Testing 32 Best VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Work!

24-Yan, 2021
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Testing 32 Best VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Work! with Preston 👊
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    PrestonPreston2 oy oldin
    • Yeah

      Rossy VegaRossy Vega4 kun oldin
    • I love your vido my dream os probblybl to meet you kelle and skot and brianna

      Farva MunirFarva Munir7 kun oldin
    • @LiTtlE AnGeLa p

      Jackie CochraneJackie Cochrane21 kun oldin
    • HI I❤️YOU

      Khalid زده ZKhalid زده Z27 kun oldin
    • And Preston my favorite hoodie is the donut hoodie

      Cowboy’s Studio SpaceCowboy’s Studio SpaceOy oldin
  • can you do a

    Christian GarrettChristian Garrett2 soat oldin
  • Yay 1 hour of content!! Amazing!!

    Ken MartinKen Martin9 soat oldin
  • i did

    Christian GarrettChristian Garrett10 soat oldin
  • hi

    Christian GarrettChristian Garrett10 soat oldin
  • Why half of the time you guys are doing this wrong?

    Big ChungususBig Chungusus11 soat oldin
  • The reason the pringles can didn’t work is because you forgot to punch a hole at the bottom so the air building up in the empty area doesn’t resist against the watermelon

    Big ChungususBig Chungusus11 soat oldin
  • Who else saw that the the hole on the tennis ball was not on the lock?

    SnipezSnipez13 soat oldin
  • 9:26

    ironiron15 soat oldin
  • bri tiktoker yot wife cool

    ironiron15 soat oldin
  • We're outside and it's raining says Preston as if it doesn't rain ouside

    Mary ParrilloMary Parrillo15 soat oldin
  • “This tick rock let’s u turn your hoodie into a t-shirt.” Can’t u just put ur sleeves up?!

    ToastToast21 soat oldin
  • 21:17

    KyeKyeKun oldin
  • Braina

    Hein gehaktbalHein gehaktbalKun oldin
  • Brainstormen make a tik tok

    Hein gehaktbalHein gehaktbalKun oldin
  • Am i halusinating or did i see a sticker on the watermellon

    Jester & Detective JestectiveJester & Detective JestectiveKun oldin
  • Can't try it at home I guess I can try it at someone's else home

    BlxyFnBlxyFnKun oldin
  • When your brother takes your pc... THIS IS WHAT I OPEN UP TO

  • REupload?\

    ItsLiamItsLiam2 kun oldin
  • Me: oh a nice vid. Me after watching a quarter of vid: iTs aN hOuR lOnG?!

    KWYeetKWYeet2 kun oldin
  • I love you

    Iqbal AhmedIqbal Ahmed2 kun oldin
  • You are the best person in the world

    Iqbal AhmedIqbal Ahmed2 kun oldin
  • She looks like little red Riding Hood❤️

    GJgamer gamerGJgamer gamer3 kun oldin
  • I’ve cited myself with a box cuter I didn’t feel a thing

    Cloe DejnowskiCloe Dejnowski3 kun oldin
  • Nick its a magic trick T-T

    MLG SquadMLG Squad3 kun oldin
  • 25:18 thats rosie the riveter from WWII. She was used to inspire women to work men jobs. we learned that recently in school.

    time to peaktime to peak3 kun oldin
  • The ball car one is not the mith it is real somebody did it and it work

    Kristoffer Kraig TANKristoffer Kraig TAN4 kun oldin
  • Hey make some more pizza merch

    Darin BetsoiDarin Betsoi4 kun oldin

    gaming panda and glowing girl plays minecraftgaming panda and glowing girl plays minecraft4 kun oldin
  • put the water melon upside down then it'll work lol

    Rapha RicoRapha Rico5 kun oldin
  • You copied faze rugs thumbnail

    ItsSHAItsSHA5 kun oldin
  • Ryan success opening car with ball😶

    Jamdal&ria&randyJamdal&ria&randy5 kun oldin
  • i have the merch :D prestonstylez

    _DGAB_DGAB6 kun oldin
  • Haha haha 😄

    Farva MunirFarva Munir7 kun oldin
  • Please help me my tiktok hacker please help me

    damiadamia8 kun oldin
  • Mattie do you have clipin hair extenstions?

    Bb BroadusBb Broadus8 kun oldin
  • Gotta love Dad.

    Bb BroadusBb Broadus8 kun oldin
  • Mattie is a ball buster.

    Bb BroadusBb Broadus8 kun oldin
  • Ih

    Jackson CarterJackson Carter9 kun oldin
  • Hi

    vince ganalvince ganal9 kun oldin
  • Wow is amazing

    vince ganalvince ganal9 kun oldin
  • But Preston Ryan prunty from team rar at the old house he locked the car and put his keys in there and cut a hole in a tennis ball and did what you did Preston and it worked and he got his keys back and Ryans was a bit bigger hole a tinny tinny bit bigger

    Lily KasperLily Kasper10 kun oldin
  • You had a bad plunger

    Vikramaditya DeshpandeVikramaditya Deshpande10 kun oldin
  • 18:46

    aliyan gameraliyan gamer10 kun oldin
  • 18 47

    aliyan gameraliyan gamer10 kun oldin
  • Nooo preston and bri broke up breston 💔 😭

    EE10 kun oldin
  • i use the macdonalds one all thw time

    Tilly TalbuttTilly Talbutt10 kun oldin
  • me: noticing that brianna was watching the video she made i think O_O

    Tilly TalbuttTilly Talbutt10 kun oldin
  • i thought you only had josh and keely as siblingsO_O

