The Bills win their first playoff game in 25 years, a breakdown

9-Yan, 2021
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  • You never mentioned the RIGHT HAND

    Jason MooreJason Moore2 kun oldin
  • bills mafia??

    Jun0GamesJun0Games2 kun oldin
  • Game of inches huh lol

    Micah GrayMicah Gray2 kun oldin
  • What the heck is a Bill anyway?

    C O'BrienC O'Brien2 kun oldin
  • there not going to lose the super bowl 4 times in a row again nit happening

    IM BOREDIM BORED4 kun oldin
  • As a life long chargers fan (fucking kill me), and as a friend of phil, i have this to say; Enjoy the three legged camel, he throws some bangers but he will fuck up your o-line with his three legged camel mobility. love you phil

    Vlad The's Rocket League EmporiumVlad The's Rocket League Emporium4 kun oldin
  • The refs are boomers, they live in a different reality.

    sam mehlbergsam mehlberg5 kun oldin
  • I wanted the Bills to win but idk what they saw either because I sure as shit thought he wasn’t touched.

    Roy CarterRoy Carter7 kun oldin
  • So when did we start calling wild card playoffs game

    Madigan PranksMadigan Pranks7 kun oldin
  • 1:10 was he being sarcastic calling that pass that damn near hits the RB in the facemask, "way to wide" lol?

    WyomingPTTWyomingPTT8 kun oldin
  • no Cleveland browns review???

    Corey RybkaCorey Rybka8 kun oldin
  • I think that smackdown at the end saved the game for the bills, that was right in his hands, although he may not have been able to get a TD in that time from 2-3 yards away.

    Michael AngelilloMichael Angelillo9 kun oldin
  • The refs wanted to make it home alive

    Trevor FranklinTrevor Franklin9 kun oldin
  • If you're doing olympic sports can you do the 4x100 freestyle relay from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Arguably the greatest swimming race of all time and cemented Michael Phelps 8 for 8 gold medal performance.

    Colin KryslColin Krysl10 kun oldin
  • Someone get JomBoy a rooster

    Thomas NaegerThomas Naeger10 kun oldin
  • Man if they had a full stadium the parking lot would have been in a state of complete anarchy.

    Who KnowsWho Knows10 kun oldin
  • TBH I’m not even proud that they won their first playoff game in 25 years I’m more impressed that they successfully defended a Hail Mary

    Cade BrimmerCade Brimmer10 kun oldin
  • Rivers couldn't even make it to the end zone on that final throw.

    DuneedonDuneedon10 kun oldin
  • As a Patriots fan I am glad to see them win.

    Viktorath ZynViktorath Zyn11 kun oldin
  • By luck is really the only answer.

    Tyler MittanTyler Mittan11 kun oldin
  • “The throw was just waaayyy too wide” *bounces off his chest* 💀

    Josh BartonJosh Barton11 kun oldin
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    TheModer8terTheModer8ter11 kun oldin
    • k

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • Hyde is from a town near me! Fostoria, OH legend!

    Bryce ArbogastBryce Arbogast11 kun oldin
  • The blue creek ganguly stop because sand peroperatively copy in a helpful clef. obsequious, cloistered crown

    Bunce RobertBunce Robert11 kun oldin
  • Was listening to this on the way home from work. Gotta say, the announcers painted a pretty damn good picture after watching this vid

    Kris VKris V11 kun oldin
  • "I don't know this guy's name - This guy's name might be Hyde, I dunno"....and you have a football channel why, exactly?

    Atlas KingAtlas King11 kun oldin
    • It’s not just football, he does all sports, even Dutch river hopping (literally not even joking). If you don’t watch a sport all the time you won’t know who the players are

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • Rams vs Seahawks Week 16, the Rams receiver at end of game places ball on ground after catch without being touched and the refs said no turnover even though Seahawks picked up. They said "he gave himself up" ?? These refs...

