Supreme Court Shenanigans!

30-Sen, 2020
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  • Director's Commentary:

    CGP GreyCGP Grey23 kun oldin
    • Grand Jury: am I a joke to you?

      Alex BimmyAlex Bimmy5 kun oldin
    • Wait. Can a civilian ask for a Roll Call?

      bravojrbravojr7 kun oldin
    • Would it be ok if i download the vid and add subs? I dont want views i can send it to you if you want...

      Jose Antonio TorresJose Antonio Torres11 kun oldin
    • So, here's a question I'm thinking you won't want to answer. Was it Democrats that changed the precedent of never taking a legal recess? It was Democrats that changed the 2/3rds majority requirement to seat nominees to the SCOTUS to being merely a simple majority.

      Danny MeeksDanny Meeks11 kun oldin
    • Before Ruth Bader Ginsburg, nominees to SCOTUS typically did not ever claim that they can't say because the case is not before them. Ginsburg did that because she's a radical leftist who didn't respect our Constitution, and if she had told the truth, then she probably wouldn't have been nominated, and she certainly wouldn't have been seated. Republican politicians are quite stupid, I realize that. She wouldn't have been nominated because Democrats weren't looking for a justice. They were looking for a lackey.

      Danny MeeksDanny Meeks11 kun oldin
  • The pictures that go along with the stories are fucking hilarious to me for some strange reason.

    j2times2006j2times200639 daqiqa oldin
  • I wish the government of the USA was less stupid.

    Dark Knighte ApologeticzDark Knighte Apologeticz3 soat oldin
  • Where is the filibuster?

    The FederalistThe Federalist5 soat oldin
  • Pandemic right now The state:* sll not social distancing * Me: u- Supreme court: it is not an official law.

    Li Phing LiewLi Phing Liew8 soat oldin
    • Happens all over. Start a democratic republic, and then find loopholes to compromise the democratic process.

      ceerw butyceerw buty3 soat oldin
  • Why doesn't a senate member who is in support of the appointment come to the pro-forma session and ask for a roll call?

    urvag Rawalurvag Rawal10 soat oldin
    • living well into their 80's, influencing the legal system for 40 years at a time. This is why SCOTUS appointments should limited to 20 years.

      ceerw butyceerw buty3 soat oldin
  • Which party was it again that lowered the threshold to confirm a justice to 51 votes? Was it the same one now talking about court packing? The shenanigans seem to be coming more often than not from one side :)

    Matt HorkanMatt Horkan12 soat oldin
  • Our country is run by toddlers...

    Empathetic FrogEmpathetic Frog16 soat oldin
  • "Wait a minute, I'm the President! You can't depose me, you're deposed!" "Aww... wait a minute, I'm the Supreme Court! You can't depose me, you're deposed!"

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuKun oldin
  • 2:23 Amy Barrett interview in a nutshell

    Instert_very-generic_nameInstert_very-generic_nameKun oldin
  • 4:55

    Umar TahirUmar TahirKun oldin
    • "Shenanigans, let's have some fun and play Shenanigans."

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuKun oldin
  • What if someone from the same party as the president ask for role call in the pro-forma section?

    Theodore YuenTheodore YuenKun oldin
  • So if a tie for President happens and the President and Vice President are different parties then even if the senate is tied then the president loses

    Sam HemrSam HemrKun oldin
  • So the one senator left behind is basically palpatine....."I am the Senate!"

    Noah MakujinaNoah MakujinaKun oldin
  • I really like your lower voice.

    TheSaltyBeardTheSaltyBeardKun oldin
  • Why doesn't the President just pass an executive order saying that Congress must take roll call once a week or something. Then the Congress either needs to take an offical Recess or show up once a week during their vacation

    Evan SchleterEvan SchleterKun oldin
  • They have given themselves 6 figures salary. The best Healthcare. As well written into the law that they can take 3 day breaks whenever they want. Incredible with this.

    TheLaughingMan712TheLaughingMan712Kun oldin
  • Couldn’t a Senator from the President’s party just show up to the pro firms sessions and ask for a roll call?

    Ferhat YilmazFerhat Yilmaz2 kun oldin
  • Thanks for making the parties yellow and orange signifying that both parties play the shenanigans game.

    Noah KepnerNoah Kepner2 kun oldin
  • When the Constitution was written, the average lifespan was only about 35 years. So when they made SCOTUS appointments "for life", they didn't anticipate all these people living well into their 80's, influencing the legal system for 40 years at a time. This is why SCOTUS appointments should limited to 20 years.

