That's So Raven was the weirdest show...

30-Noy, 2020
683 904 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • No raven slander 😤

    MAJIN500 !MAJIN500 !6 soat oldin
  • Honestly I didn’t really like this show. I know that your video and channel is just lighthearted fun,, but I really agree this time haha.

    I Am A ThingI Am A Thing11 soat oldin
  • Is it just me who’s annoyed with the fact that he calls every movie or show dumb. I’m not hating I don’t even watch his channel I just see them in my recommendation like bruh why do hate everything so much. Have you even watched all these shows and movies? No hate just my opinion

    Toniah ScottToniah Scott12 soat oldin
  • The thing I really didn't like about this show is that it is never explained how Raven can see the future was she born with it or did she get it from some experimental gas or radioactive bite? And in the spinoff show, Raven's Home, Raven's son can do the same thing, which brings the question, Is it something that was passed on biologically through her DNA we need to know

    mobolaji ade-ainamobolaji ade-aina22 soat oldin
  • Ravens home is still going on? I thought it was canceled a couple years ago. Don't play with my emotions, Alex

    Cybernetik SoulCybernetik SoulKun oldin
  • can you do stranger things please?

    adeenah shamsadeenah shamsKun oldin
  • am i the only one that never watched a single episode of this show cause it doesnt air on disney channel and your just here as a fan of ravens home?

    adeenah shamsadeenah shamsKun oldin
  • I’m waiting for the angry children who can’t take a simple joke to flow into the comments to say, “hOW dArE u, tHis wAS mY sHOOw, i lEaRnEd sOOooOoo mUCh!!!1!”

    Introverted Replay ButtonIntroverted Replay ButtonKun oldin
  • Do 13 going on 30

    Jennifer HoffmannJennifer Hoffmann2 kun oldin
  • I LOVED seeing the visions playing out in reality because they always did and it was obviously usually in a completely different context than what Raven was expecting and I was curious every time Does anyone remember how it played out in this episode?

    Lilith HedwigLilith Hedwig3 kun oldin
  • weird is what normies call things that are ACTUALLY cool. normies: sports are cool life:

    serenityq26serenityq263 kun oldin
  • proof you didnt watch the show. it is explained. she gets it from her mom's side of the family.........they even had an episode with other psychic ability kids........mmmm hmmm

    serenityq26serenityq263 kun oldin
  • hands down the best dsitcom. no one can compare. fun and funny and holds up

    serenityq26serenityq263 kun oldin
  • 2:38 excuse me??🤨

    dirtdirt4 kun oldin
  • Hey Lovelyz check out my edits 💅🏾👄

    Beverly HillzBeverly Hillz4 kun oldin
  • My favorite character is Victor Baxter. (Raven's dad) Who's yours?

    PeanutsPeanuts5 kun oldin
  • Your ipion

    sp1ra1 FNsp1ra1 FN6 kun oldin
  • Hey alex let me break up the good news riverdale s5 is starts streaming today Get ready for more abs

    Maroua SmaraMaroua Smara6 kun oldin
  • This show never made since the seeing future part she said all that stuff in class cus she saw what happened in he future but if she had never saw that then she would have never even had that vision! So she wouldn’t actually bring the future and if u think about really hard it makes no since at all and some things that I can’t even explain in words

    Lucky DuckyLucky Ducky6 kun oldin
  • Let's be honest, she didn't do anything wrong, that teacher was behaving the way she said he was. Plus, the show embraced this crazier side with nice relationships between the characters, so it's fun and also has heart.

    Ana Luiza FigueiredoAna Luiza Figueiredo7 kun oldin
  • When I knew Ravens home before u know that’s so Raven

    Chelsea MagloChelsea Maglo7 kun oldin

    gavin's viewgavin's view7 kun oldin
  • May I point this out............... The first captial of the United States was New York...... Then Pennsilvania, last but not least came Wasington D.C.. Could you react to Hamilton....

    Eclipse WolfheadEclipse Wolfhead7 kun oldin
  • Wow I thought the sponsor was raid.

    Charles HurttCharles Hurtt7 kun oldin
  • 2:49 Is the teacher a Terminator? What's with the scanner thing?

