Squirrel Returns to Thank Woman Who Saved Its Life, and Her Reaction Is Priceless

27-Sen, 2020
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Squirrel Returns to Thank Woman Who Saved Its Life, and Her Reaction Is Priceless
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  • why i dont watch this idiots they dont stop talking they talk about a million crap instead tell the dam story and shot up SHUT UP

    angelo old manangelo old man18 kun oldin
  • Why show all these strangers, actors unrelated to the story? Do you think we’re all idiots?

    Left FieldLeft Field19 kun oldin
  • Lovely,🐿️🐿️🐿️

    hesdy partodimedjohesdy partodimedjo21 kun oldin
  • Is that it??

    Cliff DaviesCliff Davies21 kun oldin
  • What an amazing beautiful story, I feel we have only scratched the surface of how connected to we are to animals...

    Sue DalySue Daly21 kun oldin
  • You said this was about ONE woman and ONE squirrel, you dumb-ass. DISLIKE !!!!

    Yellow CabYellow Cab22 kun oldin
  • 1. She asks us to like her video before we even see it. 2. She talks incessantly & never gets around to proving the title of her video. 3. I'm not bothering to watch the end. She keeps yakking & yakking & is apparently full of shit.

    Guy AokiGuy Aoki22 kun oldin
  • I feed the birds and squirrels in my yard every day. One of the squirrels thinks she belongs to me. So sweet..

    Karen PokornyKaren Pokorny22 kun oldin
  • People are programmed to overlook and block out intution , we are all connected . If folks pay attention and slow down to your surroundings your eyes and ears will learn . Have you ever seen a tigers motherly instinct take over and save an animal they would usually eat . Or cats foster pups ? That tells me that these animals don't discriminate so why do we?? ( Set the food chain aside ) my ducks have hatched chickens and loved them unconditionally so why do humans carry such hatred? We are programmed to work and go into debt , keep up with the Joneses & convience. Our world is suffering . The stuff that has been so convenient is poisening us we have lost our way. If you take anything from this tiny comment please please spend more quality time with your family,children & fur babies. The $ isn't worth a parents absence . And just love a little 🎵🎶

    Bigfoot HunterBigfoot Hunter22 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this touching video

    Jane RimfireJane Rimfire23 kun oldin
  • Crash Bandipoop? 🤨 I'm pretty sure it's Crash Bandicoot. 😑 Cute story needs a better storyteller though almost fell asleep 🥱😴

    Nee-Chan HimeNee-Chan Hime24 kun oldin
  • These videos with this synthetic voice are too artificial and boring to watch. (hence the bot in the name I guess)

    Mik SMik S24 kun oldin
  • Get to the point, stick to the point.

    Paula HuntPaula Hunt24 kun oldin
  • Video heading is different from the actual video and narration.

    prakasam kannadiprakasam kannadi24 kun oldin
  • WTH was that.

    MacTMacT24 kun oldin
  • I guess the squirrel was able to rest well, undisturbed in Mattie's care (not outside)while broken paw healed (wonder how long that took) -- so glad for the two! 🍉👍🍦

    francess sfrancess s24 kun oldin
  • If only she had the courage to just be herself. Without the tats and medal.

    • What a dumb thing to say...she IS being herself, which includes adorning her body with tats & *metal* . There is absolutely no reason to bring your judgemental negativity to this sweet story.

      Still Stormie72Still Stormie7221 kun oldin
  • I love && care for all animals && living things so much do that if I have a moth or lighting bug etc (EXCLUDING A ROACH) I catch them && put them outside♥️My cat brought a mouse to my daughters room && I couldn’t find it for days && then I was going downstairs && I saw that he too had made it all the way down the steps as well && was behind the curtain by the front door so I opened the door && his cute little self walked right outside💜I was so happy❣️I knew he had to have been so thirsty && vert hungry♥️Aside from roaches, flies && nats I do my best to help them get back outside. I actually put crumbs out for ants to lead them away from my deck🤣I’ve tried saving numerous baby rabbits that she brings in but I’ve not been able to save ones life yet & she’s brought us like 9😪it breaks my heart to see any innocent helpless animal suffer or be abused in any way❣️God Bless all who help, save, rescue && protect all Gods creature species💜♥️💜

