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29-Sen, 2020
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Welcome to the Life of NeNE! Nene Leakes will Never shy away from telling you how it is, the "Original Housewife" of Atlanta, author, actor, and entrepreneur Nene Leakes is busier than ever.

Fresh off of traveling nationwide for the extension of her successful comedy show "Ladies Night", after popular demand, she is excited to embark on new business ventures including the expansion of her luxury clothing and accessories store Swagg Boutique located in Duluth, the new addition Swaggalicious to the South Florida market and FlagShip for Swagg Boutique inside of MGM Casino in the DMV.

Nene's life is turned upside down as Gregg is faced with a cancer diagnosis, shifting her focus from touring the world to staying by his side as they experience the ups and downs of the disease together. Incredibly resilient, Nene is looking forward to new beginnings and is hopeful for what life will bring.

  • My ass died on the water pill & drain them feet 🤣🤣😩😩

    Atlantis NanceAtlantis Nance2 soat oldin
  • Wendy Williams has relapsed and it’s harder on the people that she keeps close to her....does anybody realize the harm that she caused her son while he was in school and her husband who had to watch her when she went to purchased drugs

    Kenny RayKenny Ray9 soat oldin
  • Nene we definitely Love n Take You Serious However you make it hard to stay focused when we are noticing your beauty

    Kenny RayKenny Ray10 soat oldin
  • Your done and fried in Hollywood . And you did it all to yourself. You attacked the hand that gave you a chance. Your not a movie star you were a amateur reality clown. Your not that important so sit down. Go away and stay away.

    Patricia I.Patricia I.Kun oldin
  • Wow do a talk show, bring the the other 🤡s down😁. You will do good, don't even stress you look beautiful for your age keep going for now relax👍🏼❤enjoy the show God Bless you, your loving family.

    Lillian SepulvedaLillian SepulvedaKun oldin

    Marie RoseMarie RoseKun oldin
  • Its a stripper 🎵.. 💘 it.

    Chiquita BraggsChiquita Braggs3 kun oldin
  • I love ur 🎵.

    Chiquita BraggsChiquita Braggs3 kun oldin
  • Nene will u please have them get the wigs that are sold out. I would 💘 to have a few of them. I just cut all my hair off due to meds. I 💘 u and the wigs. Thanks.

    Chiquita BraggsChiquita Braggs3 kun oldin
  • The ratings will definitely go down

    Tanya ClarksonTanya Clarkson3 kun oldin
  • There is no House with out the Queen.

    Heidi SpencerHeidi Spencer3 kun oldin
  • That wig is a noooo

    V PV P3 kun oldin
  • Drain the fluid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the jokes of it all 😂😂😂😂😀

    BB4 kun oldin
  • Wendy look like the walking dead. I seen them holding her up and her clothes coming down. Just Bye Girl to her. 💘 u.

    Chiquita BraggsChiquita Braggs4 kun oldin
  • Nene if they don't give u what u want. Sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeea. Cause u made it possible for the other housewives. Make them pay u for all the episodes u missed take Kandi job and Andy job. U should have h is job. He suck. When that lady pushed him in that chair it was planned. Look at Andy face. He was grinning. Find out how much they made off of u. Sueeeeeeeeeeeeeeea them. KKCPM FORGET THEM ALL. LONG HANDED SPOON. I DONT CARE WHAT PORSHA SAY. SHE KNEW THAT they was after u . Marlo too. I am like the others. Co workers for real. I 💘 u Nene. I am like u and I have been played by fake people cause I'm nice also. Until I think u playing me. I will leave people alone also. I am going through the same thing on my job. Stay in ur 🎒. U gave me the courage to address the problems I am having. Thank u 💓. I already prayed for u and everyone in the 🌎 that is going through what we are going through. U are going to be fine. Keep ur head up 💘.

    Chiquita BraggsChiquita Braggs4 kun oldin
  • button up your top and then we might take you seriously. you look stupid

    Michael McClureMichael McClure5 kun oldin
  • Nene you are the QUEEN. We are wishing God's very best for you and your family. You have given us great tv and we are loyal to you. I love you from Buffalo New York. Keep smiling .

    Jennifer BrownJennifer Brown5 kun oldin

    Quediantter KidsQuediantter Kids6 kun oldin
  • Wendy knows the real you Nene that's why she's saying the things she's saying, which is not to much difference from what you was displaying on the show, you weren't her friend you were a associate to here

    Dianna RoseDianna Rose6 kun oldin
  • You don't know what the truth is, come on you didn't make that decision and you know it Bravo did and you didn't have a choice but to go along with it, you're a liability to the show season 11& 12 you couldn't contain yourself and Bravo wasn't risking getting sued for you so they let you go after season 12 their decision was made not to bring you back after the things you displayed to Kenya they were done with you, you didn't have a choice but to bow out gracefully No one Knew either one of you until RHOA what are you talking about?

