State.Gov says Trump Term ENDED today!

11-Yan, 2021
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State.Gov says Trump Term ENDED today!
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  • A voice of levity. This man is Patriotic ASMR!

    Call me AlphalfaCall me Alphalfa15 kun oldin
    • @Alfred E. Nueman

      cattywampuscattywampus14 kun oldin
    • @Pasi Fred web def: "ASMR describes the feeling of relaxation that is felt after listening to certain “trigger” sounds.Apr 16, 2019". I have a Psych degree and this is a new one for me as well.

      B.j. SurfdogB.j. Surfdog14 kun oldin
    • Now you know Doug how crap is promoted. With you and your so-called Patriots believing the conspiracy theories that orange face has been spouting for months

      gary leschukgary leschuk15 kun oldin
    • PATRIOTS are always and everywhere treated badly so as Trump he is literally stopped to speak to the Americans something unprecedented unAnimous unforgivable if not shameful. The amount of censorship and hindrances in way of free speech in USA are dangerous and will cause an irreversible change of USA after which we will not see the US we know...

      MajidulHaq . MajidulHaq .MajidulHaq . MajidulHaq .15 kun oldin
    • @Doug48p ok detective.

      Alfred E. NuemanAlfred E. Nueman15 kun oldin
  • Let Her rip, Arizona!

    Kangaroo BooksKangaroo BooksKun oldin
  • Hey Doug not so fast. Is Trump still in office?

    Eduardo RodriguezEduardo Rodriguez4 kun oldin
  • I do not think so. It’s just never going to end.

    Cindy WagnerCindy Wagner8 kun oldin
  • Don’t buy apple products or Amazon products leave Twitter and Facebook pass it on we have the power

    Bruce RazorBruce Razor8 kun oldin
  • Trump hasnt done any such bull!!!!! FAKE NEWS GOV LIARS ONCE AGAIN. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE.

    Anita WhiteAnita White9 kun oldin
  • Is Trump gone yet?: Please tell me it’s over?

    Brian LonerganBrian Lonergan9 kun oldin
  • Algorithm

    NDZ 702NDZ 7029 kun oldin
  • F U Governor

    Patricia PoppalardoPatricia Poppalardo10 kun oldin
  • But I believe the Constitution says the 20th and who has the authority to take Trump out of office earlier than the 20th? As far as I know no one and I don't trust any media right now.

    Margy AgarMargy Agar10 kun oldin
  • Television/media has been a CIA psyops tool used against the masses for decades. Schools are little more than 12 PLUS years of brainwashing. What truths do any of us really know besides reading, writing and arithmetic?

    AJ SharpAJ Sharp10 kun oldin
  • So no ones president then? That makes sense.

    Dave AllenDave Allen10 kun oldin
  • In the name of the Father the Son and Trump! Three in one! God bless!

    DarthMaulGamer2000DarthMaulGamer200010 kun oldin
  • Ignorant people will actually believe this BS

    Nadine ZendejasNadine Zendejas10 kun oldin
  • You show me one good Democrat and I'll show you an honest lawyer

    Patrick ForgetPatrick Forget10 kun oldin
  • President Donald Trump is still our President!

    Kim M. JamesKim M. James11 kun oldin
  • The reason I come back to Dougs channel is because he brings it back to center, TRUST GOD!

    Gail StromGail Strom11 kun oldin
  • the first

    M. E.M.M. E.M.11 kun oldin
  • We get our news unfortunately, through independent citizens, which is fortunate, who then posts it on the net and or on UZworld.. We no longer watch main stream so-called news

    Mark McCormickMark McCormick11 kun oldin
  • There is no such thing as main stream news media anymore.. It’s main stream propaganda or TV programming posing as main stream media or news journalist

    Mark McCormickMark McCormick11 kun oldin
  • It would help if we could see some fraud actors who were involved on a major level arrested, and not just average people who were just taking orders. I hope the president has not given in.

    Carola E.Carola E.11 kun oldin

    z1497 McCabez1497 McCabe12 kun oldin
  • Waiting

    Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds12 kun oldin
  • No

    William SchererWilliam Scherer12 kun oldin
  • Doug like your perspective, but...your intro with rap music and cocktail in your hand is inconsistent with your Christian faith?

