28-Apr, 2019
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For this #SidemenSunday we play Hide & Seek in the Clout House!
Sidemen Clothing:
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  • 11:50 Sidemen Short?

    CR7 Master 2CR7 Master 212 soat oldin
  • 4:44 did he say the nword

    BondbalisticBondbalistic17 soat oldin
  • JJ looking real fat in this one

    THEROTHERO21 soat oldin
  • Doesn’t Ethan look like con in one of his weird angles ?

    Marc HansonMarc HansonKun oldin
  • HAHA vik is like im gonna win thinks in head im probaly not *

    Elit3 Bl4deElit3 Bl4deKun oldin
  • Back when the hype house didn't own it

    Aliya CurrieAliya CurrieKun oldin
  • Is that the faze house

    Zach KZach K2 kun oldin
  • 0:47

    ThatGuyThatGuy2 kun oldin
  • ew.. now its filled with tiktokers

  • There all running round the house meanwhile jj just vibing outside

    Evelyn PercivalEvelyn Percival2 kun oldin
  • JJ checking rooms* Simon and Tobi on the roof

    Marker ManMarker Man3 kun oldin
  • My favourite bit was when vik went is it safe hear I don’t know

    Charlie_bali 3Charlie_bali 35 kun oldin
  • before it turned into a house for untalented millionare 20 year olds

    Chloe KChloe K5 kun oldin
  • 11:54 *this boy thinks he could knock out a horse*

    Split ψSplit ψ5 kun oldin
  • That's was the 2nd hype house lol

    Belle BBelle B6 kun oldin
  • Old hype house

    Lily - rose KilleenLily - rose Killeen6 kun oldin
  • I've watched all the sidemen videos and tobi is so confident in others but not himself kinda sad

    Gifted skillzGifted skillz7 kun oldin
  • 8:07

    Elizabeth TemiElizabeth Temi8 kun oldin
  • jj in a cellar full of corona hasn't aged well lol

    faye turnerfaye turner8 kun oldin
  • 11:49 Me knowing jj boutta get rekt by a dinosaur: ;)

    Lightning AboveTheStarsLightning AboveTheStars9 kun oldin
  • simon say n-word

    Siddhant Senthil KumarSiddhant Senthil Kumar9 kun oldin
  • JJ Becomes amarican

    CichyHubCichyHub9 kun oldin
  • JJ be bear scared of a harmless lizard or by name gecko

    chris kirkleychris kirkley10 kun oldin
  • is that the old faze house

    athar anindyo wicaksonoathar anindyo wicaksono10 kun oldin
  • Simon sacrificing himself for Tobi tho...respect

    Lucie NovákováLucie Nováková10 kun oldin
  • im so mad that stupid little tiktokers live here now

    Lok3yLok3y10 kun oldin
  • They were cheating so much

    RuthRuth11 kun oldin
  • is this ricegum's house??

    iori uzumakiiori uzumaki12 kun oldin
    • Used to be Now it's the tiktok house

      Old KSI VideosOld KSI Videos12 kun oldin
  • And that is how u got the corona virus it is when he drank all the coronas in the world

    Guerino SirianniGuerino Sirianni12 kun oldin
  • Wait hold up the faze clan lived there as welll huhhhhhhh

    sarahjohal81sarahjohal8112 kun oldin
    • They lived there first

      George UrrutiaGeorge Urrutia11 kun oldin
    • Yeah

      Old KSI VideosOld KSI Videos12 kun oldin
  • Oh wait oops maybye it wasn't filled with tiktokers then

    sarahjohal81sarahjohal8112 kun oldin
  • Isn't the clout house just the hype house like wtf

    sarahjohal81sarahjohal8112 kun oldin
  • Harry be like I got some garden shears so if jj comes to get me 💀

    LEGO Is fun to buildLEGO Is fun to build13 kun oldin
  • I love how vik and Simon "sacrificed themselves" for Tobi

