Tesla Full Self Driving Beta Reaction

22-Okt, 2020
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Elon Musk just released the first early beta of Full Self Driving to a very very small group and I got to sit in one of the vehicles that got it and here is my experience and thoughts on Tesla's Full Self Driving Early Access Beta!
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  • Would have been better to get a view of dashcam or view from over the shoulder see how it was driving instead of your reactions

    Rohit KaleRohit KaleOy oldin
  • Thank you . May be we would like so see outside caméras.. ;-)

    Christophe LamaisonChristophe LamaisonOy oldin
  • "Changed into a computerized graphic from the future" Good lord, it looks like something from a bad 80's movie.

    Thane GreyhavenThane GreyhavenOy oldin
  • Your reactions are priceless!! This video MUST be kept for posterity. Future generations who grow up with self-driving cars are going to watch this video with great delight! It's like watching the reaction of the first silent movie viewers who jump up from their seats or sway out of the way of an oncoming train in the movie. This is brilliant! You are the FIRST generation of humans to experience automated self-driving. Someday soon, this will be as natural as riding in an elevator.

    flyshackerflyshackerOy oldin
  • Thank you for sharing! How awesome!

    Gwen TaylorGwen TaylorOy oldin
  • wow amazing tesla good job

    anonymous useranonymous userOy oldin
  • HAH! Good Luck in convincing 🇺🇸 about Auto Full Self Drive! We still produce 98% electricity from COAL, almost no Solar/Wind/Nuclear .... I'm almost certain that Tesla sales would be nothing more than a step up from Toyota Prius ! (LAST YEAR MORE PRIUS WERE SOLD IN USA THAN TESLA)

    Journey InwardsJourney InwardsOy oldin
  • This is super exclusive content. Liked and subscribed 💯💯💯

    Dawance CheaDawance CheaOy oldin
  • Boring, not the review, self driving.

    קארטיובקארטיובOy oldin
  • Video: my reaction to Tesla FSD. Thumbnail: Cool falcon door wings

    alphaguy malphaguy mOy oldin
  • $10,000 in Tesla stock today will be worth $500,000 by 2028.

    Don BarbzDon BarbzOy oldin
  • I think the first time I would be too anxious letting it finally drive by itself if I was a passenger

    PSUdoctor333PSUdoctor333Oy oldin
  • Congrats Guys Your One Of The Very Very Few To See And Test FSD. Love The Video Content And Thx For Sharing. I Have To Admit. I’m A Little Jealous And Slightly Envious, But Truly Proud To See Someone Making A Video For All Of Us Proud Tesla Owners To See. Thx!!

    Noel At 2Crazee ProductionsVlogsNoel At 2Crazee ProductionsVlogsOy oldin
  • Bought my 2020 Model S , long range with FSD last November ... glad it’s finally making some progress ..

    Christy CiminoChristy CiminoOy oldin
  • Took me awhile to figure out what lean markers were.

    passdasaltpassdasaltOy oldin
  • you 2 need to learn how to lye better "DDDDDDDDDDD

    GG lifeGG lifeOy oldin
  • God You are good with Your Buddy, Fantastic. Must watch Daily.

    Butch BaileyButch BaileyOy oldin
  • Did you hit the brake?! No dude!!!

    WillFarm4FoodWillFarm4FoodOy oldin

    sixtyFive WattssixtyFive WattsOy oldin
  • „Full Self driving“ „you need to have your hands on the wheel at all times“ 🤔

    Sebastian PeitschSebastian PeitschOy oldin
  • You were both like expectant Fathers awaiting your "New Born"! Very good video, No, it was an Excellent Video with lots of emotion as you'd expect. Well done 👏👏👏

    David DenleyDavid DenleyOy oldin
  • Loved this video and their reactions were cool to see. Really gets you hyped for FSD. Hope I can experience it as well.

    John PeltrauJohn PeltrauOy oldin
  • WOW!!! The totality of my reaction.

    Steve GivensSteve GivensOy oldin
  • false claim full driving, you CAN'T call it full if you have to input

    SeanSeanOy oldin
  • Unless you want to get pulled over by the cops for not stopping or giving way, of course the car is going to "pause to look".

    ironsword7ironsword7Oy oldin
  • Fuck dudes, your initial reactions were like literally the most annoying thing I've literally seen on UZworld literally ever dude.

    jocogi8jocogi8Oy oldin
  • This is going to be a hilarious video in a few years when this is all very normal.

    Ryan PetersRyan PetersOy oldin
  • Cool!

    Jono MacJono MacOy oldin
  • How does it take on a roundabout?

    René KrøllRené KrøllOy oldin
  • Oh, Dude, get a razor and use it; or grow a real beard. That mess on your face is just creepy.

    wseverinwseverinOy oldin
  • That is sketchy, damn.

    Spic SpannSpic SpannOy oldin
  • Very, very interesting

    Doug ForceDoug ForceOy oldin
  • self driving cars will be a great way to execute political assassinations.....

    Jpm KingJpm KingOy oldin
  • 1:30. Nooooo not the stupid face diapers !!

