The BEST Subscriber Cars I Have Seen So Far!!! (Rice Or Nice)

29-Sen, 2020
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Today i look at the cars you guys sent me and say some thought on whether the car is rice or nice. the final decision is up to you guys tho so go to the comments and let me know asap. I did not tag owner In case they did not want to be tagged. these cars can be ugly or clean builds. it all depends what you guys, my subscribers, send me!
Rice or nice part 19:
insta: @___drewpeacock
Music: Chris Hallinan on Spotify
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  • My man's with the Mclaren. I played a Need For Speed game in my youth and absolutely loved the Mclaren that was in the game. It was that or the CLKGTR (I think is what the car is called.. it's been many a year since I've played it. I'll have to pull out my old original xbox! Also "that steering wheel is thinner than poop when I eat tacos bell" damn near got me rolling. I'm sitting here thinking "whiskey shits would be thinner"

    Fellow PersonFellow Person19 soat oldin
  • I lowkey really like stance neons. Help

    TcolaTcola19 soat oldin
  • Gray mustang all the way

    l iDrxpYxu l YTl iDrxpYxu l YTKun oldin
  • Nissan 350z is ugly af

    l iDrxpYxu l YTl iDrxpYxu l YTKun oldin
  • That white dodge is shit

    l iDrxpYxu l YTl iDrxpYxu l YTKun oldin
  • 666th comment

    CkryyCkryy2 kun oldin
  • i got my eye on a hellcat wide body fire car and my dream car hope i get it when im older

    Brandon HernandezBrandon Hernandez2 kun oldin
  • I dont mind stickers that frs looked good besides the two wings it looks like a gumball rally car and i personally love some of the wrapsfor like the ace of spades rallys and gumball 3000 idk just me but i do love me a good clean car

    iamsicko tviamsicko tv2 kun oldin
  • An old stock toyota but under the hood a 2jz........bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Kareem ShaltouniKareem Shaltouni3 kun oldin
  • "Drake sign me" lol

    #DA- GANG VLOGS#DA- GANG VLOGS4 kun oldin
  • Dude that Dodge Challenger at the parking lot I fucking know that place wassup Lake Worth😂

    YungMexジYungMexジ4 kun oldin
  • Me:shows stock car Drew: RICER

    AmyzanAmyzan4 kun oldin
  • Lmfaooo nah this guys commentary is hilarious

    Brandon WallaceBrandon Wallace4 kun oldin
  • Where do you send photos for rice or nice

    Jose BravoJose Bravo4 kun oldin
  • Bro im sorry but in Puerto Rico that genesis is a fuking beast so just because is not tune is a ricer? Bruh your an american popper

    Kenny CardonaKenny Cardona4 kun oldin
  • That 1960's mustang gt was crisp

    Lil TumorLil Tumor5 kun oldin
  • I think that dodge neon tryna look like a supra

    jakob murujakob muru5 kun oldin
  • That Honda Civic was not rice it nice

    Lay YerLay Yer5 kun oldin
  • As someone who owns a vq37hr vehicle I doubt he’s pushing 800 with a stillen supercharger. He’s still pushing really good power but you don’t see that out of those

    Jarren DJarren D6 kun oldin
  • Drew For President “Making Cars Look Great Again”

    Juan CarlosJuan Carlos6 kun oldin
  • What’s your email

    Laiquan RamosLaiquan Ramos7 kun oldin
  • that supra had subaru colors

    YoBoy NickYoBoy Nick7 kun oldin
  • The Supra at 4:11 gave me Subaru vibes

    Dan BGDan BG7 kun oldin
  • The 350r the color is called foot pedal gray

    Ryan McMahonRyan McMahon7 kun oldin
  • Too many stickers on that frs. Just why? Car will already get enough attention. No need for the stickers smh

    -Slurmdaddy --Slurmdaddy -7 kun oldin
  • Can sombody please tell me what is up with new ricegrinders with the suspension smashed into the finders like they have a car full of fatgirls?

