The Big Debate: LOUD NOISES | Ep. 1105

30-Sen, 2020
939 662 Ko‘rishlar soni

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In the wildest and most irritating debate in presidential history, Trump and Biden go at it; Chris Wallace morphs from a moderator into a debater; and we explore whether Biden will allow another debate at all.
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    The Daily WireThe Daily Wire21 kun oldin

      Kenneth Ben NoachKenneth Ben Noach3 kun oldin
    • @Brad Klockner agreed. I've always argued that conservatives have the moral high ground which now seems a little hypocritical that we accept Trump, who is morally bankrupt, because the ends justify the means. Im an American first......then a conservative. Personally I can't accept Trump and will not be voting for him. People can say what they want but I expect decency first and since I wanted to remove Clinton from office even though the economy was great then, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't expect the same from any president.

      MarkMark13 kun oldin
    • @Mark What i'm saying is were not destroying ourselves, I don't care if 50% or more are voting liberal, im saying all this chaos and rioting, is caused by the left. Conservatives never did this when Obama was elected. You cant deny all the things Trump has done, such as made a better economy in 4 years than Obama in 8, made the lowest unemployment for everyone, cut taxes, and brought back jobs. And how would you comprise if you were the President.

      Brad KlocknerBrad Klockner13 kun oldin
    • @Brad Klockner I don't have all the answers but ignoring 150 million people and getting all mad on either side doesn't seem to be working for us.

      MarkMark13 kun oldin
    • @Mark Listen man, all i'm saying is this really wouldn't be so bad if the left would stop rioting over defeat, or a death. American wouldn't be so hated.

      Brad KlocknerBrad Klockner13 kun oldin
  • I don't defend the proud boys either, but you know they're not white supremacist because there aren't a whole lot of Black Cubans that are White supremacists. Of course, since Democrats have heavily lost logic anyone who disagrees with them is a White supremacist, even when they're Black, just asking you ain't black Biden

    Adam HoveyAdam Hovey18 soat oldin
  • I don't think Biden understands how economics work, I also don't think that Biden supporters actually support Biden, I think it's more of a vote against Trump than it is for Biden. I'm not saying you even have to like the guy, but do you think that somehow magically Biden is going to fix all our problems because he isn't Donald Trump? Anyone who's ever studied psychology knows that is called magical thinking. I'll tell you what, I'm very open about the fact that I do not want Biden to win, wind it's not very good for me, it's not very good for business, if it's not very good for employees when you start raising all those taxes, the employers have to lay off people , something that I don't think the Democrats understand about that fact. Of course, the Democrats are going to say whatever they want to make it sound like everyone who has ever voted Republican is evil, in spite of the fact that they supported removing my own ancestors from the southeast to Oklahoma, that was Democrat that did that, Democrats are the party of racism.

    Adam HoveyAdam Hovey18 soat oldin
  • I want that leftist tears cup.....BEN I NEED IT GIVE ME THE CUP.

    Fetus Deletus2.0Fetus Deletus2.0Kun oldin
  • So much defending Trump. Kinda sus

    c0c0nutmanc0c0nutman2 kun oldin
  • Biden won this debate

    A AA A2 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden will not say dump things, You’r the dump thing with your right ideologies

    Vincent PaquetteVincent Paquette3 kun oldin

    Kenneth Ben NoachKenneth Ben Noach3 kun oldin
  • Start boycotting Quaker Oats and anyone else that support facebook and twitter!!!!! Now's a great time to start doing this alot more seeing as they give us no voice!!!!!!!!!

    Robn-CivilRightsRobn-CivilRights4 kun oldin
  • 1:59 you're welcome

    The ScourgeThe Scourge5 kun oldin
  • Watch the rest on PODCAST??? Wow and I felt thus was a good thing.. Never mind Ben

    Robn-CivilRightsRobn-CivilRights5 kun oldin
  • Getting it good and hard hehe

  • 26:42

    QwertyuiopQwertyuiop6 kun oldin
  • Ben you were spot on with the “it’s been a long 4 years and people are tired” line. I can’t take any more of trump. I just can’t. I certainly don’t agree with Biden on MANY things but I cannot wait to vote for him at this point. I would literally vote for a can of tomato soup.

    Elisabeth BloomElisabeth Bloom6 kun oldin
  • Obama, Hilary, and Biden have blood on their hands!!

  • Trump is done!