    D MomcilovicD MomcilovicOy oldin
  • 2020 Q3 results and Tesla Insurance future revenues (near future?) Think about a Tesla Insurance future (WITHOUT FSD robotaxis) ...where: ___FDS has 10x less accidents per mile (10x less payouts made by Tesla) than miles driven by humans ___But inside FSD capable cars, Tesla charges 0,7x the insurance rate of human driven miles ! (30% discount compared to "Warren Buffett's Geico-type Insurance"____AND____30% discount rate COMPARED to miles driven by a human inside a FSD capable Tesla car) NOW make FSD that has 100x or 1000x less accidents...then add robotaxi

    Marc-André JacquesMarc-André JacquesOy oldin
  • skip to 3:45 to actually see the action

    Andy MoserAndy MoserOy oldin
  • Your reaction is priceless bro.

    Jimmy TsaiJimmy TsaiOy oldin
  • This feature is unlikely to be available here in Europe.

    Connor OudConnor OudOy oldin
  • We want to see the windshield and the steering wheel not you guys

    Why do I keep reading commentsWhy do I keep reading commentsOy oldin
  • Excellent video, guys!

    Shangpin ChangShangpin ChangOy oldin
  • Dear tesla/ Elon Musk, kindly proceed with MODEL S EXTERIOR REFRESH by Emre husmen including the new S PLAID (teslacarusa.com/2022-tesla-model-s-interior/)...

    Amr EssamAmr EssamOy oldin
  • tesla Full Self Driving Beta awesome😃

    M praveen KumarM praveen KumarOy oldin
  • Alcoholics have rejoiced. No more designated drivers needed.

    Wolfgang Amadeus MozartWolfgang Amadeus MozartOy oldin
  • Instead of "Elon, you are mad" you should say "Andrej Karpathy, you are mad!". And he is not alone, there is an entire team

    Bernardo RamosBernardo RamosOy oldin

    Black RoseBlack RoseOy oldin
  • Thought I was watching Waynes World. Need to test in the daytime with the camera looking out the windshield. Not sure I was watching the real thing. Drive safe.

    Bob LimaBob LimaOy oldin
  • I've been a programmer for 40 plus years... since C64 and Sinclair. When this goes wrong... it's going to go very wrong. This is a death trap waiting to happen.

    caribbeanchildcaribbeanchildOy oldin
  • Calm down and keep both your hands on the wheel at all times next time.

    Clive NewbyClive NewbyOy oldin
  • This made my day.

    kevin collinskevin collinsOy oldin
  • To be fair - this is an "early beta" for something that was supposed to be out 2 years ago. So take that for what it is. Amazing, yes, but this is exactly what I'm expecting from Tesla at this point.

    ZachZachOy oldin
  • Shared

    David GuyDavid GuyOy oldin
  • What were some of the problems you noticed? Always like to hear both sides positive and negative so I know what to expect when I get the update. I’m new to the channel though and some Tesla channels refuse to utter a negative word when it comes to Tesla but just curious.

    James OliverJames OliverOy oldin
  • 9:02 YEET

    Y WY WOy oldin
  • Is this a junior high video?

    M HRM HROy oldin
  • React too AVS "Uncomparable" ✊🏻

    Mia RenataMia RenataOy oldin
  • Next milestone : computer beating racers

    Aria AmirgholamiAria AmirgholamiOy oldin
  • G.G.G.G....

    Habeeb Ul ALLAHHabeeb Ul ALLAHOy oldin
  • You’re the best Raj

    Tesla PhotographerTesla PhotographerOy oldin
  • It's not you who drives the Tesla, the Tesla drives you

    Kaita 117Kaita 117Oy oldin
  • It’s funny how shocked you seem as you start this video, I’m sure it was an emotional roller coaster to experience such an awesome technological breakthrough...👋😂🤯🔋✨🚀☀️

  • Fun. Like the Mercedes i 2014? uzworld.info/player/video/eqLNe5icnKSPZWs

    Martin HøyerMartin HøyerOy oldin
  • How is fsd allowed? Do u think legacy auto is gonna be shady and try to buy off the agency (I forget who over sees or approves ) to not let tsla use/launch fsd?? I am considering get fsd for the m3...

    snohman1snohman1Oy oldin
  • :o

    Yonathan BisratYonathan BisratOy oldin
  • Raj, awesome video! Thanks for checking this out and sharing with us. Awesome to know that it will basically attempt everything on the streets. So once it is off my driveway it will be able to get to the parking lot of where I navigate! Awesome stuff, cannot wait to get this update!

    What Drives YouWhat Drives YouOy oldin
  • Thai is tech history. And we get to experience it live

    Greenfield1012Greenfield1012Oy oldin
  • What year is your X? Also did you need to get the hardware update?

    Joseph TonzolaJoseph TonzolaOy oldin
  • Maybe it stop on the turn to let you check and give you more reassurance.. most likely it doesnt need to stop

    XcubeXcubeOy oldin
  • How is summon? Mine is still stupid and not trustworthy.

