Smoother animation ≠ Better animation [4K 60FPS]

16-Apr, 2021
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HUGE thanks to Doggybag, Dangrips, Hyojin, and Villa for help with the animation.
Thanks to Shina for the Appeal painting also
Trigger warning for loud sounds towards the end of the vid.
This was entirely edited, and was supposed to be exported, in 48fps, not 50. Funny thing is, Premiere simply doesn't allow custom frame rates in its export window, despite supporting it as a sequence setting. I could have exported the Premiere file into After Effects and added the sequence to the render cue, but I couldn't because AE threw me an error every time I tried. That, combined with the legitimately unbelievable amount of bugs and errors and crashes left me feeling so exhausted and numb that I ultimately decided it was worth sacrificing one 25th of a second's worth of timing here and there. If you catch any editing errors, that'd be why. Oh well!!
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00:00 - Intro
1:27 - Laying the Groundwork
4:32 - Ad break
5:55 - Timing and Easing
9:52 - Smear Frames But Worse™
11:11 - Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job
13:58 - Outro
Animation used (in order of appearance):
Tom and Jerry
Pixel Art (various)
Cat walk (
Cowboy Bebop
Persona 4
300FPS Bowser in cat suit
Spirit (Roughs by James Baxter)
Devilman Crybaby
A Cat in Paris
Wire by Worthikids
DBZ Fighterz
Daffodil 3 by Smallbu
Moonlight Fox by Smallbu
JoJo Part 5
Cafouillage by Tom Law
Planet Panic
TMNT 'Don VS Ralph'
Klaus (Lineart by James Baxter)
El Dorado
1Samurai Jack Season 5
Dead Leaves
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken
Meet Arnold (Cacani Demo)
'Float' by Pixar
Music used (in order of appearance):
Les Cafes De Paris - Joe E Lee
Apple Kid's Theme - Earthbound
Let the Game Begin! - SiIvaGunner
Noisy Notebook D - Snipperclips
Stage Clear - Wii Play Motion
Good Evening Bossa - Riverworn
Buy Something, Will Ya!? - Earthbound
Stamp Mode - Snipperclips
Apotos (Night) - Sonic Unleashed
Quilty Court - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Just One More Night With You - Thiago
5PM - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Trophy Gallery - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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  • Fantastic rant, I love it! And you're absolutely right. I love how you underline the intent of the artist. Those who would seek to replace artists with machine learning and AI clearly don't understand what art is for. Replace stuff that people don't want to do, or can't do. But people get joy (and their livelihood) from creating art, and they want to do it. It's one of the things that make us human. I'm no Luddite, and I love using new tools to create my animation. But when it starts to encroach upon the fulfillment that I get from creating, then no thanks! You might argue that this is just interpolation and chill out. But my response to that is just wait, this is just getting started.

    James BaxterJames Baxter19 kun oldin
    • Ngl idrc. I'd like to have my animations (if I did) seem better to others. As long as it's good to other people and as long as they enjoy it then thats all it matters lol. I can make it 15 fps and if they made it 60 its alr

      『Mayhem』【V2】『Mayhem』【V2】10 soat oldin
    • the man himself

      nono15 soat oldin
    • Yaya

      Hi hi hi hi hiHi hi hi hi hi16 soat oldin
    • james baxter!!!

      Strawberry MilkStrawberry Milk18 soat oldin
    • :0 James Baxter!

      BunnoPomPomBunnoPomPom22 soat oldin
  • Don't care, looks good

    MasterzillaMasterzillaDaqiqa oldin
  • Have you seen the theft and the cobbler

    Riley Kaufmann DXRiley Kaufmann DX8 daqiqa oldin
  • This part is 60fps 14:07

    J_blaster AnimationsJ_blaster Animations9 daqiqa oldin
  • 3:51 waiting for a joke that will never come...

    leeuwen gamesleeuwen games18 daqiqa oldin
  • Even when watching shows that were intended for 60 fps, I still prefer 30 fps far more. 60 fps isn't a new concept. It has been used for soap operas since they were first created. That's why it's called "the soap opera effect".