    Elizabeth Dyan JohnsonElizabeth Dyan Johnson25 kun oldin
    • KATHLEEN O'HARA Girl I had a collar with like 3-4 bells on it && she still brought in moles, mice, birds && all those baby rabbits😪I think they’re just easy for her to get because they are just babies && the mothers leave the den to play in our backyard during the day with other grown rabbits. I don’t know what to do. She has honestly killed like 12. Instead of trying to help them if I find them alive do u think I should try to get them as close to their den as possible because I’m not sure exactly where it is but I’ve seen the area they seem to go to every evening at dusk. I bought a rabbit cage, bedding, food, milk for them everything to try && Dave them but I’ve not been able to save even once. They’ll have deep lacerations from Sessie clawing at them && I’m a Trauma Nurse but I just can’t help them && it’s really upsetting me😔

      Elizabeth Dyan JohnsonElizabeth Dyan Johnson24 kun oldin
    • Elizabeth Dyan Johnson.... I have a simple solution to your problem. Attach a little bell to your cat's collar. Yes I know your cat will probably become very talented at removing it so I suggest (if you're cat's intelligent) buy in bulk. You will have the gratitude not only of your local wild life but also any bird watchers living in your community. Just a suggestion from someone who adopted a feral cat responsible for slaughtering most of the local wild life here on Madeira Beach FL. I wish someone had enlightened me sooner... & been a little kinder about it. Well as Dave Capelle says "KNOW better, DO better! & now it's up to u whether u enlighten someone else." Much Love from Florida. :)))

  • Could you please stop dragging things out. Minus some embellishment and the long drug out way presented it’s a nice story. But I’m not young and my attention dragged 1/3 through. Younger people likely 25% though were bored. Get to the point

    lee leelee lee25 kun oldin
  • I've raised several orphan squirrels and the last to come back and showed me their gratitude and potato head brought his family back to show me his family and he brought the little ones up to me and they got on my shoulder Potato Head was like here's my family died I still think about it to this day I'm glad someone else experience the same thing

    Harvey CoonsHarvey Coons25 kun oldin
    • @Fredbenly that's cool.

      Harvey CoonsHarvey Coons19 kun oldin
    • @Harvey Coons Wish I could but only problem we dont have them in Australia nor chipmunks either. Thats why I asked about the pooping, just curious lol The closest we got are possums but theyre classified as wild animals and cant be kept as pets, plus theyre shy like squirrels.

      FredbenlyFredbenly19 kun oldin
    • @Fredbenly just in there area.and yes at times they will.you won't be sorry to raise one. Guaranteed

      Harvey CoonsHarvey Coons19 kun oldin
    • A common question re squirrels inside the house: do they poop everywhere?

      FredbenlyFredbenly21 kun oldin
  • Wow. What an amazing story...so glad she kept Crash. Love happy endings ❤❤❤

    Nori SalinasNori Salinas25 kun oldin
  • This is why god saved all the animals two by two.So that the world would be plentyful.Go and be fruitful,and plenty the world.Sayth the lord.Then there was humans to care for them.This means 🇺🇸 us.l would risk my own life to help all of gods creachers.This is why god gave us a ❤ heart,to love.This video touched my heart..Thank you for your video.It show's your love 100% squirrel's are a sign of family and commitment. Thank you for your video. Isn't God amazing!🦋

    Lynda LoveLynda Love25 kun oldin
  • Im crying .damn it 😭😭😭

    Christine MottChristine Mott25 kun oldin
  • My dog talksnto me she must not be a animal friend

    Christine MottChristine Mott25 kun oldin
  • My parents rescued a baby squirrel. Now their neighbor has one. I havent said anything but I've seen a hawk eat 2 squirrels now. I pulled in the drive about a month ago to find a giant hawk on top of a full grown squirrel at the base of a tree. Then about 4 nights ago I pulled in and a very big bird flew down out of a tree and it had a squirrel in its claw. It may have been an owl cause that was 2am in the morning. I'm pretty sure hawks do their thing in the day time. I've been wondering where all the squirrels were. I know a female had babies a couple years ago so..I figured they either ran away or got ran over. I dont hunt anything or let anybody shoot anything around here. Turns out they're all getting eaten by huge birds. That owl had a wing span as wide as the front of my windshield. No doubt in my mind it could take out a small dog. 100% it can. Its claws are nearly the size of my hands. If not as big.

    Joshua LeeJoshua Lee25 kun oldin
    • Het gaat

      Shannon RussellShannon Russell24 kun oldin
    • De

      Shannon RussellShannon Russell24 kun oldin
    • Leggds

      Shannon RussellShannon Russell24 kun oldin
  • "and her reaction was priceless" but we don't get to see it. If you're gonna tease with it, show it. If you don't have it to show us, don't tease us with it.

    Stephen BeemerStephen Beemer25 kun oldin
  • Bulksh!t. Humans tied their tale together. That’s NOT nature caused.

