Swapping Diets with Worlds Strongest 18 Year Old

16-Mar, 2021
1 176 681 Ko‘rishlar soni

This was crazy....definitely was a new type of experience for me seeing how i normally eat in a day. Let me know what you think and leave a like a comment if you enjoyed!
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  • all the nepali guys here

    Cherrry MaanCherrry Maan13 soat oldin
  • I’m not watching this but he’s no where near the worlds strongest 18 year old you should have said world’s Leanest 18 year old. You rich dumbass

    Pickalow petePickalow pete20 soat oldin
  • He is the worlds strongest 18 year old and I am barrack Obama

    Josh PritchardJosh PritchardKun oldin
  • The title may as well be I took steroids and this happened!!!....

    Alfie RosewellAlfie Rosewell3 kun oldin
  • Of course he’s short he’s Chinese

    gunnagunna3 kun oldin
  • Y he questioning tristyn lmfaoo like id trust this guy with my diet n exercise. Shit when i get older ima get his full plan for my transformations

    Christopher KingChristopher King4 kun oldin
  • Not the strongest 18 year old lmao

    Thomas _Thomas _4 kun oldin
  • Wouldn't it be nice to have a personal chief 😍

    OP Mr CreamyOP Mr Creamy4 kun oldin
  • So this guy eats zero carbs??

    TonyTony6 kun oldin
  • Your head shape busted Jarvis's is normal u got a small brain busted head

    Finley HartFinley Hart6 kun oldin
  • not the strongest

    Grobarq77Grobarq777 kun oldin
  • *World 18 years midget looking dude

    Mr totorroMr totorro7 kun oldin

    Sebastian CruzSebastian Cruz10 kun oldin
  • Ur gay

    Ur MamaUr Mama10 kun oldin
  • 7:53 that voice crack lmao

    Ashton CarrAshton Carr11 kun oldin
  • Did that chef says nepal??

  • Who are all these Fortnite contractor bot fucks!?

    DevsoDevso11 kun oldin
  • Same chef of rug

    Santiago RomeroSantiago Romero11 kun oldin
  • The world strongest 18? Hahahahahahahah u dont know a shit do u

    Hol0graamHol0graam11 kun oldin
  • Fun fact : Nobody gives a fuck where you get ur V bucks from

    JabawockyJabawocky12 kun oldin
  • this mans loves his oreos😭🖤🖤

    duhSparxduhSparx12 kun oldin
  • Ima subscribe just because of my homeboy.. bodybuilder

    bear831tigerbear831tiger13 kun oldin
  • trystan such a kind person

    KappaKappa13 kun oldin
  • Why does this kid have an angry expression

    Christian EspanaChristian Espana15 kun oldin
  • No you adapted* his diet

    JJ15 kun oldin
  • Alex’s diet:seroids

    Faze CluckFaze Cluck16 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!

    meina46meina4617 kun oldin
  • He did the middle figer ate 7:22

    kent tantrum kentkent tantrum kent18 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!

    jackson chasejackson chase18 kun oldin
  • That gordan Ramsey shit is a bluff

    Derek NycumDerek Nycum19 kun oldin
  • No mask?

    MirMirDaBest87MirMirDaBest8719 kun oldin
  • Why does the body builder remind me of the kid from stranger things with the lisp.

    Trippy KangarooTrippy Kangaroo19 kun oldin
  • Okay but In the gym, I was just focusing on the fact no one was wearing masks 😬🤦‍♂️

    acronixsacronixs19 kun oldin
  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from fortnite.contractors

    beanbag290beanbag29019 kun oldin
  • Hatch ok haha

    Tyrone JavksonTyrone Javkson20 kun oldin
  • I love how most of the comments are from bots advertising a scam site abt fortnite

    Burnt PotatoBurnt Potato20 kun oldin
  • Crazy to think I went to school with Tristyn in elementary school. I used to be a cracked FaZe fan crazy to see him making it this far! He bulked tf up. Keep up the grind💯

    Prx ShadowPrx Shadow21 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!

