So Much For Reliable Street Car!

30-Sen, 2020
226 833 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Love your work cooper this will be fun watching your channel grow good luck from Western Australia

    Taz’s TaxiTaz’s Taxi4 kun oldin
  • Man, sorry, but, that thing has been a piece of shit since you got it.

    Nonya BiznessNonya Bizness11 kun oldin
  • Did Millie quack at 10:23 LOL

    Dirt Cheap MediaDirt Cheap Media12 kun oldin
  • I yelled fuse #55 at my phone!! LMAO

    John AllenJohn Allen13 kun oldin
  • He peed a little. He got excited. That needs to be on a shirt

    Jay CruzJay Cruz13 kun oldin
  • When I was a little kid I would also get scared when they were working on a car. The car would sound like it got some problems since it would be loud and then my dad would proceed to rev the shit out of it

    Alex VillalobosAlex Villalobos15 kun oldin
  • Good content. Sub'd. I'd tell you good luck with the channel but it has blown up already lol.

    Speedy's GarageSpeedy's Garage15 kun oldin
  • I think that camera girl wants his sauce.......The bogetti spaghetti sauce!

    zeake13zeake1315 kun oldin
  • Hey bro the pump cuts out when it knows theres no water. At least thats what australian lsa cars do (hsv ) Pulling the fuse reset it. Normally you would just do a reset on scan tool once you fill it up. There is a proper bleed procedure for it. Hopefully you arent pullied too hard or the hot iats might of done some damage.

    bentlesbentles15 kun oldin
  • Nice vids! Looking forward to seeing more from you! Why aren’t you using SMZeus”dot”com?!? You should use it to grow your channel!

    Tim DukeTim Duke19 kun oldin
  • What kind of "funderwear" am I wearing. I'm wondering myself. I'm gonna guess spaghetti themed.

    Redman147Redman14719 kun oldin
  • I did want Jeremy to tune my V but then I saw him down there whacking away at the water pump. Lol he can still do it.

    Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson19 kun oldin
  • Doing a good job Coop! You remind me of a buddy from school nobody else got his humor other than me and a couple guys and we pulled him in to our circle because he was getting a hard time because he didn’t try to act all cool he was very matter of fact about everything and

    David lafrancisDavid lafrancis19 kun oldin
    • Made him an outcast but he is extremely successful now and still 1 of the best people I’ve ever known just like you! Please stay true to yourself and you will make a big splash and we will have your back brother!!!!!!

      David lafrancisDavid lafrancis19 kun oldin
  • Keep pushing brother you'll get there..

    Michael BowersMichael Bowers21 kun oldin
  • Did the car get excited and pee too?

    Dave JenkinsDave Jenkins21 kun oldin
  • l,pålåplåp,

    jametimejametime21 kun oldin
  • My notifications are failing me.. I watched this as it came out and now days later sayin you just uploaded🤦🏻‍♂️

    KyleKyle21 kun oldin
  • Insert family guy Stan talking about Emilio

    Pat BaiPat Bai21 kun oldin
  • Coop is the best. Get started with a collab video with RPM. Your channel already exploded and you are pumping out videos...get it!

    Dan LarkinDan Larkin21 kun oldin
  • Why not stick to Cletus channel ? Just saying not as interesting or watch worthy

    Malcolm MooreMalcolm Moore22 kun oldin
  • That second burnout tho..... 👌🏼🤘🏼🤙🏼👍🏼

    mikeymerrettmikeymerrett22 kun oldin
  • Love the content

    Kenneth lantzKenneth lantz22 kun oldin
  • Someone need to spend more time showing him how to rip a car in the burnout pad

    Edgar Reyes TorresEdgar Reyes Torres22 kun oldin
  • Fixing cadillac with a hammer is pretty much standard operating procedure.

    skippys vr4skippys vr422 kun oldin
  • Raw unfiltered coop. Love it

    Marty RehfeldMarty Rehfeld22 kun oldin
  • Dude youre too serious with everything. Seems like you're still very nervous in front of the camera.

    J MJ M23 kun oldin
  • Nice to have you Coop. This youtube channel is going to be great. Oh, and you need an outro song.

    DasNarfDasNarf23 kun oldin
  • KONG 2650 LSA/TVS CHARGER FOR THE V WAGON. RPM got some really good gains with it.

