Surprising My Camera Man With a NEW CAR Using Crypto!

21-Fev, 2021
189 250 Ko‘rishlar soni

Went and bought my camera guy a new car with my investment profits for Valentines day.
100,000 Likes I'll buy someone else a car...
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Video uploaded by
Kris London/Kristopher London/LSK/lskakarot
#2HYPE #Basketball #LSK

  • Mr kris I’m the building

    Tre JatTre Jat19 kun oldin
  • Very nice of you to support and help those who help you. Really nice🙏🏾👍🏾

    fred bandafred bandaOy oldin
  • I’m hyped 12 mins late X 12 mins of chilling X 42m + 5m of freedom :D

    mDizzle The 2ndmDizzle The 2ndOy oldin
  • Crazy that I almost cried

    MessiahMessiahOy oldin
  • 🐐

    RJRJOy oldin
  • Good things happen

    Beau StrohBeau StrohOy oldin
  • Shave ur mustache

    VenaVenaOy oldin
  • Old person car 👍

    Alejandro JaimeAlejandro JaimeOy oldin
  • About time somebody surprise a cameraman

    Hakeem JacksonHakeem JacksonOy oldin
  • Pay it forward:)🥰🥰

    Mohammad TahaMohammad TahaOy oldin
  • U should

    Excotic FlexExcotic FlexOy oldin
  • Ik yall not on good terms but

    Excotic FlexExcotic FlexOy oldin
  • 2+2=5

    Andrew DAWSONAndrew DAWSONOy oldin
  • David dobrik??

    Eli CasteraEli CasteraOy oldin
  • Lol big tax write off

    Francisco EsparzaFrancisco EsparzaOy oldin
  • pls pls shave kris pls

    Surya MullapudiSurya MullapudiOy oldin
  • Message to Effron... don’t stick ya d*** in Selena

    Mr LonelyMr LonelyOy oldin
  • broke version of david dobrik

    david poloniadavid poloniaOy oldin
  • Bri did a great job all around on this vid!!😁👍🐐

    Maddox HMaddox HOy oldin
  • You the best Kris

    Robby PRobby POy oldin
  • Wholesome content is always appreciated

    Michael MartinezMichael MartinezOy oldin
  • Shave the damn mustache

    Luffer’s SportscardsLuffer’s SportscardsOy oldin
  • Pov: Kris Changed the title

    VloneBeKillinVloneBeKillinOy oldin
  • Kris 🙏🏼

    Richie PRichie POy oldin
  • She’s a keeper

    Eli AnastasisEli AnastasisOy oldin
  • Makes me smile makes me happy

    Wax LifeWax LifeOy oldin
  • zackeri london need a car

    LordFabLordFabOy oldin
  • facial hair kris is another breed my mans killing on the court and off

    Thomas DiMucciThomas DiMucciOy oldin
  • My boy is feeling generous

    Pancakes Jr.Pancakes Jr.Oy oldin
  • Why not buy your longest subscriber a car

    Brandon MacleodBrandon MacleodOy oldin
  • Inspirational

    Noah PalmieriNoah PalmieriOy oldin
  • Prolly rented

    Killua SonKillua SonOy oldin
  • Kris and 2 hype are good and cool guys

    Lanz PaqueoLanz PaqueoOy oldin
  • Last night was orange 🥶

    John O'MaraJohn O'MaraOy oldin
  • I’ve made a lot of money 💴 this year noticing that there is almost 3 months into the year

    StoryofWhenStoryofWhenOy oldin
  • Good workk big fan! 🤟🏽

    Joseph AfuhaamangoJoseph AfuhaamangoOy oldin
  • Scammmmmmmm

    Jose R. BarbosaJose R. BarbosaOy oldin
  • That nice

    Bad MemesBad MemesOy oldin
  • Taking bets on which 2Hype couple gets prego first 😂

    Jameson RiosJameson RiosOy oldin
  • That's nice good job

    blshotlexusjayblshotlexusjayOy oldin
  • Ok I know all of you are just thinking about how generous this dude is

    Zeptic TVZeptic TVOy oldin
  • Invest in doge.

