed and apology because Tyler, Oprah, and Lee screwed her over point blank.

    robertstewart9071robertstewart9071Oy oldin
  • Team corey

    Jasmine TeaJasmine TeaOy oldin
  • Corey be dry snitching

    Mel HungiMel HungiOy oldin
  • Marcus look like he was sittin at da poker table on da episode of Sanford & Son when they was hustlin lamont out his money

    410veno410venoOy oldin
  • Corey out here looking like a ghost, 😂

    Da KINGDa KINGOy oldin
  • 30:30

    YLG2K LanceYLG2K LanceOy oldin
  • Marcus is a real G

    Marc LewisMarc LewisOy oldin
  • Will Smith was RAISED RIGHT by his Father!!!!

    sharon johnsonsharon johnsonOy oldin
    • @Big Will Hey nobody knows their relationship. Will cheated on first wife I heard I don't know. Maybe this is Karma. I don't know if Will has cheated on Jada. I love me some Will Smith but we don't know what's going on. Maybe he chose to stay for his family he hates that his first marriage ended in divorce. His family is first that's a MAN!!!!

      sharon johnsonsharon johnsonOy oldin
  • Did that nigga eat micheal Carmichael

    stephanie winstephanie winOy oldin
  • 1:39:56 What good is it being a trained actor if they can fire you and you never work again?!” 😂😂😂 Real shit.

    Malibu KenMalibu KenOy oldin
  • “Bryan “ tried to clean it up with Corey by talking shit about Alex t😂😂

    Rudy HuxRudy HuxOy oldin
  • 1:11.47 Corey calling Ryan Bryan 😂

    Rudy HuxRudy HuxOy oldin
  • The only thing Grady capped about was being funny

    Rudy HuxRudy HuxOy oldin
  • Marcus is not funny, Ryan is nottt funny, Corey is only funny conversationally I went to his shows he is very respectful and cool after the show tho but and, and Grady is not funny but he was real in that cap episode Corey is butt hurt about his son comment and Nate , I remember a show when Corey was like I’m a get this white boy to take my comedy or the special he put out on the usb drive Nate was like use me and Corey brushed him off Nate is funny

    Rudy HuxRudy HuxOy oldin
  • Where’s the episode with nate and grady??? Man y’all can get that issue together!

    ReenDaQueenReenDaQueenOy oldin
  • Corey should do a segment on the show where Marcus tutors grade school children in English. He could call it “Country Grammer”. Much luv Nelly!!

    David WalkerDavid WalkerOy oldin
  • Great Conversation and Blacks need to stop going Vlad !!!!!!!

    Taneka BellamyTaneka BellamyOy oldin
  • I like Cory, but I don't like these kiss ass panels that have no objectivity. They just find a way to agree with him.

    Christian WalkerChristian WalkerOy oldin
  • Flame found Corey’s gangster-spot.

    NettechZelkovaNettechZelkovaOy oldin
  • Corey zipped up Tyler Perry’s dress 👗.

    NettechZelkovaNettechZelkovaOy oldin
  • He talking about Grady

    Nicholas blackNicholas blackOy oldin
  • Did this nigga say some dude got a prostate exam and he came??!!! Wtf??!!! 💀💀😂😂😂

  • corey a hologram?

    s hs hOy oldin
  • He talkn bout Zo on the low too... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    KunTree HuStle Music & GamingKunTree HuStle Music & GamingOy oldin
  • Marcus be speaking Swahili lol

    anas 447anas 447Oy oldin
  • 1:58:21 how they got on prostate exams

    Daryl PerpignanDaryl PerpignanOy oldin
  • Marcus makes the show cringe asf! u talking like an idiot purposely? Smh

    Goat TalkGoat TalkOy oldin
  • I thought that was Corey on that At&t commercial!

    BIG ALBIG ALOy oldin
  • These Walls is a Classic 🏆 Kendrick Lamar 🙏 CoreY they Owe You

  • 😅😅😅😂😂😂

    Jay R.Jay R.Oy oldin

      Jay R.Jay R.Oy oldin
  • That night did look like baby Aladar from Dinosaur

    YlgsExpressionsOfArtYlgsExpressionsOfArtOy oldin
  • 30:31 41:30 43:24

    YlgsExpressionsOfArtYlgsExpressionsOfArtOy oldin
  • Grown-ass men shouldn't be fighting anyway Fam.