    Green BrokeGreen Broke12 kun oldin
  • President Trumps Term Does Not Officially End Until Biden Takes The Oath Of Office.

    Arthur ZettelArthur Zettel12 kun oldin
  • Have any of you seen how they are bullying us.. BOYCOTT AMERICA ALL MEDIA...4 MORE YEARS..

    Glenda BoutwellGlenda Boutwell12 kun oldin
  • 💥 A Presidents Term If Not Re - Elected Ends Jan 20 @ Noon 💥 President Trump Was Secretly Inaugurated Tuesday Jan 12 💥

    Michael CarmeanMichael Carmean12 kun oldin
  • Mark kishon Christopher:- - :Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary.... ..... ..... we know how it was legal then to use mail in votes in favour of Joe Biden!... but not so now because the legal "Power of Attorney" is now revoked and all Banking Institutions has no legal rights to delegate our rights our freedom to anyone nor does these institutions own our personal rights to our God given freedom through this document which everyone must sign when they undertake a loan or credit card and other financial contract with the institutions governmental or otherwise! We in this year of 2021 is legally free from this satanic contract which most had signed without fully knowing so! Halleluyah ppl please type Mark kishon Christopher in the internet and check this out!...😁💕💥

    Vincent PacksVincent Packs12 kun oldin
  • 2024

    donald d daydonald d day13 kun oldin
  • Yes changes can happen within minutes can't they ? The most powerful world leader can very easily use the term today I will "evoke". That word with another word that kind of sounds like " erection" , could instantly send socialist Communist traders running for the hills wetting their pants on the way. This could happen one hour before the inauguration, it's not over till it's over.

    Charles BelleCharles Belle13 kun oldin
  • Wake up, America, we're well into the MISInformation age, believe nothing, especially if it's online, nothing. It's all fiction.

    giroheadgirohead13 kun oldin
  • Brother are intruder? Why do you post hoax? I can see now clearly how bad you done. Leaving this channel.

    Giharu Si Perempuan GunungGiharu Si Perempuan Gunung13 kun oldin
  • Trump is surrounded by a den of vipers.

    Nuclear SandwichNuclear Sandwich13 kun oldin
  • You Mean His FIRST Term Ended! BUT, His SECOND TERM is Fixing To START!! The PEACEFUL Transition is When TRUMP IS Handed The Presidential Position FROM Joe Biden!!! OH THOSE LIBERALS HAVE NO IDEA Folks!!! "YOU NO WANNA MESS WITH GOD ALMIGHTY, POOPY PANTS!!!

    sam molandsam moland13 kun oldin
    • God Almighty chose Biden today.

      PelgrimPelgrim7 kun oldin
  • Thank You! prayer is of utmost importance now I just watched David Wilcock he's chatty and long but spot on describing what we are collectively going thru Joseph Campbell also describes this heroe's journey we go thru just as Christ did. It appears bleak now but its not the more we all pray the more our light weakens the darkside Many arrests will be made in the dark it comes for a reason Pelosi will go tomorow possibly...thousands of indictments are ready Italy is where the election was manipulated go to Vimeo and see the video " Maria Zack on Italy did it in2020 Election Ever....

    beachgrammiebeachgrammie13 kun oldin
  • It will not End before... 2025....

    Andreas MoseAndreas Mose13 kun oldin
  • President Trump said there will be a peaceful transition coz it'll be a second term for Trump hence peaceful. Pres Trump does not quit if the last 4 years is anything to go by. Lot's more to come & I believe it's just about to start real soon

    krs1969krskrs1969krs13 kun oldin
    • Lots more to come... Trump facing court soon!

      PelgrimPelgrim7 kun oldin
  • Will all your heads simultaneously explode (metaphorically) at noon on Jan 20th?

    urtaxwizurtaxwiz13 kun oldin
  • I would compare this to the question asked of the mob on that blessed day.......the crowd was asked (in my words) so who'd do you choose to die on the cross Barabas or Jesus (who had never done a thing wrong)? The crowd chose to save Barabas. Not unlike what is happening with the hardest working President in history. [ I know he is not like Jesus except his willingness to sacrifice his life and family for this country]. God bless him for that!

    B. A.B. A.13 kun oldin
  • Doug, Thank you. I had given up today. Everyone has a different story.

    Teresa GabrielliTeresa Gabrielli13 kun oldin
  • Awesome! You are exactly right! 🙏🏼

    Kim GreeneKim Greene13 kun oldin
  • Statement from the President: "In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind. That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You."

