Testing Hidden Changes In Crimson Heist TS - Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist

26-Fev, 2021
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Patch Notes - rainbow6.com/crimsonheist
What's up brahs! In this video I am going to be taking a look at the new and hidden changes that barely anyone knows about! Also wanna give a huge shoutout to my friend GGGustis who helps me hunt for these!
I will be showing you the difference in gun recoils, gadget changes and many others that will be happening with this new update! Here is the actual footage on the Crimson Heist Test Servers.
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  • thanks for letting me make this video 8:01.. need the ad rev to feed baby brah Order G-Fuel with code "BRAH" at gfuel.ly/35RISEC​ (affiliate link)

    Coconut BrahCoconut BrahOy oldin
    • @Tiny Gaming i see

      John MarvJohn MarvOy oldin
    • @John Marv it was a chibi

      Tiny GamingTiny GamingOy oldin
    • @Harper Chance Awesome! It took roughly 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

      Ronnie BlakeRonnie BlakeOy oldin
    • uzworld.info/player/video/b4u3aJaklJSok5o ..

      Taex R6Taex R6Oy oldin
    • hey

      Hamadpro 12Hamadpro 12Oy oldin
  • What about that hatch reinforces are not count into the number of reinforces we have? They are count again. :/

    SchAkoska™SchAkoska™7 kun oldin
  • 5:33 Most helpful change no question

    Zac MargolisZac Margolis25 kun oldin
  • Thanks coconut brah (: you made my day much better 😁

    Logan McCorveyLogan McCorvey28 kun oldin
  • Just letting you know for console players we now have the line instead of the circle for the interaction times

    UwU LegendUwU Legend29 kun oldin
  • the GAINT BAR when you dont scan an enemie

    Ramazan KaptanRamazan KaptanOy oldin
  • On Clubhouse in Basement the boxes are Made higher

    RoyaleStrykerRoyaleStrykerOy oldin
  • Oh wow I had no idea warden had a broken hand

    Jake BocskovitsJake BocskovitsOy oldin
  • I'm a dog.

    ViseViseOy oldin
  • Aruni melee logo was already in the game

    joshembwiejoshembwieOy oldin
  • I want that stupid ass slow motion death can shit out the game

    Aka_DxddyAka_DxddyOy oldin
  • The smg 11 looks like it has more recoil but not by alot

    AceMusic5662946AceMusic5662946Oy oldin
  • Isn't it still a cool down for the drone jump? They just changed how it is displayed.

    FrankWhite248FrankWhite248Oy oldin
  • 2:20 super fast build mode

    Doogle The DemonDoogle The DemonOy oldin
  • in the armor of the rook I don’t change anything, in the blitz I don’t change anything either, and also in weapons custody I don’t change anything either, man post a video when you change at least 5 things in the year test server

    TSMninjaTSMninjaOy oldin
  • best operation

    skull wundskull wundOy oldin
  • Lion doesn't have the hard breach anymore he has a claymore

    Handles TechHandles TechOy oldin
  • CB asked so I answered; I don’t understand why they added the black border on text. It’s stupid, and with the smaller font it’s difficult to read. I think it was cleaner borderless, like it was a year or so ago.

    KKOy oldin
  • Still waiting for riser mount changes/customization

    SykrotimaSykrotimaOy oldin
  • May I ask what music he used in the first 10 seconds?

    NLA_SkullyNLA_SkullyOy oldin
  • The Game Mode settings 2ith prep phase etc is already in the game... I use it with my friends since 2019

    TectikzTectikzOy oldin
  • hopefully ash's breaching round projectiles are the same size

    snorpussnorpusOy oldin
  • Just played a ranked game on Xbox and once opposing team planted defused it said on all of my teams screen ‘defuser sabotaged’??? What’s that all about?

    J CJ COy oldin
  • 2:32 Left one is mounting compensator and the other is flash hider

    강냉이강냉이Oy oldin
  • Oh god please tell me the new timer is optional... It's so distractinf to me

    C James ErvinC James ErvinOy oldin
  • Super fast build mode. 😉

    BreadBreadOy oldin
  • They should add were custom is completely customizable like you can have ash acog and old house etc

    Corona VirusCorona VirusOy oldin
  • Loved the vid. Gray Great flow. I usually quit out of videos early if they are slow.