    Jim BoBJim BoB8 kun oldin
  • Drew ppcocknballs

    MattyphatsacsMattyphatsacs8 kun oldin
  • 😀😍🤩😍😍🤗😘😄😁😁🤔😗😗🤫🤭😗🤤🤥🤭😗🤤🤥🤭😗🤤😬🤭😘🤤😘🤭🤗😪🤩😍😘🤔😗🤐☺😆😴😛🤢😛😋🤢🤐😛😛😙🤢🤐😛😙🤢🤐🤐🤢🤫🤭🤤🤩😘🤐😬🤩😘🤐😬🤩😘🤐😆🤨☺😚🤭😷😘☺😙😷😂😅😋🧐😂😅😋🤕🤕🙂😛🙂😛🤢🤣🙂😜🤣🤢😜🙃🤢🤣😌😪🥵🥺🥵😌😪🥺😔🥵🥺😪🥶😪😦🤤😔😦🥶😦😪🥳😦🤤😧😴😵😨😎😤😴😎😎😨🤠🤓😡😴🤠🤒😷😰🤠😷😰🤠😥😷🤕🤠😥🤕😑🥳🤢😢🥳😟🤬🤕😎🍄🐗🐆🐹🌭🍞🥐🤔😚😷🥴🤔😷🥴😚🥴🤔😐☺😐🤫😐☺🥴🤓😡🤬😡🤕😎😘😪🤗🤗😘🤤🤤🤭😘🐹🐅🐖🐖🐅🐹🐹🐅🐖🐎🐪🐴🐭🐭🐴🐿🦄🐁🥑🥔🌭🥓🌭🥑🍌🥜🥑🥖🥖🥑🍌🥜🥑🥑🍌🥖🍄🥑🥖🍌🍄🥖🍌🥑🍄🥖🥑🍍🥜🌭🥜🍆🥪🥔🌰🥔🍆🌭🥜🥕🥪🌮🌮🍱🍱🍘🍙🥙

    Nbertrand100Nbertrand1008 kun oldin
  • I just love at how he reacts to the "Lambo doors" that little pause is just priceless.

    Raze392Raze3928 kun oldin
  • okay what the hell was up with the front tires on the last mustang? he runnin half inch wide wheels?

    Reese RaymondReese Raymond8 kun oldin
  • Nah bruh that thumbnail pic looked EXACTLY like anthony mackie

    Ky0TozKy0Toz8 kun oldin
  • 6:00 ive seen that car irl and i almost threw up

    Brocky's worldBrocky's world8 kun oldin
  • 0:44 the middle right it says PISS in black bru

    Cael MinnsCael Minns9 kun oldin
  • 1:30 looks like a LB performance car

    Memes I MusicMemes I Music9 kun oldin
  • The blue and orange supra looks fire🔥🔥 I don’t know what he was thinking

    Kole MadisonKole Madison10 kun oldin
  • I have a friend who has a miata and he's pushing over 850hp wheel

    KONTROLL meKONTROLL me10 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 wtf where u talkin bout in this video

    Max MurcuryMax Murcury11 kun oldin
  • Sorry but sounds like you say droopy Cock 😂😂😂

    Ron PedrickRon Pedrick11 kun oldin
  • japanese engines for japanese cars

    Seven PlayZSeven PlayZ12 kun oldin
  • Yo I'm not a car guy really but I love watching u do the rice or nice I'm finna mod my 2020 Corolla and send it to u just to get roasted.

    TheTmannn YTTheTmannn YT12 kun oldin
  • Are we gonna ignore that the challenger had step rails off a truck?

    Chris ParsonsChris Parsons12 kun oldin
  • Lol ill send in my honda but i know you gona call it rice lmao. Its a 2007 honda accord se and the se stands for shitbox addition

    frost bitefrost bite13 kun oldin

    Axel TorrezAxel Torrez13 kun oldin
  • the riced supra in the beginning hurt my soul

    KoolGunnerDean9KoolGunnerDean914 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna be original an put some wolverine claw marks on my car. Oh wait everyone already done it. Dam

    BreakingBABreakingBA15 kun oldin
  • yo the blue Supra was on for sale on marketplace in Georgia

    IronyIrony15 kun oldin
    • He wanted 55k

      IronyIrony15 kun oldin
  • Where did the rest of the front tyre go on that classic mustang???