    Daniel HartnettDaniel Hartnett11 kun oldin
    • @Officer Greg he set it down because he thought the play was over, but he was never touched. Refs never blew whistle which is dangerous with a loose ball. It's not in rules that you can set a ball down to end play. There's a lot wrong with what happened

      Daniel HartnettDaniel Hartnett9 kun oldin
    • That makes sense. I’m glad the refs did that. He clearly didn’t fumble he purposely set it down. He basically just said the play is over. Why do you think when players take a knee or slide the whistle is blown even if they havent been touched

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • The towel that was tucked into the colts receiver’s waist touched the DB

    Timothy KaiserTimothy Kaiser11 kun oldin
    • -_-

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • Rivers throws like an un-athletic girl

    Jack GrovesJack Groves11 kun oldin
  • NFL games looking like cartmanland

    Ryan MartinRyan Martin11 kun oldin
  • "I don't understand what they're looking at that I'm not seeing." I say that all the time when watching football.

    Bob LangfordBob Langford11 kun oldin
  • The NFL is officially starting to shift. Teams who were great now suck. Teams who were once terrible are now making playoff runs. And the NFC East fans are starting to accept the fact that their teams are hot trash.

    Trigger WarningTrigger Warning11 kun oldin
  • the ref threw the blue turn over flag into the pile that's so fucking ridiculous to do in that situation haha 0:35

    George WhitingGeorge Whiting11 kun oldin
    • @George Whiting oh good thing he threw the nearly unseeable marker or I wouldn’t have known it was a live ball. lol

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
    • @Officer Greg they throw it to signal the ball isn't in possession of anyone but that it is still a live ball (aka a fumble). All I'm saying is the refs didn't have to throw it into the pile because it could distract a player from making a play on the ball. He literally threw his flag a foot away from ball which is completely the wrong thing to do. What if it interfered with the play in anyway at all? That would suck. The ref should have just dropped the flag at his own feet, not throw it at the ball. But yeah it does seem pretty pointless anyway.

      George WhitingGeorge Whiting9 kun oldin
    • That’s what he’s supposed to do. it doesn’t hurt lol. Also why do they do that? It seems pointless

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • as someone who didn’t grow up watching football but has been trying to watch it the fact that refs blow calls so often in ways that could affect the outcome of a game rlly turns me off lol

    Mr.DonutMr.Donut11 kun oldin
  • Can you do a Hail Murray breakdown?

    Sir SmoogSir Smoog11 kun oldin
  • As a Browns fan ... Congrats!!!!

    dave gdave g11 kun oldin
  • I’m just giving my opinion: I think Pascal was reviewed as down was that he was called down in the field, they reviewed it and it looked like he _might_ not be down and _maybe_ his knee wasn’t down, but obviously might doesn’t cut it in replay. If it was called a fumble it would’ve stood as well.

    Austin TurnerAustin Turner11 kun oldin
  • The refs are morons

    Dom1118Dom111811 kun oldin
  • Bills, browns, bucs. History made

    Hollywood ExileHollywood Exile11 kun oldin
    • But not the fourth b. The bungles still can’t win a playoff game :((((

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • Come on bills, ACT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE! we welcome you out of Rehab..this is the NFL

    Daniel DwightDaniel Dwight12 kun oldin
  • That throw wasn’t wide. Hit his chest lol Also Rivers played amazing. MVP level and his offense let him down

    Kevin ArzolaKevin Arzola12 kun oldin
  • Do cordarelle patterson on him saying the f bomb on nickelodeon

    Jeff SchmittJeff Schmitt12 kun oldin
  • The NFL has a review policy where it has to be clear from live speed footage to overturn a call.

    Cassandra NugentCassandra Nugent12 kun oldin
    • I mean, one of the rules analysts said this during one of the games during wild card weekend, but a former NFL official clearly doesn’t know anything about the NFL review policy. No, clearly a fan who has never even spoken to an NFL official knows better.

      Cassandra NugentCassandra Nugent9 kun oldin
    • Also stop trying to argue that they got it right. They DIDNT

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
    • That’s not true at all

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • congrats from a colts fan. i’m still so mad we lost because we had so many chances to win but the bills deserve it. congrats again 😁

    Tyler MeyerTyler Meyer12 kun oldin
  • That not fumble call could’ve been as annoying as the saints rams pass interference.

    peter gwynpeter gwyn12 kun oldin
    • Not quite as annoying since it’s wild card and the other was a trip to the super bowl, which I would’ve bet my ass that the saints would’ve won. They were easily the best team

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • I dont like the Ravens match up. Would have rather seen the Bills play Steelers. Want to see Allen Mahomes AFC match up.

