That Vegan Teacher Was CAUGHT STALKING TommyInnit..

11-Yan, 2021
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That Vegan Teacher is a TikTok vegan teacher who has recently been exposed to a lot of drama with Minecraft streamer TommyInnit who is more known for his Minecraft videos with Dream SMP, Wilbur and many others.. rather than drama with a vegan teacher. Today we're gonna discuss how creepy this gets.
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In this video I discuss a large amount of creators including TommyInnit, Dream and TommyInnit who are a big part of the Dream Team SMP which includes the likes of: Wilbur Soot, Quackity, Tubbo, Dream, Sapnap and George. These creators are mainly known for their Minecraft streams, Minecraft highlights and Minecraft speedruns. We also speak about That Vegan Teacher who is known for her vegan tutorials and just in general helping other vegans and exposing TommyInnit


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  • I dont really care about vegans but i will never be one

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  • As a Canadian I disown her

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  • Imagine a 56 years old getting triggered by a 16 years old.

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  • It’s great to be vegan but, this teacher is kinda forcing people to be vegan. Like my dude, if Tommyinnit doesn’t want to be vegan then leave him alone, like he can decide if he wants be vegan at one point-

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  • Idk why she includes the animal while its about tommyinnit fans lol

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  • The fact that even vegans and animal rights activists hate her as well should say a lot

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  • I couldn’t care less about vegans. Oh, you are an vegan? No one cares, its good for u, stop slamming it into peoples opinions and faces

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  • That tiktok she made just gave me goosebumps...Winking at a kid like that I-

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  • she know tommyinnit hate vegans right

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  • When chicky nuggies make a vegan come back to eating anything: *Reality can be whatever I want it to be"

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  • Honestly, I don't mind veganism but when you start cursing at non-vegans for "animal cruelty"; that crosses my line. It just- It- I can't make this sound any nicer. Opinions are hard to express without sounding malicious. Edit: 15:29 SAY SIKE RIGHT NOW That religiously triggers me but ehh she probably has a different religion than me and i'm not that into religion (Christianity)

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  • "You are on Tiktok and you are expecting brain cells!?" I died lmao

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  • Tommy has never been threw any wars?! DreamSMP!!!

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  • When she sees her grandchildren she probably gives lettuce and tomatoes instead of hard candy

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  • She doesn't have followers because people actually like her she has followers because people like watching her make a fool of herself.

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  • I cant believe a teacher is a simp and a stalker

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  • "im not American I'm Canadian" never have I been ashamed to be Canadian before

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  • I mean I love eating vegetables AND meat

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  • Nah actually kids like me will see those videos, and then just cringe to the point that we dont want to hear about vegans idk Thats wat I did :))

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  • TommyInnit and not been through a war..... I don't wanna talk about dream smp.....

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  • 17:35 vegan teacher but in the other universe and a guy

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  • If I may just summarize the issue: You want to be vegan?: Good for you. Go for it. You want to force your beliefs on other people in highly questionable ways?: Say hello to cancel culture cause you will not be seen in a positive light for the rest of your life.

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  • When you realize he didn’t say he was scared in the college surrounded by women:

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  • I was vegan once but i was NOT like that, I was just like eat whatever you want IDC

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  • i want to go to every video of hers and say your vegan but your still going to hell so don’t make a song about that topic

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  • That Vegan teacher: cause I'll teach you what to do *winks* Me: ...huh? ....Huh?...HUH!?! *confused noises* Tommy: hi tiktok... I'm in the dark ThatVeganTeacher: you don't have to be in the dark Tommy Me: AAAAAAAAAAAHH

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  • I was vegan, saw her account and I when to the store bought a rack of ribs and cooked them on the bbc and long story short, I'm not vegan anymore

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  • "Is this all it takes to make kids these days upset?!?!" she screams, visibly upset.

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  • Can we pls talk abt the dream joke there 10:06 ?

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  • *BEANS* I am allergic to *beans* but I am saying this anyway

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  • At this point I dont think even vegans themselves like this woman also I dont get her point like animals cant really be raped why? Because if they want to reproduce they gonna mf reproduce when animal's want to 👉👌 the female stays still while the Male those its thing so it's not rape cause the female is letting it happen while remaining calm af like 😐

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  • pls she's saying people hate her because she's vegan???? the heck people hate her because she's judgemental,forcing people that not all people want to do and compared vegan with anything thats more important.

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  • Nikocado avocado VS The vegan teacher

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  • Her 1.6 mil followers are her 3 friends and all of their alts

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  • If tommy comes up missing I'm going to lose it.

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  • damn, she is slowly becoming creepier and creepier... Someone really needs to stop her before she crosses the line.

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  • I mean ethan Trace tried hard to get her banned from tik tok... And she and him did a whole back and forth...

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  • Your dog is scary 😰

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