    Anthony’s AutomotiveAnthony’s Automotive15 kun oldin
  • The Mazda looks like shit 😂😂😂

    Kilo BravoKilo Bravo15 kun oldin
  • the blue supra looked like an impreza

    nickolay askegaardnickolay askegaard15 kun oldin
  • Dang a bahraini car!!!

    Hassan AlfayedHassan Alfayed15 kun oldin
  • At 4:06 when a supra tries to look like a subi😂

    crax44crax4415 kun oldin
  • 8:30 drew that isn't "2 wings", it's a wing and a gurney flap. a pretty normal combination for aero tbh although i'm sure this one wasn't setup for function. but it could be tweaked to be functional.

    Sean PriceSean Price16 kun oldin
  • I would send my car pics in but u would call it rice bc the build isn't finished

    Rain HavocRain Havoc16 kun oldin
  • I saw ricer corvette that had plastic wing and exhaust sticking out the front bumper

    Twin Turbo GamingTwin Turbo Gaming16 kun oldin
  • said something about audis not being fast, UGR V10 plus pushes 2300 and smoked and still smokes UGR aventadors and huricans. And someone just got arrested for driving an rs7 all the way to 180 on i485. I have an audi R8 v10 with a tune and a supercharger trust me they are not slow

    EplicsEplics16 kun oldin
    • james hoffman yeh and a exhaust and it’s decatted spits like 3 foot flames

      EplicsEplics16 kun oldin
    • Bro you have a tune AND a supercharger??

      james hoffmanjames hoffman16 kun oldin
  • Drew its Suparu 👌🤣

    Twinkie FoxTwinkie Fox16 kun oldin
  • That red 350 looks like a Miata low key😂😂

    Team MejiaTeam Mejia16 kun oldin
  • Imagine submitting your car with high expectations and drew publicity calls it a “certified piece of shit”

    That Chevy GuyThat Chevy Guy16 kun oldin
  • I wish I had a car😭

    MM16 kun oldin
  • Why the f**k is there running boards on that challenger??? DREW COME ON! That was your time to shine. Lol 😋

    Skylar HawkinsSkylar Hawkins16 kun oldin
  • Audi R8 carbon fiber hoods are like 15k

    Jackson ThompsonJackson Thompson16 kun oldin
  • These were great

    AkiraTheGodEaterAkiraTheGodEater17 kun oldin
  • Some of the cars you’re calling rice aren’t, for example that FRS is amazing ... just my opinion

    IamdemorisIamdemoris17 kun oldin
  • 2:00 if penfold and danger mouse got jiggy on the backseat?

    Ian CleggIan Clegg17 kun oldin
  • Love the 2.0 Supra at beginning I like the teal looking color

    Cameron McClureCameron McClure17 kun oldin
  • 4:53 that’s eneugh nfs for ypu

    JW - 07NA 764523 Fairlawn PSJW - 07NA 764523 Fairlawn PS17 kun oldin
  • Will you still be doing this in a year cuz I want my car to be in here when I get it

    Young_johnson424Young_johnson42417 kun oldin
  • Imagine someone taking pics of your car, complementing it and then it’s on a drew peacock vid a week later

    alex_jp3alex_jp317 kun oldin
    • Lmao 😂

      DiZasterHeroDiZasterHero17 kun oldin
  • that first car is not a quadrifogliolgioglgigo

    Blaik LewisBlaik Lewis17 kun oldin
  • 10:35 EVERY TIK TOK CAR GIRL BE LIKE "Yea, its mine, not my boyfriends, and I bet its faster than your car

    VerbehVerbeh17 kun oldin
  • Was that dillon2jzs z? His car is so badass

    MTNxMTNx17 kun oldin
  • That Alfa made my stomach churn. Between the urine color paint job and Alfa's hideous styling, it's straight up nauseating. Just looking at it makes me want to take a shit.

    Onion HeadOnion Head17 kun oldin
  • That old black toyota limousine thing that you see is the TOYOTA MARK 2 CRESSIDA, Version. 2.0! And the black muscle car is the 1968 FORD MUSTANG GT, I guess.