    Dianna RoseDianna Rose6 kun oldin

    Maryjane caseyMaryjane casey6 kun oldin
  • I love 💗 you Linethia Go be great hunni

    Anita BowensAnita Bowens7 kun oldin
  • I love and respect u mami. Love for free from Cape Town, South Africa

    Kuselwa NKuselwa N8 kun oldin
  • Team nene

    Carol ThomasCarol Thomas8 kun oldin
  • Did she film this in a hotel lobby 😳🤣

    CTACTA8 kun oldin
  • I love her and she will survive!!

    Allison MooreAllison Moore8 kun oldin
  • Well said, you were bigger than the show, jealousy kills but you have won.

    Marge JosephMarge Joseph9 kun oldin
  • I had my issues with NeNe when she was on RHOA. But she deserves her peace. She left the show. Andy isn’t a good person. I’m ready for the truth to come out

    Katherine & Katrice MartinKatherine & Katrice Martin9 kun oldin
  • Wait what? No one knew Andy until Andy knew NeNe? How did NeNe reach that conclusion? RHOA wasn't the first series of the Real Housewives franchise.

    SophiaSophia9 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jay JonesJay Jones10 kun oldin
  • Kindly just go quietly after fighting each and every house wife on yr show, now yr picking on Wendy. Why did yr family appear on the show if they never signed up to it?? The Osborne' were the first to start these family shows but one of Sharon' daughters never appeared on the show.

    Irene GasIrene Gas10 kun oldin
  • Nene! Nene !!Nene !!!Wendy Williams is NO ONE'S friend she is not a straight forward person she always critiques her own people.

    Ruby TuesdayRuby Tuesday10 kun oldin
  • Lol

    s5whites5white11 kun oldin
  • I really admire you. I love your strength and beauty. Would love to be like that. You are so much more than any of the horrible comments or negativity anyone says. Rise above it girl you are all that and more!! Xxx

    Tracy RugmanTracy Rugman11 kun oldin
  • That's right, NeNe ✊💯🙌Lol 😂 Speaking the true!

    Katell WatkinsKatell Watkins11 kun oldin
  • Nene hunnie you will always and forever be the it girl period point you stay strong for us brown sugar girls and stand your ground

    Summer ChambersSummer Chambers11 kun oldin
  • YESSSSS Nene 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

    1968Taquito1968Taquito12 kun oldin
  • So true....forget the bullies nene....who God bless, no man curse!

    Amazing MeichaAmazing Meicha12 kun oldin
  • We love 💘 ❤ 💗 u

    healthy lifestyle moihealthy lifestyle moi12 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alicia SloanAlicia Sloan12 kun oldin
  • Lmfaoooo that read on Wendy lol!!

    Alex GreifAlex Greif12 kun oldin
  • Nene don’t give Wendy any energy, Totally ignore everything about her! Starve her... to death! Andy too... humble ur spirit🤷🏽‍♀️

    Sunshine SvgSunshine Svg12 kun oldin
  • Omg she deaded them at the end

    laughlaughterlaughlaughter12 kun oldin
  • I’m happy for you NeNe

    laughlaughterlaughlaughter12 kun oldin
  • Why she in a hotel lobby tho?

    Markus SantiagoMarkus Santiago12 kun oldin
  • You are the realest and that's all that matters. You stay true to yourself, your family and always make sure that you speak your mind and I love you for that.

    The Financial SpotlightThe Financial Spotlight13 kun oldin
  • LOVE NeNe so much she is so amazing !!! sending love NeNe you are a Queen. Team NeNe!

    Victoria YogaVictoria Yoga13 kun oldin
  • Love you from NC!

    Susan GloverSusan Glover13 kun oldin
  • Nene don't mention Andy ever he is not that important Lady you are the best revenge is being happy and successful now go do it girl I'm rooting for you and when you get your show invite me. LoL because you will get it

    Edith SmithEdith Smith13 kun oldin
  • Love that shirt

    Bridge Together 2020Bridge Together 202013 kun oldin
  • Nene I understand your pain and hurt but u don't have to fight every war esp on a public forum. Secondly dont burn your bridges you don't know when u will need that bridge when you cant swim. From Big fan.

    Naledi MosakaNaledi Mosaka13 kun oldin
  • She dragged them 😂😂 this is why I fuck with none she dont play!

  • Is she in a hotel lobby?