    Anya JohnsonAnya Johnson26 kun oldin
  • I wonder if "adopted" squirrel could pass the mirror test. Do you think he can recognize himself in a mirror?

    Réal MorrissetteRéal Morrissette26 kun oldin
  • blah blah blah

    Thomas DaileyThomas Dailey26 kun oldin
  • Most wild animals I’ve found after healing go away pause look back ᵃⁿᵈ stare/thank for a long time then goes away. When they do that my heart overflows down my cheeks ...but ಠ_ಠ • »ʰᵐᵐᵐᵏ« • loads of explanation then ☆★彡 ᵂᴴᴼᴼˢᴴ sudden ending. I was also waiting for this so called priceless reaction to coming back but saw none‽‪ I № videos like this usually catfish when don’t need to but still ☆★彡 ᵂᴴᴼᴼˢᴴ

    lalunelalune26 kun oldin
    • Mary Mateski me personally I couldn’t kill rats. But you get rat catchers. Give them a phone

      lalunelalune16 kun oldin
    • Is it okay to kill rats if they come in your house and you have many of them outside

      Mary MateskiMary Mateski16 kun oldin
    • well, they didnt have the real footage, just a still picture.

      primatology grad UPennprimatology grad UPenn26 kun oldin
  • You start the video with: "Before we begin make sure to hit the like button" Who likes anything before testing? Its hard to judge the content before watching and for that you get thumbs down.

    Kris WalshKris Walsh26 kun oldin
  • So much padding...annoying!

    Elaine MorganElaine Morgan26 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/roitrJWYn7TEf3g Here is the original video that this is based off of since they didn’t even show it haha

    OhsheilaxoOhsheilaxo26 kun oldin
  • What a great heart to save the squirrel.

    Joan DaltonJoan Dalton26 kun oldin
  • Extremely long drawn out story with irrelevant information. Could have been a great 2mim video. Someone turned it into a commercialized fluff piece.

    Je MartJe Mart26 kun oldin
    • The video of him coming back isn’t even in there which is where the pictures of me crying came from haha I mean I’m glad my story is being told but you’d think they’d show what the headline is about 🤦🏻‍♀️

      OhsheilaxoOhsheilaxo26 kun oldin
  • Amazing !! And very touching.

    Herbie LangmanHerbie Langman26 kun oldin
  • Animals teach us love, compassion and gratitude

    Rocío AguileraRocío Aguilera26 kun oldin
    • And patience.

      Joan DaltonJoan Dalton26 kun oldin
  • I belive one thing only that people who belives that God is within them will always love and rescue the animals in trouble

    Gulam ViraGulam Vira26 kun oldin
    • Your heart is rock and fire.all animals are created by God.and there is a spritual conection between human and God only devils will keep the God aside.anyhow what ever you think is up to you this does not effect me.

      Gulam ViraGulam Vira23 kun oldin
    • I am an atheist. I take care of ALL animals that need me. I've been taking care of a cat colony out back of my home for about 4 years now. I'm part of the catch, fix, & release program, but I take it farther. I train & love them and get them ready for adoption. I've had very good luck with that. I miss the ones that go to their new families, but am also very happy for, & proud of them all. I do it because I love them 😉.

      Cynthia SparksCynthia Sparks25 kun oldin
    • That has NOTHING to do with God!

      Geoffrey MazalinGeoffrey Mazalin25 kun oldin
  • If they can fear, they can feel all.

    T MarselloT Marsello26 kun oldin
  • brooo why didn’t i find out that my cousin went viral lol she just posted something about ur video on her facebook thanking u :)

    fayefaye26 kun oldin
  • Crash is still doing well and good and now has babies of his own! Thanks for sharing my story 🖤

    Sheila MattieSheila Mattie26 kun oldin
    • I honestly think things like this are the true meaning of life.Earth is the Heart of our solar system,and good deeds are good vibrations,we will get tested throughout our life times.Sheila,you get a gold star here.

      Marty TrueloveMarty Truelove2 kun oldin
    • Good on you Sheila your the best 👍 the world needs billions of people just like you

      Jim CondonJim Condon14 kun oldin
  • Animals are sentient beings with more intelligence than most people can imagine. And they obey the commands of their Creator...which makes them 'smarter' than some of us!!!!

    Marilyn WateneMarilyn Watene26 kun oldin
    • Man is the most problematic creature of them all.😔

      kmross73kmross7325 kun oldin
  • The tubbster squirrel @ 3:04 is simply ADORABLES!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Karen BrownKaren Brown26 kun oldin
  • Unkind Humans? You mean, People who might shoot, and eat there Prey, God said they are here for our taking, this does not mean we are Unkind Humans, only a Liberal would say something like this, the whole time using People to feed them!!!

