7-Iyl, 2019
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For this #SidemenSunday we play Hide & Seek in the Charlton Athletic Football Stadium!
Thanks to Charlton for allowing us access:
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  • yo u guys should do dares in public. :)

    Kabir KhanKabir Khan7 soat oldin
  • Vikk being chased down by harry Vikk: "ok we're chillin"

    ByylueByylue11 soat oldin
  • bri ish

    Elvin ThienElvin ThienKun oldin
  • Ethan: 260!! *farts*

    kayhla turnerkayhla turnerKun oldin
  • Burst out laughing when JJ saw Tobi right infront his face 😂

    KyloZKyloZ2 kun oldin
  • Come to anfield

    Idan KonfortiIdan Konforti4 kun oldin
  • No one: Literally no one: Not even jj: Tobi: mExIcAn WaVe

    Emily FlindersEmily Flinders5 kun oldin
  • Any Charlton fans?

    StarstreakStarstreak6 kun oldin
  • I fell like vik is always turning his head in the picture

    John GrayJohn Gray6 kun oldin
  • Vikk was is the worst hiding spot

    SharpNinja GamingSharpNinja Gaming7 kun oldin
  • I keep watching this video and im a fan of Sidemen

    Melisa QailiMelisa Qaili7 kun oldin
  • Any 2021 people coming back to this video

    Greninja SwordGreninja Sword8 kun oldin
  • What dose JJ mean I’m new

    Marcus TsiantakisMarcus Tsiantakis9 kun oldin
  • 1:33 when my teacher tells me to count in class

    Dark RLDark RL9 kun oldin
  • Ohhh KSI likes DBL..... cool

    DDGamerYTDDGamerYT9 kun oldin
  • Nobody gave Harry the memo that the dress code was black haha

    Amina KaziAmina Kazi9 kun oldin
  • *tobi having a imagination* 16:43

    Brandon TanBrandon Tan9 kun oldin
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    Fluxuate XFluxuate X10 kun oldin
  • Ethan 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Crazy zeidCrazy zeid10 kun oldin
  • The wrathful celery ipsilaterally saw because ice noticeably realise than a substantial believe. elfin, secretive hall

    Kevin NgKevin Ng11 kun oldin
  • @1854 jj cursed by a sight that says watch your language

    Rxspect 11Rxspect 1111 kun oldin
  • Tobi loves the Mexican wave

    TheMikefraserTheMikefraser11 kun oldin
  • 23:32 the way he fell

    Joel AJoel A12 kun oldin
    • Why did u like your own comment

      Aqua HowlsAqua Howls11 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Sean LoganSean Logan13 kun oldin
  • Why is tobi always the main protagonist in these hide and seek vids

    the white thingthe white thing13 kun oldin

    xxxblazingknight godxxxblazingknight god14 kun oldin
  • 18:15 I like how the sighn is just pointing straight to JJ's mouth like *WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE* like perfect timing

  • I swear Harry is always seeking

    Lydia GunningLydia Gunning15 kun oldin
  • Who’s watching this in April 2021

    Ulfat SultanaUlfat Sultana15 kun oldin
  • 20:38

    AeimptxaensAeimptxaens16 kun oldin
  • 9:30 why r u. Crying

    Dylan The goalie keeperDylan The goalie keeper18 kun oldin
  • The way tobi walking at 25:28😂😂😂😂😂

    Cha mpCha mp18 kun oldin
  • Prime Sidemen

    Hamid Bo AsodhHamid Bo Asodh18 kun oldin
  • How ironic 18:45 Look at what jj says Then look at the sign

    TTVShark 263TTVShark 26318 kun oldin
  • That vic is such a fluke

    Joran SelisJoran Selis19 kun oldin
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    YH osYH os19 kun oldin
  • Tobi always runs around during hide and seek LMAOO

    _Insomnia __Insomnia _21 kun oldin
  • The sign at 18:48 is just so appropriate.

    JAYPEEJAYPEE22 kun oldin
  • 11:14 defies satisfaction

    Cameron LawtonCameron Lawton22 kun oldin
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    alia fergusonalia ferguson23 kun oldin
  • Tobi be looking like lil nas x

    Bryan IdkBryan Idk23 kun oldin
  • Look how happy Simon looks at the end.

    Spyros MellosSpyros Mellos23 kun oldin
  • Harry went from 40 to 42 to 50 when counting

    Mr MazaXMr MazaX26 kun oldin
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    Abby WhitbyAbby Whitby26 kun oldin
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    King kongKing kong27 kun oldin
  • 25:24 is the best bit

    Yuvraj BhattYuvraj Bhatt27 kun oldin
  • Harry cringe

    BuildsBuilds27 kun oldin
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    Daniel MasisDaniel Masis27 kun oldin
  • anyone else thinkin how skinny simon must be???????

