Tekashi 69 Hospitalized For Caffeine & Diet Pill Overdose

2-Okt, 2020
233 157 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • To be clear cops made him shit his pants he never wouldn't get 47 years LOL ! Cops abused him to rat everyone haha & he did he really snitch on everyone daily its his job now he is working for the feds. Sad but tru he really thinks that people around him are. There to protect him he can't even protect him self haha ! Again he is nothing in new york he is using the media & feds to stay alive & relevant he makes nonsense music he removed the rainbow hair because he got diss by me I told him you a circus clown dreaming about rainbows & pony's after that I see he removed his rainbow hair LOL ! I told you he ain't about that life he really shits his pants for what he did & his fans are kids they even snitch their own mom for a new phone net even a brand ! Just any phone !

    oniononion3 soat oldin
  • You have all the money for a chef and cooking and eating healthy coaching as well as have enough money for the gym shit have enough money to have a gym in ur own home!!! And ur overdosing on diet pills smfh!! Pitiful and sad. Est healthy and exercise not that hard especially not when ur well off financially that makes a world of a difference this nigga has been a clown!

    Elizabeth RochaElizabeth Rocha6 soat oldin
  • What an idiot

    Amanda NesbittAmanda Nesbitt13 soat oldin
  • The 69 isn't rated 🤣🤣🤣😆 he's a canceled write off

    BigC90 90BigC90 90Kun oldin
  • Lol

    jay gonzalezjay gonzalez2 kun oldin
  • I didnt know he was old enough to drink coffee....maaan, his moms gunna ground him for a week after this

    Steve SpringerSteve Springer2 kun oldin
  • He has been quiet for a month, obviously he’s working out, probably taking roids too, my guess is he’s going to be quiet till the new year and come back the way he should of game of of prison, maybe then, people will want to listen to his music

    Marcus CampbellMarcus Campbell2 kun oldin
  • Lmao cant take adderall like a real man? 69 soft af

    Sky Blaze21Sky Blaze213 kun oldin
  • That's who this niggas looks like that dude from the movie Wayne's World ... Mike Myers

    Mike G.Mike G.4 kun oldin
  • He got rat poison say cheese 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Desmond SuberDesmond Suber5 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne so gay it’s not even funny man

    They called him CharmsThey called him Charms6 kun oldin
  • He overdosed on molly and his lawyers told him to say what he said

    They called him CharmsThey called him Charms6 kun oldin
  • Lol, "Like the other chick's"

    ODD IS-HEODD IS-HE6 kun oldin
  • Lol 😂 weirdo

    673 KS673 KS7 kun oldin
  • These clowns supposedly hate 69 But keep talking about him

    Corona lightCorona light7 kun oldin
  • Regardless if you like Tekashi 6IX9INE's music or him as a person or not, he does not deserve death.

    Nolan D is back finallyNolan D is back finally8 kun oldin
  • We act like anyone cares if he dies 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Rudye90Rudye908 kun oldin
  • It's like that saved by the Bell episode

    Mr. LeeMr. Lee9 kun oldin
  • This boy trying to get attention cause ppl not talking about him or thinking about him so he gotta do something to stay afloat if fake kill my self ppl will support me smh. That’s all he know he know is troll that’s it he know he’s a dead man walking. 500.000 for protection cause he help them take down a gang that he was part off he even tried to put a hit out on chief keef smh

    Christine AskinsChristine Askins9 kun oldin
  • 🤔😂diet pills how feminine

    Ava's mommyAva's mommy9 kun oldin
  • When did caffeine become a new code word for jizz??

    J BzJ Bz10 kun oldin
  • He bout to snitch on the caffeine plug

    Oliver HazeOliver Haze10 kun oldin
  • LMAO his ass just a walking L now, catch a break for what??? that's what all that fuckery gets you. Get well soon Daniel.

  • Why would they call 911 if wherever he's at the feds are there with him LMAO 😂😂😂

    Rob DRob D10 kun oldin
  • Yes, you can actually die of both. Why TF he was taking diet pills instead of an immune booster, idfk 🙃. And why TF would you drink too much caffeine??? Shit is gross as it is 🤮

    Jay RoweJay Rowe10 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne is pandering to black women is getting old

    the onethe one10 kun oldin
  • Sounds more like cocaine and Xanax to me. Hospital should snitch on him!

    Mr Me2Mr Me210 kun oldin
  • Rhianna really "played with her art, interpreting in her way." Hopefully the fashion show mishap was unplanned

    Mmm AMmm A10 kun oldin
  • He overdosed on slim fast lol

    Samuel FSamuel F11 kun oldin
  • Artist flop records all the time.. Why does Charlemagne hate 69? Tekashi made millions last time he did that..

