The Cleveland Browns Made The Pittsburgh Steelers Pay For Their Trash Talk (FT. Juju's Corvette)

10-Yan, 2021
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    • Corvette

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    • @KnoUrMeemz I can CashApp you the $2.00 if needed

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    • Just became a member. Only $1.99 is good. Thanks for the content my guy.

      Uhhh JustPhilUhhh JustPhil12 kun oldin
    • What happened to greedy Williams?

      Kalen GardnerKalen Gardner12 kun oldin
    • @Issac S 7:19

      Juju GohardJuju Gohard12 kun oldin
  • Your wrong and most are wrong Big Ben is not greater than Eli Manning. His brother gets all the recognition and he doesn't get enough like you tubers like you. Having said that I respect you and what you do giving the world insight on the nfl and things we wouldn't know. Question could Payton beet the Patriots? Eli was the New England killer. No one beat the Patriots more than him nor softly eluded to the fact that he could. Im a die hard Tennessee Vols fan, but little brother Eli did the unthinkable and it hurts even a die hard cowboy fan to see a New York Giants great get buried by a profit a profitable you tuber like you, who not afraid to speak the truth and facts. I'm TheKid1623, hope you've rethought your content. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan who learned to throw deep and accurately because of how Troy Aikman over held the laces, my favorite quarterback is Joe "Cool" Montana and there's a reason for that. Unless you've played the quarterback position analyst like you can say what you want. Ever herd Tony Romo call a game? Ask him who the New England Patriots killer was. Baby brother was a silent asasin to this day but people like you don't honor it. Hebeat the grates qb the greatest coach of many generations to come, and you say Bug Ben was greater, sham on you!

    Nicholas GriegoNicholas GriegoKun oldin
  • Browns enjoy. Ass on the couch now. Talk shit when you ever, ever get a trophy in the case.

    bruce0767bruce07676 kun oldin
  • Where is greedy Williams..week to week was the diagnosis?

    bigginokid lbigginokid l8 kun oldin

    James MCJames MC9 kun oldin
  • juju has been this guy since his rookie season bur people choose to ignore it & AB warned y’all

    Dev TickhitDev Tickhit9 kun oldin
  • Fire Mike Tomlin! From day 1 he didn't bring anything to the table. Steelers have no direction, No leadership, This totally isn't Steeler football Lots of times the team goes on to the field and they seem lost and confused. Tomlin should be outta there!

    ross reforminaross reformina9 kun oldin
  • KC Watkins now talking smack too. Go hand the upset to them as well.

    ldnguyen45ldnguyen4510 kun oldin

    Crypto World News AonTCrypto World News AonT10 kun oldin
  • as a browns fan i am very happy for athae bills as well they are like a brother from another mother.

    Lonzo BallLonzo Ball10 kun oldin
  • Between you and @Flemloraps, the Content regarding NFL is amazing.

    Erik WalczakErik Walczak10 kun oldin
  • Okay they had a bad play-off game and lost that doesn't mean Ben should think about retirement tom Brady is 43 and has bad games and brushes them off im not even a steelers fan but seriously after a bad game Ben should think ab retirement ridiculous

    Divantae WilliamsDivantae Williams10 kun oldin
  • 6:27 - 6:30 Im gonna steal that line for the people telling me to have hope in Seattle's chances...

    Rex ColtRex Colt10 kun oldin
  • Tomlin needs to go..He was out coached alot..And Ben should retire after another season

    David BesongDavid Besong10 kun oldin
  • Brady getting 7 rings GOAT TB12

    aLLsTaR*617*aLLsTaR*617*10 kun oldin
  • There loss had nothing to do with the brown it was all the mistakes the Steelers made.

    Mark MeMark Me10 kun oldin
  • Steelers just got outplayed

    George IdanGeorge Idan10 kun oldin
  • ELI won TWO not ONE TWO and is way better at passing if you look at both of their highlights im not dissing Ben but breaking a sack does not mean you are a hall of fame player so shut up and go home you annoying Pittsburgh fans and i meant it they don't shut up. and Philip rivers is better too but still # Number 10

    bigcheese09 unedits and NEWSbigcheese09 unedits and NEWS10 kun oldin
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    Ginevra VitaniemiGinevra Vitaniemi10 kun oldin
  • As a steelers fan I have to say fuck the brown's, I'll never like any of y'all but thank you for putting our boys in their place. This is what happens when you get cocky boys.