    Judi ChristophersenJudi Christophersen6 kun oldin
  • If you want to watch him in a normal speaking voice slow the video down to 0.75x's his annoying voice speaking fast isnt as bad when you slow down the video speed

    Dustin NajdekDustin Najdek7 kun oldin
  • I think Trumps strategie was right. As soon as he realize that Wallace is not neutral he had to make sure that the MSM couldn't use any of those non fakt-checked Propaganda of Biden. Those questions were so ridiculous left bias. Even Jordan Peterson would have lost this debate in the view of the MSM , if he wouldn't interrupt everything what Biden says. He went for a tie after he realize he can't win if he has to debate Christ Wallace too and the MSM.

    Bigburg yBigburg y7 kun oldin
  • Antifa webpage goes to biden's page

    Daniel PickrellDaniel Pickrell7 kun oldin
  • American people love this president

    Roger CarsonRoger Carson7 kun oldin
  • People naturally dislike silence. People also like talking about themselves. So all ♠️ needs to do is shut up and let jo make a fool of himself.

    A WatchmanA Watchman7 kun oldin
  • Ben's energy in this episode is worth the debate 🤣

    Marian HMarian H7 kun oldin
  • Biden and Harris : The most transparent fraudulent copple👹👹

    Albert MayAlbert May8 kun oldin
  • “Wether joe Biden will allow another debate at all”

    Coast LoCastroCoast LoCastro9 kun oldin
  • Has someone sent this to Donald? He needs to see this.

    Danielle BriceDanielle Brice9 kun oldin
  • Chris Wallace in my opinion is with the left if he is with Fox news I won’t watch

    Marlene CardinahlMarlene Cardinahl9 kun oldin
  • Ben Shapiro for president

    mathew escotomathew escoto9 kun oldin
  • ben sharpiro president 2024

    InfernoHeatInfernoHeat9 kun oldin
  • You talk too fast for me. From what I watched/heard in the 33 min I watched your analysis was spot on. Fact is, there is good and bad out there and Biden represents the bad.

    Gary GeiserGary Geiser9 kun oldin
  • Trash

    gerson reyesgerson reyes10 kun oldin
  • I feel like no one else caught trump's irritation when it came to the white supremacist comment. As he litterally says give me a name and I'll condemn them.... hes litterally tired of the question. Just give me a name I'll say it's bad cause you guys will say I wont or didn't anyway

    XDarksoulX1129XDarksoulX112910 kun oldin
  • Not nearly as loud as your mediocrity.

    Carlos From EarthCarlos From Earth10 kun oldin
  • Ben's voice makes me cringe 👀🤦‍♂️

    Anonymous GuyAnonymous Guy10 kun oldin
  • Ben has me fucking rolling on the introduction lmaooooo.

    Toon JanssenToon Janssen10 kun oldin
  • Shouldn’t matter what side you’re on, you should be embarrassed that these are our 2 options.

    BigSheanBigShean11 kun oldin
    • Danielle Brice nothing has changed. Major problems don’t get fixed, let alone improved. Obamacare is a cheaply made bandaid on a gaping wound, Trump administration has been a disaster. These politicians make promises they can’t keep and morons keep eating it up.

      BigSheanBigShean9 kun oldin
    • Voting for policies and not popularity. Fortunately Pence was excellent in portraying my direction in vote

      Danielle BriceDanielle Brice9 kun oldin
    • shut up Gareth never

      BigSheanBigShean9 kun oldin
    • ye 2020?

      shut up Garethshut up Gareth9 kun oldin
    • yeah. i am more on the left but i honestly hate both options

      Shade BloxShade Blox9 kun oldin
  • I agree with Ben but biden's son matters he's a crook but all trump did was make people like biden more

    Brandon VandineBrandon Vandine11 kun oldin
  • Great! Exactly what is going on in Democratic Party: only 2 words: Lies and Bla-Bla-Bla!

    Genrieta SuvorovskayaGenrieta Suvorovskaya11 kun oldin
  • Trumptard

    Julian BautistaJulian Bautista11 kun oldin
  • Ben tells it like it is !! Pax Domini Sit Semper Vobiscum!!!!

    Edwin KubenaEdwin Kubena11 kun oldin
  • Fraud!

    Mudd MurdocMudd Murdoc11 kun oldin
  • 2:02 Man discover fire

    Jake HimptonJake Himpton11 kun oldin
  • Thank you Mr. Shapiro.