    Mya FaubertMya Faubert21 kun oldin
    • STFU bot scam head @ss

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
  • Mans too cracked

    jay jayjay jay22 kun oldin
  • My bro 19 n he 180 been had a 8 pack since 3rd grade gtfo adapt

    Jay FletcherJay Fletcher23 kun oldin
  • Yo you are such a good UZworldr keep it up

    Chocs __Chocs __24 kun oldin
  • 145 straight roids

    Carlos MaderaCarlos Madera24 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!!

    Yashay SmithYashay Smith24 kun oldin
    • @Infinity Aj its a fake link to get you to buy stuff and steal money by saying human verification required and also wastes your time generators are fake and will never work

      XaolityFNXaolityFN6 kun oldin
    • @XaolityFN what is does the link do

      Infinity AjInfinity Aj8 kun oldin
    • Stfu bot

      Raneah BayadRaneah Bayad9 kun oldin
    • Bot

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
    • Shut up

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
  • Didn't know Tristan lee was the strongest 18 year old

    Blaz k.Blaz k.25 kun oldin

    Divine OnukegbeDivine Onukegbe25 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms

    Daniela Bagagem.Daniela Bagagem.25 kun oldin
    • Stfu bot

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
  • "ribay" lol

    TearzTearz26 kun oldin
  • my guy is so small but so big wtf

    kenkenkenken26 kun oldin
  • Why there so many scam fortnite links?

    Boosi2xBoosi2x26 kun oldin
  • 3:09 that’s not self control that’s just being a fucking CHAD this man is a alien from Mars the chances of him being human are like the chances of me not hitting my ceiling fan when swing my staff around

    Shadow_dogs GamingShadow_dogs Gaming26 kun oldin
  • Dude is not natty... so if you wanna be like with there is no diet, get you some roids

    Sam BalsamoSam Balsamo26 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!

    meina46meina4626 kun oldin
    • Bot stfu

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
  • Daddy

    JordynJordyn26 kun oldin
  • i wheigh more then him and im 12

    Brayden BunnellBrayden Bunnell27 kun oldin
  • Bro uses his right hand iykyk

    KrulockKrulock27 kun oldin
  • Adapt acting like he knows what he’s doing lol

    Brody SteenersonBrody Steenerson27 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!

    Daniela Bagagem.Daniela Bagagem.27 kun oldin
    • 🤬 bot

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
  • Dam nice steriods

    Adam JaroszAdam Jarosz27 kun oldin
  • I like steak

    MayhemMatt46MayhemMatt4628 kun oldin
  • Its how they think Tristyn is the strongest 18 yr old. He is jacked as ever and has amazing bodybuilding potential, but he is nowhere close to being the strongest 18yr old. Clickbait and algo ftw

    Jesse GajadharJesse Gajadhar28 kun oldin
  • isnt he 16?

    דניאל אלקייםדניאל אלקיים28 kun oldin
  • He should box

    PTK nle choppaPTK nle choppa28 kun oldin
  • The intro is pretty interesting and ur hair lmfao 🤣

    ITz FTDITz FTD28 kun oldin
  • God bless whoever's seeing this.

    RX2JoshuaGamingRX2JoshuaGaming28 kun oldin
  • 6:45 you can’t tell me Alex looks fucking amazing bro

    SheLuvPopSheLuvPop28 kun oldin
  • the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!!

    meina46meina4628 kun oldin
    • @Snobbie lmao

      Ibrahim AkhtarIbrahim Akhtar4 kun oldin
    • @XaolityFN u realise that u literally replied to all these bots expecting a reply from them?

