Taking my TURBOCHARGED X3 OVER 100MPH! Absolutely SCARY!

22-Okt, 2020
453 339 Ko‘rishlar soni

In todays video we hit 100mph in my 2020 Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo RR Stage 3R and it couldnt have been any sketchier...
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  • 3x is fucking fast

    Ronald SchmidRonald Schmid2 kun oldin
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  • 110 or 120

    jenna boxjenna box4 kun oldin
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  • Bro thats fast

    Quin RowlandQuin Rowland5 kun oldin
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  • That was so sick

    Nathan HullNathan Hull8 kun oldin
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    Brushy Creek BunchBrushy Creek Bunch8 kun oldin
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    Joshua SmithJoshua Smith8 kun oldin
  • Braydon the X3 as fast 99 MPH

    Wyatt VlogsWyatt Vlogs8 kun oldin
  • bruh the x3 rips

    Jack GrellJack Grell8 kun oldin
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    Ashley RankaAshley Ranka9 kun oldin
  • 118 tops

    Bob SteepeBob Steepe9 kun oldin
  • Hey Brayden swords always the answer

    Haiden CarrollHaiden Carroll9 kun oldin
  • How fast can the defender go

    Sean KennedySean Kennedy9 kun oldin
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    Evan LafayetteEvan Lafayette9 kun oldin
  • 120to130

    rick robisonrick robison10 kun oldin
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  • Who else watched when juliASS was still 14??

    Ralph FelishaRalph Felisha11 kun oldin
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    Adele and grant ScobieAdele and grant Scobie11 kun oldin
  • It’s hot because of that corn in the way....

    Seth RiversSeth Rivers12 kun oldin
  • Just think that the tuner is still on level 1 out of 3

    Jaycob ShrinerJaycob Shriner12 kun oldin
  • hi

    Adrian DuarteAdrian Duarte13 kun oldin
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  • I really want one of these but yea obvi cant afford,i cant even afford a new phone

    Bad PandaBad Panda14 kun oldin
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    Tempest BeastYTTempest BeastYT14 kun oldin
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    Collin CarswellCollin Carswell14 kun oldin
  • Video title “taking x3 over 100 mph” X3: tops out at 99

    EP FishingEP Fishing14 kun oldin
  • Lower top speed with smaller tires

    Joey PetrillaJoey Petrilla15 kun oldin
  • ik this is a later video but you should put tracks on your x3

    Justin C.Justin C.15 kun oldin
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    Joe JaraczJoe Jaracz15 kun oldin
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    Chris FisherChris Fisher16 kun oldin
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    Fire arm Spit fireFire arm Spit fire16 kun oldin
  • Braydon: i think we can weld it back on" Me "well at that point you might as well just weld the wheel

    Connor MusilConnor Musil16 kun oldin
  • hi Brayden what fourweler do you recomend

    Kelly Paar HudginsKelly Paar Hudgins16 kun oldin
  • 120mph

    Carlton HattawayCarlton Hattaway17 kun oldin
  • You should buy a 150 shot of nos in it that would be cool

    Shane Jones (2027)Shane Jones (2027)17 kun oldin
  • 120

    Hello GoodbyeHello Goodbye17 kun oldin
  • 100 mph

    elijah pickelelijah pickel17 kun oldin
  • i’m a real og but i just got to we’re i’m aloud to sign in so love your vids

    Hunter GleasonHunter Gleason18 kun oldin
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    trevor Aikenstrevor Aikens18 kun oldin
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    Katie JohnsonKatie Johnson18 kun oldin
  • I like that x3

    Tony FlemisterTony Flemister18 kun oldin
  • Hi

    The Outdoor BoysThe Outdoor Boys18 kun oldin
  • No the bigger the tire the higher top speed so if ypu had some like 32s it would be way faster top speed wise

    Ryan BogleRyan Bogle19 kun oldin
  • Nice X3

    Arthur LeonArthur Leon19 kun oldin
  • 1000

    Jeff McgheeJeff Mcghee20 kun oldin
  • You should get a e brake

    Nick FridayNick Friday20 kun oldin
  • What happens to larry

    me meme me20 kun oldin
  • Sick tricks

    Brian HuberBrian Huber20 kun oldin
  • I'm a power stroke tech it doesn't need a trans whoever tuned his truck programed the shift points wrong I can hear it in the way it took off I guarantee it goes into gear super hard and hesitates to shift correctly someone programed the shifts wrong on the tune or the file he used is corrupt

    mountain page production'smountain page production's20 kun oldin
  • My maverick did the same thing in reverse, until somebody stole it......

    Trey BassTrey Bass21 kun oldin
  • 115

    Chad BazeChad Baze21 kun oldin
  • Love u

    Andrew JohnAndrew John22 kun oldin
  • 120 mph

    Nikki AchatzNikki Achatz22 kun oldin
  • 200

    Jowell HennesseyJowell Hennessey22 kun oldin
  • 120

    Aiden ColemanAiden Coleman23 kun oldin
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    Samantha LakeSamantha Lake23 kun oldin
  • Braydon look like a giant in the defender

    Ayden GoetzAyden Goetz23 kun oldin
  • Only 27 inch? My pedal bike has 29 inch wheels

    surpxssedsurpxssed23 kun oldin
  • Can-am

    Graham CarsonGraham Carson23 kun oldin
  • He should put the 33’s on the four wheeler

    Graham CarsonGraham Carson23 kun oldin
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    Heather FreemanHeather Freeman23 kun oldin
  • It dosent go 99

    Alex mesaAlex mesa24 kun oldin
  • Mph

    Alex mesaAlex mesa24 kun oldin
  • 135

    Alex mesaAlex mesa24 kun oldin
  • 99

    Gage BerrongGage Berrong24 kun oldin
  • Race the x3 vs the duramax

    Chase McAllisterChase McAllister24 kun oldin
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    Tonya PuckettTonya Puckett25 kun oldin
  • 102 mph

    Kerry PrutzmanKerry Prutzman25 kun oldin
  • i with i cold get one but i ame nine sorrey man i wish i cold man

    McKenley SmithMcKenley Smith26 kun oldin
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    Dustin DaBabyDustin DaBaby26 kun oldin
  • You lick windows

    owen Muirowen Muir27 kun oldin
  • More vids with Julius plz

    XD-5H4RP5HOO74RXD-5H4RP5HOO74R27 kun oldin
  • Your x3 is slow 😂😂

    Clarity cLutChClarity cLutCh27 kun oldin
  • How do I order my shirts and do you have any hats black and gray yet I'd love too get shirt and hoodie and maybe a hat

    Chad RamseyChad Ramsey28 kun oldin
    • Large t-shirt and large hoodie and snap back hat bro

      Chad RamseyChad Ramsey28 kun oldin
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    Danny The Grenade DavalosDanny The Grenade Davalos28 kun oldin
  • Braydon try out a Polaris sportsman but not a highlighter though

    Axel RubioAxel Rubio28 kun oldin
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  • Itll hit 102

    Drippy_ TannerDrippy_ Tanner28 kun oldin
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    gaming bryson50gaming bryson5029 kun oldin
  • Braydon you should race Julius in your truck

    Austin KelleyAustin Kelley29 kun oldin
  • Brayden your stupid

    Perry RobisonPerry Robison29 kun oldin
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    Allan MurrayAllan Murray29 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/moCbpbiKfLrPhaY His music

    Enzo MEnzo M29 kun oldin
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  • Ur stupid Braydon

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  • Dang!

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  • Take the Can-Am in the in new swamp

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