30-Sen, 2020
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The Stimulus Check and the Stimulus Package Update
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  • They have to many conversations, my God. We need our Dollars¡! 😡

    Tammie BiggsTammie Biggs17 kun oldin
  • Please Lord Jesus Let This Happen..

    Annie SullivanAnnie Sullivan17 kun oldin
  • I Truly Hope And Pray So!!!!

    carol kitteralcarol kitteral17 kun oldin
  • I like your comments in the way you say things I hope everything works out for the people it's been long enough they need to stop taking their Joy rides on taxpayers money

    Patrick AbernathyPatrick Abernathy17 kun oldin
  • God bless you 🙏 God bless America 🙏

    Ralph BainRalph Bain18 kun oldin
  • They can at least 1200 a month until January or February. 😉

    lele glele g18 kun oldin
  • I pray that your wife is still making a speedy recovery.

    Nathan RollandNathan Rolland19 kun oldin

    Deborah GetmanDeborah Getman20 kun oldin
  • Trump being reelected will be a nightmare.

    Deborah GetmanDeborah Getman20 kun oldin
  • Nancy has done her job twice. The Senate has yet to do its job. Vote Senate GOP out.

    henry fantehenry fante21 kun oldin
  • Walter thank you for keeping us posted about the stimulus, but we can barely hear you talking, well idk about anyone else, but i cant hear u

    Susan ValenzuelaSusan Valenzuela21 kun oldin
  • Great job walter

    Brandon DavenportBrandon Davenport21 kun oldin
  • Everyday is another tomorrow

    Glanda JamesGlanda James21 kun oldin
  • I be damn she did it againit is time to get her out

    Virgie CrosbyVirgie Crosby21 kun oldin
  • You seem pretty happy in your video, that's good you deserve that to be happy. God bless you and your wife...

    Michael GreenwellMichael Greenwell21 kun oldin
  • Thanks for that sir for that info man that really made me very very happy I'm hopeful and I'm praying that Jesus Christ our Lord and savior I pray for you and I pray for your channel and I'll go look at that video sir just because I like you a good man you're very nice man and a very good man so take care of God bless

    Arnoldo TrevinoArnoldo Trevino22 kun oldin
  • Trump has the virus!🤪

    Daniel y RubyDaniel y Ruby22 kun oldin
  • Thank you god

    Oscar CrawfordOscar Crawford22 kun oldin
  • The 2.2T bill is dead? what are you talking about

    Jacque DiasJacque Dias22 kun oldin
  • Dude, this is from yesterday.

    Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams22 kun oldin
  • forget it

    Louise PacificoLouise Pacifico22 kun oldin
  • What's there to talk about, we the people need help, this BS is getting old, these politicians are A-Holes !!!!

    Jim KrizmanJim Krizman22 kun oldin
  • nothing happening but airlines shutting down now it gets real

    jim muthjim muth22 kun oldin
  • Walter you are about two hours too late!

    Willie RiveraWillie Rivera22 kun oldin
  • They will pass it I think

    Steve HoneycuttSteve Honeycutt22 kun oldin
  • Keep up the the Good news,walter,God bless you and your wife.

    David JonesDavid Jones22 kun oldin
  • I was under the impression the Senate counter offered and they voted on only their own smaller package that will be rejected by Congress?

    Mt ShoreMt Shore22 kun oldin
  • How is mis amy

    Clinton HessClinton Hess22 kun oldin
  • I'm debra Baldwin and I have not got even one check yet I'm 60 years old and I love your channel thank you very much

    Debbie BaldwinDebbie Baldwin22 kun oldin

    Roula FilikouRoula Filikou22 kun oldin
  • WALTER, thanks for all your hard work. I am PRAYING FOR THIS. 🙂🤣💯🇺🇲 THANK U JESUS CHRIST.🌟🌠

    Garry CarlsonGarry Carlson22 kun oldin
  • Mr. WALTER, I can barley hear you

    Mega BMega B22 kun oldin
  • That's all they do

    Ronald CotnerRonald Cotner22 kun oldin
  • Talk talk talk talk

    Ronald CotnerRonald Cotner22 kun oldin
  • Nancy isn't going to do anything that doesn't benefit her!

    Ronald CotnerRonald Cotner22 kun oldin
  • President Donald Trump signed a spending bill early Thursday to prevent an imminent government shutdown. The Senate voted 84-10 to pass the bipartisan bill, extending federal agency funding to Dec. 11 and avoiding a potentially nasty fight

    Hilda TorresHilda Torres22 kun oldin
  • Money everybody

    tony wolfgangtony wolfgang22 kun oldin
  • 🙏🙏👍👍 We The People need help.

