Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Gun Registration and Ammo Ban House Bill H.R.127

12-Yan, 2021
634 203 Ko‘rishlar soni

Recently Sheila Jackson Lee submitted a very Anti-Second Amendment bill to the house called H.R.127
The bill requires that people have to get licensed to own a firearm, licensed to have ammunition, ban certain ammunition, and require guns to be registered.
If Sheila Jackson Lee is your representative, I don't care if you've voted democrat or republican, you need to call her and write her.
If you're a gun owner and you are a pro-second amendment you need to let her know that the second amendment is off the table.
The second amendment should not be political, it should be apolitical because it is a universal concept.
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  • If Sheila Jackson Lee is your representative, I don't care if you've voted democrat or republican, you need to call her and write her.

    Colion NoirColion Noir15 kun oldin
    • Can she read? (jus being mean, this sucks)

      Harry Paul GarciaHarry Paul Garcia2 kun oldin
    • @Armon Mitchell I'm not spouting anything from anyone or any organization. You are the spouting gun control nonsense from these hate groups. I have been involved in this political fight 14 years everything you posted goes back to the 80's nothing has changed with you guys. You guys are afraid that a gun owner may actually stop a crime. You people live in peace knowing there are felons, murderers, rapists and molesters roaming the street hurting people. If a gun owner stops a crime gun control believes that person should get life on prison. Stop the criminal, you stop the crime.

      Paul HerreraPaul Herrera3 kun oldin
    • @Armon Mitchell Clearly you know absolutely zero on gun ownership. There a over a million soldiers who clearly know firearms and safety. There not licensed. There are over 300 million weapon owners that you'll never hear about because they didn't break any laws. If a felon breaks into your home and goes after you or family member remember this law enforcement like the rest of us are bound by the laws physics. It takes them time to arrive, time secure the area before entering. More often than not felons are long gone. Police find dead people. That's one hell of a price to pay for a worthless unenforceable legislation. That favors criminals. Licensing is subject to change at the whim of a left wing socialist office holder. Legislation like gun control only gets worse and make law abiding citizens targets of felons Here's a statement every gun controller despises, " Stop the criminal, you stop the crime" But hey if having your life controlled and regulated by a government more power to you. I prefer being free....

      Paul HerreraPaul Herrera3 kun oldin
    • @Paul Herrera think about what you are saying man and stop spouting off nra tropes. every function the gov does involves a tax of some sort. saying its a tax its a tax its just a way to tax is just right wing smoke screen......

      Armon MitchellArmon Mitchell3 kun oldin
    • @Paul Herrera license is not about felons complying. its about letting the public know you have been vetted and know the rules

      Armon MitchellArmon Mitchell3 kun oldin
  • Shadow banning channels like yours Colion is censorship weather UZworld sees it or not

    Jacob WlezienJacob Wlezien10 daqiqa oldin
  • War has begun

    jeva963jeva96319 soat oldin
  • She better body armor up and be in the lead on the tactical stack then. But like too many she expects others to do violence on her behalf . Pathetic .

    Not HappeningNot Happening20 soat oldin
  • if it's heavy, it's dangerous. - my girl

    Alan DarrowAlan DarrowKun oldin
  • Sheila is crazy asf....LMFAO...kiss that second amendment and guns goodbye

    SPIDER G2SPIDER G2Kun oldin
  • Preach my brother!!! We are all Americans... Thank you so much for speaking the truth!!!

    Denny JonesDenny JonesKun oldin
  • This is different than a CCP right ? They still have all of your information if you get a CCP.

    David JudgesDavid Judges2 kun oldin
  • Just require a voter registration ID to get a firearm....

    Steven RichardsSteven Richards2 kun oldin
  • It’s just gonna hurt legal gun owners and good people. The bad guys will still get guns. And they’ll be the only citizens with them. Yeah that’s safe.

    Random PersonRandom Person2 kun oldin
  • I live in an open carry state. You need a background check and a buying permit for $5. Then you can purchase your gun at any store and openly carry it. A CCP is $90. Nah I’ll just carry openly. I hope this bill doesn’t go through.

    Random PersonRandom Person2 kun oldin
  • An equally concerning note is that, if this is deemed constitutional, then it means that the amendment process for the Constitution is not needed to remove inalienable rights and the rights that we do have are not inalienable as any can be transformed into a privilege by legislative action.

    Shawn ThompsonShawn Thompson2 kun oldin
  • Thats how Hitler disarmed the people, who he killed. We now have a little Hitler and the SS in the white house. It's a sad day.

    You and Me 2You and Me 22 kun oldin
  • Nailed it!

    Jonathon RederJonathon Reder2 kun oldin
  • Maybe as heavy as 10 small boxes of popcorn thats been popped. Does anyone have the answer to the question? How can Democrats lie and have zero consequences, and get away with it? Anyone? Mom would swat the cr@p out of me if I lied and she caught me.