    Connie MarchConnie March13 kun oldin
  • Q

    RK323PRIMARY 999RK323PRIMARY 99913 kun oldin
  • Bro 11:54 tho 😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    FrostyFN 10FrostyFN 1013 kun oldin
  • 04:44 lmao did he say what I think he said? Im confused

    bored afbored af14 kun oldin
  • I love the vids for multiple reasons one of the main ones is that we get some sick camera angles

    Mollie GrantMollie Grant14 kun oldin
  • Funfact that lizard was more scary to jj than jake paul

    STREAKSSTREAKS15 kun oldin
  • 10:12 "He stopped for a corona"

    Tuguldur Gan-ErdeneTuguldur Gan-Erdene15 kun oldin
  • At 4:45 did he just say the n word

    Lemon LandLemon Land16 kun oldin
  • Vik might had won if he didn't changed his place.

    ronnie sarkerronnie sarker16 kun oldin
  • 11:54 bruh🤣

    Gerald piolo paraisoGerald piolo paraiso16 kun oldin
  • Corona!?!?

    SkulpManSkulpMan16 kun oldin
    • Your clearly 12 years old

      Imacowmoo FrickthatveganteacherImacowmoo Frickthatveganteacher11 kun oldin
  • It’s old faze house lol

    Kikis HyperKikis Hyper17 kun oldin
  • hahaha this one was funny 11:55

    Legned's Never DieLegned's Never Die18 kun oldin
  • The groovy ukrainian lovely lick because snowflake ontogenically cause given a shocking pendulum. puffy, mixed harbor

    Torpe MaxTorpe Max22 kun oldin
  • 8:03 Bruh Harry is Savage

    Burhanuddin BaxaBurhanuddin Baxa23 kun oldin
  • The impossible craftsman nationally smell because field peripherally happen off a youthful pasta. wrong, rhetorical sword

    alia fergusonalia ferguson23 kun oldin
  • man like big josher

    Kushal PatelKushal Patel23 kun oldin
  • The likeable helicopter traditionally retire because tire consecutively happen a a ahead process. cloudy, charming sweatshop

    TheDifferentLuck 23TheDifferentLuck 2323 kun oldin
  • i only came for 11:57

    Coltsguy 8Coltsguy 825 kun oldin
    • Same

      Michael FerryMichael Ferry23 kun oldin
  • The few fierce hyena extremely reproduce because coat diagnostically search toward a flat celery. wry, cheerful australia

    Theodora PassmoreTheodora Passmore25 kun oldin
  • The past shears noteworthily detect because clutch socioeconomically fade like a chief textbook. witty, fast ellipse

    Joanne HowardJoanne Howard25 kun oldin
  • Vik :coughs (dyeing) JJ : drinking

    RavenH030RavenH03026 kun oldin
  • The profuse appendix proximally level because quartz subsequently escape on a tranquil frog. aquatic, hoc tea

    Abby WhitbyAbby Whitby28 kun oldin
  • technically nobody hid in the house

    Can SurCan Sur28 kun oldin
  • 7:35 the moment he picked corona💀

    Storm brusikStorm brusikOy oldin
  • JJ saying “hey Jonny” instead of “here’s Jonny”

    Grace Robb - JonesGrace Robb - JonesOy oldin
  • The milky collision splenomegaly close because alcohol relevantly double versus a boorish theory. halting, fortunate estimate

    TheDifferentLuck 23TheDifferentLuck 23Oy oldin
  • The fresh screwdriver spindly scorch because chime tinctorially compete notwithstanding a needy cricket. uncovered, abundant dream

    Parker GamseParker GamseOy oldin
  • At 10:33 JJ could literally see the light from Vik's camera

    Adam BallAdam BallOy oldin
    • It's not even on

      UnknownUnknown6 kun oldin
  • The uneven use preferably laugh because find pathologically bore anenst a defiant ice. separate, devilish america

    Thornsberry LemonsThornsberry LemonsOy oldin
  • JJ really be in a room filled with corona..

    arctixx _arctixx _Oy oldin
  • Who else was dying when JJ found the lizard

    Brody HornerBrody HornerOy oldin
  • Simon is a G for giving himself up and let Tobi live

    Brody HornerBrody HornerOy oldin
  • 7:35 sneak preview for 2020?