    Paul KraasePaul Kraase2 kun oldin
  • Happens all over. Start a democratic republic, and then find loopholes to compromise the democratic process.

    Lee RuohoLee Ruoho2 kun oldin
  • Hmmm...sounds like you got a problem :)

    Hoop SchoopHoop Schoop2 kun oldin
  • Nine people making extremely important decisions for 300 million. Reaaaaaaaaaly need to rethink the scaling of our institutions.

    MooseyMoosey2 kun oldin
  • [Senator] Senate will come to order. The clerk will read a communication to the Senate. [Clerk] To the Senate, under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3 of the standing rules of the Senate, I hereby appoint the honorable senator from the Great State of Delaware, to perform the duties of the chair. Signed, President Pro Tempore. [Senator] Under the previous order, I declare the Senate stands adjourned for three days. *[Plop]*

    Damla KayacanDamla Kayacan2 kun oldin
  • Wait so how tf did they change the required vote from 2/3 to 1/2 plus one???

    David EdwardsDavid Edwards2 kun oldin
  • "Shenanigans, let's have some fun and play Shenanigans."

    Francis CampagnaFrancis Campagna2 kun oldin
  • It's time to kill them. All of them.

    Kevin BellKevin Bell2 kun oldin
  • Don't worry the democrats will just stack the court. Just like the children described. The swamp must stay drained.

    Mr SkiMr Ski2 kun oldin
  • Forced Recess. Like it. :) Did you see how Boris Johnson tried to prorogue Parliament ("recess" it) so that a new session would start so - bingo! - all the "must be approved by two sessions" bills could all get pushed through. Didn't work, the Supreme Court told him to go back to work, so he dropped the nuclear bomb and called an election. Which of course gave him a new session.

    Jonathan HarstonJonathan Harston3 kun oldin
  • Oh how much I want to work my way to be the person to do a roll call when everyone is gone to see what happens.

    Connoissuer_Of_ClassienessConnoissuer_Of_Classieness3 kun oldin
  • Dont get me wrong. But US goverment looks like shaterred glass renforced with duck tape

    Paulius ŠinkūnasPaulius Šinkūnas3 kun oldin
  • What is stopping a senatorial friend of the Recess Appointment to appear in the empty hall and turning the attendance from 1 to 2 and essentially forcing the Recess Appointment into the Supreme Court?

    Michael NguyenMichael Nguyen3 kun oldin
  • Video:President and Senate shenanigans about the supreme court Nominee on the supreme court during 7:28:"I couldn't possibly comment on a case not before me, that would be unbecoming of a future justice"

    Jovan RafaelJovan Rafael3 kun oldin
  • So basically the president and tge senate is re-enacting Death Note?

    Kureijī SatsujinshaKureijī Satsujinsha4 kun oldin
  • I can’t wait until we impeach Kavenaugh

    PenguinexpressPenguinexpress4 kun oldin
  • There’s nothing wrong with having a senate that equally represents the states. It’s just that they should get sole power in important congressional activities such as the Supreme Court decisions.

    PenguinexpressPenguinexpress4 kun oldin
  • In Spain we're currently facing a similar issue. Judges do not serve in the Court for life, but 6-year terms. Last time they were appointed in 2012. However they're still serving. The opposition is blocking the renewal of the Court, as a 3/5 majority vote is needed. The major opposition party, in power back in 2012, wants to hold their majority in the Court forever this way. The minor opposition parties oppose the fact that politicians pick judges and call for elections for the Court where only judges can vote, so they also block the renewal. The current government has introduced a bill to use the "nuclear option" and reduce the required vote to 1/2 plus one. The opposition says they will protest against the bill in the EU institutions. We'll see how things advance.

    MrAmbilMrAmbil4 kun oldin
  • Okay so to stop Pro-forma sessions, one senator would need to show up and ask for a roll call to be taken, correct?

    tonytheoneandonlytonytheoneandonly4 kun oldin
  • Well this didnt make me feel any better. Religious freedom in America is dead. Be Christian or else.

    Matt ForbesMatt Forbes4 kun oldin
    • And? You say that like it was ever there.

      PruCoPruCo2 kun oldin
  • If only they got paid by the hour.

    Dougal83Dougal834 kun oldin
  • Russia's system is wayyyyy less complex

    kk4 kun oldin
  • A-Murica F*CK-YEAH

    sy5temsy5tem4 kun oldin
  • Another way to realign the Supreme Court without impeachment or packing the Court is for Congress to put up a golden parachute early retirement program.

    lostindixielostindixie4 kun oldin
  • Wait. It's only been two weeks since this vid came out? And there's already another Grey vid? Could 2020 finally be turning around??

