The Best of Tubbo 2020!

8-Yan, 2021
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Tubbo's best Minecraft moments of 2020, featuring TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot, Dream & more!
Editor: @LlamaNeck & Myself
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    TubboTubbo18 kun oldin
    • Hey tubbo make the language german again. I can learn u. I dont have minecraft acc. But i can Guide u to speak geman. (Sorry i am from germany and don't speak good Englisch...)

      Arman BaghdasaryanArman Baghdasaryan3 kun oldin
    • yes

      Christopher Lazo BonillaChristopher Lazo Bonilla17 kun oldin
    • woo

      「Alondra」「Alondra」18 kun oldin
    • lol

      「Alondra」「Alondra」18 kun oldin
    • :)

      「Alondra」「Alondra」18 kun oldin

    OliiiOliii2 soat oldin

    OliiiOliii2 soat oldin
  • Alternative title: "Best Of Tubbo's Friends Except Sometimes it's Tubbo 2020"

    Ded MemzDed Memz2 soat oldin
  • I thought teen boys tried to be tough teens out twich streamers are the opposite

    Pip CouchmanPip Couchman3 soat oldin
  • 8:04 my favorite quote "you just got corrected by a dyslexic person"

    Braelynn GilesBraelynn Giles3 soat oldin
  • that fnaf freakout at 45:16 made me think he just had a fucking seizure.

    WatalifeWatalife3 soat oldin

    LoudLoud4 soat oldin
  • imagine not posting stuff like: ""“Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "Charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "the earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series” “Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "Charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "the earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "Minecraft" "ASMR" "pewdiepie" "music" "Fortnite" "markiplier" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “UZworld is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series”

    im pīëim pīë4 soat oldin
  • Gg

    KAbsKAbs4 soat oldin
  • E

    TraqpopTraqpop4 soat oldin
  • I have watched this way to many times

    MK_the_ManiacMK_the_Maniac10 soat oldin
  • tubbo can you rob me

    Jackson CobbJackson Cobb10 soat oldin

    Chloe ShepherdChloe Shepherd12 soat oldin
  • i just cant stop laugh🤣🤣🤣

    ItsBooItsBoo13 soat oldin
  • I love tubbo so much he cracks me up every time

    Hollie EavesHollie Eaves15 soat oldin
  • 40:16 freaking SENDS me everytime

    Flashingred fangsFlashingred fangs16 soat oldin
  • Nice video! My Friend Emma has a huge crush on you😂

    Charlotte LuCharlotte Lu16 soat oldin
  • Why am I a simp for a kid that doesn’t even know I’s kinda embarrassing

    Lynn GossLynn Goss21 soat oldin

    Mila RainesMila Raines21 soat oldin
  • h e l l o

    d̆̈r̆̈ĕ̈ă̈m̆̈d̆̈r̆̈ĕ̈ă̈m̆̈22 soat oldin
  • 😁

    ChuckFS YTChuckFS YTKun oldin
  • Tubbo, if u see this, u need to listen, if you don't remove the lectern out of dreams prison, HE WILL ESCAPE there is enough obsidian there for a portal, he can use the lectern and place it next to the lava, once he does that, fire spreads, if he spreads fire round to the obsidian zone thats possible to make a portal, then, yeah, he has an escape route

    IceTheGeckoIceTheGeckoKun oldin
    • Dream would have to destroy the lectern first, thats a lot of time with mining fatigue 3, and to destroy 1 obsidian with his fist and mining fatigue 3, it would take HOURS, HOURS JUST FOR 1 BLOCK REMOVED, He isnt getting out like that, the only ways im thinking of are an ender pearl water thingy (idk the name) or his favour to techno

      Paola EspinosaPaola Espinosa7 daqiqa oldin
  • I lOvE cHeSSe 🍔

    Ishak TanriverIshak TanriverKun oldin

    Margreet SchuurmanMargreet SchuurmanKun oldin
  • Tubbo I love you're vids their funny,entertaning,And you're nice :)

    PolarPolarKun oldin
  • i like how he showed smpearth and skyblock at the beginning :)

    baconbaconKun oldin
  • Tuboo when impostor: :O

    Frosty KittenFrosty KittenKun oldin
  • Hey tubbo are u still a hit man? A kid keeps calling me retarded for watching you

    KapicmKapicmKun oldin
  • " i didnt use the swear word cuz dantdm is hear "

    RepulseRepulseKun oldin
  • Tubbox!!