    depression progressiondepression progression19 daqiqa oldin
  • Just taking valid points and repeating them in a mocking tone doesn't make you right. This feels like someone saying cassettes have better sound quality than a flac file on your phone. I get that you prefer the look and it's there for you to watch it but that doesn't make it wrong for people like me to prefer a smoother image. The artists still put in their key frames, the ai simply does inbetweens. Is an inbetween animator insulting the artist cause he makes it look smoother? I don't think so. That changes nothing about the fact that it's still the artists key frames. And the parts that made sense to me like when you said repeated frames cause jenkiness, that's just cause the tech doesn't recognize that at this point. You may not be a religious man like you said in the video, and neither am I but that doesn't stop you from defending your irrational believes and letting them make you shun others opinions over something that is very much a subjective thing. Oh btw the way, those gross weird images that the ai puts in? Those are called smear frames and they are used by actual the professionals that the ai is apparently so disrespectful to. Showing off mistakes of a still developing program that was used by a private person for entertainment doesn't change that fact.

    Get it?Get it?27 daqiqa oldin
  • 1080p50 fps

    Максим Шевцов-18Максим Шевцов-1842 daqiqa oldin
  • “5 million views”

    Tiki TophatterTiki Tophatter44 daqiqa oldin
  • Well, this is how translators (localizators, actually) feel when someone says "just google translate it man". Yeah, fuck you too.

    Alberto CamargoAlberto CamargoSoat oldin
  • I mean, i don’t think it’s supposed to be perfect, i think it’s just supposed to be a cool experiment

    C ContC ContSoat oldin
  • You are right about it. Its just that people love smoothness. In betweeners are the best for this not ai

    TresHermanosTresHermanosSoat oldin
  • When this "trend" started I remember seeing a 60fps version Mystery Skulls: The Future and, could you imagine, it was an absolute out-of-sync disaster! I guess it must have been removed 'cause I can't find it anymore. Oh, I wonder why???

    BellisaldBellisaldSoat oldin
  • this is making me feel bad that i mostly couldn't tell the difference, before it was pointed out to me, or put in slow-mo. mind you, not even in games. i trust when someone says that 60fps is best for gaming, but i really can't tell the difference unless i play the sequences back to back a few times. ps. fuck that jumpscare at the end

    Francesco FavroFrancesco Favro2 soat oldin
  • 60fps feels like everything is made out of jelly

    IrritationNationIrritationNation2 soat oldin
  • idc i just think it looks better :)

    Generic TitleGeneric Title2 soat oldin
  • I agree with everything in this video, 60fps animation is cursed. The AI part (11:18) is wrong though. AI is literally designed to train itself and yes, in the beginning, it needs help learning how to do better, after that it basically trains itself to be/look better. This isn't a defense for AI 60fps animation, it's just a correction.

    Carter HayesCarter Hayes2 soat oldin
  • Therapyst: human Noodle doesn't exists it can't hurt you Human noodle:4:08

    Fabio ChiaroFabio Chiaro3 soat oldin

    Nicolas NicodemoNicolas Nicodemo3 soat oldin
  • Noodle: "5 million views.... why bother" Animators and animation enthusiasts on youtube: **uno reverse card**

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  • Okay it looks pretty trash :P Some people do NOT have any taste wse...

    Mikel BaschMikel Basch3 soat oldin
  • Ok this guy is pissed and he is not letting it go this time

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  • You became the 5 million views guy

    Redne InacioRedne Inacio3 soat oldin
  • That's the smoothest transition to a sponsorship ever

    Sol TSol T3 soat oldin
  • I’m so glad that as a non-animator I basically had this exact take (though obviously less learned and informed ) That Mulan 60fps shit looked like hot garbage to me immediately, and to their credit I think most of twitter replies on it were saying the same. It’s just gamers and children on youtube that like this

    MayaBombANationMayaBombANation4 soat oldin
  • I get your point but sadly nobody who isn't an animator is going to care. Thats always the problem of artistical integrity vs. shit that people just think looks cool

    BennistroBennistro4 soat oldin
  • complains about 5 million views then gets 5 million views thats good planning clearly

    DyscoTDyscoT4 soat oldin
  • Why should the music world be the only ones to suffer artistic tampering? (loudness wars, autotune, Dolby NR, Milli Vanilli) Have fun animators.

    damandbassdamandbass4 soat oldin
  • on the other hand there is no reason for film to be 24fps. especially action movies.