    Ronald ChavezRonald Chavez17 kun oldin
  • That ugly red 350z used to be mine lol trust it didnt look like that lmao they really killed the poor car

    AbelAbel17 kun oldin
  • Hahah flower petals..... 💀

    The Living Testimony ChannelThe Living Testimony Channel17 kun oldin
  • Who are you?

    Antonio WrightAntonio Wright17 kun oldin
  • I love 370's alot

    サイフ・ムハンマドサイフ・ムハンマド18 kun oldin
  • When you hear to clock ticking: 👁👄👁

    Margax 151Margax 15118 kun oldin
  • Why these dudes out here ricing their 350z... its my dream car... good God please stop.

    Elliott PoelElliott Poel18 kun oldin
  • Anyone know the Instagram to the G? Second car in the vid.

    CheapShotGarageCheapShotGarage18 kun oldin
  • 2jz engine is like the best inline engine

    Kiema Gen WalkerKiema Gen Walker18 kun oldin
  • Nobody Drew: (000hp) I think the email said

    SOSASOSA18 kun oldin
  • That g37x at 1:15 is actually the ONLY liberty walk sedan out there. The guy had everything custom fabricated. There's a great video of whole car if you search widebody g37 on youtube. First car I've seen with underglow that actaully looks good.

    Zach SmithZach Smith18 kun oldin
  • I know the guy with the Red G35! It's a different comor every year he'a a cool dude.

    joshjosh18 kun oldin
  • Inside...”the engine kind looks like a McDonald’s play pen” 😂 why you gotta do him like that

    Garrett LGarrett L18 kun oldin
  • The geni is rice just he cause he can’t go fast??? Mans be spending 1000s just to be called rice by you😂😂😂 that Supra was stoooopid rice this just them wheels🤣🤣🤣

    PanDulcePanDulce18 kun oldin
  • on behalf of the z gang, we do not claim any droptop trims of our sick z's bich

    Letter BLetter B18 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂 what the problem with german cars??

    L17L1718 kun oldin
  • Broooo I finally found it I made up the name SUPRARU years ago as at 11:57 is the SUPRARUUUUUU😂 other then that that’s sad af seeing a supra like that

    Jagger StooksburyJagger Stooksbury18 kun oldin
  • Says the audi won't go fast 😂 then mentions he always wanted an r8. Educate yourself then bro? Go look at an s4 or an s6. They are bad ass models

    Brennan BakerBrennan Baker18 kun oldin
  • anybody notice the hidden r33 or r32 hidden with the ugly supra???????

    joshua marshalljoshua marshall18 kun oldin
  • I have a g37 and not gonna lie i was looking at a body kit thats similar to that the difference is that im goin black with red pearls so that it looks like a shadow black but in the sunlight is had a nice red tint. Etc

    Itz DispiritedItz Dispirited19 kun oldin
  • I’d say gold is ugly asf on most cars but that romeo looks good.

    Ricky WavyRicky Wavy19 kun oldin
  • Holy crap I know the owner of the gold Alfa at the beginning, he’s a cool guy helps run a bunch of meets around the area, I’ve seen him at a bunch

    jerry the blue berryjerry the blue berry19 kun oldin
  • Alfa was not a quadrafolio, would have had quad exhaust and had stock bumper

    jaxxon summersjaxxon summers19 kun oldin
  • That Mustang restoration was so clean!👌👌🤤

    KazUki-HDKazUki-HD19 kun oldin
  • Why u always put Marvel's Falcon in your thunbnails? 😂

    BoltieBoltie19 kun oldin
  • so nice or nice?

    XLolSulXLolSul19 kun oldin
  • When a mustang pops up its not rice i just dindt download the photo of the engine bay ,when an import pops up oooh defenitely ricee

    Marcel RooseMarcel Roose19 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who don’t like to look of carbon? I think replacing parts of the car body with carbon ones looks like absolute shit.

    Иван КулагинИван Кулагин19 kun oldin
    • But it's light weight

      marcus richardsonmarcus richardson19 kun oldin