    Tilly TalbuttTilly Talbutt10 kun oldin
  • Dude I tried the first life hack and they almost caught me and I peed my pants 👖 lol

    Grant RogersGrant Rogers11 kun oldin
  • hi preston

    Archer GageArcher Gage11 kun oldin
  • I legit searched up who scootaloo whatever and Granny Smith and I have one question? Do you watch my little pony

    Mico PalleriaMico Palleria11 kun oldin
  • naruto

    Nature SkinnerNature Skinner11 kun oldin
  • I broke my arm 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    シOreo_luvシシOreo_luvシ11 kun oldin
  • 123

    Melicia GodinhoMelicia Godinho11 kun oldin
  • preston can you please show us the life hacks what your seeing in your phone please

  • They used a drill for the tennis ball one

    Sadie LawsonSadie Lawson12 kun oldin
  • i tried fist one it was so coool

    Luke WaltersLuke Walters12 kun oldin
  • Preston preston thats your girlfriend no preston look thats your girlfriend

  • Not a lot not a lot

    luciano quangluciano quang12 kun oldin
  • ?‽????????????????

    Tejinder HugginsTejinder Huggins12 kun oldin
  • i love you vid is the best

    Lewis RussellLewis Russell12 kun oldin
  • Z

    Rasim MurtezaniRasim Murtezani12 kun oldin
  • Keely looks like an elf🤣🤣🤣

    Joey’s FidgetsJoey’s Fidgets12 kun oldin
  • 2 worked for me

    sub-zero 1sub-zero 113 kun oldin
  • 22:20

    Aiden CromerAiden Cromer13 kun oldin
  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    葉思文葉思文13 kun oldin
  • I love how the captions say daddy in 7:28

    Evo JaceEvo Jace13 kun oldin
  • Why dot work

    Ireri DiazIreri Diaz13 kun oldin
  • bruh the same thing happened when you guys where doing alexa

    Jose Junior AriasJose Junior Arias13 kun oldin
  • i eat the marshmellos to lol

    Veronica SiderVeronica Sider13 kun oldin
  • The people who watched it all Ffffff

    iliveinthe1999s guyiliveinthe1999s guy14 kun oldin
  • probely the dritos one

    Elton JamesElton James14 kun oldin
  • 13:23,who noticed Poke's slothy plush toy?

    Layton TelfordLayton Telford14 kun oldin
    • i saw it too

      Jose Junior AriasJose Junior Arias13 kun oldin
  • 58:56

    Trentd66playsTrentd66plays14 kun oldin
  • You have to make the coke fizz when you tap it and hit it really fast and hard

    Rajdeep KaurRajdeep Kaur14 kun oldin
  • for the first life hack why was there a watermelon in the sink?

    Theresa LaughlinTheresa Laughlin14 kun oldin
  • tell Keeley that i love her song

    Owen EasterOwen Easter14 kun oldin
  • Why do I see a poke plus in this one

    Jonni CardonaJonni Cardona14 kun oldin
  • Get this comment to exactly 250 likes

    Zeko YtZeko Yt14 kun oldin
  • 15:14 I tried it on Siri but the first time it said nerd but then the second time it said cheater but the girl one said it

    Marwa HamdyMarwa Hamdy14 kun oldin
  • bri didn't do it right

    strap hatstrap hat14 kun oldin
  • 15:14 your phone is ringing

    Marwa HamdyMarwa Hamdy14 kun oldin
  • foe the water melon the way you cut it with the prigels can was wrong your supposed to cut it with a hole ontop of the pringels

    vanessa perez lugovanessa perez lugo15 kun oldin
  • 12:25 you had to make a small hole on top of the Pringle’s can so it can be easy

    Marwa HamdyMarwa Hamdy15 kun oldin
  • I Love you preston

    Jessa LorcaJessa Lorca15 kun oldin
  • Oh yeah your really bad with knifes I’m 12 years old and I cut myself *by accident* with the same knife 😒 Oh yeah and it was a bread knife *shiver* I hate knifes

    Itz_CloudykawiiItz_Cloudykawii15 kun oldin
  • I’m the anime hod I’m gonna be back hehehe

    Inerthen's ChannelInerthen's Channel15 kun oldin
  • HUH?/

    RedTiger 17RedTiger 1715 kun oldin
  • I already knew that the glue and salt won't work because he did not put glue in his hands it's just like a white thing not glue

    Dionne Claire Ashley SorimaDionne Claire Ashley Sorima16 kun oldin
  • I watch The Hole Video

    Gael RomeroGael Romero16 kun oldin
  • The first one

    Na90rNa90r16 kun oldin
  • 🦈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Na90rNa90r16 kun oldin
  • I Love how everyone has in every single space poke's sloth and merch

    itzz maanziritzz maanzir16 kun oldin
    • ? What does his merch have to do with this vid

      Kayla VereideKayla Vereide2 kun oldin
  • fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    George sunnaGeorge sunna16 kun oldin
  • i love your vvideos presten

    George sunnaGeorge sunna16 kun oldin
  • Preston:Don't try these at home. Also Preston:So your gonna wanna put they foil side up.🤣🤣

    FrostedFrosted16 kun oldin
  • Up, down, up, down, on and on

    Sherri SylvesterSherri Sylvester16 kun oldin
  • sorry my three year old brother was typing

    Ahmed FahmyAhmed Fahmy16 kun oldin
  • i tried th rock,paper,sicors one oj=n my sisterttrtcdsdvb nmkjhtr nvnm b,mn

    Ahmed FahmyAhmed Fahmy16 kun oldin