    Edwin StorzEdwin Storz26 kun oldin
    • Hunting and cruelty arent the same

      earthsurgery 123earthsurgery 12326 kun oldin
  • If humans only knew animals and humans are all the same.

    MichelleMichelle26 kun oldin
  • Couldn't make it past all the blabbering.

    vizulefllryvizulefllry26 kun oldin
  • To attribute a rational concept, such as gratefulness or gratitude (not to mention returning to "thank" someone), to an animal is such profound nonsense that only the most gullible of us will believe it. As for me, I do not wantonly kill or hurt animals but, when they dig in my lawn (as squirrels do) I poison them.

    Steve ShalkSteve Shalk27 kun oldin
  • Bless you Mattie. You have a good ♥! 👋👏👋

    Meredith HeadquistMeredith Headquist27 kun oldin
  • They communicate telepathic. They absolutely show gratitude.

    Sherrie VogeleSherrie Vogele27 kun oldin
    • The correct word is "telepathically." But I don't believe that showing gratitude is synonymous with telepathy, or being able to read the mind, where animals are concerned. They can evidentally be obviously emotionally attracted to someone who helped them, depending on the emotional level of the animal.

      Mookie SpindlehurstMookie Spindlehurst24 kun oldin
  • We should all care and love our innocent animals

    daban yaseendaban yaseen27 kun oldin
  • Thanks Stephanie ❗I got to go feed mine now.

    Mary Fralix LanierMary Fralix Lanier27 kun oldin
  • Right after this video was made. I killed and cooked up that same Squirrel. It was delish:-).

    Rupert Steinbeck SamsqanceRupert Steinbeck Samsqance27 kun oldin
    • Arsehole.

      Jeannette WilliamsJeannette Williams23 kun oldin
    • Too bad he’s still alive and has his own babies now 😂 enough with the reaction fishing

      Sheila MattieSheila Mattie26 kun oldin
    • Joy Dubois awww baby cakes that’s nice

      Rupert Steinbeck SamsqanceRupert Steinbeck Samsqance26 kun oldin
    • Ugly

      Joy DuboisJoy Dubois27 kun oldin
  • Too long and too much godless comments.

    William HofmansWilliam Hofmans27 kun oldin
  • On and on and on and on and on and on and on.

    Brian BickleBrian Bickle27 kun oldin

    Wilhelm GeislerWilhelm Geisler27 kun oldin

      Wilhelm GeislerWilhelm Geisler25 kun oldin
    • If a commercial for a candidate you dislike upsets you that much, you have much bigger problems than which party to join or which president to vote for. Get some help.

      primatology grad UPennprimatology grad UPenn26 kun oldin
    • Ha ha! 🤭

      Karen BrownKaren Brown26 kun oldin
  • You sure took a long time to get to the story part of your story.

    Jennifer RaymondJennifer Raymond27 kun oldin
  • I had a pet squirrel one time sure was fun to have but nature called it left for the wild where it belonged.

    Allan HunterAllan Hunter27 kun oldin
  • Oh man, if she did this narration in her young Goku voice, it would've been lit.

    MrSolvaringMrSolvaring27 kun oldin
  • I know animals can show. Emotions. . I love all animals esp. horses. I live in Little Rock arkansaw

    Carl Lorance sr.Carl Lorance sr.27 kun oldin
    • Missouri dogs lol

      Christine MottChristine Mott25 kun oldin
  • I raised a squirrel from a baby , they are sweet and smart

    cheryl gilliamcheryl gilliam27 kun oldin
    • Me too?? Named possum. Or “the odd little possum”. Since the guy that found him said “huh. What an odd little opossum.” Whatcha name your little one??

      Anya JohnsonAnya Johnson26 kun oldin
  • All mammals bond mother and offspring . That surely means they can transfer that capacity. We bond with our pets and they with us surely ! Oxytocin gets released in us when we pet an animal and in the animal receiving our attention ! There is a pet saying ‘dogs have owners, cats have servants ! ‘ As a pack creature dogs actually need company to stay mentally healthy surely ! I guess the same goes for humans !

    Jasmine LuxemburgJasmine Luxemburg27 kun oldin
  • The name of the popular game in 1996 is called Crash Bandicoot. But naming the Squirrel Crash Bandipoop is very interesting also.

    tammy barfieldtammy barfield27 kun oldin
  • Animals have feelings just like the human animal. If humans had any notion of this, the plight of animals would cease.