    Ginkoman2Ginkoman24 soat oldin
  • well he got 5 million views

    SkoopSkoop4 soat oldin
  • You scared the living hell out of me, daaamn, I think I shit my inner mind pants

    NorthRustNorthRust4 soat oldin
  • You’re right.

    GRIMESGRIMES5 soat oldin
  • I watched this interpolated to 480fps.

    yxkalleyxkalle5 soat oldin
  • I don't get any of this but I agree

    Incel MagnetIncel Magnet5 soat oldin
  • um but 240hz is superior

    ilovehotdogs125790ilovehotdogs1257906 soat oldin
  • I mean, tbh yes, I'm a gamer, BUT the FPS always depends on what the animation style is actually showing the viewer. Is it a game, with high graphics (let's say RTX), then yes the more FPS the better HOWEVER, is it a cartoony animation, let's say here mulan or el dorado it's actually better to keep it the way it is. Not only because the animators get payed to draw every single frame but because it also fits the style of what the viewer i looking at and (i think that's only me) it gives that nostalgic vibe to it. Or, in other words. Imagine low FPS on a high graphic game. That would be the same as a low FPS animation with high FPS, yes it looks shit. Now, if i may said something that triggers some animator, I never animated anything in my whole life, so these are my thoughts on animators/animations So long story short, it depends on the style with what the animation is going at cartoon/game Yes, i just nearly copied all that he said.

    RaphaelokingRaphaeloking6 soat oldin
  • my brokeass using AE instead of an actual animation program:

    ZKiwiZKiwi6 soat oldin
  • I love when you called out the gamers, specifically, might I add, PC gamers. Who obsess over fps and settings, Fov and view models but they're still bad(I'm a pc gamer)

    ArgoArgo6 soat oldin
  • Bro, I am getting major sequelitis vibes from this video!

    MSSoulBladerMSSoulBlader6 soat oldin
  • As both an animator and AI enthusiast I was like ‘ah neat they made interpolation but again and via AI... anyways’ Sure it’s great to see it’s possible but it’s not necessary. More is not always more better.

    Sternens LapisSternens Lapis6 soat oldin
  • Another one of those weird ass trends that completely missed me.

    Waltzing WormWaltzing Worm7 soat oldin
  • Fernanda Dias's animation for Save me (Bruno Martini, Avian Grays, TRIXL ft. Mayra) is a good example of having flow is worth more than having more frames. You can notice the missing frames between the character motions but since it has a good flow, your brain still gets the information needed to understand what is happening.

    RemURemU7 soat oldin
  • Perhaps people like it because it makes them feel high.

    Sia Yen ChiaSia Yen Chia8 soat oldin
  • Sad thing is AI will (probably) eventually get the nuance and do it perfectly

    MrAmad3usMrAmad3us8 soat oldin
  • I'm not an animator, but I am an artist. If I were to spent time and effort on an illustration, only to have someone say they made it better by uploading it into a program and pushing a button; I'd be furious. It's like they took a brand new mirror, and tried to use shoe polish to make it more reflective.

    MarwickMarwick9 soat oldin
  • click watched later and had this vid hover my feed for a couple weeks... and damn that was an insta sub. like the humour, animation and subject hope to see you hit a million soon

    enzo varinenzo varin9 soat oldin
  • Idc i just think it looks better :)

    TomTom10 soat oldin
  • New glue Anti interpolation glue

    Glue seller and smellerGlue seller and smeller10 soat oldin
  • Your indent as an artist doesnt matter a single bit the market will decide what it likes best

    FurzFurz10 soat oldin
  • 4:51 bruh just pirate the book

    Recreational ChemicalsRecreational Chemicals10 soat oldin
  • Wait. YOU are the one who made that viral video???