    Northern LivingNorthern Living22 kun oldin
  • $1200 dollars isn't shit!!

    Michael bierschbachMichael bierschbach22 kun oldin
  • The senate wont pass it still came old thing. I was very upset over debate they swayed toward Biden...would n pi t let pres. Trump even answer the questions unless he interrupted. They're all democratic that news station. How dare Biden throw punches. Very unfair. Biden looking at the people no reading prop that's why he looked him..pres. Trump turned to listen to Biden. Hes an idiot... people you vote for Biden radical left?...dont cry when your whole life is changed you will be sorry...research people. Biden we are in trouble...over 1200?? Oh well watch...and how dare Biden use fake news on Trump saying what he did not say abt the military...but biden did. Give Trump his time to talk you democratic asshole. Very unfair and GO TRUMP...Biden will crumble down this country and buy trade with other countries when Trumps saying bring it here.idiotiotic unfair debate I've ever seen. Break bad TRUMP you kept your cool this time...dont break it next...a clown and shutup?? How immature....Biden you suck...people vote or you will be i. Trouble. Go on and give the illegals your jobs!! Boo hook dont bitch when you have no job..cause they will take it and you're taxes will go sky high and health ins?? What a joke dont have it n ok w wont get it them. I'm an American single military vet and dont get jack. Where does Biden going to change that ....not. good luck biden voters to WILL regret it. Hee hee. ...

    nancy swindlenancy swindle22 kun oldin
  • I believe that this bill from Nancy will be rejected. And that the problem solvers bill will be a take it or leave it offer which Nancy flat out rejected which will result in a brake down of all talks between the parties. If we get any help Trump will have to sign it into law by executive order. I need this money probably more than most do but crazy Nancy is playing politics and thinks no deal will help Joe Biden win the election. Just saying!!

    Jimmy TesterJimmy Tester22 kun oldin
  • Please God let this happen

    Nora LabriolaNora Labriola22 kun oldin
  • Great Walter better than what you saying earlier

    Susan MasonSusan Mason22 kun oldin
  • Whether we get this fiscal deal done or we don't, I am confident we will continue to have economic growth and rebound," Mnuchin said. "I'm confident we can get something done, and if we don't, we will come back and work on it after the election." So basically- Congress is still not worried about the People ☹️

    Cheryl CouchCheryl Couch22 kun oldin
  • Thou the rules of the road have been lodged. It's only peoples games you got to dodge.

    steven graysteven gray23 kun oldin
  • Hey is that a light at the end of the tunnel

    Bobby GarrettBobby Garrett23 kun oldin
  • God Bless You Sir

    Tina BryantTina Bryant23 kun oldin
  • Flip and dip and tripping a conversation okay I want to see act action actions was going to get it done for me man that's good news your talk about it's not good news at all I've heard this four five months blah de blah de blah de blah blah bring me something that's it's worth listening to I love your channel man but you're saying the same thing over and over and over and over every day blah blah blah Mason Pelosi Blah Blah by Chuck Schumer blah blah Donald Trump all they can do is come together and talk talk talk talk talk and give me some action

    Thomas LeeThomas Lee23 kun oldin
  • The breaking news is that... there is no breaking news.

    Nihir ShahNihir Shah23 kun oldin
  • Praying the finally get it together🙏🙏❤️

    Toni` StewartToni` Stewart23 kun oldin
  • Sounds good Walter. Let’s pray that it happens.

    Margaret ChristianMargaret Christian23 kun oldin
  • Car in front of me had a bumper sticker on it. It read: “Pray for Nancy Pelosi. Psalm 109:8.” When I got home I opened my bible to the scripture and read it and started laughing. Psalm 109:8 -“Let her days be few and brief; And let others step forward to replace her.” At last -I can voice a Biblical prayer for our Speaker of The House! Let us bow our heads and pray. This is great, everyone should re post this!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kathie KnudtsonKathie Knudtson23 kun oldin
  • This is good news, thanks for giving us the update.

    Annette McMillionAnnette McMillion23 kun oldin
  • I heard you and miss Amy singing ya'll have a great voice

    Eveline FisherEveline Fisher23 kun oldin
  • Nothing is going to happen. This is all a smoke screen. They don’t care about us. We are just losers in their mind. This will not be passed. Pelosi is a loser. Mooch man is a loser. They just don’t care.

    dvcj60dvcj6023 kun oldin
  • Love you Walter 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️

    Vicki EstersVicki Esters23 kun oldin
  • Dont believe in blank.agreement? OMG!

    Antonio EvangelistaAntonio Evangelista23 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much, Walter. You are very much appreciated. Me? I am still trusting God. You and Amy I pray had a good day and a blessed evening. God continue to bless us all.