    ANoiNTeD WoNANoiNTeD WoNOy oldin
  • I am not a fan of the new round timer

    ScorpioRust07ScorpioRust07Oy oldin
  • Scar

    Ashton FordAshton FordOy oldin
  • 6:06 nooooo whyyyyy do the gods hate me so much... my operator, the voice it’s not the same 😭... I’m not trying to hate but it no longer sounds perfect

    VIP3R 01VIP3R 01Oy oldin
  • I want the night maps back

    Joey ArnoldoJoey ArnoldoOy oldin
  • I hate when they change voice actors, why when they dont have new lines*

    the geththe gethOy oldin
  • I really want ubisoft to make it so that we can play past events, like doktors curse, in custom games

    Rasmus LundstromRasmus LundstromOy oldin
  • calling black mirrors "Mira shields" is really infuriating for me for some reason

    MotaluxMotaluxOy oldin
  • PewDiePie: brofist Coconut: bruhfist

    _Darukutsu_DarukutsuOy oldin
  • The aruni melee is the same as in neon dawn

    DerButterbrotDerButterbrotOy oldin
  • Bruh i like how i watched this when it came out but 6 days later i get the notification

    CryoCryoOy oldin
  • I'd say the explosive damage change is sick let's say a defender throws a nitro at your feet and you got no where to run so you just lay down and face away from it and you won't die from it

    april 042404april 042404Oy oldin
  • The "Fist" Icon is not new

    Falynn VenatielFalynn VenatielOy oldin
  • can they put custom button assignments for console

    Nicholas MendozaNicholas MendozaOy oldin
  • I’m not sure if I’m stoopit or what, but I swear that Jäger ADS’ get destroyed if you place them outside and didn’t before. (I used to do this on Skyscraper to protect the BP for runouts)

    Jace KennedyJace KennedyOy oldin
  • You Can actually see the cooldown on the drone. Just duble jump 2 times in a row fast and there ya go!

    The real cringe YT channelThe real cringe YT channelOy oldin
  • Why change the Best

    David HanákDavid HanákOy oldin
  • 0:21 who the fuck is this-

    NightGaurdNightGaurdOy oldin
  • hey

    Hamadpro 12Hamadpro 12Oy oldin
  • I want them to add the ability so that in customs you have the option to choose any operator

    StarboyStarboyOy oldin
  • outro song?

    Enzo VidalEnzo VidalOy oldin
  • So I know alot of people will be saying that the smg-11 recoil is different on his demonstration however, if you looked carefully he has the comp on old and flash hider on new, just a little oversight.

    gd hexonegagd hexonegaOy oldin
  • Why does the plant on favela kill?

  • its the horizontal spread on the smg 11.

    five integralfive integralOy oldin
  • What is your Aspect Ratio and FOV?

    Jean CardosoJean CardosoOy oldin
  • *Me plays rb6* -uses gun and somehow explodes-

    It's A BushMorrishIt's A BushMorrishOy oldin
  • With the smg11 with attachments doesn’t seem that well of a comparison due to the fact one has a compensator one has a flash hider

    ElucidElucidOy oldin
  • Just a weird little fact I found out the other day is that the reflection of your surroundings off of Glaz's scope is actually a 360° image of a specific spot on the map, it actually doesn't reflect whatever is actually around you and it has a transition phase when moving areas because the scope goes black and a new 360° image appears. I don't know if this is commonly known but I didn't know about it until the other day when I noticed the scope was displaying an image of a different part of the map than the one I was in.

    JRJROy oldin
  • I know its dumb for me to ask and annoying but i’m going to either way, so basically i don’t have an own pc. It’s my sister’s but we split time since she plays games that i’ve bought. But i don’t have enough space to download siege, I have played it on my ps4 but i can’t get used to my tv screen since it’s way slowe than my old one i broke (ON ACCIDENT IM CAREFUL I SWEAR) but if someone could just buy me a 200gb harddrive i would really appreciate that, I have money to survive yk but i use my money on better things so i don’t have anything over, the pc is really bad and has a 1050ti but i can still run siege pretty good, just take time to read this and don’t feel bad if u cant help 😅

    Jesper KristofferssonJesper KristofferssonOy oldin
  • If anyone's wondering for actual song name it's howling by lupus nocte

    Reisus 61Reisus 61Oy oldin
  • I have a Good idea so thats u can do all Scopes activatete in Defense and Attack for evry Op

    Das mach ich hierDas mach ich hierOy oldin
  • The player stance notifier is standing inverted. New ubi devs are such oblivious soyboys

    purp frogspurp frogsOy oldin
  • I don't like the new timer. Just don't like the font.

    Elijah AlmacenElijah AlmacenOy oldin
  • if losing sights wasn´t bad enough now we also lose voices rip

    MatheusMatheusOy oldin
  • Does players having a hard time to read the timers?

    ZedZedOy oldin
  • I love you mam But your vids are obivs cant b Eliebeve the communitty loves this more than lovevyour contity

    Ksllr KdkskKsllr KdkskOy oldin
  • Not a fan of that new bold round timer... its so in my face

    ChickenMcNubletsChickenMcNubletsOy oldin
  • I hear goodtimeswithscar’s time lapse music!