    Midnight._. CherryMidnight._. CherryKun oldin
  • Amazing lol

    Elite_GamingYTElite_GamingYTKun oldin
  • I just wanna ask... Why didn’t youtube verify you yet 😭😭

    st1ll_dreaminq ・st1ll_dreaminq ・Kun oldin
  • Hi

    Sync RBXSync RBXKun oldin
  • hey what is the intro song called

    Harry RippinHarry RippinKun oldin
  • Your character is literally copy of Tweek Tweak from south park if he wasn't blonde.

    Ditto MonttoDitto MonttoKun oldin
  • 4:19 I don't remember this in Sad-ist's animatics...

    Serene FengSerene FengKun oldin
  • 100k More and that 1 Million is waiting for you

    AdeenaBeeAdeenaBeeKun oldin
  • Awsome intro ESPECIALLY the hey! Part :)

    Alonzo SorianoAlonzo SorianoKun oldin
  • tubbo: sets the ground on fire also tubbo: we didnt set the fire

    Matilda LaredoMatilda LaredoKun oldin
  • diemanhitsbitsackle oWo

    uNkNoWn HUmAnuNkNoWn HUmAnKun oldin
  • 900k

    why ReWiNdwhy ReWiNdKun oldin
  • Post more videos I love THEM

    Nicola BakerNicola Baker2 kun oldin
  • Its Sir Tubbo

    Amanda KroenAmanda Kroen2 kun oldin
  • 2:06 I literally had that t-shirt when I was like 6 lol

    Jacob BJacob B2 kun oldin
  • Hello I have somthing to rant about. So today I was at urban air, I’m just playing with my brother and my nephew and I was like “ oh I want to see what song they have on, So I walk outside teh play area and yk what I heard. I’m not kidding I heard “spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round” I SWEAR TO GOD I HAD TO COVER UP MY LAUGH BC MY FAMILY DOESNT KNOW I WATCH MCYT’S!! Thank you for listening to my rant and don’t mind my horable grammar lol

    Bunny BellBunny Bell2 kun oldin
  • o

    DZUHDZUH2 kun oldin
  • PLEASE don’t tell me I’m the only one who noticed the: “Suggested: Tubbo and Tommy being high on cookies for 15 minutes straight (Dream S...” At 28:25.

    Aubrey DelaneyAubrey Delaney2 kun oldin
  • Yo do you want to join my Gamerz SMP ツ My discord is YT_Harrisongamez#7682

    Harrison GamezHarrison Gamez2 kun oldin

    The Comment GuyThe Comment Guy2 kun oldin
  • Bri ish

    Petah GriffPetah Griff2 kun oldin

    cason smartcason smart2 kun oldin
  • Now for the big question, should I subscribe: A: YES B:YES C:YES D:ALL THE ABOVE

    Ethan FerrellEthan Ferrell2 kun oldin
  • Cheese böŘģËř

    MITSUKI CarlaMITSUKI Carla2 kun oldin

    sadchaossadchaos3 kun oldin
  • "you just got corrected by a dyslexic person".... the ultimate power move

    Karoline AndersenKaroline Andersen3 kun oldin
  • Why is Tubbo trending in the USA

    Galaxy LoafGalaxy Loaf3 kun oldin
  • tubbo currently has the population of iceland x2 (and a bit) in subscribers

    Sophie TSophie T3 kun oldin
  • Commenting road to one mill day 4

    •Totally_Lemon••Totally_Lemon•3 kun oldin
  • Tobi

    Jamal KazimJamal Kazim3 kun oldin
  • The dud isn't verified yet- UZworld?!?