    Jo Ann KellyJo Ann Kelly23 kun oldin
  • It means Trump lies again about making it more than what Nancy proposed at $1200 one time payment. To little to even make a dent in the debt level caused by this shutdown. No bail out for us. And now a one time payment to us solves all our problems and everyone is now back to work! Wow great job Congress!

    Dean UniverseDean Universe23 kun oldin
  • Good news we see if it happens

    Sophia EwingsSophia Ewings23 kun oldin
  • By time American peoples been waiting too long

    Janice JacksonJanice Jackson23 kun oldin
  • Dear Walter Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the little rascals that are acting as they are working they are lying for several months to pass a bill for the American people and make a decision.while they make a decision I had and face stroke Saturday. This is due to my beloved brother dying and buried him this month and waiting for a help from the government that has never come and my landlord thrusting me to take me to court for the rent. And also received a letter racing the rent forcing me to get out to be homeless. While they sit around in their fancy suit. I live on a fixed income and don’t have the luxury they have as food on the table. I can cook now because of the stroke and I can see only thru one eye. It is hard to get someone to bring me food so I don’t have to do it. It is ugly how we Americans have work so hard to give this people a job and don’t care about our suffering. I try to call the city and application are close since June 13 to get assistance. This is driving me to my death if they keep playing and not helping I have never seen anything like this since I was a child my lord what are they’re doing to us. Please pray for me and hope that God will give us the strength to cope with this politicians bunch of crooks and liars.

    Flor SilvestreFlor Silvestre23 kun oldin
  • Lord plz give us our stimulus checks plz we all need them

    Glodine EscalonGlodine Escalon23 kun oldin
  • Thank you Walter for all your hard work I will not hold my breath lol they all need to go I won’t believe it till it’s in my account 😆

    mollie koppmollie kopp23 kun oldin
  • Still vote them out with or with a check I'll beleive it when it's in my hands.To much time has passed for them.

    barbara Walkerbarbara Walker23 kun oldin
  • I hope because I tired to see how they just talk but not doing anything

    meleny Pashkevichmeleny Pashkevich23 kun oldin
  • I rather invest in cryptocurrency than waste my time waiting for the stimulus check.

    Christian GomezChristian Gomez23 kun oldin
    • Don’t worried Walter God is watching and he will not let us down

      Flor SilvestreFlor Silvestre23 kun oldin
    • I don’t be have money in my account but if someone will be so kind and generous and wants instead of invest give to charity I need some.Any contribution you are doing is for a poor lady like me. I leave now my left eye is hurting and I’m in pain I had a terrible day. Walter I’m glad that you survive the storm mother Mary and Jesus was protecting you Amen

      Flor SilvestreFlor Silvestre23 kun oldin
    • If anyone who has enough money and can give to me some while I wait on this stimulus. Please send it to my friend Walter he will deliver. God bless you all thanks.

      Flor SilvestreFlor Silvestre23 kun oldin
    • My brother died from COVID 19 and he has just retired in the month of July and died age 63 he got the virus while working in construction job spend 1 month in the hospital and died in August 16 when they divided to take him of the machine. We buried him September 10 cause we had to wait until the funeral arrangement. He didn’t get to enjoy his retirement pays the government keeps it for there dirty work. God is watching them.

      Flor SilvestreFlor Silvestre23 kun oldin
    • Without the help of Mr Thomas Roger of financial education I would still been in abject poverty struggling with life, that's the best testimony gotten so far after years of great loss here on UZworld, I do thank him and is grateful and recommended him for those out there who're confused about forex too or make very low profit

      Carlos VollCarlos Voll23 kun oldin
  • My Dad use to say that people couldn’t find their tale with both hands tied behind their back and a flashlight. That saying holds true for Congress. I am glad that we are not in world wide pandemic with millions of Americans unemployed

    Mickey MouseMickey Mouse23 kun oldin

    David KoonDavid Koon23 kun oldin
  • is it actually going to happen or are they blowing smoke up our butts again. The world is going to be in shambles if they don't hurry up and give us a stimulus check and more unemployment

    Dianna BrumbelowDianna Brumbelow23 kun oldin
  • Pass the bill!

    Carolyn SmithCarolyn Smith23 kun oldin
  • I asked the other day to see the earmarks and pork in the bill and here it is. "A stimulus package proposed by Democrats in the House of Representatives includes a number of items that will benefit illegal immigrants -- including an expansion of stimulus checks and protections from deportations for illegal immigrants in certain “essential” jobs." Someone should remind these radical progressive socialist Dems, that they passed the laws that make it illegal for Individuals and Businesses, in the USA to hire "Illegal Immigrants" and it is also illegal for "Illegal Immigrants" to work in the USA. And this temporary stimulus bill doesn't repeal those laws. This is totally unconstitutional. The senate won't pass her pork bill.