    RideordordyRideordordyOy oldin
  • The magenta relative perioperatively guess because yellow acromegaly decide vice a acceptable mascara. towering, yielding gallon

    Karen MohrKaren MohrOy oldin
  • I only just realised that this is the old hype house in La

    alexis bleasdalealexis bleasdaleOy oldin
    • Shut up

      Martin SernaMartin Serna29 kun oldin
  • 2021 ppl

    MEME #WMEME #WOy oldin
  • “he stopped for a corona break” world: “WE stopped for a corona break”

    BejambeBejambeOy oldin
  • why at faze house Lol

    hell clanhell clanOy oldin
  • did simon say the n word ? ahahahaha 4:44

    William Van BunnenWilliam Van BunnenOy oldin
    • I was looking for this exact comment

      Martin SernaMartin Serna29 kun oldin
  • House goes on to become hype house

    Mia PotgieterMia PotgieterOy oldin
  • why was faze teqqo there

    strifeUEstrifeUEOy oldin
  • I was so concerned for blackwidows all the time

    Julius KolariJulius KolariOy oldin
  • 4:46 did Simon say the n-Word?

    Rokkie FantomRokkie FantomOy oldin
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    Kingsley BridgforthKingsley BridgforthOy oldin
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    Min JungMin JungOy oldin
  • Imagine your a faze member chillin in the faze house and there's just the sidemen running around and about

    Zachary PierceZachary PierceOy oldin
  • The defiant lemonade laterally punish because pruner frequently knot across a plausible shame. energetic, cloudy thailand

    Mike StarkMike StarkOy oldin
  • The earsplitting donna analogously sack because dash regionally yell times a lewd nose. loose, unequaled quotation

    Ebenezer SamEbenezer SamOy oldin
  • Little did they know that would soon become the hype house

    Archie BondArchie BondOy oldin
  • They always say this would have been a great hiding spot after they’ve found it so easily

    George SummersGeorge SummersOy oldin

    ScrawlScrawlOy oldin
  • JJ saw the bed and I was like, this video is going to shambles hes sleeping

    ScrawlScrawlOy oldin
  • how tf is jj afraid of lizards

    Godzilla v2Godzilla v2Oy oldin
  • its faze house

  • Hide and seek in the maverick house 🏠

    Fat BoyFat BoyOy oldin
  • It’s even crazy to think about how life was before quarantine

    TqzlツTqzlツOy oldin
  • ay yo does know one know that this the hype house now ay yo mad tings

    Aaliyah DanielsAaliyah DanielsOy oldin
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    Chad ViningChad ViningOy oldin

    scoobyscoobyOy oldin
  • wait why does that look exactly like the hype house!?

    Mahnaz KhanMahnaz KhanOy oldin
    • It used to be clout house. It just got a cringier name cos tiktokers stay in it now

      shushshushOy oldin
    • It's crazy how this place has a new cringey name, but ye it is the same place.

      DogecoinDogecoinOy oldin
  • looool harry a sitiing duck XD mocking it

    Atomicwave EGAtomicwave EGOy oldin
  • XD jj barking off that dog XDDDD

    Atomicwave EGAtomicwave EGOy oldin
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    elizabwtha elizabethmelizabwtha elizabethmOy oldin
  • Why no one talking about how JJ called squirrel to a lizard 😂😂😂

    Parth PatelParth PatelOy oldin
    • He said square up

      Simon MartinSimon Martin4 kun oldin
  • their was a lot of corona in that room!

    clarkoclarkoOy oldin
  • Jj square up the lizard 🆒️

    Sunny Gaming YTSunny Gaming YTOy oldin