    Jons01Jons0111 kun oldin
  • I disagree. I think if the election is based on trumps personality he will win. I travel around the US for a living and many many people favor trump and I see his signs everywhere. Why I ask them what they like about Trump, it's always about his personality, not really what he stands for. And I get you're not for Joe Biden but you were kinda nit picking on him the same way they were nit picking on Pence fly on his head

    Black SpidermanBlack Spiderman11 kun oldin
  • Why do you have to ad buy on freakin UZworld if you are even a little bit popular? Piss off

    AmandaAmanda11 kun oldin
  • If anyone is lamenting the utter waste of 90 minutes watching that debate just watch Ben on double speed and you’ll go back in time. You can thank me later

    Josh OgdenJosh Ogden11 kun oldin
  • Ben said that add so fast yet it still felt like an eternity

    Smokey JosephSmokey Joseph11 kun oldin
  • Please stop advertising this to me. I don’t wanna see it!

    killercaos123killercaos12311 kun oldin
  • My opinion is so important I need to buy advertising space to validate myself.

    PaulPaul11 kun oldin
  • you are not funny lol

    Bugga BabyBugga Baby11 kun oldin
  • It's funny because Trump is now refusing to a virtual debate because they can get muted.

    HamsterC6HamsterC611 kun oldin
  • The fascist himself ben Shapiro .

    cstrutherskgscstrutherskgs11 kun oldin
  • Yes, Joe Biden did say some false things. But guess who said more false things?

    Yu-Heng WangYu-Heng Wang11 kun oldin
    • Kamila Harris?

      monixpolskix 55monixpolskix 557 kun oldin
  • This entire episode is a meme

    Kaden WilsonKaden Wilson11 kun oldin

    FundkidFundkid12 kun oldin
  • But wasn’t Trump the one who initiated his own debate with Chris Wallace

    DM Moffett907DM Moffett90712 kun oldin
  • Chris was being a bully.

    Lil IodineLil Iodine12 kun oldin
  • Sounds like good TV

    msdmsd12 kun oldin
  • Red sus

    Origami With RamiOrigami With Rami12 kun oldin
  • Honestly people are dreaming if they thought ether candidate won. But I think it’s kind of ironic that Trump would go after Biden son because he was dishonorably discharge from the army when if we look at trumps history with the military we find out that he faked a bone spur so he wouldn’t be drafted into Vietnam. yeah you can go after Hunter Biden just not military record when it is till better then you own record.

    t-bone007t-bone00712 kun oldin
  • "I'm 90 minutes closer to death" is now a line I will use.:-D

    Melissa BachmannMelissa Bachmann12 kun oldin
  • Ben, when are you coming out of the closet? We'll still support you. Be yourself buddy

    Alex FerreiraAlex Ferreira12 kun oldin
  • Republicans get *ucked on biased moderators every 4 years. Why do we always put with this?

    megadeth mofomegadeth mofo12 kun oldin
  • It amazes me, since at least 2016, the powers that be can’t find an unbiased moderator. *MODERATOR*

    Uncle B.Uncle B.13 kun oldin
  • How many fucking adds/ sponsors are you going to have in this video like wtf you literally recommend another sponsor like every other min

    James GraftonJames Grafton13 kun oldin
  • I wish I could find a political commentator that would look at both candidates objectively and not hide their bias in excusing or softening what either say. Ben you go on about Biden being rude to Trump, then skate past him calling Biden an idiot. You excuse Trump's answer to the white nationalist topic as "a bad move". His answer should unequivocally be "I condemn them", any dancing around it with mixed signals should.

    Hugo van der WesthuizenHugo van der Westhuizen13 kun oldin
  • #SHAPIRO2024 !! No one would even bother challenging USA because they'd never get a freaking word in edgewise if you ran for President! And Ben, please kill all the promo. You could just as easily say 1 sentence for the advertisers and make just a much. I mean... you're Sharpshooter Shapiro. They'll pay either way. We don't need a whole story about each advertiser.

    NY UKNY UK13 kun oldin
  • Biden harris 2020.

    casey lucascasey lucas13 kun oldin
  • 32:31 I have never herd him cuss before.

    Creek SquadCreek Squad13 kun oldin
  • I wish that candidates didn’t constantly interrupt each other.