    Regina MayRegina May23 kun oldin
  • Trump will be re-elected. Mooch needs to be put out. Pelosi has to go along with all the other goons.

    Jeana ReedJeana Reed23 kun oldin
  • Thank you! This really helps the Americans who have very lil connections to the government or the internet...

    Dana BrownDana Brown23 kun oldin
  • Fingers crossed. He isn't going to be president 💩 next term anyway. They ALL still need to go!

    Go or No Travel GuideGo or No Travel Guide23 kun oldin
  • Love from Australia ❤️ The American Horror Show Continues

    Cynthia SonmezCynthia Sonmez23 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the update

    dman 61dman 6123 kun oldin
  • Love u too

    Jeanie AndrewsJeanie Andrews23 kun oldin
  • Please we praying on this stimulus too hurry

    Jeanie AndrewsJeanie Andrews23 kun oldin
  • Thanks mr walter tell amy hello.

    Tami HowardTami Howard23 kun oldin
  • About time we have some good news.🙏🏻

    K JK J23 kun oldin
  • Sound good. Remember Prayer Changes things,put your trust in the Lord to release the Stimulus payments.

    Gloria JonesGloria Jones23 kun oldin
  • Good evening Walter you and Amy nothing has been in stone yet let us pray to God almighty it look good what you saying it will get us Americans people's been waiting thank for update have a great evening you and Amy

    evelyn clarkevelyn clark23 kun oldin
  • Hi Walter thank you for all your information God bless your family .

    Nancy AdwaniNancy Adwani23 kun oldin
  • I love you Mr Walter and your wife Amy... Always..

    Gloria GuffeyGloria Guffey23 kun oldin
  • Too much politics, if Trump wants to be president second term, then he might pass proposal? All about election.

    Georgia LeeGeorgia Lee23 kun oldin
  • I think Nancy is going to ask for too much money and trump will not pass it. I really hope it pass. I'm just wondering why they always wait til it's close to the deadline😳

    L HarrisL Harris23 kun oldin
  • Liked and subscribed 👍

    L HarrisL Harris23 kun oldin
  • It took Congress 5.5 months to come full circle with the same amount of $1200. For the people! During which time they had several vacations at tax payers expense! It’s like what came first the chicken or the egg, the people should be first no people no economy health over wealth. And what happened to Trump’s “very generous” stimulus for the people saco of shit liar he is. Furthermore in a global pandemic where over 1million have died its been over 5 months of excuses and stalling just to give us the same $1200. That’s pathetic as a taxpayer I feel neglected. As far as the. National budget, when I was a kid I asked my teacher about the franklin mint and our ability to print money and burn money it’s all about numbers Air line make millions yet they want a bail out who the hell is flying these day?! The same group that is most affected by the economy generating money for them on our backs ! I surely don’t want anarchy at all but the government is playing with the expense of family lives and it’s very disrespectful to all citizens that our politicians are to blame for our suffering and lack of support in reality the first stimulus just bought time now its time for solid results enough is enough! At least the American people should have gotten help until the end of the year with a monthly $1200. Stimulus which bat this point should be retroactive brought forth. This would solve the economy problem and save elderly from homelessness and sick and old and non-workers to meet ends meet! They had a surplus of funds that were not used but we were suffering they all need to be voted out.

    shopperman2007shopperman200723 kun oldin
  • Thanks Walter. God bless.

    Michele DavisMichele Davis23 kun oldin
  • Prayers are with you Walter because the need for the American people is real and the need is real until tomorrow god bless

    Amy ColeAmy Cole23 kun oldin
  • People have been waiting and waiting the government will shut down at midnight 🕛 if they don’t do something tonight

    Amy ColeAmy Cole23 kun oldin
  • I Hope So This Time!!

    Michelle MatthewsMichelle Matthews23 kun oldin
  • Walter just curious what you think of the debate last night ? I know it has nothing to do with stimulus check , but I respect your opinion .

    Margie MartinezMargie Martinez23 kun oldin
  • Ya!

    Faye HolderfieldFaye Holderfield23 kun oldin
  • They need to make it retroactive from march. Just absolutely ridiculous how they've been acting and their lack to act immediately for the american people.. Just despicable they are

    Ann GibsonAnn Gibson23 kun oldin
  • No way Pelosi's bill will ever see the light of day.

    Richard OwensRichard Owens23 kun oldin
  • Thanks sir Blessings 🙏🇯🇲💯🥰

    Shellie JonesShellie Jones23 kun oldin
  • That great news the sooner the better I am going to keep praying

    stoystownpastoystownpa23 kun oldin