    Owen MannOwen Mann10 kun oldin
  • Baker could not have done it without Chubb. Don’t worry he will be exposed this week against SB champ Mahomes.

    Scott NicholasScott Nicholas10 kun oldin
  • Chase young? lol

    Sam WashburnSam Washburn10 kun oldin
  • YES WE DID 😂😂😂😂

    RR Baby GirrlRR Baby Girrl10 kun oldin
  • Bro I used to like JuJu but like I can't fw him no more

    ZestyAloneZestyAlone10 kun oldin
  • Bad game for Ben, I’m a ravens fan so fuck em both lol 😂 but nah he’s got the gas left they just weren’t as prepared as the browns the browns had a lot to deal with it and they dialed it in plus how many times has Pouncey gave away 6 points on the first snap?

    TJ BiseTJ Bise10 kun oldin
  • I had a feeling the browns would pull that win

    Tim RickenbachTim Rickenbach10 kun oldin
  • Ben wasn't the problem coming down the stretch. You never want your QB to turn it over but those things are more likely to happen when a team's defense gives up 28 first-quarter points. The problem was that the defense fell off the face of the Earth the past several weeks. The team as a whole has a habit of doing this down the stretch. Big Ben probably doesn't need to do anything more than slim down a bit because it doesn't seem like his size helps him at this stage of his career, but in terms of arm talent and playmaking ability, he's still the best QB they will have for a year or 2 at least.

    GWSGWS10 kun oldin
  • Sooooo not enough highlights from the actual playoff game?

    bpdubbbpdubb10 kun oldin
  • Steelers gave the browns that win browns still suck Steelers still have 6 sb ring bet the browns won't get 1 ever

  • Karma is about to hit them hard. The Chiefs are going to punish them hard for trash talk after last weeks game.

    brianminkcbrianminkc10 kun oldin
  • Ben got a year or 2

    Young EJYoung EJ11 kun oldin
  • I get the trash talking towards Juju by Greedy, but I don't think he's the one that should be saying that Juju isn't a factor when he hasn't played a single snap this season. 🤦‍♂️

    GutsGuts11 kun oldin
  • Yes. He should retire. Next year he won't be better. Retire while you still have the respect of the team and fans. If you want the Steelers to be great, its time. Ben you are not the answer.

    Renata JohnsRenata Johns11 kun oldin
  • Nah dancing on logos is disrespectful asf

    Boujee BoyBoujee Boy11 kun oldin
  • It wasnt juju or any dances or words wasnt da reason steelers loss. Ben threw da game duh 🗑. Did u forget defense has to stop the offense & they didnt.

    Que MagQue Mag11 kun oldin
  • You are the ad king bro get that paper

    Daniel MorganDaniel Morgan11 kun oldin
  • Would have been more interesting if you spent more time showing and commenting on the great play of the Browns and less commenting on Steelers.

    Drew PetersonDrew Peterson11 kun oldin
  • It’s the whole teams fault, couldn’t find a flow in the 1st half and sold the game by trying to depend on a comeback

    ツAQUAツAQUA11 kun oldin
  • I think you're putting too much on Big Ben because you can say it was on his shoulders with the four picks you can't pretend he didn't throw 68 passes, completed 47 of them for 501 and 4 touchdowns. There is a much bigger problem and it's the rushing game problem they had all year while Ben put the whole offense on his back and won 11 straight games with a non-existent rushing game to take the load off her shoulders. Ben Rothlisberger isn't showing signs that he should retire, he's showing signs that he's still got it and he was the only one getting it done on offense for the Steelers and is absolutely the best QB in the AFC North second to none.