    Inonge SimakumbaInonge Simakumba5 kun oldin
  • Very strange how GOP appointed Judges are more likely to uphold the Constitution as it was written, while DEM appointed Judges ignore what the founders intended.

    Brian StevensBrian Stevens5 kun oldin
    • @HoboGrifter LMFAO no he doesnt

      Cliche anti-hero jackassCliche anti-hero jackass4 kun oldin
    • @HoboGrifter how so?

      nomnom yamnomnom yam4 kun oldin
    • I think you got it wrong, its the other way around.

      HoboGrifterHoboGrifter4 kun oldin
  • Funfact: The Democrats enacted the 51% rule, despite being warned by Republicans that they would regret it later. Fast forward to 2020.....

    Faffy WaffleFaffy Waffle5 kun oldin
    • Dems did it for lower court as 50 judges a year would take forever if not, Republicans did it for SC, and that shenanigans will come back too. either adding 2 so it will be 6-5 and not 6-3 bias as it could be next month, or just wait it out and when U.S have a Dem president for 24 years straight.

      Tony PTony P5 kun oldin
  • If another senator is present can they ask for a roll call? For example, a Senator of the opposite party of the one in charge?

    MihitsTiloziMihitsTilozi5 kun oldin
  • Supreme Court Shenanigans? Seems more like Senate Shenanigans

    Dennis GrassDennis Grass5 kun oldin
  • The root of all evil, is childishness.

    Terminal InsanityTerminal Insanity5 kun oldin
  • except for when it isn’t 0.006% of the time.

    yasio boloyasio bolo5 kun oldin
  • I honestly think court term limits should work like this: 1 term. Never again be on the Supreme Court. That way they remain politically beholden to no one, but not 1 bad president can control the court for decades after they leave.

    TheMiningTeamTheMiningTeam5 kun oldin
    • You're an idiot justices being on the court for life are the exact reason a lot of them minus the democrat ones are impartial because they can't be influenced stop crying snowflake you lost stop trying to change the rules when you can't win fair and square

      Salterino KripperinoSalterino Kripperino5 kun oldin
  • There are no shenanigans here. The current president was elected for four years. Not three years, not three and a half, not three and nine tenths, four years. He is within his legal right to make this appointment, and this situation is not without precedent. There have been twenty-nine vacancies during an election year or before the next inauguration, and (with one exception, due to ethics violations) the president made a nomination every single time. The reason that anyone made a stink about Obama's attempt to fill a seat in 2016 was that the Republicans had the Senate. It was a waste of time and resources to have those hearings because it was highly unlikely that the Senate was going to confirm the appointment. Even if a Democrat had won in 2016, by the video's own admission, the Senate could just stall.

    TBustahTBustah5 kun oldin
    • In Brazil, the supreme court straight out set dangerous drug dealers free.

      yasio boloyasio bolo5 kun oldin
  • Government is a joke :(

    Daian MoiDaian Moi6 kun oldin
  • Hey Grey, do you think you could figure out how much power each branch has?

    Michael JonesMichael Jones6 kun oldin
  • i love how grey depicts the supereme court as a person who's just sick of everyone's shit

    CobaltNinjaCobaltNinja6 kun oldin
  • Keep in mind a Supreme Court Justice has only been impeached ONCE, and THAT WAS WHILE THE FOUNDING FATHERS WERE ALIVE!! The Left and Right have been trying to use a SC for a political hammer for DECADES

    Spit FireSpit Fire6 kun oldin
  • What if the senator decided to go off script and do a roll call?

    Harrison MunitzHarrison Munitz6 kun oldin
  • The entire world system is corrupt. It boils down to one principle. More for them (power,control,wealth) and less for you.

    JustTheBeginningJustTheBeginning6 kun oldin
    • @LadyZeldaia I stated the obvious. If you can't see it by now its because you don't want to. Enjoy your trip down with the mindless masses.

      JustTheBeginningJustTheBeginningKun oldin
    • You're just uneducated and mad

      LadyZeldaiaLadyZeldaia4 kun oldin
  • What if during a session pro tempore, another senator attends and asks for a roll call?

    RogerWilcoRogerWilco6 kun oldin
  • What if the senator present asks for a roll call?