    Dean MartinDean Martin12 kun oldin
  • In a few weeks, "Bills lose first Super Bowl in 25 years"

    Jose CamposJose Campos12 kun oldin
  • At the end.. Rivers just wanted to start his vacation time

    J MartinJ Martin12 kun oldin
  • congrats bills mafia !

    leonelp51leonelp5112 kun oldin
  • Better watch ur elbows there 97 do u not know half of the guys names 97-Mario Addison, 75-Darryl Williams, 23-Micah Hyde, I’m not mad just was laughing when u said just be watching ur elbows there 97, LETS GO BUFFALO WE GOIN ALL THE WAY TO THE BOWL

    Flybygang RLFlybygang RL12 kun oldin
    • Well obviously you watch all their games and he doesn’t, simple as that

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin
  • Then the browns one upped us by winning their first playoff game in 26 years... Bastards lmfao That being said wanna know a really sad statistic? Both for the bils and colts. Every Colts possession they had the ball in buffalo territory at some point. Illustrating how crap the bills defense and special teams were and illustrating how bad the decision making and finishing ability of the colts offense was.

    One BuffaloOne Buffalo12 kun oldin
  • Browns recap is needed

    EliteKiller2k ProductionsEliteKiller2k Productions12 kun oldin
  • How have you not done the San Jose Sharks vs Vegas Golden Knights game 7 comeback?!!!? The most ridiculous comeback ever!!!!

    TheEmborsTheEmbors12 kun oldin
    • Because hockey fucking sucks

      Officer GregOfficer Greg9 kun oldin

    David WDavid W12 kun oldin
  • That woo at the end tho😂

    Tony HowesTony Howes12 kun oldin
  • Go broncos

    Shane GaskillShane Gaskill12 kun oldin
  • This kid? No pointing

    Driveway STARDriveway STAR12 kun oldin
  • As a live n die Raider I gotta say I hope Buffalo can win this shit. Also hoping for the browns. In a perfect world it would be browns Buffalo. But I don’t think that works. 🏴‍☠️🏈🏴‍☠️

    Se7eN Cureton ReviewsSe7eN Cureton Reviews12 kun oldin
  • Too bad our election process isn't this detailed!

    George beauchampGeorge beauchamp12 kun oldin
  • Sucks for my Colts but I'm happy for the Bills and their fans.

    Joey DenneyJoey Denney12 kun oldin
  • Bad take.

    Matthew PetersMatthew Peters12 kun oldin
  • I'm so glad they stopped them. Otherwise, we would have never heard the end of the angry talk surrounding the "non-fumble" fumble. I'm talking 10 years from now, I'd still be getting FaceBook posts about that one time the Bills were totally screwed on that call, they'd be calling it a conspiracy theory and how so and so was bought off, etc. LOL.

    andrew mckimandrew mckim12 kun oldin
  • Now do the Browns win their first playoff game in 26 years, a breakdown

    DodgerDude26DodgerDude2612 kun oldin

    generic usernamegeneric username12 kun oldin
  • We need jomboy for these challenge calls

    Obba 27Obba 2712 kun oldin
  • That last little high-pitched "woo"... Got me. If I wasn't already subscribed, that would have done it, right there...

    Lutzdocoffee LutzdocoffeeLutzdocoffee Lutzdocoffee12 kun oldin
  • Game of the weekend, for sure

    PhotonBreadPhotonBread12 kun oldin
  • The game was a lot closer than it should have been.

    luvfreedomluvfreedom12 kun oldin
  • Browns breakdown forthcoming?

    matrixphijrmatrixphijr12 kun oldin
  • SuperBowl bound baby, Let’s Go Buffalo Bills!!!!

    Fausto LamacchiaFausto Lamacchia12 kun oldin
  • You gotta do the browns now my dude!