    Harry Paul GarciaHarry Paul Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Im buying the shirt and mask today!

    Harry Paul GarciaHarry Paul Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Agreed. Everyone should snail mail her. Flood her office with paper.

    Harry Paul GarciaHarry Paul Garcia2 kun oldin
  • True dat! 100%. All of shelia's bill would cost money out of our pockets. Out of 400 million guns; i wonder how many would five them up if outlawed?

    Harry Paul GarciaHarry Paul Garcia2 kun oldin
  • Look ar the Crime ridden cities such as Chicago that past strict gun control and the crime rate is still up.

    Cindy EcklesCindy Eckles2 kun oldin
  • That is one step closer as how South Africa fell into that hole ! It took me 2 years to get my license for one of my hand guns and the crime rate raises higher that the covid numbers, daily.

    Willie UngererWillie Ungerer2 kun oldin

    Seems LegitSeems Legit2 kun oldin
  • Ask the Jews about gun registration

    David OlmsteadDavid Olmstead2 kun oldin
  • Yeah I would pay them something pay the ass visit and blow their brains on the sidewalk and let them collect her thoughts

    Pure Michigan cannabis Pure Michigan cannabisPure Michigan cannabis Pure Michigan cannabis2 kun oldin
  • Too many in the District of Criminals do not truly support our Constitution/Bill of Rights if it gets in the way of their personal agenda.

    Silver Beard181Silver Beard1813 kun oldin

    Donna PopeDonna Pope3 kun oldin
  • Me in the Uk: Yeah fuck Sheila Jackson also in the uk: Offensive weapons act part 2

    HardieJFHardieJF3 kun oldin
  • My Dads AR is the lightest rifle we own and I am 12 years old

    DogoDogo3 kun oldin
    • And I also shot a medal post in half with it Biden sais the AR is hard to shoot when I bet you he has never even picked one up much less shoot one

      DogoDogo3 kun oldin
  • Look at Canada. Had to register handguns. Had to get firearms license to keep and to buy firearms. Had to have a license to also buy ammunition. Had to register long gun firearms but that went away. Now government is making prohibited list of firearms including 12 gauge shotguns that are your goose gun. Limited number of rounds in magazines. Keep the firearm manufacturers safe from the government keep the NRA strong. If confiscation takes place its going to take someone to defend them self before the law takes a step back and asks if this going to be worth it. Gun laws do not safe lives. Out reach programs to help people from suicide is what will save life’s.

    Blayne MacPhersonBlayne MacPherson3 kun oldin
  • They want the people helpless

    Terry ZechmannTerry Zechmann3 kun oldin
  • Kill em all

    Terry ZechmannTerry Zechmann3 kun oldin
  • No license or registration is required to own a car, nor to drive it. No minimum age either. In the US, a 5 yr old can legally buy 1,000+ Vipers, Corvettes, Ferraris, semis, etc. That same kid can drive them as fast and often as he/she likes. No license, registration, or insurance needed. Those things are ONLY required for OPERATION ON (not just transport over) PUBLIC ROADS. Like many farmers, I have a couple trucks I legally drive regularly which aren't licensed or insured. They're treated the same as my tractors and ATV's. Most states allow no firearm use on or over public roads... license or not. Even when compared to cars (which unlike guns, there isn't a huge support in banning those like there is guns), our guns are MUCH more restricted than cars and their usage.

    Carl HCarl H3 kun oldin
  • Iris obviously a black female thing and you might not understand. This is another law that is a rehash of laws established to keep black people from owning guns in the 1800s I will never know where in Texas she comes from! Texas main position has been always about gun ownership.

    Floyd McCartyFloyd McCarty3 kun oldin
  • Violence is violence. A woman once had licence to drive but it did not stop her from trying to run over her husband. They are determined to make more criminals. Then there should have license to rape. They can’t stop that in prison and those people are in control of every prison. Or it would be about CORRECTION. BULLYING IN SCHOOL IS COMMON PLACE SEXUAL HARASSEMENT SHOULD BE LICENSED. SHEIKA JACKSON SHOULD HAVE A LICENSE TO SPEAK AGAINST 40 million people she’s driving them crazy.

    Floyd McCartyFloyd McCarty3 kun oldin
  • You have an inalienable right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. Any law that violates that is unlawful/unconstitutional and you have a duty to ignore it and rebel against it. You have a right to arms not guns. Arms are weapons of war. You have negative rights that can never be given nor taken away. Any law that violates your negative rights is unlawful and anyone who trys enforcing it is violating your rights and you are allowed to use whatever force necessary to protect your rights even deadly force. Now that you were educated on what your rights under US Constitutional law many laws do you think violate your inalienable rights? Nearly all of them. We are past due for a rebellion. Our government is tyrannical and despotic and gets more tyrannical and despotic with every law. It is beyond salvageable!!!