    Connecticut BallConnecticut Ball6 kun oldin
  • almost as if the ruling class view this as some big game, with the workers as disposable pawns funny that

    I FearNoSheepI FearNoSheep6 kun oldin
  • But, but you totally forgot to mention how it's totally wrong and totally unjustified for a president to nominate a supreme court justice in the last year of his term. 🤣

    Michael WattersMichael Watters6 kun oldin
  • Lol, remember when the Dems pushed the nuclear options.

    Michael WattersMichael Watters6 kun oldin
    • Remember when the Republicans needed 23 nukes for korea?

      LadyZeldaiaLadyZeldaia4 kun oldin
  • Wait, you mean there's a super irresponsible presidential action to screw over political non-compliance just sitting around that our current president hasn't tried yet? strikes me as uncharacteristic restraint.

    Elfos64Elfos646 kun oldin
  • I’m obsessed with this. I honestly did a crappy job of really learning this stuff the first time around, and this is the perfect amount of recap,(smartass) and cartoon ❤️

    Nobody’s DarlingNobody’s Darling6 kun oldin
  • 2:17 ACB got cards close to her chest... turns out they were blank

    Dayton CoatesDayton Coates6 kun oldin
    • For all the people complaining go to law school and dedicate your entire life to law if it's such a simple thing to do.

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni6 kun oldin
  • In Brazil, the supreme court straight out set dangerous drug dealers free.

    Rodrigo GomesRodrigo Gomes6 kun oldin
    • They also have immunity to being arrested.

      intothekeyintothekey6 kun oldin
  • you forgot to mention it was the demoncrats who created the nuclear option ,which has backfired on them wonderfully

    IvansSonIvansSon6 kun oldin
    • I feel like Grey could have shoehorned in a "shenanigans begin again" somewhere in there

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni6 kun oldin
  • the problem with governments in general, the shenanigans are ridiculous. Vote for smaller and more limited governments! People get used to large governments and expect a lot of benefits from them, but that results in larger taxes and not much done, via the shenanigans and inefficient bs like is mentioned here of like the stimulus packages and parties packing unnecessary junk into it, or like the dems now talking about wanting to pack the supreme court

    Timothy NTimothy N6 kun oldin
  • Appoints my horse.... 🐎

    Great DogsGreat Dogs7 kun oldin
  • God, bureaucracy is so stupid

    StrilliadeStrilliade7 kun oldin
  • Wish we could go back in time and tell them "hey uhhh, you might wanna be more specific with, all of this"

    SaxicusSaxicus7 kun oldin
  • Let's turn the Supreme Court into the UK House of Lords!

    P.S. BurtonP.S. Burton7 kun oldin
    • @Salterino Kripperino ye, they represent 0.5% of all UK residents and then have he audacity to say their vote matters the most

      LadyZeldaiaLadyZeldaia4 kun oldin
    • The house of lords is shit and should be abolished in the UK

      Salterino KripperinoSalterino Kripperino5 kun oldin
  • And here I was expecting this to get political, given the whole, uh... Situation going on right now.

    hydraulic hydrahydraulic hydra7 kun oldin
  • "Wait a minute, I'm the President! You can't depose me, you're deposed!" "Aww... wait a minute, I'm the Supreme Court! You can't depose me, you're deposed!"

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon7 kun oldin
  • This video seems to be shenanigans itself.

    Allen RhoadesAllen Rhoades7 kun oldin
  • "president of another color" I see what you did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Adam BartlettAdam Bartlett7 kun oldin
  • Congress needs term limits.

    Benjamin LehmanBenjamin Lehman7 kun oldin
  • youtube likes to autoplay this for me several times a day. i mean, i guess i'm glad this is the channel getting all those unintentional views?

    ciel robinsonciel robinson7 kun oldin
  • I feel like Grey could have shoehorned in a "shenanigans begin again" somewhere in there

    KaaarmKaaarm7 kun oldin
  • For all the people complaining go to law school and dedicate your entire life to law if it's such a simple thing to do.

    Brandon BrooksBrandon Brooks7 kun oldin
  • Those smarmy Democrats sure were happy to use the “nuclear option” to put their own clown shoes justice on the Court, but it’s deplorable when their opponent does the same exact thing to the same end. How short-sighted must they be to not realize anything they do to change the structure of government won’t always work to their advantage? They deserve exactly what they’re getting - to choke on it.

    Joey CookJoey Cook7 kun oldin
  • This video is well done

    AbicatedAbicated7 kun oldin
  • And the awful consquence of all this chicanery is that its probably easier to assasinate the justice(s) someone doesnt like... Broken system!