      SnobbieSnobbie5 kun oldin
    • Stfu bot

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
  • Bruh a good vid but all youtubers make vid title 24hours and it is 2hours and 10mins on a video 😐 BTW not about you

    nubz on a mazzanubz on a mazza29 kun oldin
  • Love the click bait. He is far from strongest 18 year old

    Tommy WeedonTommy Weedon29 kun oldin
  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game, we easily get them from fortnite.vin

    jackson chasejackson chase29 kun oldin
    • Stfu bot loser

      XaolityFNXaolityFN20 kun oldin
  • That is a body builder not a strong man

    Faze GoatFaze Goat29 kun oldin
  • tristyn aint natty

    TalonTalon29 kun oldin
  • Guys does anyone know what is a paper cut

    Papi GeorgiePapi Georgie29 kun oldin
  • so no ones gonna talk bout Tristan's voice crack LMFAO

    raidiclyraidicly29 kun oldin
  • 3:21 bro was flexing hard😂

    Tyquan TatumTyquan Tatum29 kun oldin
  • Worlds strongest 18 year old?

    Skinny on 60hzSkinny on 60hz29 kun oldin
  • Do you even care about the Pandemic that people are getting killed of

    speqz irishspeqz irish29 kun oldin
  • Another way he grows to that size is the roids ahah

    The endThe end29 kun oldin
  • Go back faze pleese

    faze jozeffaze jozefOy oldin
  • I’m a girl smh stop saying “alright boys”

    emilyemilyOy oldin
    • how old are u

      amineamineOy oldin
  • That get the fuck outta here was great when he said he hadn’t had a cheat meal in 4 years

    Brennan __Brennan __Oy oldin
  • What is the last meal lol

    RonnieRonnieOy oldin
  • Steak bloody asl shit need to be well done bossman

    Steph Sharked UpSteph Sharked UpOy oldin
  • Literallyy 99% won’t see this but GOD bless you and be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 10k with notis❤️

    Darvin CharlesDarvin CharlesOy oldin
  • if tristyn joined faze clan he would be called Faze Muscle

    BaekhyunawesomerBaekhyunawesomerOy oldin
  • bro how does adapt still look healthy and he eats all that.

    Karla ReyesKarla ReyesOy oldin
  • 30% of the time watching this i was looking at his forearm muscle, he gotta 16yr old face w/ a 35 year old mans body

    Chris XavierChris XavierOy oldin
  • Why dose Alex has a busted head more then jarvis

    Ayaz AssimAyaz AssimOy oldin
  • when is the restaurant going to be opened in Nepal i am waiting

    Destroyer OnYTDestroyer OnYTOy oldin
  • I love how every time we need v bucks in the game. we easily get them from fortnite.vin

    Daniela Bagagem.Daniela Bagagem.Oy oldin
    • You commited on my channel

      scopesscopes29 kun oldin
    • Lies

      LiteralPickleLiteralPickleOy oldin
  • I straight up only always put fruity pebbles In my hotdogs

    Pinkmen JeyPinkmen JeyOy oldin
  • Tristan: knocks on door Adapt: Wow 🤣😭😭

    BLaSteN-_-BLaSteN-_-Oy oldin
  • The annoyed store histologically brake because vest regrettably confuse aboard a next geranium. earsplitting, previous brazil

    MCG Manual Cook GodMCG Manual Cook GodOy oldin
  • Por fin, un vídeo con subtítulos en español

    Diego MoraDiego MoraOy oldin
  • How tall is he

    Blake NessBlake NessOy oldin
  • The chef is the one that cooked faze rugs 1000$ steak

    Hatake KakashiHatake KakashiOy oldin
  • Omg he looks like lil Mac from punch out

    Kevin DecusearaKevin DecusearaOy oldin
  • hes small.... i rather be tall and out of shape than 18 and stunt the crap out of my growth! once im tall we out lol

    IG-Starcaliber_card_invester joeIG-Starcaliber_card_invester joeOy oldin
  • 2019: worlds strongest 18yo 2020: worlds strongest 18yo 2021: worlds strongest 18yo 2025: worlds strongest 18yo 2069: worlds strongest 18yo 3158: universe strongest 18yo 5420: galaxy strongest 19yo how long will he be 18 years old TF 👇

    JanezJanezOy oldin
  • FaZe adapter is back

    Banankakor e bästBanankakor e bästOy oldin
  • Definitely not strongest lol. Pretty shredded though

    Andres FernandezAndres FernandezOy oldin