The Americans that fought for Germany in World war II

28-Sen, 2020
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With World War II rapidly approaching, there was a call for the Volksdeutsche, - people of German heritage outside the Reich to return home to the Fatherland and help defend it.
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Created by Daniel Turner
Script: Conan White
Chris Kane
Music Credit:
Decline by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
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  • Ah yes the call of war where the name didn’t get copied from calling duty nahhhhhh

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  • "Hey pal, want some Liberty Cabbage on that hot dog?" "Yeah, and an order of Freedom Fries please."

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  • What about Henry Ford or Charles Lindburg? Both Nazis!!! What about the pourly treated Japanese Americans? Some of them fought in Europe!

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  • Well, it's a good thing he didn't steal the Enola Gay.

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  • german language disappeared from American school later education was no longer allowed, only Kardashian history was accepted curriculum.

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  • Because a lot of people suck and are terrible.

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  • Other than the pilot defector, what happened to all the other American that fought for Germany? Were they allowed to return to the US after the war?

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  • Imagine returning to your country then having your house bombed

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  • Let's eat us some good Liberty Cabbage!

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  • You ever wonder who is behind all the chaos that the world finds itself in currently, I found this the other day.... The identity of The Man Behind the Mask will shock you.

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  • Wait is German-American existed

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  • Call of war is a really good game

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  • The German Reich was an international military they Had Americans British - British free korp Islams And more

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  • Wow. I'm wondering if any of my cousins through my 5th great grandfather from Germany had went back to fight for Germany. He lived in Ohio.

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  • Sounds a lot like after 9/11 when the French didn’t wanna fight terrorists and we wanted to call French fries Freedom Fries. Such pettiness in the world

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  • John: ''So, we're salty over the Germans now. What will we name this sauerkraut now, Bob? I was thinking 'pickled-cabba.. Bob: '' LiBeRty-CaBbaGe!'' John: ''My God, Bod.. You're a GENIUS! ''

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  • Says how Germany was fanatical. America bans almost everything German... I'd go back to.

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  • kind of like Freedom Fries instead of French Fries. lol

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  • 1 minute and 23 seconds before the video actually started

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  • Hitler and FDR admired each other and copied policies

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  • Hmm American Germans go back to the Motherland, seems like Uncle funny little mustache man was a very compassionate and great leader towards his people and heritage. Also the documents, records and estimates of German Americans that fought alongside the war were destroyed? Hmmm Aye Tony?! Why do we have records from the Red Cross about the hollow bunga? Seems like another billion is added each year? but a few German American records got 86ed? I dunno Tony, something smells fishy right here. Seems like the those big noses had a hand rubbing in 86ing a few documents.

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  • 3:46 German women have moustache?

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  • God bless him. If the allied soldiers would have known what the result of there victory have unleashed to the world they would fight for Germany.

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  • Lol

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  • Oregon, go figure. The capital of socialism in the US.

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  • Beethoven was banned in many places *casually plays Beethoven in the background

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  • Super interesting, love your videos!

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  • Call of War Nice name

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  • Liberty cabbage sounds like a food ration ngl

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  • I feel like the video kind of overblows the sympathy German-Americans had towards the Nazis. The vast majority didn’t let the ill-treatment during WWI make them sympathize with the Nazis. It’s a bit of a sore point for my family. My grandma’s father was the son of German immigrants, while her mother was the daughter of Swedish immigrants. As a child, she was talking about the war with one of her Swedish cousins, who then said, “Well, you’re German…” and my grandma got so mad. But her father served in the US Army during WWI, and her brother was in the USAAF in WWII. They stayed loyal to the US

    tomtomtrenttomtomtrent4 kun oldin
  • If German Americans returned to fight for Germany before Germany and the US were at war can you consider it treason however?

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  • Lt. Ronald Speirs has entered the chat

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  • I’m playing the game u talked about and I’m invading Austria

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    • dont do that, its my home and the best country in the world

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  • Supremacy 1914 and call of war has verry good game

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  • 6:10 correction United States Army Air Forces.

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  • The air force didn't exist until the end of WWII

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    • Zoidus you are thinking about ww1 dude. Ww2 had a ton of Air Force participation.

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  • Hi um I clicked because I saw Oregon and I live in Oregon soooooo🙃

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  • So what your saying is america alienated and bullied people into returning to the fatherland and then charged them with treason. My God that is the most American thing I have ever heard.

    Shane DavidsonShane Davidson5 kun oldin
    • Shane Davidson how would you feel if somebody was fighting against your country?

      Major MooMajor Moo3 kun oldin
  • That last one, as a full fledged certified traitor, should have gone the way of his comrades at Nuremburg.

    nowthatsjustduckynowthatsjustducky5 kun oldin
  • "When the flag of our Motherland flies atop the Reichstag, all of Berlin will know the evil of the fascist Reich has been wiped from the face of the Earth." - Sgt. Viktor Reznov, 3rd Shock Army

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  • Killl all of those for fought for the enemy

    Laurie HuntleyLaurie Huntley5 kun oldin
  • The town near me (Cambridge) used to be called New Berlin prior to WW2

    TigTk421TigTk4215 kun oldin
  • I guess hate could push a guy to move or fight for what he feels it right. (26 yr vet, so don't get it twisted)

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  • For a country that’s supposed to be a melting pot of cultures, it really has periods where they hated every culture in the world.