    Joseph EvansJoseph Evans11 kun oldin
  • Pittsburgh keeps asshole receivers dating back to Hines Ward. After that it was Mike Wallace, then Martavious Bryant, AB and now JuJu. Lol

    Jaxx Does LifeJaxx Does Life11 kun oldin
  • Go browns 🔥

    BallerGaming 2kBallerGaming 2k11 kun oldin
  • Greeeeeedy boy you need to put your shit on you been missing all year

    Rick PearsonRick Pearson11 kun oldin
  • Wait you have a football channel??? Wtf bro I'm def subscribing, already subbed to ur other channels

    BaxterBaxter11 kun oldin
  • I’m a pats fan but I was rooting for the browns in this one. I just hate Ben Rophesbuger

    Poggo DoggoPoggo Doggo11 kun oldin
  • JuJu the blame

    Anthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson11 kun oldin
  • Why you showing Ben/AB highlights when they got beat from Cleveland?

    Anthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson11 kun oldin
  • Y’all taking the win too serious lmao I get it you guys happy you’re finally in the playoffs🤣🤣🤣

    Ben DoverBen Dover11 kun oldin
  • Only Jalen can back up his trash talk

    NØØBNØØB11 kun oldin
  • No I think big Ben still has a little bit left

    darren orizudarren orizu11 kun oldin
  • i’m so glad the browns finally went to the playoffs. They’ve had a tough time and now i get to see them have a chance to go to the super bowl

    Julian HinkstonJulian Hinkston11 kun oldin
  • “Corvette Corvette” Juju every game of 2020-21

    BBIGZ MoPBBIGZ MoP11 kun oldin
  • That game would've only been better - if it were a shutout.

    TA HARQATA HARQA11 kun oldin
  • I love when immature players talk trash and then have to eat their words. Save your talk for the game you dumb shit.

    Frank JamesFrank James11 kun oldin
  • Juju is 2015 Cam Newton with his dances

    Relaxing Drive _Relaxing Drive _11 kun oldin
  • Well they should have never danced on Team Logos and they would still be in the playoffs and undefeated that was there down fall

    Matthew WestMatthew West11 kun oldin
  • The Browns have been doing good this year

    Little_freshLittle_fresh11 kun oldin
  • I'm a Cincinnati fan so I dont care for these teams but man them browns fans deserve this, they loyal as shit, this team been thru hell and that organization definitely deserves some good.

    The LegendThe Legend11 kun oldin
  • The way Chris Collinsworth was wiping the shit crumbs from Juju's mouth during this epic beat down, you'd have thought he was an all world superstar veteran who has earned the right to run his mouth. Like we didn't see what happened in that Bills game

    VoidSurfer9VoidSurfer911 kun oldin
  • The Browns didn't have nick chubb in week 6

    Blake HarriganBlake Harrigan11 kun oldin
  • Browns are still trash and they will get exposed by the chiefs lol they literally won because of all the interceptions that’s it. Ben is ass for letting them trash ass browns win

    Saulo AstudilloSaulo Astudillo11 kun oldin
  • Me and my dad was watching the game and I said like everytime he dance or talk junk we lose like come on juju.

    TwiinVybez07TwiinVybez0711 kun oldin
  • Fan of the browns was a great game to bad chase claypool was talking trash after the game like he won the game

    John cJohn c11 kun oldin
  • Their cheerleader head coach does nothing to curb this behavior; in fact, he probably encourages it. He needs to go, along with the geriatric QB.

    GHZonerGHZoner11 kun oldin
  • lol juju trash

    lgfkclgfkc11 kun oldin
  • What's scary is browns D was without Denzal Ward, Greedy, and Grant Delpit. Wtffff!!!

    gamersohaibgamersohaib11 kun oldin
  • I think it’s all there fault

    Ayden DelioAyden Delio11 kun oldin
  • Im a browns fan and I hate the Steelers

    Ayden DelioAyden Delio11 kun oldin
  • JuJu gives bad JuJu to Crapsburg. Worked well for my Browns. Nice to beat them and kick them out of postseason.

    Nathaniel WilderNathaniel Wilder11 kun oldin

    DaguDagu11 kun oldin
  • Big Ben has had the Amerikkkan backing of management. Countless PRO bowl players keeping his slowazz in the league. #gotawaywrape

    Malcolm TurnerMalcolm Turner11 kun oldin
  • The Browns can enjoy their one playoff win cause their season ends with them still having 0 rings next week against the Chiefs. So enjoy your one win cause that’s all you’re getting. Facts!