    Lukas OstienLukas Ostien13 kun oldin
  • Paulie dee: "Nan, I just have one question for you." Pelosi: "My name is Not Nan. You can call me either House Speaker Pelosi, or Madame Speaker or ..." Paulie dee: "But I just want to know ..." Pelosi: "Don't interrupt me while I'm speaking! We now have 13 Justices on the Supreme Court and look at the great job they're doing. We now have Justices: Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page. They are just as fair minded and decent as Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan, and 👹👹." Paulie dee: "But I just want to know..." Pelosi: "You're doing it again. As long as you see my lips moving, shut up. In their wisdom and pursuit of Justice and Equality, we now have made every illegal alien that is here longer than six months a citizen. And they are entitled to all benefits. Also, you can no longer bear arms but squirt water guns are still legal. That bondage to freedom, the wall, is being torn down. And abortion is now legal up until the ninth month 😲😥😲😥. I've been praying for this day 🙏🙏. And they are passing laws that will Not allow people to argue with the House Speaker. And if they do, they will be fined. The Justices and I will split up the money. And all those silly investigations into Hillary and Hunter, and the corrupt Russian investigation, will come to an end. I don't know why I didn't pack the Supreme Court before. What was I thinking." Paulie dee: "Can I pretty please, just ask one question, your Highness." Pelosi: "No! Stop being rude. Alright, stop crying, you big baby. What's the question? Speak!" Paulie dee: "Is it true that if you're an illegal alien, and you're here for just one month, and can't speak English, and live more than 50 miles from your job, that you get a brand new car for free?" Pelosi: "Yes! That's an investment in our work force. Have you been here illegally for a month and can't speak English, and live more than 50 miles from your job?" Paulie dee: "Yes! Come on kids, let's go get our brand new car." 🙍‍♂🙍‍♀🙎👴🙋🙋‍♂💁

    paulie deepaulie dee13 kun oldin
  • I observed these moderators are actually biased against Trump and they forget they are moderators.. similar thing happened last year but Trump did a good job and Hillary did terrible..

    91rummy91rummy13 kun oldin
  • I could not believe that the moderator interrupted Trump so many times but let Joe speak.. This is presidential debate! not just America.. there are so many countries that would get affected. and they are making fun of each other like kids.. But Joe is going to waste money on arms while Trump will not ..

    91rummy91rummy13 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe people actually watch Ben Shapiro

    YamaYamYamaYam13 kun oldin
    • FallenDeity88 well I didn’t. I paused the video during an ad, and clicked away

      YamaYamYamaYam11 kun oldin
    • I can’t believe that you actually watched Ben Shapiro and then made that statement.

      FallenDeity88FallenDeity8812 kun oldin
  • Come on now. Ben is a great arguer, but to say Chris took sides is ridiculous. Trump interrupted Joe 100 and something times. Being objective takes effort.

    JeremiahJeremiah13 kun oldin
    • @Jeremiah He didn't interrupt biden 100 times most of his "interruptions" were because Wallace kept butting in to save baby biden. Biden also interrupted countless times

      Wappa MWappa M8 kun oldin
    • @Wappa M Good point and I'm glad you made it. Here's another point, lets say Joe did interrupt Trump first. 1) that sounds like a point I make after starting a fight in 6th grade. 2) Trump still interrupted Trump more than 100 F-cking times! It's not the same game, it's not even the same f-cken sport!

      JeremiahJeremiah8 kun oldin
    • Biden was the first person to Interupt

      Wappa MWappa M8 kun oldin
    • I don’t think we watched the same debate

      Aj FiteAj Fite8 kun oldin
  • Grifter

    King SolomonKing Solomon13 kun oldin
  • That’s why I wont vote this year or ever

    BonillaOfficielBonillaOfficiel13 kun oldin
  • A feel Ben is being a bit politically naïve with Trump's goals for the debate. His main one being to split Biden's support base. He successfully did this. I agree he should have allowed Biden to dig his own grave a little more, something that can be worked on for the next debate, but Biden was constantly saved by the moderator.

    kevin williamkevin william14 kun oldin
  • Biden already blaming covid to avoid next debate. Can't they have a virtual debate?

    Bharath RBharath R14 kun oldin
    • Alexander Javier it would be wayyy easier for him to cheat on virtual

      The Jurassic ChickenThe Jurassic Chicken11 kun oldin
    • Down The Center Nah Joe afraid because he won’t be able to read of the teleprompter if they go virtual. Trump would eat him up again, Joe doesn’t want that.