    Vintage WarfareVintage WarfareOy oldin
  • What if kris said we are naming her Karen

    Stanley BakerStanley BakerOy oldin
  • God bless you Kris Bri and Efron ❤️❤️❤️

    BiłłChillMannBiłłChillMannOy oldin
  • amazing vid my g but the stache gotta go

    Nicholas RiniNicholas RiniOy oldin
  • Do Mitchell

    Colby BlakeColby BlakeOy oldin
  • Efron nooooo spurs are you serious

    Tsn brosTsn brosOy oldin
  • this was fire

    01_Mark01_MarkOy oldin
  • ThAts nice

    Malcon YtMalcon YtOy oldin
  • What is crypto

    GetSnipedGetSnipedOy oldin
  • Microwave gang

  • my respect for kris went off the roof after watching this

    therealvortherealvorOy oldin
  • Tracy with the Mazda

    ESP MaxiESP MaxiOy oldin
  • Next give a car to Jason

    Direct BucketsDirect BucketsOy oldin
  • after giving it some time.... I'm kinda rockin w the stache

    Mac WyattMac WyattOy oldin
  • NO way not EFFFRON he deserves it such a good person

    LoganSwag BroCoxLoganSwag BroCoxOy oldin
  • Did he rly tho?

    Nate paimNate paimOy oldin
  • Kris fell of hard after everything😂😂

    Cameron ThomasCameron ThomasOy oldin

    Sparsh GadkariSparsh GadkariOy oldin
  • Can you even guess how I got these many likes

    Top 5 FinestTop 5 FinestOy oldin
  • Wassup Blueface

    3ball Nasty3ball NastyOy oldin
  • Good guy lsk

    Wolfe PackWolfe PackOy oldin
  • That’s my homie repping the spurs! COYS

    Jonny SherfeyJonny SherfeyOy oldin
  • Mr. Beast london

    Rishav SinghRishav SinghOy oldin
  • give it to James Charles HAHA lol

    Puzzle WuzzlePuzzle WuzzleOy oldin

    LM GamingYTLM GamingYTOy oldin
  • wholesome kris

    Maazmellow SMaazmellow SOy oldin
  • well desere hes nice

    amadou sarramadou sarrOy oldin
  • nice idea

    amadou sarramadou sarrOy oldin

    Black Lives MatterBlack Lives MatterOy oldin
  • Now u know u not getting 100k likes

    --Oy oldin
  • You should suprise jeff

    Yousef BassamYousef BassamOy oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • In australia these cars pretty much every 17 year old girls first car 😂😂

    Troy M45Troy M45Oy oldin
  • Kris must be making more than I thought

    HughesiiHughesiiOy oldin
  • Can you buy me a car?

    BulletProoF1002BulletProoF1002Oy oldin
  • Amazing 🤩

    MemeMemeOy oldin
  • Kris went from 😃 to 👨🏽

    King CainKing CainOy oldin
  • imagine puting green lambo in thumbnail but buying fucking mazda

    Edmunds ZelčsEdmunds ZelčsOy oldin
  • Respect!!! He deserved it!!❤️🙏

    Stanzin JigmetStanzin JigmetOy oldin
  • Clickbait bought him a used car

    PlatinumStatePlatinumStateOy oldin
  • Such a great guy and always dropping bangers

    Daimon AndersonDaimon AndersonOy oldin
  • It waa nice to see efron genuinely happy aye kris u made mistakes but this was nice

    Soy SaucingSoy SaucingOy oldin
  • what do you use for your stocking i’m only 16 and i want to make it big

    Jaevin TomasJaevin TomasOy oldin
  • Why are you guy's wearing masks

    Lowell DavisLowell DavisOy oldin
  • W

  • Dogecoin gang

    Soy SaucingSoy SaucingOy oldin
  • Jeff deserves a car

    Dom TowneyDom TowneyOy oldin
  • Kris is out, Lsk is back. We love it!

    MelMelOy oldin
  • Damn he’s taller than I thought

    XxDannyKillerxXXxDannyKillerxXOy oldin
  • Kris and Jesse are my favourite 2hype members 🔥

    Eldar MustaficEldar MustaficOy oldin
  • DogeCoin buyers hang in there lol

    Amazing_Vision YTAmazing_Vision YTOy oldin
  • Big W, but spurs?? Really??

    K1MK1MOy oldin
  • How much money did u put into dogecoin???

    Nawoj CawkerNawoj CawkerOy oldin
  • 100 likes to shave the stache

    Hunter McCoyHunter McCoyOy oldin
  • Whatever you guys say Kris is a good hearted guy he’s an amazing guy Kris is a real one

    Laughmagnet IncLaughmagnet IncOy oldin
  • Hit a 100k

    Elize BanksElize BanksOy oldin
  • Boss move

    Jozef MaksutiJozef MaksutiOy oldin
  • Such an inspiration

    ArmyMan GArmyMan GOy oldin
  • 98k views in 8hours hmm