    David jdhでぇydbDavid jdhでぇydb14 kun oldin
  • Girl bye

    Tracey McCainTracey McCain14 kun oldin
  • Not drain the legs and enormous feet and water pill! 😂😂😂

    Aline RodriguezAline Rodriguez14 kun oldin
  • Let them talk . . . The more they speak of you just goes to show the validity of NENE LEAKES boom! 🎙🎤

    None YaNone Ya14 kun oldin
  • I just found out with a video on my fyp 💔. I’ve watched you since the beginning and I must admit originally I wasn’t a fan but grew to love you. We are a lot alike and seeing you grow through the show and allow the vulnerability of your personal self to be shared got me right here (hand clenched over heart). I’m saddened but excited to see what’s next for your life journey. Definitely not going to watch roha ANYMORE! Not even on demand period. Big ol hug love you Nene💕💕💕💕

    None YaNone Ya14 kun oldin
  • Nene is a smart woman making boss moves. Leave the negativity including negative people with all the mess we've had to endure in 2020. 2021 will be about positivity only💖

    Dee BoDee Bo14 kun oldin
  • Congratulations sis I am so proud of you I really enjoy watching the show

    Tameka McjimsonTameka Mcjimson14 kun oldin
  • How you want a waterlegg bestie tho...😝 gross

    T BrownT Brown14 kun oldin
  • Honey Nene is as good of a friend as Tamar Braxton is! Just like Black Chyna is a true friend. Wendy Williams is another one who is a great friend too.... I could go on & on but the point is all these ladies are nothing but drama. They live & breathe drama! Hell they get paid for it.

    Miss PipelinerMiss Pipeliner15 kun oldin
  • Do you a show here and we will support.. they networks will respond because we want to see more of your family life.

    Shay SpitFactzShay SpitFactz15 kun oldin
  • To be real I use to love Wendy show but, more and more she being so snappy to her team( audience) and you can see it more sense there is no audience besides her staff. I been peeping the shade she was throwing Nene. If Nene brought the real ratings then why would Wendy say any spin off would be boring. I agree tht we want to see more of Nene family but, she could have said this would be a great idea. Nene is the queen of reads and always fun and exciting period!

    Shay SpitFactzShay SpitFactz15 kun oldin
  • Young lady you are GRANDEST of them all. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

    Marcus MondaineMarcus Mondaine15 kun oldin
  • That's right Diva! Wendy's legs looks like chikko stixs!🤣

    Winfred ForrestWinfred Forrest15 kun oldin
  • "is this thing on" The TSmadison of it all!

    msdeshabangbangmsdeshabangbang15 kun oldin
  • Classy

    l wilsonl wilson15 kun oldin

    Andrew WebsterAndrew Webster16 kun oldin
  • NeNe ! Please do the roadtrip show with Kim. I'm not a fan of her but...THE 2 if you together are reality TV gold! I'm here 4 it!

    Othelder NailingOthelder Nailing16 kun oldin
  • QUEEN!

    Queen QuiQueen Qui16 kun oldin
  • Boyyyy you have the best shade !!! Love it 🥰🥴😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    keta mona'keta mona'16 kun oldin
  • Jack hole of the year Andy and Wendy

    Katrena ComptonKatrena Compton16 kun oldin
  • Wendy should have learnt her lesson when Whitney put her in her place. She is very disrespectful.

    nathaniel haywoodnathaniel haywood16 kun oldin
  • Missing u..upload some videos pleaseeeee

    Bootstraps Media and communicationsBootstraps Media and communications16 kun oldin
  • Omg I love this!!!! Love you Nene!!!

    Bola KareemBola Kareem17 kun oldin
  • I don’t normally comment on Nene’s videos and i do like her personality. I totally agree with you Nene, you are done and they should stop using you for their ratings. You were my favorite housewife, now that you are not on the show i am glad that you have said how grateful you are to the platform because it did afford you lots of opportunities. As you embark on your next season i wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

    Paigey PaigePaigey Paige17 kun oldin
  • That's my Queen Nene. I will keep salute u 🙏 💯 ❤

    Khadie KoromaKhadie Koroma17 kun oldin
  • Is that her house !?

    Gavin BarnesGavin Barnes17 kun oldin
  • You right! no one knew him until we knew YOU!!! I been saying AC was pimping yall!!!!

    Elle ReidElle Reid18 kun oldin
  • Two black women with phenomenal talent, however, Wendy should not be talking about Ne Ne when she can't even control all of the mess in her own life. Ne Ne is a boss and she is moving on gracefully, so on your own backyard because there are plenty of weeds growing there.