    Rafael SollaRafael Solla23 kun oldin
  • Water evaporates

    Wesley LavenderWesley Lavender23 kun oldin
  • When is Jeremy going to tune the wagon

    Erik ValleErik Valle23 kun oldin
  • America loves Coop,. 👍

    Tim BTim B23 kun oldin
  • anyone else notice this guy never blinks... it freaks me out

    ki22erki22er23 kun oldin
  • I noticed it look like your not in the groove at the light may be just camera angle but may want to check it out , may be the 60ft prob.. keep up the great videos

    michael catrowmichael catrow23 kun oldin
  • coop I didn't know you started your channel

    Dan BallowDan Ballow23 kun oldin
  • more uga duggas more

    pigrondpigrond24 kun oldin
    • always check the fuse first

      pigrondpigrond24 kun oldin
  • Spaghetti Nation

    Michael ScottMichael Scott24 kun oldin
  • 3:10 ecoboost swapped V wagon

    Sup_Im_MaxSup_Im_Max24 kun oldin
  • Man coop you’re really getting at it you’re doing an awesome job !!

    Cristian HernandezCristian Hernandez24 kun oldin
  • Not a bad deal at all to have father timing on the job.

    Erik LarsonErik Larson24 kun oldin
  • I used to work for a Subaru dealership back in 2012 and some idiot traded in a beautiful 4 door CTS-V with a 6 speed manual. I drove the car home one night and OMFG I *LOVED* that car! Was such an incredibly beautiful vehicle, sounded amazing and drove perfect. It was black with black leather, black wheels and pretty dark black tinted windows with an aftermarket exhaust, I'm not sure which brand, but she was gorgeous and was definitely the *ONLY* Cadillac I actually enjoyed driving. Other than the exhaust, which I believe was cat-back, she was bone stock but moved pretty good for being such a big, heavy vehicle.

    Chris BChris B24 kun oldin
  • My god Coop, didn't know you had a West Highland White Terrier.... I've got one too :) Love her to death. Keep up the work man!

    ken van passenken van passen24 kun oldin
  • Man it's so refreshing to see Coop this personal. Great content

    Nicolas TNicolas T24 kun oldin
  • I wonder what time Cooper wants to run?

    ConstableConstable24 kun oldin
  • “What i ate for dinner?” That was great lol

    Miguel GuzmanMiguel Guzman24 kun oldin
  • With each video, you're doing better and better my friend. Great content and looking forward to more, keep 'em coming 'sketti!!

    Robert ShireyRobert Shirey24 kun oldin
  • Hey ! Coop we need our Bogetti build fix 👍 yesireebob

    Robert ProutRobert Prout24 kun oldin
  • Gotta turn on those cab lights bud

    slipknotic2682slipknotic268224 kun oldin
  • I love this channel

    Patrick ThomasPatrick Thomas24 kun oldin
  • Coop, Keep your head up!! NO ITS NOT A FAIL=You did the best you could and next time you'llalso do your best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day, Hope your family is well also.

    Dave GomerDave Gomer24 kun oldin
  • cant wait to hear the excuses when he starts "drifting"

    Steve SnyderSteve Snyder24 kun oldin
  • “Jeremy is a bearded v guru” proceeds to beat on it with a hammer hahahaha

    Cal BoggsCal Boggs24 kun oldin
  • Dude, the interview had me crackin up lol Its pretty cool seein you do your own thing!

    Todd ChristianTodd Christian24 kun oldin
  • 2 step?

    David PhippsDavid Phipps24 kun oldin
  • External mic or something.

    Jake GreenJake Green24 kun oldin
  • Loving the videos Coop, keep them coming! A better quality camera for low light conditions would be a great addition in the future, keep up the build videos though, nice to see your progress

    Colton FleetColton Fleet24 kun oldin
  • It all take time man! You’ll get it done!

    Evil AMCEvil AMC24 kun oldin
  • I like this format and this team a lot.

    idin1976idin197624 kun oldin
  • I love seeing you working with Bronte you guys are awesome 😎

    82leone82leone24 kun oldin
  • Try to get three part pass when you do drags. Outside view, then Numbers board/side view, and lastly inside. Thats one good take away from cleetus and boostedboiz format. Just my opinion though.

    a Johnsona Johnson24 kun oldin
  • Fasterproms,cleetus and cooper need to consolidate their merch, maybe hook up with bunker branding?

    Gene KaiserGene Kaiser24 kun oldin
  • @Coop, small tip, adjust your UZworld home page. The default says "No content" because you havent added any playlists. Add playlists and at the top add "Uploads" so it can sort them by the newest upload.

    Atanas TripzterAtanas Tripzter24 kun oldin
  • Still no ads

    Every day life with meEvery day life with me24 kun oldin
  • Loved the lighting. Reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock

    Tim GunnTim Gunn24 kun oldin
  • Don’t blow your engine, check your 🧱 bricks !!!!!!!!