    Izzy ShepardIzzy Shepard13 kun oldin
  • Good grief. That was already debunked and removed. Do your research!!

    kwlkwl13 kun oldin
  • Those promoting chaos are of the devil.

    Jérôme DenisJérôme Denis13 kun oldin
  • Thanks so much for encouraging “US🇺🇸”

    Cheryl BrownCheryl Brown13 kun oldin
  • Will you please invoke martial law now save us and yourself otherwise there be mayhem in and against the government

    Dale MarshallDale Marshall13 kun oldin
  • President Donald Trump Won

    Papa BearPapa Bear13 kun oldin
  • Actually no it did not dumb as

    Luis Miguel RamosLuis Miguel Ramos13 kun oldin
  • The Dark Demons can't live with Mr Trumps Light and Fight for Truth. Hell awaits the Corrupt Left.

    Oc oCOc oC13 kun oldin

    CARL RAYCARL RAY13 kun oldin
  • Never I don’t believe it

    Cheri TomsCheri Toms13 kun oldin
  • His term been ended on November 4th when he lost the damn election 😂😂😂😂😂. More lies that disgruntled staffer thing is a blatant lie if it’s on a Government page 📄 website better believe it’s the truth❕❕❕❕❕❕ Doug your coming to your senses and I’m happy for ya

    Bmore QueezeBmore Queeze13 kun oldin
  • The second amendment exists to combat tyrannical government. Which is why the leftist Nazis are trying to get rid of it. They can't though, so long as the will of the people exists. Even if the leftists were to remove the 2a, it still exists because it is a natural right.

    WildhuntWildhunt13 kun oldin
  • What part of Propaganda do y’all not Understand?

    Robert AbellRobert Abell13 kun oldin
  • Those ignorant people are going down ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Unfortunately it's probably down lower than they think🔥👿

    sophiesophie13 kun oldin
  • It was a disgruntled ex employee who out that in there.

    Live News USALive News USA13 kun oldin
  • Not true but I’m deleting UZworld NOW !!

    Janet DavisJanet Davis13 kun oldin
  • Yeah, well, that's an error. Donald Trump's term ends at noon on Jan 20th.

    Steelmage99Steelmage9913 kun oldin

    Belen VelezBelen Velez13 kun oldin
  • This is not true

    kay gracekay grace13 kun oldin
  • More lies from the left

    Tim BarnhartTim Barnhart13 kun oldin
  • Bruce Lee was just not a marshall artist he also was a Chinese Monk master in spirituality philosophy and thought with logic and reason

    Ricky CabralRicky Cabral13 kun oldin
  • Trump still has a week and should still have 4 years and a week

    Charles PitnerCharles Pitner13 kun oldin
  • Media lies too much...its time to pray

    beverly hardmanbeverly hardman13 kun oldin
  • You drank the Kool Aid Yup Dummy

    Eileen GuthrieEileen Guthrie13 kun oldin
  • Hope Trump will take over with force!

    Push The ButtonPush The Button13 kun oldin
  • This Bug exist since a while, if u change location with a Proxy, u even see different Timestamps ^^ so... its just Bug-shit ^^

    HempshopeHempshope13 kun oldin
  • Can we do something ?

    willy wongwilly wong13 kun oldin
  • God's got this. Thanks for the information Doug.

    Sandra GerkenSandra Gerken13 kun oldin
  • Wishful thinking

    Nelly VuykNelly Vuyk13 kun oldin
  • Trump is my President!!♥️🙏🏻🕊🇺🇸 “Take heart... Even I have overcome the world” -JESUS

    Mistie L. AhearnMistie L. Ahearn13 kun oldin
  • That's funny shit

    Nancy HortonNancy Horton13 kun oldin
  • There Fuken liars?

    Joseph ClarkJoseph Clark13 kun oldin
  • Trump 🇺🇸

    SmokeyDeadSmokeyDead13 kun oldin
  • Who are you people?

    Theresa HooksTheresa Hooks13 kun oldin
  • Disinformation, info wars. Sigh!, my latest video. Thanks so much for your hard work, Doug!