    BackgroundNoisexBackgroundNoisex12 kun oldin
  • Hey Jomboy. I think it would be pretty cool for yo you to do a breakdown of the ASU Notre Dame Hockey game that just happened last night. There was a five minute major for ASU. I think it would be a good one.

    Matthew SchuylerMatthew Schuyler12 kun oldin
  • 63 dislikes from colt fans

    James BurdickJames Burdick12 kun oldin
  • OMG How could you not know that lineman's name????? =^.^=

    headlights go upheadlights go up12 kun oldin
  • 1:09 I see what you did there. Haha

    Roger BrodniakRoger Brodniak12 kun oldin
  • It sure looked like Rivers threw that game away in the end (on purpose?) he threw two passes in a row way out of bounds immediately on 2nd and 3rd. Then the fourth down is a Hail Mary that doesn't reach the end zone with no time left. kind of suspicious.

    Rumble HatRumble Hat12 kun oldin
  • Jomboy, Can you please do a break down of houston rockets vs lakers scuffle?

    Big ZBig Z12 kun oldin
  • The referring this year has been abysmal. All you got to do is look at the last Vikings game, it was a meaningless game for both teams but the refs saw that as an opportunity to be their worst.

    ɥsǝlʌɥsǝlʌ12 kun oldin
  • Impeachbiden2021

    E FE F12 kun oldin
  • refs blew the whistle, the play was dead

  • Browns did too 😳

    Simple TKSimple TK12 kun oldin
  • The bills are fake

    Paul QPaul Q12 kun oldin
  • The review and the “timeout” they gave the bills cost the colts seconds that they didn’t get back. Also the bills initiated a timeout to get the play reviewed but the refs changed that call too🙄

    SpartansLXIXSpartansLXIX12 kun oldin
  • Josh Allen almost choked that with the fumble. I would of felt so bad for the Bills lol.

    danglezdanglez12 kun oldin
  • Geezus the end was complete fuckery

    kluaf ozkluaf oz12 kun oldin
  • Please do Juju and the Browns first playoff win in 26 years

    Vito AntoniVito Antoni13 kun oldin
  • Who else thought "if the officials can steal the election they can steal this game"; ...admit it?

    Ranamanathabasca RohipalepadoptraRanamanathabasca Rohipalepadoptra13 kun oldin
    • Aye

      Xennieal SentinelXennieal Sentinel12 kun oldin
  • Now do the steelers vs browns

    Mr FlufflesMr Fluffles13 kun oldin
  • lol Rivers

    DocPicklezDocPicklez13 kun oldin
  • Phillip Rivers deserved to lose that game after that flop.

    John KensingtonJohn Kensington13 kun oldin
  • Looking forward to the breakdown of the Browns winning their playoff game

    The_BovineThe_Bovine13 kun oldin
  • So Steelers now lmfao

    Dat kiddDat kidd13 kun oldin
  • NFL is rigged beyond belief.

    Wanda RebiejoWanda Rebiejo13 kun oldin
  • right now I think the Bills and the Browns are America's team.

    m hm h13 kun oldin
  • The Bills are legit!!! Let's Go Buffalo!!! #BillsMafia

    Carol BrockCarol Brock13 kun oldin
  • Can you please do the famous Bobby oor trip please if not that’s ok

    Aiden BurrellAiden Burrell13 kun oldin
  • #75 for the Bill's is Daryl Williams!!!!! Oklahoma alum! #BOOMERSOONER

    Zach ParnellZach Parnell13 kun oldin
  • Jomboy should do the saints and bears game for a breakdown on the nick game thing

    Mitchell GoldschmidtMitchell Goldschmidt13 kun oldin
  • @Jomboy, you missed a chance to highlight Micah Hyde in that final play hail mary. Well, you did, but Hyde was one of the three defenders around DeAndre Hopkins in that Arizona Hail Mary play. Hyde learned to emphatically bat it away, as opposed to try to catch it like he did in Arizona.

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith13 kun oldin
  • Please do the Ducks/Kings line brawl from 3/5/16. It's just waiting to blowup

    Daniel SchriverDaniel Schriver13 kun oldin