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  • Imagine getting youtube red just so you dont have to watch ads and then having to watch ads anyway

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  • Thats why citizenship by birth is utter meaningless.

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    • @Heinrich Himmler it really is sunshine. Your parents are your nationality.

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    • It's really not.

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  • I feel as if the treatment of Germany after world war 1 directly led to the rise of Adolf Hitler I feel either way World War Two was going to happen with all the restrictions placed on Germany it would’ve happened But with the Anti German hysteria as you put it probably led to a large growth of extreme ideals like those of Hitler and his party I kinda wish we treated Germany better after World War One because I wonder if Germany without the rule of Hitler would’ve fought differently and in turn probably wouldn’t have committed the crimes against humanity

    Kason UtzKason Utz5 kun oldin
  • Russland2020.

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  • i thout it woud be a man called the texian

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  • Band of brothers

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  • Long story short: if you betray your country, you might have a hard time with your new "countrymen"

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  • Who else calls them Freedom Fries?

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    • I just call them fries.

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  • No one: 1940s America: LIBERTY CABBAGE

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  • I have a friend that was in the George Washington division of the SS then I had some friends that were in the James Longstreet division SA brownshirts I served in the Stonewall Brigade SA brownshirts

    Robert SilvaRobert Silva6 kun oldin
    • So you’re pretending to know Nazis online?

  • I am from Sweetwater Kansas

    Robert SilvaRobert Silva6 kun oldin
  • Japanese-American Combat Team The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was a regiment-sized unit of the United States Army during World War II. It was composed almost entirely of Japanese Americans, except for officers and other personnel. They were deployed to the European front and fought bravely against the Axis powers. The total casualty rate was 31.4% (with a total of 9,486 casualties). It is also known as the most decorated unit in the history of the United States. During World War II, approximately 33,000 Nisei served in the U.S. Army, most of whom were assigned to one of three units: the Headquarters, the 100th Infantry Battalion, or U.S. Army Intelligence.

    0 00 06 kun oldin
  • Germany declared war on USA first btw.

    nicolas castleberrynicolas castleberry6 kun oldin
    • Jan Hofer, could you blame both? America was attacked by Japan, Germany’s ally, and when America declared war on Japan, Germany naturally declared war on America.

      Major MooMajor Moo3 kun oldin
    • Nope USA

      Jan HoferJan Hofer4 kun oldin
  • Liberty cabbage lol

    Dan GDan G6 kun oldin
  • The greatest of these was Baldur von schirach, leader of the Hitler youth. He was German by birth but American by heritage.

    alex thelizardkingalex thelizardking6 kun oldin
  • Why does this intro sponsor look like a pay to win hoi 4?

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  • Video starts at 1:22

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  • American foolishness at 03:00. It would be helpful to know the enemies language.

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  • From now on, I shall only ever refer to sauerkraut as LIBERTY CABBAGE.

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  • It's amusing that Americans think they played a big part in ww2. As if Hitler thought they would be some kind of final boss. Imagine thinking Germans think of the US as an equal enemy if Russia exists.

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  • Imagine being sentenced to prison time in "Liberty Jail"

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  • Im surprised monty escaped a firing squad.

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  • Pls made a video about the battel of yongdong where 900 filipino solder vs the 40000 Chinese and north korea solder

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  • Imagine switching to the losing team.

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  • My last name changed from borshart to bushart.

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  • fun facts german can win on war if they dont declare a war on usa and if they dont attack soviet union

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  • *Fought against Germany

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  • Heinz 57? You mean Liberty 76

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  • Grandparents of antifia lol

    connor colquhouconnor colquhou7 kun oldin
  • The anti German sentiment was so strong that Americans even stopped brewing real beer.

    KerbalaKerbala7 kun oldin
    • @Gilberto Perez: You may find this hard to believe but I can remember a time not long ago when there were not nearly as many Mexicans in So Cal as there are now.

      CarbonsnailCarbonsnail6 soat oldin
    • During my youth Germans and Blacks often got along quite well often I was told how they were hated here as a people by them.

      CarbonsnailCarbonsnail6 soat oldin
    • @Stormboxer So here's the thing about that

      Scout 629Scout 6292 kun oldin
    • @Stormboxer am fourth generation Mexican American my family came around 1850s to America in my personal experience once your third or fourth generation you assimilated fairly well

      Gilberto PerezGilberto Perez2 kun oldin
    • @Ryan Ryan Hopefully this doesn’t happen to the Latinos and Asians

      StormboxerStormboxer3 kun oldin
  • Cigarette, anyone?

    ___Axg96 ______Axg96 ___7 kun oldin
  • I bet there were more 1st through third gen German Americans fighting for the US than against. Easily.

    Daniel HughesDaniel Hughes7 kun oldin
  • If we could only get the Somalians to return home and fight for Somalia.

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  • More commercials than content!

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  • malarkey:Where you from son? German soldier: Eugene Oregon Malarkey:Eugene!?

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