    Theresa HolmesTheresa Holmes13 kun oldin
  • Good old times at the House, another fake impeachment for political points with their base. Not a damn thing the President has ever said could be construed as inciting any kind of violence. But in the words of the Democrats, "never let a catastrophe go to waste".

    blooper_01blooper_0113 kun oldin
  • You delusional right-wing nut, spreading false information to monitize likes and subcribers. Purely politicized propaganda, disseminated as infotainment, for the consumption of those who don't have the inclination to research and draw logical conclusions. You provide no product, service, or information of any value. Yes, there are others doing the same thing under other political affiliation. No, none of them have value or credibility either. There it is folks. Americans need to more wisely choose their sources of news in the information age just as they needed to in colonial days when pamphlets and newspapers carried political opinions.

    David FieldsDavid Fields13 kun oldin
  • His disgruntled employee changed contents there.

    Miriam AndersonMiriam Anderson13 kun oldin
  • Another dipstick

    Paul SmithPaul Smith13 kun oldin

    Anne ChinAnne Chin14 kun oldin
  • I call myself a conservative, because I love God, I don't want GOV to tell me what I can and can not do.! I would hope most Americans feel the same? The government is divide not America! Our sorry government is playing the American people against each other and we are letting them! So please don't let them win!! Our government is evil and don't care who they hurt and if you think a Demorat and/or Republican gives a rats ass about you. The jokes on you!!

    Bobby LeighBobby Leigh14 kun oldin
  • Too bad it isn't true. Would have been the best news in four years.

    Jason LarsenJason Larsen14 kun oldin
  • Much false information to distract so we let our guard down. Trump hasnt gone this far to turn our country to treason and communism. He is very protected right now and we need to stay focused Trust in God. God brought him here and God is with us on our side. Remember this is about good and evil. Many false flags and the devil is sending out false profits. The devil is everywhere! If we all pray and ask the lord for protection for our people and homeland and a man that has the balls to save us. How can we serve the lord in these terrible times. 75k-80k of us all reaching out to God is extremely powerful! Never give up. We stand together. The people of the world stand with us. May God hear all of humanity. Trust in God and dont listen to media. There probably will be a power outage and the only communications will be from emergency broadcasting. Make sure you have batteries and a radio that can receive emergency alerts. I expect the internet to be down if the grid is attacked. Make sure you have food and water. There may be no electricity for a bit and not saying it will be in every place in our country we dont know. Better to be prepared than unprepaired. Lots of prayers to all my fellow Americans. Dont give up. We fight till the end.WWG1WGA

    Gail O'NeillGail O'Neill14 kun oldin
  • Why are they still trying to impeach him

    Rick ZacherRick Zacher14 kun oldin
  • BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alice BurkettAlice Burkett14 kun oldin
  • We are getting ready for his second term for us it never ends.

    TruthmanTruthman14 kun oldin
  • They wish he would. 🤣😂

    Bow Wow Pet ResortBow Wow Pet Resort14 kun oldin

    Giovanni Lugas ikGiovanni Lugas ik14 kun oldin
  • Sounds like a QAnon nut lmfao. Weirdo

    FarnelllFarnelll14 kun oldin
  • The fact that you have some big flashy opening means you are attempting to make entertainment & brand not deliver truth. You might now but when the money flows so will the bs.

    Prince of All SaiyansPrince of All Saiyans14 kun oldin
  • God bless you. Trust in Him.

    FerFer14 kun oldin
  • Trump never gives up he is and will be the President 😍

    Matthias GoellnerMatthias Goellner14 kun oldin
  • I just ask my Intel Source and they said maybe he died the night before!? better fact check if he is not attending the inauguration of Biden!

    Cam JUST DO IT.Cam JUST DO IT.14 kun oldin
  • Praying!

    Molly HensonMolly Henson14 kun oldin
  • Why did Nancy Pel ok si and Joe Biden have 45 tattooed on their arms.

    Ted BealeTed Beale14 kun oldin

    Roger RascalRoger Rascal14 kun oldin
  • Plenty of fake news in circulation!🙏🙏🙏

    Katie DalyKatie Daly14 kun oldin
  • Boy are you goig to get a big surprise. People stop listening to the nonsense. Biden will never be President, and Kemala hasn't stepped down yet. Stay home and watch the show. MSM is going down very very soon.

    ReaperReaper14 kun oldin