    Xehanort10Xehanort108 kun oldin
  • I was always kinda confused on what grade they were in cause they literally look like full grown adults or seniors but they’re supposed to be in 8th grade!! Like when I was in 8th grade I was mistaken for a second grader by another second grader like I’m literally not kidding

    AC GoldieAC Goldie9 kun oldin
  • They made a show called ravens home to

    the bestieessthe bestieess9 kun oldin
  • 6:38

    Fake DangerVilleFake DangerVille9 kun oldin
  • Has the Crater know about zombies Addison’s monotone mystery them song more than a mystery

    Chris Paniagua VlogsChris Paniagua Vlogs9 kun oldin
  • Cory in the house next

    moonwalker1654moonwalker16549 kun oldin
  • She has powers and doesn't use them yes

    Jamie StanwayJamie Stanway9 kun oldin
  • So cringe

    Jamie StanwayJamie Stanway9 kun oldin
  • It's all weird ok it's Disney

    Jamie StanwayJamie Stanway9 kun oldin
  • Can u also react to ravens home

    •Mental Wolfie ••Mental Wolfie •10 kun oldin
  • You should do ravens home it's like a sequel series for that's so raven

    Martin GoldenMartin Golden10 kun oldin
  • The rich kid parents at teacher conference: why are you failing my son you dumb teacher😠😠 rich me and my friends parents:😠 just wait till we get home lil boy😠😡😠😠😠🔥

    blakdimen Gamzblakdimen Gamz10 kun oldin
  • You should do Stuck in the Middle next!

    Challenger3000Challenger300010 kun oldin
  • You shuld review the seaquell where Raven is a mother and has twins and her son has the visions too

    Adina AnghelusAdina Anghelus10 kun oldin
  • “Thats so raven is the weirdest show...” Me: *exactly*

    _e bish e__e bish e_11 kun oldin
  • thats so raven is the best show

    Josiah AppiahJosiah Appiah11 kun oldin
  • Replace "weirdest" with "best" and we're good!

    Charlie EdwardsCharlie Edwards11 kun oldin
  • You have to check out Every Witch Way

    The TJ ExperienceThe TJ Experience12 kun oldin
  • Do django unchanged please 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔☺ 😔 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔☺ 😔 🙏 😢

    Mary HoustonMary Houston12 kun oldin
  • Just seeing the voodoo doll in the backround

    Dingo BananaDingo Banana12 kun oldin
  • Am I noticing a pattern in this channel

    Christopher ManosChristopher Manos12 kun oldin
  • thats so raven is the best show ever

    k-girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!k-girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!13 kun oldin
  • Raven got her power from her grandma. Genetics

    Sophia KobzarSophia Kobzar13 kun oldin
  • They made a sequel of this when she’s older she has kids now and she is a mom if you hated this watch that edit: oh shi you already knew this I should watch the full video but anyhoo I just wanted to let you know

    JokerJoker13 kun oldin
  • Pleeeeaaaasssseeee dooooooooooo 'Raven's Home'

  • technically it is explained in the show its cause one side of the family is full of psychics i think her mothers side i dont remember but why her mothers side is full of psychics isnt explained

    OriginalSparkstarOriginalSparkstar13 kun oldin
  • 3:14 I believe it was explained she got from her grandma from her mother side

    Jk lillyJk lilly13 kun oldin
  • the sad thing? the spinoff (Raven's Home) is the only live-action show saving Disney.

    Daisycupcakes555 AJDaisycupcakes555 AJ14 kun oldin
  • Im waiting for Alex to to Ravens Home

    Agent FueMarsAgent FueMars14 kun oldin
  • You know there is an indian version of the show called palaak pe jhalak but it only has twelve episodes.

    The ArtistThe Artist15 kun oldin
  • In my settingings i put it to 2x mode and now im always wagching you rrealy fast

    Erica ThomasErica Thomas15 kun oldin
  • I spent my childhood with Disney and Raven 💗

    Kadambri KaushikKadambri Kaushik16 kun oldin
  • Alex do a video on ravens home

    DusT_LordDusT_Lord16 kun oldin
  • Why do you hate every show

    Blitz plays RobloxBlitz plays Roblox16 kun oldin
    • It’s a joke lmao, it’s funny, harmless fun

      Introverted Replay ButtonIntroverted Replay ButtonKun oldin
  • Me about to watch this: I swear id this dude sh!t talks "That's So Raven-"

    Maya OshunletiMaya Oshunleti16 kun oldin
  • Who hasent seen that’s so raven but has seen ravens home 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cookie GamerCookie Gamer16 kun oldin
  • I miss the early 2000s that was the best for me

    Big AntBig Ant17 kun oldin
  • Ok this guy needs to stop, that’s so raven was the first black person to be on Disney channel and it’s a awesome show.

    Glorious TuberGlorious Tuber17 kun oldin
    • It’s a joke lol, and the race of the character shouldn’t affect the person’s opinion on the show. If it’s bad then it’s bad, if it’s good then it’s good, race is irrelevant (lmao I knew someone would bring this up). Doesn’t even matter because these videos are just meant to be harmless jokes.

