Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft Steve Reveal Trailer Nintendo Direct 2020

1-Okt, 2020
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The Reveal Trailer of Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman from Minecraft in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch from October 2020 Nintendo Smash Ultimate Direct.

  • Je pense que Bob l'éponge serai le bien venu aussi dans l'univers super smash

    Tyson LemaireTyson Lemaire18 daqiqa oldin
  • What if Among Us added in Smash Bros?

    Yohan LasalaYohan Lasala2 soat oldin
  • Joker: For ps4 fans Hero: For Japanese fans Banjo and Kazooie: For western fans Terry: For fighting game fans Byleth: For nintendo fans Min Min: For switch fans Steve: For gamers

    ARB BARB B5 soat oldin
  • loll

    Jangmo oJangmo o6 soat oldin
  • amazinggrace

    Jasmin LeskoJasmin Lesko7 soat oldin
  • Steve: *Gets revealed* Walugui: 👁👄👁

    kikcik_kikcik_7 soat oldin
  • :0

    willow :3willow :38 soat oldin
  • Now This is what we Call events

    Alex_5000subAlex_5000sub8 soat oldin
  • Roblox will be next...

    Totatui HandiTotatui Handi9 soat oldin
  • Anybody noticed that Steve didn't get an invitation letter?

    Charlotte RamosCharlotte Ramos9 soat oldin
    • Neither did Joker (Who, as a Phantom Thief, practically stole his), Hero, and Banjo & Kazooie.

      Raemonn RamosRaemonn Ramos5 soat oldin
  • yay steve is in smash

    prodigyprodigy9 soat oldin
  • omg steve is in smash sucer i you are a mad man

    prodigyprodigy9 soat oldin
  • God is alive 0:52

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer10 soat oldin
  • Ooooh so thats where my yoshi went

    Plush freddyPlush freddy10 soat oldin
    • @Yoshi The Bear through the stone block

      Plush freddyPlush freddy9 soat oldin
    • ?

      Yoshi The BearYoshi The Bear9 soat oldin
  • Me: *plays Sweden (C418)* My tiktok(ish) sister: hey that is from TikTok! Me: 0:48

    harits fadhilahharits fadhilah10 soat oldin
  • Now I want to see a Dante reveal trailer....if it happens.

    Ella2000 RogersElla2000 Rogers10 soat oldin
  • Mario: *One of Nintendos best creations* Also Mario: *Get stabbed in the neck by Ridley, Electrocuted by Pikachu, Punched into a cave by Sonic and blown up by a Creeper*

    Ronald PadronRonald Padron11 soat oldin
  • No manches Steven el smah Steve en el smash esto no pasa desde la segunda guerra mundial es un sueño hecho rralidad

    Adrian BautistaAdrian Bautista14 soat oldin
  • now all we need is geno and waluigi and where set for life

    LugiaPlayZLugiaPlayZ14 soat oldin
  • Esos smash de ese estilo cagaron el luego, mejor fuera sido que Steve invocara al enderdragon

    Alberto Correa R.Alberto Correa R.16 soat oldin
  • There must be a Herobrine

    :D:D17 soat oldin
    • I bought the Steve DLC, Steve doesnt come with a Herobrine alt.

      Marcelle AndradeMarcelle Andrade10 soat oldin
  • Amo maicraft

    Edith Sanchez Mtz.Edith Sanchez Mtz.18 soat oldin
  • Yo en super smash bros para wii u y 3ds estaba esperando a steve pero después en 2017 llegó la nintendo switch y me pregunté emm bueno entonces saldrá en la próxima entrega de super smash bros y luego en 2018 llegó super smash bros ultimate y me emocione mucho y quize esperar a steve pero después añadieron los fighter pass y pues me pregunté bueno entonces pueda haber una posibilidad de que salga steve hasta que 2 años más tarde llega steve y me emocióno bastante me encanto gracias nintendo microsoft y mojang por traerme a steve gracias por todo

    Patricio Reyes NeiraPatricio Reyes Neira20 soat oldin
  • first take

    Kennidy GatesKennidy Gates21 soat oldin
  • Finding the Minecraft smash bros seed

    Lucy360Lucy36022 soat oldin
  • They redeemed byleth

    Gabriel Paes Leme VinholyGabriel Paes Leme Vinholy22 soat oldin
  • Now what's next? A robloxian noob and a guest?!?!

    Bloxy_ ColaBloxy_ Cola23 soat oldin
    • Probably not. Roblox isnt on a Nintendo console.

      Marcelle AndradeMarcelle Andrade10 soat oldin
  • 1:36 look at that door

    JonelJonelKun oldin
  • where is the hollow knight crossover?