    Follow LifeFollow Life3 kun oldin
  • this was uploaded on my birthday

    MortalMapleMortalMaple3 kun oldin
  • yo tubbo a you really 17 you look like a 13 year old

    Super Mario ZakSuper Mario Zak3 kun oldin
  • Plz upload

    ice boyy 123ice boyy 1233 kun oldin

    WeerWeer3 kun oldin
  • Tubbo say this Philippines 🙏🙏🙏

    Andrew ParasAndrew Paras3 kun oldin
  • if we can get Tubbo to 1 mil subs that would be cool :)

    Tyne SwensonTyne Swenson3 kun oldin
  • as a person with tubbos youtooz i feel S P E C I E A L

    Natalie PalmerNatalie Palmer3 kun oldin
  • I love tubbo's skin in the smp (It kinda looks like tommyinnits tho )

    salam efendilerisalam efendileri4 kun oldin
  • I love you tubi

    Swipey YTSwipey YT4 kun oldin
  • Tubbox

    ItsKamuke - Brawl StarsItsKamuke - Brawl Stars4 kun oldin
  • The nippy cow yearly pinch because dolphin macropharmacologically owe concerning a long-term hip. thirsty, smiling earthquake

    Rodger StachuraRodger Stachura4 kun oldin
  • tube like da bee

    LittleFundyLittleFundy4 kun oldin
  • Wait but tubbo has 880K subs now

    Wessel van KoeverdenWessel van Koeverden4 kun oldin
  • @Tubbo we didn't start the fire it was always burning

    RNG speedyRNG speedy4 kun oldin

    Leah FitzpatrickLeah Fitzpatrick4 kun oldin
  • 45:14 48:12

    Skylar SkullcapSkylar Skullcap4 kun oldin
  • Your name sounds familiar

    nico szenico sze4 kun oldin
  • Tubbo I wanna I wanna know how did you come up with the name tubbo

    the gaming life jaxonthe gaming life jaxon4 kun oldin
  • Hay tub remeber when u exiled Tommy?

    Azza BrownAzza Brown4 kun oldin
  • Tubbo I have a video/ stream suggestion for you! Have you played cuphead? If not then you should play it with Tommy on stream!

    INFINITE STUDIOS // InfiniteGamingINFINITE STUDIOS // InfiniteGaming5 kun oldin

    DerpSicleDerpSicle5 kun oldin
  • You just can’t hate tubbo

    Ethan ToddEthan Todd5 kun oldin
  • tubbo was about to say wilby like big man innit

    ThiccBaz ZThiccBaz Z5 kun oldin
  • Tubbo you said hi to my friend on live im her friend maybe you can say hi to me?

    Gabby TadlockGabby Tadlock5 kun oldin
  • could anyone here give me upvotes so we can get tubbos attention from streaming

    RED REBELRED REBEL5 kun oldin
  • (

    HiHi5 kun oldin
  • Change ur last name to fox so ur name is Toby fox

    YeetYeet5 kun oldin
  • 1

    HiHi5 kun oldin
  • hi

    HiHi5 kun oldin
  • So funny

    Emilia LuceroEmilia Lucero5 kun oldin
  • YOU THERE have you seen sadist’s recent animatic

    trainerlitrainerli5 kun oldin
  • Omg 😂 at the way at 37:49 😂🤡

    ñøţ møõņ ťhē ŗāţñøţ møõņ ťhē ŗāţ5 kun oldin
  • Make more UZworld videos

    Joey HudsonJoey Hudson5 kun oldin

    Minh Chau NguyenMinh Chau Nguyen5 kun oldin
    • If he continues to leach off of tommy he’s likely too

      Pajoli 2Pajoli 25 kun oldin

    Amelie NurmiAmelie Nurmi5 kun oldin
  • hey tubbo i bought you off ebay so youre my friend now :)

    xjust.a.gacha.accountx :3xjust.a.gacha.accountx :35 kun oldin
    • (youre not on ebay dont worry

      xjust.a.gacha.accountx :3xjust.a.gacha.accountx :35 kun oldin
    • (its a joke

      xjust.a.gacha.accountx :3xjust.a.gacha.accountx :35 kun oldin
  • 32:05 watch out

    BluxeAmvBluxeAmv5 kun oldin
  • Hey tubbo sad-ist make new video are you gonna watch video sad-ist?

    ALU cacartALU cacart5 kun oldin
  • This is so cool, we need to get Tubbo verified #verifytubbo

    xoAlexxoAlex5 kun oldin