    Michael TerzichMichael Terzich11 kun oldin
  • You cant talk trash and then suceed in making big plays...that is of course unless your Jalen Ramsey🤣🤣🤣

    Soul SpeekzSoul Speekz11 kun oldin
  • I got called a hater for saying the steelers are overrated at a first take when they were 10-0 or 11-0, and you should have saw the comments😂 Haha steelers fans. Juju Ben Tomlin need to get off that team. You guys need a new corvette

    Awesome DylanAwesome Dylan11 kun oldin
  • Not a Baker Mayfield fan but I'm glad they beat the Steelers. Steelers should've play for the win in week 17. It bit them in the ads to sit their starters

    Howard WidenerHoward Widener11 kun oldin
  • Juju didnt even talk shit . watch pat macafees video about it 😂😂😂

    Sirtalksalot_390Sirtalksalot_39011 kun oldin
  • Steelers suck lmao

    Alexander LenningtonAlexander Lennington11 kun oldin
  • remember when a lot of people thought steelers would go 16-0 and at least make afc championship round

  • I am a Steelers fan and juju needs to stop dancing

    Nolan DimensionsNolan Dimensions11 kun oldin
  • Cowboys take some notes!

    et de stelliset de stellis11 kun oldin
  • Didn’t know dancing was trash talk. Get over emotional people

    Benzirr RobinsonBenzirr Robinson11 kun oldin
  • Its juju's fault

    Jaime Herrera JrJaime Herrera Jr11 kun oldin
  • On Swedish TV they said that a Browns win would be a bigger upset then Bears win v Saints

    Oskar GlawingOskar Glawing11 kun oldin
  • I live in Cleveland been a Browns fan my whole life. This game was as legit as the presidential election all rigged.

    Jp AltJp Alt11 kun oldin
  • No class , unintelligent, and immature..... Bad combination.

    George RothenbergerGeorge Rothenberger11 kun oldin
  • As a Bills fan, I love that they won! But... I would rather have faced the Steelers than the Ravens next. That was an unbelievable game! And, again, as a Bills fan... I LOVED the underdog win, and the karma for JU JU. RESPECT.

    Kimberly GrangerKimberly Granger11 kun oldin
  • my chiefs are gonna kill the browns patty and tyreek knows beyter

    Jackson likes sportsJackson likes sports11 kun oldin
  • Happy for all Cleveland fans! They deserved this.

    Nola LoveNola Love11 kun oldin
  • Juju in the fourth qtr in the playoffs while being blown out by a division rival: *dancing to corvette corvette*

    ConsumerOfAnusConsumerOfAnus11 kun oldin
  • If y’all would just watch the video instead of listening to the media you would know that’s not how he meant it but hey, get your views

    Brandon WellsBrandon Wells11 kun oldin
  • Seeing Big Ben at the end of the game broke my heart. You can tell he was absolutely devastated and he knew he was to blame. I hope he doesn’t go out like that.

    Kiki AlexanderKiki Alexander11 kun oldin
  • Always said that I think it's Big Ben's time to call it quits when he can no longer do the iconic football dump that will get him at least 15 yards after a scramble on 3rd down and 8

    No internetNo internet11 kun oldin
  • And just subbed

    Octavio SilvaOctavio Silva11 kun oldin
  • They should have taken out the Browns the second time around and played the Dolphins. Even if it was the Jets it's always hard to play a game for the third time let alone back to back

    No internetNo internet11 kun oldin
  • 2:17 denzel is QB2??😂😂

    Aaron LawAaron Law11 kun oldin
  • Whatever happens James Conner played pretty well. Love that guy

    stev greatystev greaty11 kun oldin
  • Does that mean they'll get an Indoor practice facility?

    kyle amaralkyle amaral11 kun oldin
  • The absolute A R R O G A N C E... UrinatingTree

    Zalu SkowskyZalu Skowsky11 kun oldin
  • Nope we just played like ass from the first snap so stfu

    warrior for Godwarrior for God11 kun oldin
  • Simply outplayed

    Cyrus BoeningCyrus Boening11 kun oldin
  • I think should go all in on Deshaun Watson if he is getting traded even if it is 4 first round picks

    Nikola ŠarićNikola Šarić11 kun oldin