    BlackPhDNetworkBlackPhDNetworkOy oldin
  • Ever guest on 5150 better know off top Corey gone turn on them..

    e ge gOy oldin

    Braun SolomonBraun SolomonOy oldin
  • I’m telling you, they need to edit the show so that whenever Marcus speaks there’s a text bubble (like the comic strips) so we can see WTF he’s saying. That would be some funny shit!!!

    David WalkerDavid WalkerOy oldin
  • Marcus look like he do some down low stuff

    Danielle JacksonDanielle JacksonOy oldin
  • Kevin hart lost his edge and complied to those alphabet bullies that wanna check him for past Twitter tweets.. Jada show ain’t helping nobody it’s a glorified principal office for celebrities..apart of me agrees with Corey about how will carries himself around women mainly his wife.. truthfully she embarrassed him with the entanglement, and like most feminist they make seem she ain’t wrong for what she did BUT Reality she so wrong!

    djoseph370djoseph370Oy oldin
  • Why corey love to talk about his asshole smh lol

    anas 447anas 447Oy oldin
  • Dee always checking the time are they on a time schedule or something if not please stop D she always does it when the show is vibing

    Dulow500Dulow500Oy oldin
  • I can understand why Corey feel like don’t try and claim the hood if your not from there because he really grew up in Chicago when it was extremely dangerous so don’t claim the fake if you ain’t really from there

    Dulow500Dulow500Oy oldin
  • I wondered if Corey saw what Nate said about him not coming to his club he was clearly feeling some type of way Corey was clearing the air tonight 🥴

    Dulow500Dulow500Oy oldin
  • Ryan Davis is funny af

    Dulow500Dulow500Oy oldin
  • On Chappell not owning his own name .... FAMOUS AMOS also don't own his name.

  • This dude Corey is 5150 Much love got me through my shift

    RL DeuceRL DeuceOy oldin
  • Mississippi standup

    Del HardyDel HardyOy oldin
  • The comment section becoming highly critical... is 5150 done?

    solomon grundysolomon grundyOy oldin
  • Freeze Luv, Uncle Bobby, Garbage juice breath Chris, Zo, Nate, now Grady.. Darlene yo Caterpillar eating ass might be next to go.

    Cowboy TroyCowboy TroyOy oldin
  • Corey don't want it with Nate, I'm sure of it lol. Let that shit ride...

    HiJinksHiJinksOy oldin
  • Yo one thing I’ve noticed about Corey is that he only respects dudes that’s above him in status and Money ,, Nick cannon and Kevin Hart are his Brother’s But shits on everybody he feels are beneath him.... Corey gotta stop that bullshit .... Shout out Grady

  • It's easy to find out where a Chicago brother is from. "WHAT high school did you go to? It's that simple

    Jason DunnJason DunnOy oldin
  • I caught this late as hell, this episode killed me😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    S PhilomonS PhilomonOy oldin
  • Marcus Country bad lol I'm from the island and people in the island sound more straight than him speaking English

    entertainment vidzentertainment vidzOy oldin
  • you gotta watch this shit 2wice.....on the 2nd go round you gotta watch the chatroom lol they were roasting ryan lol i fux w ryan tho funny dude

    Set In The WestSet In The WestOy oldin
  • Corey I’m sorry you had a bad time in Houston... We love you in Htown

    Miss TrinaMiss TrinaOy oldin
  • Sort out the fucking production. I waited 3 minutes for this to start.... Loosing alot of views ofver this BS

    R BrownR BrownOy oldin
  • Somebody in the comments let me borrow $20..😂

    Ancient Carbon MapsAncient Carbon MapsOy oldin
  • Grady a bitch ass nigga who did nothing but cap and Corey called him on it every damn time. Y’all too soft for 5150

    Don_CorleoneDon_CorleoneOy oldin
  • Darlene is a fuccin agent

    Don_CorleoneDon_CorleoneOy oldin
  • Maacus tries too hard to be “deep fried”. It’s almost bafoonish. Bruh we know you from Arkansas, just talk normal and let your material win the people over

    Moorish 1stMoorish 1stOy oldin
    • WE DONT EVEN TALK LIKE THAT IN ARKANSAS! Hes playing a character. That's his gimmick

      Boss HogBoss HogOy oldin
  • Robin Williams

    Well ConnectedWell ConnectedOy oldin
  • If you go back to that episode where Corey and Grady went at it, Grady was sneak dissing Corey, talking that men who weren't raised with the father in the home were bitches, etc. He was acting like his 2 parent suburban upbringing raised him as an alpha and cats like Corey were emotional and soft. That's why Corey went in on him. Fuck Grady. He always came off fraudulent to me.