    SansSansKun oldin
  • This is like my 10th time watching this trailer and it still makes me smile :)

    ArtistaLyssArtistaLyssKun oldin
  • Im still waiting for DOOM slayer

    Mis fortuneMis fortuneKun oldin
  • Steve

    Idris NavaIdris NavaKun oldin
    • minecraft

      Bilbio BaggonesBilbio BaggonesKun oldin
  • 1:05 *Gurl bye 💅😌✨*

    Sweetheart AngelRockerzSweetheart AngelRockerzKun oldin
  • I never hyped Steve and was hoping for bandanna waddle Dee or magolor or even paper Mario. I never expected Steve, But i LOVE that he is in (edit) smol enderman

    Alex KowalskiAlex KowalskiKun oldin
  • Day 26 of watching this video

    That Man Was The RybackThat Man Was The RybackKun oldin
  • I cant wait

  • yeah minecraft it's creepy

    AnarkyAnarkyKun oldin
  • 1:37 I think those doors are cursed but I can put my finger on it...

    Charlie ChavezCharlie ChavezKun oldin
  • I hope that I get in ssbu

    Spongebob SansSpongebob SansKun oldin
  • They should add the villager and one of the attacks is Dumbness

    Companioncube GDCompanioncube GDKun oldin
  • I love Minecraft he joins at SMASH!!!!!!! IM EXCITED

    xbox chromeboixbox chromeboiKun oldin

      xbox chromeboixbox chromeboiKun oldin
    • Bruh you're 13 days late

      TailsTailsKun oldin
  • Is this real lol.Its like a dream

    BremeBremeKun oldin
    • Bruh, you’re 13 days late, Steve’s already available as DLC.

      Raemonn RamosRaemonn RamosKun oldin
  • all the games i like are in super smash bros - Pokemon - minecraft - Kirby - mario - Zelda

    Zhu IrisZhu IrisKun oldin
  • whats the music tho

    Dominic HunterDominic HunterKun oldin
    • Halland / Dalarna

      Marcelle AndradeMarcelle Andrade10 soat oldin
    • New Remix if Halland/Dalarna from Minecraft Dungeons. An ABSOLUTE BOP of a song made by the gods who did the Xenoblade Chronicles Music, Gangplank Galleon Remix, and Beneath The Mask Remix.

      Raemonn RamosRaemonn RamosKun oldin
  • Thanks Nintendo

    Pan con quesoPan con quesoKun oldin
    • You excited at minecraft

      xbox chromeboixbox chromeboiKun oldin
  • star wars jedi fallen order

    godlop koujogodlop koujoKun oldin
  • Still waiting on Sora, Nintendo!

    D3134 ManD3134 Man2 kun oldin
  • 🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫 🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫🟫 🟫🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟫 🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧 🟧⬜🟦🟧🟧🟦⬜🟧 🟧🟧🟧🟫🟫🟧🟧🟧 🟧🟧🟫🟥🟥🟫🟧🟧 🟧🟧🟫🟫🟫🟫🟧🟧

    Kristee NassarKristee Nassar2 kun oldin
  • Hands down the best reveal trailer for me so far

    MikeyMangoMikeyMango2 kun oldin
  • And thus the world went kaboom. AGAIN.

    Mickey MouseMickey Mouse2 kun oldin
  • Ok tempting to get the game but where's Waluigi? I refuse to accept him as only assist.

    Darian KimberlyDarian Kimberly2 kun oldin
  • If Steve can get in, son can the Roblox Noob.

    just a guy with a jotaro pfpjust a guy with a jotaro pfp2 kun oldin
  • 2:22 I got Vietnam flashbacks to that "Don't Mine At Night" Animation

    EverydayIsSpoopyDay 0w0EverydayIsSpoopyDay 0w02 kun oldin
  • Now We only need kratos

    eyad Moiedeyad Moied2 kun oldin
  • i would not be suprised if they added something like the scp foundation in there

    JJLongboiJJLongboi2 kun oldin
  • 0:59 = yes

    JJLongboiJJLongboi2 kun oldin
  • He JuSt DoEsn't FiT

    GeorgeGeorge2 kun oldin
  • euden we need him

    Mike MazMike Maz2 kun oldin
  • no eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!???????????????

    Mike MazMike Maz2 kun oldin
  • Next thing you know Obi-Wan takes the high ground

    Noah GrayNoah Gray2 kun oldin
  • Whe just need roblox now😎

    Isadora AnimaIsadora Anima2 kun oldin
  • I still can't get over the fact after the splash art appears, its all silent, a cow moos and he just eats a porkchop, another moment of silence then leaves.

    DarkestdionDarkestdion2 kun oldin
  • Pro Minecraft players will literally win as the character 😅

    Kyle FordKyle Ford2 kun oldin
  • Hippity Hoppity, Minecraft is now your property.