    RedRuby PlaysRedRuby PlaysOy oldin
    • Finaly. Someone noticed!

      macemaceOy oldin
  • 2:43 when you enter super fast build mode

    Les GrossmanLes GrossmanOy oldin
  • New IQ voice probably means IQ lore soon. Maybe? Idk though. I hope so.

    Lord ArtoriasLord ArtoriasOy oldin
  • I hope console gets an fov slider

    vpexvpexOy oldin
  • the secondary smgs have slightly less recoil climb speed

    Digimonchamp1Digimonchamp1Oy oldin
  • Why did I suddenly want to do super fast landscaping in the middle of watching gun recoil?

    Prestige HoarderPrestige HoarderOy oldin
  • I’m confused about the shadow on the defuser what are u on about

    Illusion- -DinoIllusion- -DinoOy oldin
  • make custom game respawn = tdm lobbies

    gBurrrgBurrrOy oldin
  • Wait, I didn’t quite catch the phrase speaking of being able to see when you‘re being „scanned“ - does that mean it’s just a change for „You‘ve been spotted“ or is it actually a notification that you‘re within the vicinity of a drone that is currently looking at you? I‘m sorry that I didn’t quite catch that, maybe I misunderstood something.

    Без му́ки нет нау́ки.Без му́ки нет нау́ки.Oy oldin
  • 4:35 I don't know why but am I the only person that thinks that Ying's candelas similar to Gyro's steal balls

  • Coconut brah:” no more drone cool down just the jump buttons grays out and when it comes back you can jump “ Me: HMM SEEMS LIKE A COOL DOWN!!!

    GamerIsAwesome1GamerIsAwesome1Oy oldin
  • 3:35 for custom u should be able to play old events

    Throw away accountThrow away accountOy oldin
  • So the SMG-12 is still unbearable, and it's all I'm stuck with on Dokkaebi for a secondary gun. Great.

    Trilaina BloodwindTrilaina BloodwindOy oldin
  • Easier to read? Tf I look like Helen Keller.

    CollinzCollinzOy oldin
  • Is it true that mmr change on ranked wont get super low like in the 20’s?

    Gavin RothGavin RothOy oldin
  • coconut bruh moment

    Juanito GomezJuanito GomezOy oldin
  • Can anyone else not believe that the new guy had 6 drones in all

    omg its DAVIDomg its DAVIDOy oldin
  • 6:25 they got new voice actors but for other operators as well

    DangerDangerOy oldin
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    Brenda RossBrenda RossOy oldin
  • I saw someone defusing the bomb while lying down is that a new thing or was that a glitch?

    HunterHunterOy oldin
  • It says 1vs4 when you have 4 people and they have 1. Probably a glitch though

    Guacy SockGuacy SockOy oldin
  • You not going to mention the weird team counter? When someone on your team dies it will sometimes read 5v4 instead of 4v5?

    MotherfunglerMotherfunglerOy oldin
  • Coconut i would like to know if guns still have the recoil max. Its basically, when youre shooting, there is a max amount that the recoil can go. I was just wondering if that was still a thing. Also my man warden runs like a gorrila now? I wonder how Custard will like that.

    Tully KeefeTully KeefeOy oldin
  • Hey Coconut, the ash charge damage actually isn't a hidden change, it was announced by ubisoft to make it less lethal against teammates.

    RefliqsYTRefliqsYTOy oldin
  • The greyness of the jump button is already in the game. I noticed it a few seasons ago.

    Jeremy WaltersJeremy WaltersOy oldin
  • Since you can still operate your gadgets even after death, the skip kill cam is there so that you can instantly help your team without delay.

    Jan Kent GeronaJan Kent GeronaOy oldin
  • Anyone else notice that good times with scar music

    Quiet KidQuiet KidOy oldin
  • IQ and Capitao have new VA. It is written in the patch notes, kinda hidden because it's on the last section.

    Alvyn MuharromAlvyn MuharromOy oldin
  • I hope the fox the bug where it displays if someone has left or joined the game for the entire game

    Obama health CareObama health CareOy oldin
  • i just realized that the bottom left sign for when u shoot an alibi is different too

    Shayan KhajeShayan KhajeOy oldin
  • The smg 11 it shook more for the first thing

    Pickle GuyPickle GuyOy oldin
  • That first one about the bomb shadow I had to watch like 10 times cause I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not simply couldn’t find a difference

    David RamosDavid RamosOy oldin
  • thanks for the content but when you jump with the drone and the jump button becomes grey is already in liver servers even before the tts

    JUICEJUICEOy oldin
  • All cool thing for Custom games would be if they bring back that you can choose night or day maps

    Pizza ParkerPizza ParkerOy oldin
  • Keeping a good SOCIAL DISTANCE... hmmm covid

    Danidtan 3Danidtan 3Oy oldin
  • geez

    Ezzy ‘Ezzy ‘Oy oldin