    Steve hSteve h24 kun oldin
  • Cooper!!!! You need to do a “This is who I am” video. Most of us have no idea where you came from or who you are beyond Garett met you at college. We’d love to know more from your perspective! Surely there is more to you than just being the kid Garett hired to do Facebook stuff who ended up being the unappreciated backbone of his success! Do a Cooper Special!!

    Not My Real NameNot My Real Name24 kun oldin
  • Should definitely add in the dogs like Jeremy does with his

    Connor DunConnor Dun24 kun oldin
  • Content is great! Super excited to see where your channel goes! Keep up the great work!

    kevin joneskevin jones24 kun oldin
  • Coop with another banger!

    XxCaptanTac0MoNXxCaptanTac0MoN24 kun oldin
  • Fing love u spaghetti kee this amazing work up buddy you do great

    Adam DalglishAdam Dalglish24 kun oldin
  • Need a little better camera for low light its very grainy unfortunately.

    Mavrick HardingMavrick Harding24 kun oldin
  • Let them build it and then have a call out on cleet and 1320s new Audi

    LoneStar PunishersLoneStar Punishers24 kun oldin
  • Inner chiller.. Buddy would help you out 10 times...

    Tejas felixTejas felix24 kun oldin
  • Hey screw Cleetus... he wants to dog you. Let me know if you need something to help.

    Dakota HendrixDakota Hendrix24 kun oldin
  • “Those are the doggos” hahaha

    Adam ButtnerAdam Buttner24 kun oldin
  • Channel is growing fast 🤘🤘🤘

    GeminiGemini24 kun oldin
  • Why is cooper still not getting monetized ? No adds no nothing

    Victor HVictor H24 kun oldin
  • Tell Jeremy he shouldn't put gatorade in the intercooler. It has electrolytes and stuff

    matthew andersonmatthew anderson24 kun oldin
  • Kyle is just hoping Emilio doesn't bounce from his channel like Cooper did to Cleetus.

    First LastFirst Last24 kun oldin
  • I follow your girl on IG bruh. Lol

    GoldFish NinjaGoldFish Ninja24 kun oldin
  • Evaporation?

    Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson24 kun oldin
  • Audio while fixing that caddy was not the best to say there least

    Marshall FoxMarshall Fox24 kun oldin
  • Keep it up Cooper. I was hoping the Cleeter squad would get you to 500k. It’ll happen.

    TheeLobStarTheeLobStar24 kun oldin
  • Awkward... need I say more???

    honda450rider87honda450rider8724 kun oldin
  • I can’t believe you aren’t running commercials yet? Isn’t that the only way to create revenue on UZworld?

    Nigel IronsNigel Irons24 kun oldin
  • Goofy af

    JJ MJJ M25 kun oldin
  • Everybody subscribe for coop

    Carlos DangerCarlos Danger25 kun oldin
  • Kicking ass coop. Order me both shirts while the wife orders from bronte

    Robert HahnRobert Hahn25 kun oldin
  • Please just have fun with what you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to stiff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Racingb67 RaceRacingb67 Race25 kun oldin
  • Cute camera girl coop. Keep her around

    blake outhwaiteblake outhwaite25 kun oldin
  • 231k sub in a snap

    Carlos MárquezCarlos Márquez25 kun oldin
  • Its still super weird to see Coop talking so much. Lol

    Bud DBud D25 kun oldin
  • Always keep your V wet coop

    Duane SelbyDuane Selby25 kun oldin
  • Need some talon footage!!

    Kris StamperKris Stamper25 kun oldin
  • Hey Coop, it'd be cool to have an intro/walkaround for your CTS-V. I know the old timers that have been around know what all you've done to it but for the channel reboot, it would be good content.

    Lochlan HickokLochlan Hickok25 kun oldin
  • Loving the videos!

    Fixin’ The CoastFixin’ The Coast25 kun oldin
  • Hi coop , I gave you two subs 👍 You should hang out with boostieboyz .There doing same build as you.

    Dave Rino channelDave Rino channel25 kun oldin
  • Cooper putting out some good content

    Austin DuvallAustin Duvall25 kun oldin
  • Why don't you run a Ford? None of the ford's seem to break

    Shawn MorrisonShawn Morrison25 kun oldin
  • And I think some of it was from sitting in the hot sun probably made a lot of it dissolved away

    Larry NoremLarry Norem25 kun oldin
  • Yeah I had the same thing happen to me at one time I drove all the way to Des Moines then hardly have any water but until I got to the house that was the only way I found out that I didn't have any water in the reservoir

    Larry NoremLarry Norem25 kun oldin