    Eater of EssenceEater of Essence11 soat oldin
  • 10:20 can I just say this is probably one of the best animated movies ever? The music, the animation, the story, it's all just fun and great.

    Radiant ShadowRadiant Shadow11 soat oldin
  • that robot at the end fucking scared me

    DeklanDeklan11 soat oldin
  • No one else gonna talk about that beautiful snipper clips music?

    jewish hoserjewish hoser11 soat oldin
  • Dude you totally changed my mind on this subject, thank you.

    PrinceTexasLoafPrinceTexasLoaf11 soat oldin
  • Now *you're* the one with 5 million views 😌

    RoizuRoizu11 soat oldin
  • "who the fuck cares about framerates,it's GAMERS,AGAIN." i can't handle 50 fps SOBS

    meme spy meme spymeme spy meme spy11 soat oldin
  • Did you put the video quality at 50fps outta spite? Cause if so, I think you just became my new favorite channel :)

    J FreakoJ Freako12 soat oldin
  • That's the second smoothest segways into an ad I've ever seen

    mad bradmad brad12 soat oldin
  • I feel like this goes for basically any form of art, professionals find the beauty and the masses are just like haha funny joke. Also are you a skater? Lets see some tricks bruv

    RiboFlavin64RiboFlavin6412 soat oldin
  • I just died. You know the timestamp

    Di Atas GudangDi Atas Gudang12 soat oldin
  • h.

    Gabriel Almeida RamosGabriel Almeida Ramos12 soat oldin
  • Its because people are dumbasses and they just see 60fps in the title and make a soy wojak face. These are people who literally can't stomach playing video games in any less than 60 fps.

    Moons Out Goons OutMoons Out Goons Out12 soat oldin
  • i dont care, its just looks better like in real life

    empty soulempty soul12 soat oldin
  • The higher frame rate makes everything feel like it's "swimming" and gives me motion sickness. I don't even like video games with higher frame rates. It's just so overused.

    Danielle ReisDanielle Reis12 soat oldin
  • This video: 5 million views We did it bois

    ToonFaceToonFace12 soat oldin
  • Damn, MY phone is so old and messed up. Just buy a new one. Your card was declined. "MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY GETTING A JOB."

    Bernard ButtfartBernard Buttfart12 soat oldin
  • Here I was thinking how your animation and presentation style reminded me of Egoraptor and then you show one of his animations lol

    SternosaurSternosaur12 soat oldin
  • I thought all the examples of the "terrible smooth" animation looked way better .-. ...

    Shasta KittyShasta Kitty12 soat oldin
  • I'm a gamer. But I also appreciate watching and/or playing media in its intended state. But as a general user who just wants to game, I don't exactly always know the intended frame rate for a game. Unless it's Resident Evil 4 (PC) where I realized the game looks and runs better in its 30 FPS mode because the 60 FPS mode is oddly smooth but also has issues with timing. Timing issues most notable during QTEs. I believe I noticed a similar situation with Nioh 2 where the game seems to look and run better at 60 FPS and fewer issues running in 30 while being harder to play at 120. Anyway, I like your video. It helped me understand why some things seemed a bit off with certain games I played and why lower frame rates made the games better off. Though I've only found myself caring about frame rate more with competitive games like Apex since they're made with high frame rates in mind. Edit: You also explained the weird artifacts I've noticed in some of my games and I appreciate it.

    Zephyn MZephyn M13 soat oldin
  • This is actually one of the reasons I love some of the older 90s anime. Like yes colours and speed and things are amazing now and some anime are just *chef's kiss* but the stylised beauty of the 90s is also SO GOOD. The fight sequences often have way more impact. The play of light and colour in blockier shading can literally give you chills at times. It's just amazing and higher quality, more realistic stuff just doesn't have that effect.

    star sparksstar sparks13 soat oldin
  • The funny thing is that he did get 5 million views

    Techno SaiyanTechno Saiyan13 soat oldin
  • Thank you for this

    BodariumBodarium13 soat oldin
  • if it ain't broke don't """"""fix"""""" it

    TheBaconChannelTheBaconChannel13 soat oldin
  • You bastard, you turned my Google on

    Luke LanksterLuke Lankster13 soat oldin
  • I didn’t know what he was talking abt half the time but it was satisfying to watch

    JuniorJunior13 soat oldin
  • God that sponsor transition was amazing

    Mike ChareckyMike Charecky14 soat oldin
  • this is 50fps?