    The Day Is Mine!The Day Is Mine!2 kun oldin

    MazirMazir2 kun oldin
  • Mario staring at steve: OH MY GOD ITS STEVE SHOULD I ASK HIM FOR AN AUTOGRAPH!? Steve: Hello Mario *casually eats steak* oops theres a creeper behind you, bye mario *leaves* Mario: FFFUUUUUUU-

    Sandra SimsSandra Sims2 kun oldin
  • Hi

    SansSans2 kun oldin
  • I heard the spider, and I felt like I was going insane

    Sandra SimsSandra Sims2 kun oldin
  • Ironically it was sonic that knocked Mario

    Thebad4Thebad42 kun oldin
  • I wanted to see the etika ration but I remembered that it is impossible💔

    Melvin Melendez RiveraMelvin Melendez Rivera2 kun oldin
  • 1:08 Mario was blown up by Creeper

    Haydee Castellanos TorresHaydee Castellanos Torres2 kun oldin
    • Death message from Minecraft

      xbox chromeboixbox chromeboiKun oldin
  • Sonic:look that fucking plumber....IM WILL SEND YOU TO MINECRAFT

    Dave MamangkeyDave Mamangkey2 kun oldin
  • Fun fact, Steve can win againts anything with one broken combo

    Zester 259Zester 2592 kun oldin
    • So can Luigi :p

      Rainbowstar64Rainbowstar647 soat oldin
  • As soon as I saw Steve awwww man

    Ɠɾìʍɾҽąքҽɾ DeathƓɾìʍɾҽąքҽɾ Death3 kun oldin
  • 1:36 Cursed house 🗿

    Kevin FazaKevin Faza3 kun oldin
  • 2:38 lmao

    JessicaNZJessicaNZ3 kun oldin
  • Damn people hating on steve bcuz they think minecraft is an underage game Bruh who said smash is an adult game?

    Psyco BrutePsyco Brute3 kun oldin
    • Manchildren

      Cecelia IsAWeebCecelia IsAWeeb10 soat oldin
    • exactly

      EmeraldEiscueEmeraldEiscue2 kun oldin
  • Sweden joins the server

  • vampire weekend

    Tristan NobleTristan Noble3 kun oldin
  • Man he is god

    Modestas K. ModestasModestas K. Modestas3 kun oldin
  • Did they really make Steve's final smash a troll/griefing thing? Ha.

    SushiLord89SushiLord893 kun oldin
    • I love smash

      Camboi 1606Camboi 16063 kun oldin
  • 2020, you are not so bad, this is beautiful.

    Fer AlonsoFer Alonso3 kun oldin
  • 2:09 cute

    Zax PlaysZax Plays3 kun oldin
  • Too bad its dlc

    JoshJosh3 kun oldin
  • 0:58 Mario: I thought newcomers couldn't surprise me anymore. I was wrong. He's all pixels!

    GoldenAngel3341GoldenAngel33413 kun oldin
  • I like that they didn’t give them realistic joints that bend.

    Crossaholic LuvCrossaholic Luv3 kun oldin
    • Because that's just how steve is

      MTBMTBKun oldin

    Digital AlphaDigital Alpha3 kun oldin
  • Sonic F-Smash? More like Send you to Minecraft.

    Sir NigelSir Nigel3 kun oldin
  • I wanted him in Smash, but I thought it would never happen. Well it happened, I main him now

    Bendy_Is_Scary : Minecraft , Reactions and More!!!Bendy_Is_Scary : Minecraft , Reactions and More!!!3 kun oldin
  • “To Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman, The Hans Brothers would like to Invite you all into the Smash Bros Roster. There’ll be Many Adventures, Delicious Foods to eat, and Many New Friends to meet and be with. Your Crafting Abilities are off the charts, and Not only that, but your Skills as well. And who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your old Friends in the Near future.” From, Master and Crazy Hand.

    Nightmare BBNightmare BB3 kun oldin
  • Our reality might be crumbling, but virtually, we’ll be just fine

    foolmuunfoolmuun3 kun oldin
  • Tis is ofc of Nintendo

    sasuke uchila Alessandrosasuke uchila Alessandro3 kun oldin
  • Omg it’s happening!!!!

    Redirk 2Redirk 23 kun oldin
  • Minecraft en smash Bross Ultimate no puede ser estoy muy emocionado porque salga

    AROSTEGUI GALECIO Renzo TizianoAROSTEGUI GALECIO Renzo Tiziano3 kun oldin

    NATAN Vinicius de Albuquerque DouradoNATAN Vinicius de Albuquerque Dourado3 kun oldin
  • when am i gonna be in smash? i wanna kill people

    Hela OdinsdottirHela Odinsdottir3 kun oldin
  • I like it 😉

    Deklan's GamerDeklan's Gamer3 kun oldin
  • Like si hablas español 🇲🇽

    Deklan's GamerDeklan's Gamer3 kun oldin

    patricia molina cpatricia molina c3 kun oldin
  • Suddenly pineapples

    Podejrzany #PootisPodejrzany #Pootis3 kun oldin