      Alexander JavierAlexander Javier12 kun oldin
    • looks like your boy trump is afraid of a virtual debate lol

      Down The CenterDown The Center12 kun oldin
    • It wouldn’t be as good

      The Jurassic ChickenThe Jurassic Chicken12 kun oldin
  • Who else here besides me are in the middle and dont see any reason to vote for either of these clowns?

    Tim WardTim Ward14 kun oldin
  • You cannot silence the Confederacy

    Jesco NevadaJesco Nevada14 kun oldin
  • Who else is now looking for the "man having sex with the octopus" movie?

    James TaylorJames Taylor14 kun oldin
  • 328 million population and the best you can do is a choice between Trump or Biden? Are there no YOUNG people in your country fit to hold political office?

    corydorascorydoras14 kun oldin
  • Wallace didn't press Biden to answer the question that's why Trump did that job for Wallace and yet still Wallace always went to the next topic. Biased.

    E CCE CC14 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry Ben but your commercial frequency is going to very soon outpace the my pillow guy!😂😂😂

    James GarrityJames Garrity14 kun oldin
  • By the way, how much of Biden’s percentage that he won got allocated to Wallace for his contribution to joe?

    James GarrityJames Garrity14 kun oldin
  • At 25 years old I realize that this debate is fake and it's a play they're puppets they don't have any power, the people behind them are in charge they just run the show. If you believe the election is real, i'm Sorry but you are not woke..

    Andy RamirezAndy Ramirez14 kun oldin
  • If you are wondering whether or not the national polls are accurate and that Biden is actually that far ahead and has nothing to worry about? Please give Hillary a call and ask her how that worked out for her in 2016!!!😂😂😂

    James GarrityJames Garrity14 kun oldin
  • I'm not going to defend anyone from the shit show. Both candidates and the moderator were clowns. I got a few laughs, but it was a waste of time.

    Samuel FernandezSamuel Fernandez14 kun oldin
  • Ben Shapiro you're smarter than that. Trump had did what had to be done. Trump 2020-2024!

  • That live chat is so painful to read. Bunch of rambling sheep and idiots just like all of you conservatives.

    brokkTFTbrokkTFT14 kun oldin
  • Does anyone think that debate was like a pro wrestling promo.

    macewbeemacewbee14 kun oldin
  • Ben we want more interviews with the BBC

    Windmill cancer survivor ?windmillWindmill cancer survivor ?windmill14 kun oldin
  • Just me or does Ben seem a little more crazy today

    John WarrenJohn Warren14 kun oldin
  • Damn ben gettin all the sponsers

    bruh bruhboybruh bruhboy14 kun oldin
  • Check out the book Hunting virgins/The secret coming soon

    wayne hawkwayne hawk14 kun oldin
  • On the comment Joe Biden made about Not being in Public Office, I thought, "True, you aren't currently holding a position. But I could have sworn in one of your videos you were saying that ' I'm ready on day#1! Why isn't Trump?!' ". 🤔 I'm so confused Joe*...🤷😉 *[I've been looking forward to hearing from Ben Shapiro and his thoughts on this. (So many other great videos of Ben I was trying to get caught up on...hense my tardiness. 😉)]

    Jennifer GatesJennifer Gates14 kun oldin
  • "And we didn't know who the father was"....dying!!! 🤣🤣🤣👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 well done Ben!!! Well done!!!

    L. A79L. A7914 kun oldin
  • Ben, The polls were legit 50% to 40% Clinton beating trump in the debates back in 2016..... Look who won.

    Caden WatkinsCaden Watkins15 kun oldin
  • I wanted to hear your thoughts on the debate not a bunch of ads.

    Rick ShipleyRick Shipley15 kun oldin
  • Ben, Trump was double-teamed. He angered both Biden and Wallace and they exposed their fangs, while he defended his positions and attacked Joe in a way he made him speechless. Joe couldn’t answer at lease some key questions NO ONE will ask him, “What have you done in 47 years?” and “Name one law enforcement agency that supports you?” Other questions related to past “promises” he’s made like Ending Fracking and Raising Taxes. Also, questions about his son. He shouldn’t get a pass only because Beau passed away. Joe brought him to China and he got a handsome deal.

    Mex SeikoMex Seiko15 kun oldin