    POPPY CalliopePOPPY Calliope28 kun oldin
  • This is a great story for people to notice that animals have feelings too! I think little Crash cared for the woman who nursed it back to health. There are thousands of stories about wildlife returning to the person who helped it. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. It was heartwarming.

    Teagle LoverTeagle Lover28 kun oldin
  • Even animal can respect to they're helper haw come people not thankfully to they're own country

    hj mariam asharihj mariam ashari28 kun oldin
  • The story teller, neglected to announce in the category of what animals are capable of. One I feel should had been 1st, is LOYALTY !

    Annette JonesAnnette Jones28 kun oldin
    • @Mr. ruin No Seriously what are you about ? Sick Mr.

      Annette JonesAnnette Jones26 kun oldin
    • No Seriously what Are You on About Lad🤓👽✍ Sk?

      Mr. ruinMr. ruin26 kun oldin
    • @Mr. ruin What are U on about ? What does that even mean? You need to Sk yourself that question! Lol !! 🤣

      Annette JonesAnnette Jones27 kun oldin
    • What are u on about?

      Mr. ruinMr. ruin27 kun oldin
    • @ Wonderbot Animals Thank you for the Wonderbot Love ❤ , I truly thought that it was deserved by my comment ! LOL, LOL, WHAT a fool I am ! I see so many people who receive the Wonderbot Love, read their comments felt they deserved love as well. EXCEPT LOL, DUMB ME ! LOL !! WHEN I SEE A COMMENT WHICH SAID YAK, YAK, YAK, !! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT IT IS IM MISSING HERE THAT THAT COMMENT DESERVED LOVE ? SERIOUSLY ? NO HATE ! JUST THAT I SEEM TO BE VERY CONFUSED ! LOL !! 🤣

      Annette JonesAnnette Jones28 kun oldin
  • I'm not going to like your video until I've seen it. It's kinda dumb to ask me to like it before I've seen it.

    Stephen KimbellStephen Kimbell28 kun oldin
  • There are humans with no feelings. They're called psychopaths.

    wayne goffwayne goff28 kun oldin
    • Wilhelm Geisler No actually Trump and his deplorables much better fit that description. What end of the political spectrum is committing all the mass murders, single murders, and assaults? Which end of the political spectrum has the FBI called the greatest threat to this nation, more of a threat than Islamic terrorists? What end of the political spectrum has been caught red handed making false flag attacks at BLM protests?

      Matthew HuszarikMatthew Huszarik24 kun oldin
    • Wilhelm Geisler You're funny Vladimir

      Dallas DautermanDallasDallas DautermanDallas25 kun oldin
    • wayne goff YOU MEAN DEMON RATS!!?

      Wilhelm GeislerWilhelm Geisler27 kun oldin
  • The to only people that don’t think animals have feels are they ones that want to torture or kill them!

    Trudy HinesTrudy Hines28 kun oldin
    • @George Bowden T. Toss pot!!!

      Jeannette WilliamsJeannette Williams23 kun oldin
    • George Bowden T. Did you torture those animals? I love food ! I love meat. Just kill it! Don’t torture it ,don’t abuse it, snowflake!

      Trudy HinesTrudy Hines23 kun oldin
    • squirrel and dumplings,deer sausage,deer jerky,rabbit stew,doves wrapped in bacon jalapeno cheddar cheese. Delicious food is not always in a pretty little package @ your local store ...snowflakes...!!!

      George Bowden T.George Bowden T.24 kun oldin
    • But also saying that, I met some wholesome americans just as myself that love and respect animals. There's too much grey area just to point a finger at one nation.

      SethSeth26 kun oldin
    • American isnt different. The colonist and settlers drove may animals to extinction or just killed for game....

      SethSeth26 kun oldin
  • Animals have just as much emotions, as people do, they just Express them in a different way sometimes!!! I'm so happy she was able to help Crash!!! She was soooooo strong to let him go, when really all she wanted to do, was keep him safe and home with her and her kid! Keep rescuing on, obviously you have a gift with animals and they need your love and help sometimes.

    KimKim28 kun oldin
  • Wonderbot sure has a lot of bots in the comments

    Nate SandNate Sand28 kun oldin
  • So beautiful

    Lisa BiibiiLisa Biibii28 kun oldin
  • THAT .. is one O those ( DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME ) Things ! Grandad had one , HE could feed like that ; BUT .. ONLY HIM !

    Stanley WilkinsStanley Wilkins28 kun oldin
  • Yay! STEPHANIE!!

    PH4NT0M S14Y3RPH4NT0M S14Y3R28 kun oldin