    TimTim7 kun oldin
  • 0:53 There is one imposter among us

    Thomas Barnes McGintyThomas Barnes McGinty7 kun oldin
  • The democrats played themselves, well done.

    Kisen LiangKisen Liang7 kun oldin
  • 8:43 You forgot to mention the now-whining-even-more-than-usual Dems are the ones who did the whittling in the first place.

    Kell BriganKell Brigan7 kun oldin
  • Stop giving them ideas grey

    Patrick HeymanPatrick Heyman7 kun oldin
  • How supreme is your court.

    Darrell DefaultDarrell Default7 kun oldin
  • 6:54 to 7:44 The case to which CGP refers is NLRB v Noel Canning. It's a fun time.

    R0101010101R01010101017 kun oldin
    • Not so fun right now.

      KingintheMountainKingintheMountain7 kun oldin
  • Interestingly, these shenanigans were things the framers of the Constitution knew would happen. Oh, probably not the SPECIFIC ones, but they wrote the Constitution specifically to have powers that each branch could wield against the others in order to keep any of them from deciding they're solely in charge. On court-packing, the SCOTUS would be hard-pressed to rule that Congress and the President couldn't do it: the size of the SCOTUS is set by statute. Acts of Congress approved by the President, like any other legislation. If the SCOTUS tried to rule that "unconstitutional," we'd be at the kind of constitutional crisis that also includes the SCOTUS deciding that Congress and the President are unconstitutional, and declaring that the constitution says the SCOTUS is the sole ruling body of the USA.

    Segev StormlordSegev Stormlord7 kun oldin
  • So Nine connected, almost always wealthy individuals get to decide for all of us. How is that logical?

    cro4591cro45917 kun oldin
    • @Zach B Because we aren't wealthy and they're unlikely to side against their own for us.

      KingintheMountainKingintheMountain7 kun oldin
    • I don’t see why wealth matters? It is a very important job, and they should get paid to do it.

      Zach BZach B7 kun oldin
  • A radical left organization named sent out a press release claiming they have in their possession “the largest known lawyer opposition letter to a Supreme Court nominee.” A number of left-leaning legal blogs got behind the unverified letter and promoted its claims online. The press release was advertised as a “394-page letter” signed by 6,056 “members of the legal profession” including 5,000 lawyers and 14 judges. Left-leaning sent the press release out to reporters hoping that the document would destroy the reputation of Amy Barrett and nullify her nomination to the Supreme Court.

    VeracityVeracity7 kun oldin
  • I’m very pro 2/3 court appointment amendment. If a judge is meant to be removed from political shenanigans then getting 2/3 of Senate should be simple. The problem is that this amendment would require both parties to be willing to part with this form of shenanigans...

    KallianaCorusKallianaCorus7 kun oldin
  • Its a pro-corporate, anti-worker, and anti-democratic institution (by design) that in modern times is used as a fall-guy for unpopular pro-corporate anti-democratic legistlation so our legistlators get off the hook, don't have to do their job representing the people (but get to represent corporate that gives them stolen money grifted from the population for not doing so), and still get reelected because they can point a vague fingure at the justices with no term limits. The Supreme Court as it is used now creates an effective corporate dictatorship enslaving the American people and dangerously damaging our economy, democracy, and future viability as a country. If the American people start voting out the legistlators playing this shell game (which is most of them), and our lawyers grew some balls and started prosecuting the grifters in Congress, this beef-supreme, lazy-action-of-last resort, kangaroo court for the elites that has lost all legitmacy (citizen united!?) would be as powerless as it should and deserves to be in a democracy.

    Zack BarkleyZack Barkley7 kun oldin
  • Bust into Congress playing "dare to be stupid".

    bravojrbravojr7 kun oldin
  • Can a civilian ask for a Roll Call in the Senate? ....

    bravojrbravojr7 kun oldin
  • That Senate is more female than the real one has ever been.

    King WitherKing Wither7 kun oldin
  • Correction: it's not 2/3 majority, it's actually just a simple majority

    Jieming OuJieming Ou7 kun oldin
    • 8:34

      Colton MooreColton Moore7 kun oldin
  • It’s not 2/3 Senate majority approval anymore. Thank the Demonrats.

    Sam MonteSam Monte7 kun oldin
    • Actually I heard the republicans did that. Your so dumb you cant spell Democrat.

      HoboGrifterHoboGrifter4 kun oldin