    Valente ValenzuelaValente Valenzuela11 kun oldin
  • definition of dummy boy

    DnyceDnyce11 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂 goofy still reaching !! Just go away RAT 🐀

    JFKJFK11 kun oldin
  • Haha grow up bro

    Brian PecsiBrian Pecsi11 kun oldin
  • Naaa, I don't believe it someone wants him dead.

    A AA A11 kun oldin
  • Ohhh yeahhhh in florida on "diet pills" hahah coke all day long

    Chad WoodChad Wood11 kun oldin
  • Cocaine then

    Elena DobrevaElena Dobreva11 kun oldin
  • Tekashi 200 pounds?! When? I need to see pics. 🤔

    9 99 911 kun oldin
  • "I'm So Excited...I'm So Excittedd...I'm So... *SCARED!* "

    kjdnyhmghfvbkjdnyhmghfvb11 kun oldin
  • Blueface is hot, on fire, leader of the new school with 12K sold, but Tekashi 69 has flopped with 45K sold, the double standard is something systemic racism would be proud of, you learned from the best.

    ChemicalXIIChemicalXII11 kun oldin
  • im still waiting for charlamange to honor the deal he made about 69 beating the case..

    Free BeeFree Bee12 kun oldin
  • If he dies he dies.😒

    whoa- there1995whoa- there199512 kun oldin
  • I was legitimately wondering where that little guy went. Haven't seen him since the sky turned red a month ago.

  • Skip to 2:32 for the attempted murder of tekashi snitch nine

    _23Nostalgia __23Nostalgia _13 kun oldin
  • How old Is Nicki Manaj

    Thomas KingThomas King13 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne is a hater he just want to be proved right but the fact is this kid will always have a platform since he didn’t build himself off live shows.

    ZackZack13 kun oldin
  • Why you keep mentioning snitch nine name?? Next time he gets any kind of attention it better be about him taking a dirt nap💩🖕😵🐀🐀🚑⏳⚰️🎈🎊🎉♋️🚫‼️🔜

    Greg AstutoGreg Astuto14 kun oldin
  • Imagine caffeine doing the job rappers can’t.😬

    Will CannonWill Cannon14 kun oldin
  • Men selling gossip, just like Dame Dash said.

    Dem 1Dem 114 kun oldin
  • “Koffee come here wit da rapture, an everybody get captcha”

    MidoriMidori14 kun oldin
  • Just like anual aa Sing a song about Illuminati lil pup y’all are demons

    Jovani FigueroaJovani Figueroa14 kun oldin
  • Angela Catfish 🤢 Stop Turning 180 degrees , You dont Look Like That .

    OFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xXOFFICIAL: Xx_JayTheGod_xX14 kun oldin
  • Tekashi: "Test my Gangsta" Caffeine pills: "Hold my Latte"

    MMARZ 7MMARZ 714 kun oldin
  • Lmao it was Rat Poison

    Johnny BJohnny B15 kun oldin
  • ☕ might be a natural rat poison 😂😷

    Bill ChanceBill Chance15 kun oldin
  • Too much caffeine can dehydrate your body fast I found out the hard way when was working 2 jobs 10pm-7am 3pm-9pm I was popping caffeine pills and ended up in the hospital for a few days

    Chris HenageChris Henage15 kun oldin
  • Charla a hater I’m pretty sure the label is paying for the security

    vlxjandro tvlxjandro t15 kun oldin
  • "TRU 2 the Game" STOLE THE Saved by the Bell joke from DESUS AND MERO

    bob smithbob smith15 kun oldin
  • Congratulations Nicki!💜

    FitBettyFitBetty15 kun oldin
  • If 69 wore a bulletproof vest and shoot him self in the head his album might have went platinum😂

    America's Ni6htmareAmerica's Ni6htmare15 kun oldin
  • Niacinamide is in baby formula to help them poop..Niacin is in our Oreos, bread, and most grain products. Check the label at the store. When it's closer to the beginning it's a heavier amount than dead last in the ingredients.

    Danielle SmithDanielle Smith15 kun oldin
  • Niacinamide or Niacin is a system cleanser in a lot of our foods that people buy over the counter to clean out for a drug test. Its also one of the many items labeled dietary supplement but it doesnt supplement anything in the diet..it causes your body to try and pass or secrete the toxic substances in the body. One idiot I knew a long time ago admitted he ate a whole handful of the gel tabs and he had the throws and blows, sweats and just felt the over all cleanse of his body..and all the sucker had in him was pot...they only care about the hard drugs when they test folks these days and the dude was about shitting himself cuz he smoked a joint.