    Hannah wallHannah wall28 kun oldin
  • I don't care but 2019 sidemen were the best youtube group in the world. Seeing these videos turning 2 years old when I remember when they were just 1hour ago released brings back a lot of nostalgia. Times were also much better, no rona and no worries. 2019 was sick!

    NicoNico29 kun oldin
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    Tseb WedhTseb Wedh29 kun oldin
  • Watching Harry and josh the whole time was hilarious 😂

    xPhoenix_D3MONx YTxPhoenix_D3MONx YTOy oldin
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    Belinda ForslunBelinda ForslunOy oldin
  • The 41 that harry skipped:😢😭😭

    xPhoenix_D3MONx YTxPhoenix_D3MONx YTOy oldin
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    michael kassmichael kassOy oldin
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    tito hotrodtito hotrodOy oldin
  • I miss going to the stadium it’s been too long

    Abigail EilishAbigail EilishOy oldin
  • harry is tragic mate

    Sidemen_Tekkerz 10Sidemen_Tekkerz 10Oy oldin
  • The fairytale music at the end and Simon smiling was so perfect😭😂

    Naomi MasiaNaomi MasiaOy oldin
  • Who else seen jj swear when he was beside a watch your language sign

    Colt MillerColt MillerOy oldin
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    Lori CaldwellLori CaldwellOy oldin
  • After counting for awhile Harry gave up on the elephants

    Gacha_potatopeeps XOGacha_potatopeeps XOOy oldin
  • 23:30💀💀💀

    GusBus ShmurdaGusBus ShmurdaOy oldin
  • Josh and Ethan are the best together😂

    Domenico SansaloneDomenico SansaloneOy oldin
  • I was laughing the whole time Tobi looked so funny in that red suit thing

    Pnut BudahPnut BudahOy oldin
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    Parker GamseParker GamseOy oldin
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    Blacker SternsBlacker SternsOy oldin
  • JJ is a snitch

    Why Not RugbyWhy Not RugbyOy oldin
  • 11:14 bro I laughed so hard

    Ethan DyerEthan DyerOy oldin
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    Dilly BillyDilly BillyOy oldin
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    Armon JArmon JOy oldin
  • I love that JJ was found next to a sign that says “watch your language”

    Random DoggoRandom DoggoOy oldin

    Rohan SandhuRohan SandhuOy oldin
  • Everyone: hide Ethan: uses the toilet

    PennywiseH07PennywiseH07Oy oldin
  • 11:15 LOL

    Jamie PlayzJamie PlayzOy oldin
  • 6:31 360

    Jamie PlayzJamie PlayzOy oldin
  • hello there

    GTA5_YTGTA5_YTOy oldin
  • Tobi's laugh 0:17 got me 😂😂

  • Harry said in his count 38 39 40 41 and then 50

    Aj MadAj MadOy oldin
  • 10:16 is just a masterpiece

    ivanivanOy oldin
  • love it JJ was playing a game with the volume right up when he was supposed to be hiding

    Angel Diana FeeneyAngel Diana FeeneyOy oldin
  • everyone: playing hid and seek ethan: P L O P

    StilkkoStilkkoOy oldin
  • It isn't a sidemen hide and seek video if Ethan isn't seen taking a dump

    Revant MahendruRevant MahendruOy oldin
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    Shelly GeorgeShelly GeorgeOy oldin
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    fafqaf gfagfagfafqaf gfagfagOy oldin
  • 23:32 OMG LOL

    Nova GamingNova GamingOy oldin

    respawn _merespawn _meOy oldin
  • Every one: where t hell is simion

    CraziMaxi79CraziMaxi79Oy oldin
  • Tobi - I made it !! JJ - Nah !!

    Krishna KalindiKrishna KalindiOy oldin
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    Chad ViningChad ViningOy oldin
  • Anyone else relies when they found JJ the bored in the back said “watch your language “ and they where swearing lol just made me laugh a little 🤣ik I’m late just binge watching there vids 😌

    Sienna XxSienna XxOy oldin
  • 6:30

    ShadxedShadxedOy oldin
  • I like that at 18.55 ksi was literally swearing by a sign saying " mind your language" 😂😂

    Classic car gamerClassic car gamerOy oldin
  • this deserves 20 mil views

    Ramil DRamil DOy oldin
  • Come to old trafford best stadium in the world

    Moe 1Moe 1Oy oldin
    • Obviously cmon utd v City tday❤❤❤❤❤❤

      Donna NeilonDonna NeilonOy oldin
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    David ChaucerDavid ChaucerOy oldin
  • 18:53 sign says "watch your language" JJ: *swears*

    CitingCitingOy oldin
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    Jasper LowJasper LowOy oldin

    Penguiny's vlogsPenguiny's vlogsOy oldin
  • I like how jj is not hiding but he is finding 4g

    Manuel ContrerasManuel ContrerasOy oldin