    Anthony TeslaAnthony TeslaOy oldin
  • Question is whether it works in the snow when cameras get covered with mud and snow mix.

    prednosttrakeprednosttrakeOy oldin
  • Elon Musk is like forcing the Turin to come to us. I love it. Wish I could afford a Tesla today.

    ouimetcoouimetcoOy oldin
  • Great video, thank you for your thoughts. History in the making. Yes, pls more A to B videos that includes a variety of traffic situations

    SkeptoptimistSkeptoptimistOy oldin
  • I want a UZworld show of these two guys driving around in the self driving Tesla. That was entertaining.

    CCOy oldin
  • Kinda wish you did a video facing forward but that looks awesome.

    JuanTutorsJuanTutorsOy oldin
  • Elon should start a religion. He is Messiah.

    Michael ShihMichael ShihOy oldin
  • Should also check to see if Summon and auto-parking has improved.

    MrAlbedo39MrAlbedo39Oy oldin
  • Dude, how many ads do you need in your video? geez!

    James LittlefieldJames LittlefieldOy oldin
  • Is it as good during the day with lots of traffic?

    Saravanan JayakumarSaravanan JayakumarOy oldin
  • Beta is way better driver than roughly half of my neighbors.

    Adam CiernickiAdam CiernickiOy oldin
  • Oh great, well this is going to kill a whole load of people in future, silent cars driving around while the drivers are not paying any attention at all! Why can't you lame fanboys just learn to drive properly? Are you all so lacking in skill and coordination that you have to have a machine do it for you? One electrical failure and it could be a disaster! And we all know how well-made Teslas are!!

    Papa SmithPapa SmithOy oldin
  • Dear tesla/ Elon Musk, kindly proceed with MODEL S EXTERIOR REFRESH by Emre husmen including the new S PLAID (teslacarusa.com/2022-tesla-model-s-interior/)... TESLA FOR EVER.

    Amr EssamAmr EssamOy oldin
  • 2 years ago in Russia: uzworld.info/player/video/e7GVcNyIo7Oboao

    Игорь ШепелевИгорь ШепелевOy oldin
  • Thx Raj. That looks insane 🙈. Do you have that on your model 3 yet?

    Gusto JGusto JOy oldin
  • I like Tesla but Google has more experience under their belts and they use lidar. So I like both and it'll be interesting, cool vid!

    Chris LawChris LawOy oldin
  • I can't trust it man... I'm ok with driving myself on the street!

    W GW GOy oldin
  • Did you have to act like an idiot while testing FSD? Elon chose unwisely.

    Geoff GeoffGeoff GeoffOy oldin
  • release note literally says that the version can make a bad decision at the worst time and to keep your hands always on the wheel. 2 minutes later: driver yelling with his hands up in the air...

    Sesquatch HegyiSesquatch HegyiOy oldin
  • Tron time. Future’s here.

    Ted HuTed HuOy oldin
  • it has to see the shoulder or kerb then it can work out which side of the road it is on the stop to look was i would expect more for looking for bikes or motorbikes which are harder to see there is far too much info and colours so when finished it wont have that. try roundabouts and get the sat nav take you in to a dead end when it expects a turning that is not there

    David's WorldDavid's WorldOy oldin
  • I don't want to sound mean, but I'd rather see what the car is doing by looking at the street than solely your reactions.

    Iron MarinesIron MarinesOy oldin
  • Cant wait to get FSD reach high reliability, and then push the code to India after they launch here next year. Once you reach high 9 reliability in India it can literally start in Kanyakumari and stop in London. Say goodbye to Boeing and Airbus lol.

    Adams AdnovationAdams AdnovationOy oldin
  • Haha, your reactions look like you were very surprised and shocked! Looks like the different colour boxes are from what is seen by which camera's, as you see the colour of the box around the person changing as he walked around the car.

    Dutchman Seb Motoring MediaDutchman Seb Motoring MediaOy oldin
  • 1:17 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    David HardyDavid HardyOy oldin
  • As someone that participated in the Waymo early rider program... I've been on many FSD rides. That said, I am extremely impressed with this FSD rewrite. It is shockingly good. Can't wait for my Cybertruck with FSD to get delivered.

    Matthew VaughnMatthew VaughnOy oldin
  • Great video guys!! 👍

    Drew PDrew POy oldin
  • Masks don't do much at 2 feet. We're supposed to be 6 feet apart AND wear a mask to prevent things like coughs and sneezes travelling farther Stay safe, thanks for the video.

    dllemmdllemmOy oldin
  • "dude"

    Michael VarneyMichael VarneyOy oldin
  • Is this using the older non-tesla AI computer in the vehicle? If so, I wonder how much the new computer will enhance this whole process...

    Darin SengDarin SengOy oldin
  • What release number did they give this. I just got 2020.40.8 and it looks like a bug fix only for 2020.40.7.

    Tactical TeslaTactical TeslaOy oldin
  • Who cares about YOU? Show the driving experience and the displays while on the road and put your voice over it if you must, but please, skip your mediocre, anecdotal, overly simplistic analysis.

    Sebastian BreymannSebastian BreymannOy oldin
  • this is nutty. elon is insane. teslas are my dream cars simply because of their functionality… you literally cannot be bored in one.

    Na8o.Na8o.Oy oldin