    DCMAKER133DCMAKER1333 kun oldin
  • Theres a reason I love these videos, he is literally unbiased towards his topics and actually has the information to back stuff up.

    Roan ShadowRavenRoan ShadowRaven3 kun oldin
  • an ar-15 rifle is as heavy as ten boxes... how much did those ten boxes weigh? what was in those ten boxes?

    maqz malonemaqz malone3 kun oldin
  • She's delusional.

    JoJo3 kun oldin
  • Jesus christ is king of kings lord of lord's.

    he is risenhe is risen4 kun oldin
  • Will never Comply

    Randy BridgesRandy Bridges4 kun oldin
  • The protocols of the elders of Zion is the Truth

    Randy BridgesRandy Bridges4 kun oldin
  • No thanks

    Randy BridgesRandy Bridges4 kun oldin
  • Kill em all

    Randy BridgesRandy Bridges4 kun oldin
  • You can drive in other states with a driver's license from another state.

    Chris RodierChris Rodier4 kun oldin
  • I'm tired of this argument Why do I need a license for a Right I already have....

    swaltouswaltou4 kun oldin
  • I'll never be able to own a gun. All because of an ex-gf that knew she could claim DV and I couldn't afford a lawyer. Fight like hell gun folks fight line hell. Oh and never go to court without a paid lawyer. Those pro-bona fucks screw you over everytime

    Mike HolmesMike Holmes4 kun oldin
  • I've fired an AR15. It's not heavy. She is crazy.

    Ellie SEllie S4 kun oldin
  • Glad the have not restricted my rope

    J SJ S4 kun oldin
  • You are the s*** brother, and I respect you 100% And I wish there were more more people like you in the world. Godspeed my man.

    Everett BrownEverett Brown4 kun oldin
  • Keep On Truckin brother! Please do not stop what you are doing right now, especially right now my man. By the way, I just watched your video from 2018 on the Bill Maher show, and that dumb son of a b**** tried to get you to say things and you did not break. You kept your composure, and was 100% professional and I salute you for your actions and words on that show that day.

    Everett BrownEverett Brown4 kun oldin
  • I believe Tara Reade.

    Joe DutraJoe Dutra5 kun oldin
  • Great video thanks for standing against the tyrannts for 2nd amendment

    John OdenbaughJohn Odenbaugh5 kun oldin
  • Just shows how ignorant some politicians are.....

    bucksorbeardsbucksorbeards5 kun oldin
  • To be fair, the AR-15 _does_ weigh about as much as ten moving boxes. Ten _empty_ moving boxes.

    ListenToMattListenToMatt5 kun oldin
  • Why do these people make our lives harder!? Why not just leave us alone! #TEXIT!!!

    The Making De MoiThe Making De Moi5 kun oldin
  • Well realistically this will never happen. There are more Americans willing to defend the 2nd amendment than stand against it. Make a million man gun march and watch them disregard those ideas real fast lol. These people do this for show to get votes in the area they live is all. This is why we desperately need term limits! The same people push thier own ideas for decades and it becomes an issue, while much larger issues need to be addressed! People are losing their homes and dying from losing everything. Drug abuse is up, domestic crimes are up, depression, suicides, and so much more but they'd rather focus on this stuff than reopening the country. They're going to run out of money and here come the tax increases. Taxing people who can't work and taking thier freedoms is going to lead to a large civil disturbance eventually. You thought 2020 was bad lol. Get ready for the real ride of 2021-2024

    SpenceSpence5 kun oldin
  • Before Nazi Germany took the guns from their citizens what happened? Mandatory registration!

    David ChildersDavid Childers5 kun oldin
  • Smart Guy!

    David ChildersDavid Childers5 kun oldin
  • It would help me understand better if I knew the specific examples in history of societies requiring gun registration that lead to confiscation. Not disputing it, just want to be better informed.

    Henry YoungHenry Young5 kun oldin
  • I have half say in this bc thank you New Jersey.

    Frank Lettieri JrFrank Lettieri Jr5 kun oldin
  • Licensing is for activities that are NOT allowed by the Constitution normally.

    John CulverJohn Culver5 kun oldin
  • Hi Colion, look no further than your neighbor to the North. What liberlals did, using a mass shooting as an excuse, to ban lots of guns. None of them was used in the shootings, but guns are bad, mkay? Also, they've hired IBM, YES IBM, to support the development, design and implementation of a buyback program for recently prohibited firearms. Those who are old enough can remember what IMB did: Democrats will use the Canadian experience to do exactly the same in US. Please do a video to raise awareness about this.

    tirigliutirigliu5 kun oldin
  • Just like Biden,don't give a damn about the constitution. Like Biden she lied on the oath she took.should try em both on a treasonous act☠️

    Christy AllenChristy Allen5 kun oldin
  • Since she's playing on black against black gun violence in the inner cities as her excuse to eliminate the Second Amendment her best bet would be the ban the possession of all firearms by black people.