    Danielle SmithDanielle Smith15 kun oldin
  • wouldnt have needed dietpills if he would stop catching people at the chicken spot 🤣

    Tony MccroreyTony Mccrorey16 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne tryna throw as much shade as he can to recover from all the Ls he took

    john cashjohn cash16 kun oldin
  • Hes trying to stay awake ..too many people want him gone

    Ninja PenquinNinja Penquin16 kun oldin
  • Cocaine, he admitted on a podcast not too long ago that he was on drugs. He didnt say "i smoke a lot of weed" he said that he takes drugs. Cocaine.

    Deonte ThomasDeonte Thomas16 kun oldin
  • 69 only sold 45k records but he also sold over 100000 merch ranging from 10-50 dollars

    Marlon mcgregorMarlon mcgregor16 kun oldin
  • Nah nah nah he trying to get away from the police peeps they Robbin him so next place to chill and be free of police and danger yup hospital

    Dondatta FordDondatta Ford16 kun oldin
  • He bought it from Zeke and snorted it out of the case for a ball point pen to prove he's not one of them

    IAMForeignIAMForeign16 kun oldin
  • Caffeine and diet pills dont like rats too

    Static AKStatic AK16 kun oldin
  • 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    Maxi AlonsoMaxi Alonso16 kun oldin
  • I came just for the rat poison jokes.

    Red Pill UchihaRed Pill Uchiha16 kun oldin
  • softest overdose ever

    K AK A16 kun oldin
  • This dude is gay what straight man wear makeup c'mon now smh what straight man play in makeup

    Jasmine JaeJasmine Jae16 kun oldin
  • Yaayy for Nicki♥️♥️♥️

    eurasian55YOUTUBEeurasian55YOUTUBE16 kun oldin
  • Fun Fact: The # symbol isn’t officially called hashtag or pound,Its technical name is octothorpe.

    Getting 5k subscribers with no videoGetting 5k subscribers with no video17 kun oldin
    • So it’s not called the tic tac toe symbol 😂🤣

      Tye BundyTye Bundy14 kun oldin
    • Yo dude was having this convo with my girl, she kept saying its a hashtag but naaw, thanks for the knowledge

      Jonathan VideauJonathan Videau14 kun oldin
    • .... damn... man .. i appreciate the knowledge

  • Charlemagne voice is mad annoying am.i the only one who thinks that bro calls him self yall should check where he from most annoying person on the radio

    gentlemen of realgentlemen of real17 kun oldin
  • Fake news

    Kgreezyyy PlaysKgreezyyy Plays17 kun oldin
  • 55000 more than you who? Oh yeah the voice of the skreets haha clown

    Jay BlazeJay Blaze17 kun oldin
  • Isn't Akon supposed to be handling his big ole' comeback

    Karen LoudenKaren Louden17 kun oldin
  • 🤷🏾🤷🏾

    Cathy ShureldsCathy Shurelds17 kun oldin
  • This boy a idiot, nobody told this fool that diet pills contain caffeine? So basically he was taking 3x's the amount 😂😂😂😂

    TheBigHomie JoeTheBigHomie Joe17 kun oldin
  • How do you gain weight in jail lol Coffee and diet pills must be like coke and heron when you locked up lol

    jaxxcaponejaxxcapone17 kun oldin
  • CtGod: make rumor report great again 😂😂. Yee come back please 😩😩

    Anthony TravisAnthony Travis17 kun oldin
  • No sympathy for a rate boy 🐀

    jiggna11jiggna1117 kun oldin
  • 🐁

    On DogsOn Dogs18 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/s4S4hcJukZmxrKI

  • Its a coverup for his addiction and promo for hydroxycut 🙄🙄🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

    zuzy17zuzy1718 kun oldin
  • He od on cocaine. Come on now people. Same way lil xan od off xanax not no damn hot cheetos.

    fullyloaded onefullyloaded one18 kun oldin
  • nah nah it’s “ nikki had a chile.”

    Greenlink 5Greenlink 518 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/apzIptCwhdTEZaI 🔥

    Bianca JonesBianca Jones18 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne trying to black ball him bad 🥴. What he did to him.

    Rick DupreeRick Dupree18 kun oldin
  • Yall know 69 don't smoke weed and probably drink a little. On top of that he gained weight. He probably were depressed.

    Rick DupreeRick Dupree18 kun oldin
  • Serious? Diet and caffeine pills? Wtf? That has to be the stupidest shit I heard. What happened to artist like Jimmi Hendrix’s?

    Lucky PessimistLucky Pessimist18 kun oldin
  • *cough * cough Cloning 😴😴

    Tony A1Tony A118 kun oldin