    Ethan ParksEthan Parks14 soat oldin
  • Huh, weird. I agree with you, and yet I think I hate you more than most of the people than I know that exist.

    Aiden AidenenAiden Aidenen14 soat oldin
    • You hate Noodle more than Hitler?

      Flappo the Silent ScientistFlappo the Silent Scientist13 soat oldin
  • hey look at that mr cartoon man you got 5m views like that dumb mulan video

    sourcegear420sourcegear42014 soat oldin
  • Ok but Mulan in 60 FPS looks pretty decent most of the time. I feel like the creator wasn't trying to steal the work, but just make a showcase. Other than that though I completely understand this video.

    AdvspringbonnieAdvspringbonnie14 soat oldin
  • "Shit-ass" gets my sub all, every day. God I miss when UZworld was like this. Aka good.

    Jason LihaniJason Lihani14 soat oldin
  • For all the developers out there arguing for the AI's side. Imagine seeing an AI write code fro you, but in Scratch or in block-based programming.... You get my point.

    Ya boyy BenocxXYa boyy BenocxX14 soat oldin
  • dose anybody know what animating/drawing program he's uses ? (:

    Halima TaylorHalima Taylor14 soat oldin
  • We're In The Future?

    Elijah DucoteElijah Ducote15 soat oldin
  • Reject 60 fps Return to good animation

    The Almighty NoobThe Almighty Noob15 soat oldin
  • not a steak

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  • gets 5 million views

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  • Noodle: "Five million views!" Video: Now has over five million views bruh :) Hi

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  • Just pause at the intro cat scene and count how many blurry parts are there

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  • Wow 5 M views :v

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  • imagine someone putting into the spider verse into the AI

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  • I literally jumped at the stupid robot appearing at the end of the video... ...when I just subscribed

    cakeyreycakeyrey16 soat oldin
  • I want to get Honey after that smooth af sponsorship like WOW.

    AdvspringbonnieAdvspringbonnie16 soat oldin
  • i feel like what needs to happen for ai interpolation to actually look good is having it trained on animation, and specifically the style of animation it is expected to be used upon. I think fan made "enhancements" are a matter of personal taste, and right now the a.i. used for them is in very early stages of its devolopment for use with animation.

    Dietmilk420Dietmilk42016 soat oldin
  • Its like if a fight scene has a 10 frame punch it should be a 1-2-4-5-10 animated thing instead of 12345678910 because it has little to no weight to it. I don't know the actual frame counts for it just saying that as an example

    Breakerone92Breakerone9216 soat oldin
  • I don't think it's gamers but rather people delving into AI trying to push the technical feat of pushing animation. personally as a person who loves arts and gaming i only care for High FPS in games that are all about user experience that has involves high action. I usually like to think high frame anything is reserved for action and sports. a machine will ultimately never (or would want to) be put in-between the final touches on what the artist is trying to achieve with their work. I understand it's a rant, but I don't think it's specifically "gamers". art will never replace the innovation or birthing of new ideas since they are only limited to what they are programmed to do, like you said "gets better over time" is far from what AI really is.

    Eq BeatzEq Beatz16 soat oldin

    battousaicrescentbattousaicrescent16 soat oldin
  • Gamers are fucking ruining everything, they ruin games and they are mad, they ruined the internet and youtube, now they are gonna stink up everything. also no robots can't replace us cause humans need the human touch still other wise the damn thing falls apart but i love having tech non the less.

    PyromancyPyromancy16 soat oldin
  • 10:41 is that Redline I see?

    Big GuyBig Guy16 soat oldin