      Introverted Replay ButtonIntroverted Replay ButtonKun oldin
  • Corey in the house is my favorite anime

    FrankFrank17 kun oldin
  • I hate raven

    Brig NelsonBrig Nelson17 kun oldin
  • Me you looking at the title: heck no you lost your mind

    all live matter 0-0all live matter 0-017 kun oldin
  • He knows we need rick & marty vid lol

    Franco BradshawFranco Bradshaw17 kun oldin
  • I’m just glad this gave me Cory in the House😤😤 underrated

    Franco BradshawFranco Bradshaw17 kun oldin
  • A few years later that show git upgraded and turn into RAVENS HOME😌😌

    RIFATTORIFATTO18 kun oldin
    • I think😅 cz its its really similar and it's almost the same story

      RIFATTORIFATTO18 kun oldin
  • I really appreciate Alex's thoughts on public school teachers

    Music and Books and Other StuffMusic and Books and Other Stuff18 kun oldin

    TheRManProdsTheRManProds18 kun oldin

    TheRManProdsTheRManProds18 kun oldin
  • OGs remember that’s so raven New kid know Ravens home

    Christopher VLOGSChristopher VLOGS18 kun oldin
  • Title: thats so raven was the weirdest show.. Ravens Home: Sorry, that was the wrong show.

    Random GuyRandom Guy18 kun oldin
  • The new one is ravens home

    Luis PerezLuis Perez18 kun oldin
  • Watch the remake

    Lincoln RoseLincoln Rose18 kun oldin
  • Can you make a video on Good Luck Charlie?

    Munro McLarenMunro McLaren18 kun oldin
  • The only thing that make me sick is this person

    Softie._Xx BobaXxSoftie._Xx BobaXx19 kun oldin
  • I like how his whole job is just watch movies and show and then anime and talk about it

    Coco XDCoco XD19 kun oldin
  • I love revels home and I never watched that’s so raven because it ended when I was born

    Natalie SmithNatalie Smith19 kun oldin
    • I meant ravens home

      Natalie SmithNatalie Smith19 kun oldin
  • Me who was born 2007: Idk any of the shows ur listing.

    Natalie SmithNatalie Smith19 kun oldin
    • Most of them were fantastic. The world was a bit simpler then

      Music and Books and Other StuffMusic and Books and Other Stuff18 kun oldin
  • as a that so raven fan i am insulted AGAIN

    The Anime FreakThe Anime Freak19 kun oldin
  • Watch smart guy

    Alpha of GachaAlpha of Gacha19 kun oldin
  • if you say one word of ravens home not thats so raven ravens home ima idk yet but ima do something

    Crazy GamerCrazy Gamer19 kun oldin
  • You should totally watch Ravens home, it holds up

    ChootyBootyChootyBooty19 kun oldin
  • Do ravens home next

    Night God356Night God35619 kun oldin
  • I got to level 204 on ur game.

    MiloManhieRBLXMiloManhieRBLX19 kun oldin
  • this is my favorite show

    Norbert WardNorbert Ward19 kun oldin
  • F

  • You should do like cartoon Disney cartoon movies!

    Travis CampbellTravis Campbell20 kun oldin
  • React to the princess protection program

    Dilan lolDilan lol20 kun oldin
  • 3 words: Black girl magic

    Ruff Prophet ProductionsRuff Prophet Productions21 kun oldin
  • Why was Even Steven amazing but Raven was weird? Okay bro. You must've had a crush on Wren. Figures

    Miyah MichelleMiyah Michelle21 kun oldin
  • I love that’s so Raven so sorry

    The Proud familyThe Proud family21 kun oldin
  • Do it on ravens home

    Demon AidenDemon Aiden21 kun oldin
  • You should do ravin home

    Dave KillingerDave Killinger21 kun oldin
  • Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

    RIP X, LLJRIP X, LLJ21 kun oldin
    • @VinceSM also the ones from Nickelodeon?

      RIP X, LLJRIP X, LLJ20 kun oldin
    • All the Disney shows are on Disney+.

      VinceSMVinceSM21 kun oldin
  • do you know movie called ravens home it’s on Disney to you know

    dark angeldark angel21 kun oldin
  • Can you do one for the animaniacs reboot??

    blacklight wolfblacklight wolf21 kun oldin
  • Can you just please make a video about We Can Be Hroes

    Ano-sunday FaithfulAno-sunday Faithful21 kun oldin
  • 2021!!!

    Deadpool BroDeadpool Bro21 kun oldin