    Amp GeezAmp GeezOy oldin
  • Marcus look like he got a turtle shell under his jacket

    ta jhta jhOy oldin
  • Hell naw🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Porchia TaylorPorchia TaylorOy oldin
  • Happy Meal azz nigga🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Porchia TaylorPorchia TaylorOy oldin
  • 1:13:35 "But that nigga was mad." 😂

    Ju MentuJu MentuOy oldin
  • He didn’t have to put Grady out there like that saying he gave him $20

    Danielle JacksonDanielle JacksonOy oldin
    • @sw valor nigga still haven’t read Darlene book Smh I did well auditable lol it was good

      Dulow500Dulow500Oy oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Supreme CSupreme COy oldin
    • Corey a horrible friend great comedian

      sw valorsw valorOy oldin
    • Yes he did

      TNvTNvOy oldin
  • Corey quick to burn a bridge

    David WaltonDavid WaltonOy oldin
  • Yeah that see thru spicy af, burn that one Macus

    Francisco FerreiraFrancisco FerreiraOy oldin
  • I'm a fan. One question. Why does Corey eventually turn on everyone near and dear to him?

    abstuct1015abstuct1015Oy oldin
    • Dee fine but she is annoying

      Calvin NealCalvin NealOy oldin
    • @HIS_storyOnLove nice, most people think they can hide thier inner life. Great analize my dude

      J. nowJ. nowOy oldin
    • Corey a PROJECT dude. Check his pedigree as Dee always says. Corey is a STREET dude. Up and down personal relationships is the status quo. Don't expect anything different..multiple baby mamas and crazy life with substandard women- he admits all this and admits being a weirdo. Why are you surprised? He remind me of some of my family members so I connect in a way AND when he focused on making jokes- He's GREAT. When he go off on most topics he aint read about, I tune out or turn off. Take Corey in small doses and you good.

      HIS_storyOnLoveHIS_storyOnLoveOy oldin
    • @Anthony McDowell yeah you right that's why Cory let them on his platform for them to grow but whenever Kraig and Nate was on the show I laughed from start to finish

      Trading Options w/M0ndr311Trading Options w/M0ndr311Oy oldin
    • @Trading Options w/M0ndr311 I agree I liked Nate better he was funnier and he could sing lol but Nate also went and started his own nightclub the key is to start your own and don’t forget where you came from

      Anthony McDowellAnthony McDowellOy oldin
  • Ryan looks like a gay Grimis 🤔

    Michael CurtisMichael CurtisOy oldin
  • What is he talking about with Grady and Nate? They talked about him on another show?

    Danielle JacksonDanielle JacksonOy oldin
  • Capp

    Robert HughesRobert HughesOy oldin
  • Yall got it wrong with Will an that Jada interview. He set their like a G. He let you see how messy she is and white he don't fuck with her like that. The marriage is strictly for hollyweird purposes.

    Budd BBudd BOy oldin
  • Best show in a while. just talk that shit. No racism just jokes. We got other brothers for that. Cats that read.

    Kevin Hall/ DJ Mr. SwivKevin Hall/ DJ Mr. SwivOy oldin
  • Corey Caps on Kevin Hart being a weak-ass comedian. I can watch that man's shows and not pop out a single laugh.

    heroddubeheroddube2 oy oldin
    • He loyal to Kev & folks like him cuz he a “groupie for niggas with power”. He said it .

      domteachesdomteachesOy oldin
  • I gotta rewatch that grady episode. From his podcast I understand grady view on the situation but I gotta see the episode again to confirm if its the truth

    TredawakandanTredawakandan2 oy oldin
    • @Tredawakandan Exactly. I'm in a Chgo suburbs. When I's easier to say Chicago instead of always having to explain where I live.

      ShannanShannanOy oldin
    • @Shannan yea i think he it took it too far. I know that certain celebs claim Chicago because if they try to tell someone who lives outside of Chicago where they live at they wouldn't understand so it's easier to just say Chicago. I also think Corey got mad when Grady mentioned growing up with the guy that raised Corey son

      TredawakandanTredawakandanOy oldin
    • Corey went too far with Grady. I don't understand why Corey got such an issue with comedians or artists saying Chicago if they from the suburbs. Who cares??

      ShannanShannanOy oldin
  • Real show fans know we'll never see Zo again, that's what happened with Freeze Luv, Corey kept up the charade that Freeze coming back. Corey's personal relationships are the definition of keeping it real gone wrong. People are not gonna fall in line with your standards all the time, it takes maturity to accept people with their weaknesses and flaws as long as they are good people overall there will always be flaws.

    heroddubeheroddube2 oy oldin