    Dr.Tikki CollinsDr.Tikki Collins18 kun oldin
  • 💜💜💜💜💜 it well said spoken like a real mature woman

    LeshaOpinionLeshaOpinion18 kun oldin
  • Finally, a real woman who's not afraid to speak out against this franchise! You're the FIRST one to speak up against Andy Cohen, the puppeteer of encouraging the infighting of women. Most of the housewives seem afraid of him. It's pathetic how they kiss his a$$. I'd like to see how Andy would react if a franchise was making millions off of encouraging gay men to fight each other for entertainment. He also picks favorites. I think he hates women deep down in his disturbed soul. Keep speaking the truth, because the truth always wins! I'm sure whatever your future endeavors are, they will be a success. God bless you and your family! 💞🙏

    GenXerGenXer18 kun oldin
  • I would never!!!!!! Watch the real house wives of Atlanta ever again i was only watching for nene i loves u nene ♥️

    Eric TamayoEric Tamayo19 kun oldin
  • Andy is a snake

    Sarah ElkerdiSarah Elkerdi19 kun oldin
  • Andy is getting real sloppy lately at these reunions. They need a new host. It seems like every year he gets more and more shady towards specific women of the franchise, and as a host that's just not what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to make everyone feel welcome and give them a moment to say their piece. I didn't like how hard he was on you specifically at the reunion, nor do I think it's appropriate when he mutes people. I also think he was hard on Denise for no reason from RHOBH at their reunion. There's just no need to be so passive aggressive as a host. As for Wendy, that's not surprising in the least. Her face stays next to the definition of messy.

    GarrickGarrick19 kun oldin
  • Andy Cohen is grubby

    Liam LowtherLiam Lowther19 kun oldin
  • I love the truth. Andy was nobody before Nene.

    Liam LowtherLiam Lowther19 kun oldin
  • It was “The NEAREST water pill” for me 😂

    Chris HarperChris Harper19 kun oldin
  • Regina “Reg” is Wendy’s only real friend! Ya’ll know that.

    Royal AsiaRoyal Asia19 kun oldin
  • after that read, nene drops mic and exits stage left wendy: andy: me: hollering

    jvickers67jvickers6719 kun oldin
  • I watch Wendy and have been waiting on her to address how she shaded you with Andy. She talks about everything else except the stuff she needs to address. Well, this time, she talked about the wrong one. You’re right, she couldn’t be your friend, but it’s good you found out. When a person shows you who they are, believe them. The RHOA won’t be the same without you and they’ll regret not paying you what you’re worth. Be blessed!

    Rhonda AndersonRhonda Anderson19 kun oldin
  • I use to think Kenya was a little over the top but now I see that that’s okay! I love Kenya and think she deserves more love and clout. She’s an outgoing loud person with a good heart and good intentions. Nene wants to talk about other people tearing down people when she’s done that and coined that look her damn self her entire career! She the Grandmama Cardi b and it’s annoying by this point. From day one she’s came for Kenya and Cynthia and lately she’s been more and more aggressive and jealous of Kenya Moore personally. As soon as she saw her on the reunion called her a bitch, like girl bye. Threw popcorn at her, spit at her , called her unborn baby a Buffalo, yelled and cussed and threatened her all while Kenya was pregnant I mean the list goes on.. Nene was mad jealous and it showed. And that’s just recent seasons. Any season Kenya been on it she been coming for her. Don’t get me started on one hit wonders like Claudia. Bitch called her vile names and was just disgusting from the get go. Bye uncooked Ramen bye girl. Maybe there’s a studio where you can drop some beats... Cause she ain’t getting no more Hunni from bravo I can tell you that. 👋

    Michael EMichael E19 kun oldin
  • That was the best ending to a video ever. Nene is a legen, fuck Andy, Nene is a personality without his show. White gays🙄

    Jonathon LastnameJonathon Lastname19 kun oldin
  • So PROUD of you Nene ⚘

    Say' Tell Us TV ShowSay' Tell Us TV Show19 kun oldin
  • Point blank period!

    Terra The Dame BaileyTerra The Dame Bailey19 kun oldin
  • Guess she told you, WW and AC! I'd keep my mouth shut from here on out about Mz. Leakes!

    Marc WilsonMarc Wilson19 kun oldin
  • That’s show biz girl. You had good run but ya time is up. They don’t want you know more. I loved you but I got sick of you in the end.

    Jim DunneJim Dunne19 kun oldin
  • Stop crying so much you ain’t nobody and I’m glad you got fired from the show 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    summer givenssummer givens19 kun oldin
  • Seriously praying for you get your own show

    virginia mwendavirginia mwenda20 kun oldin
  • Wendy is not a nice person. Most of these Hollywood people are wicked and as far as I am concerned Nene should bow out of that horrible industry all together. You'll never have peace if you align yourself with Satan. Extremely demonic industry. Filled with pretentious, dishonest, greedy, perverse people.

    Dorothy BranchDorothy Branch20 kun oldin