    Brain InavatnowBrain Inavatnow5 kun oldin
  • Bro you should run for for senate to help the fight

    J. CopelandJ. Copeland6 kun oldin
  • Ammo band cant ever get it a fare price. And they said the nazi lost 🙄 sad times in America 🇺🇸

    J. CopelandJ. Copeland6 kun oldin
  • I'm on board!

    John BasingerJohn Basinger6 kun oldin
  • 202-225-3816

    Woo WoodstockWoo Woodstock6 kun oldin
  • She trippin

    EL GEL G6 kun oldin
  • Great vid. You got a new sub from 1st time gun owner.

    miamivladmiamivlad6 kun oldin
  • Let’s register/license voters first, Sheila.

    Rusty HoltRusty Holt6 kun oldin
  • No thanks , shall not be infringed

    Grim ThreeperGrim Threeper6 kun oldin
  • Other than the ammo, nothing new here in Massachusetts

    Precision Roofing LLCPrecision Roofing LLC6 kun oldin
  • Well if you conservatives stop doing stupid shit, like raiding the capital, then maybe there wouldn't be any restrictions

    Robie DRobie D6 kun oldin
  • Clion Noir, you should run for office!

    Emmanuel DuncanEmmanuel Duncan6 kun oldin
  • Fbi stats 90+% of myrders are committed by handguns, i will be purchasing more soon before these corrupt politicians start attacking our God given rights, right Sheila?

    Tommy SullivanTommy Sullivan6 kun oldin
  • Doesn't matter now. We are all screwed!

    Mike AndersonMike Anderson6 kun oldin
  • Crazy, people talk about wanting to end gang violence when the reality is that they get their guns and ammo from the black market, and not our already law abiding armories. If they really wanted to end gun violence they should probably stop targeting law abiding citizens and start targeting some of the cells that distribute illegal arms and ammunition to gangs. I have no idea why these people are getting paid to constantly step on our constitutional rights.

    Fritz The WolfFritz The Wolf6 kun oldin
  • I have a right to own a car, just like I have a right to own a screwdriver. It’s a privilege to drive that car on a public road, but I have a right to drive it on my private property all I want.

    Tony TeunisTony Teunis6 kun oldin
  • No one in her district will wrote or complain. No one

    Joseph LancasterJoseph Lancaster6 kun oldin
  • Unfortunately we the law abiding citizen shall not be safe

    Ralph DouglasRalph Douglas6 kun oldin
  • I dig it

    Jonathan FosterJonathan Foster6 kun oldin
  • We fucked fucked

    ChinoChino6 kun oldin
  • We are already at war. Secession now!

    Boorish LoutBoorish Lout6 kun oldin
  • Just go to her base and say hey the police dont want you having weapons and ammo that can stop them from violating your rights simple as that they wanna play dirty play the game

    HamzOutFor HarambeBlessedBeHeHamzOutFor HarambeBlessedBeHe6 kun oldin
  • Thank you for taking time to get the message out.

    William NittoWilliam Nitto6 kun oldin
  • I like that you know history alot of what you said in the video is true this is a core fundamental right as a person without this right no other rights can be supported

    m cm c6 kun oldin
  • Hey Colion, how about putting your phrase I will not comply to good use like not wearing a mask also.

    Ictpilot IctpilotIctpilot Ictpilot6 kun oldin
  • Thank you Colion

    John GrossJohn Gross6 kun oldin
  • They made registration mandatory then took away 90% of the guns in Canada and we have had more gun deaths in the past year than any in recent for thought.

    The Chris & Phaedrus showThe Chris & Phaedrus show6 kun oldin
  • Any law against a law-abiding citizen owning any kind of gun or weapon is against the Constitution and therefore should not be a law

    amd65ak47amd65ak476 kun oldin
  • I have a CCW IN 2 states Texas Arizona

    Jason SmithJason Smith6 kun oldin
  • They already kinda did this in ct you cant buy ammo unless you have a pistol permit or a ammo card

    Restoration workRestoration work6 kun oldin
  • Its already starting

    Restoration workRestoration work6 kun oldin
  • She is so misinformed idiot. What does the weight of this gun have to do with anything? This is the mentality of these people.

    Sandy SwainSandy Swain6 kun oldin
  • It's been a nice 4 years not worrying about gun laws, here we go again...........

    Backyard Bees NCBackyard Bees NC6 kun oldin
  • Sheila Jackson, you are walking down the path of treason.

    Veracocha StarrVeracocha Starr6 kun oldin
  • I couldn't care less. The government is illegitimate. We are no longer a nation of laws, but lawlessness.

    GriffGriff6 kun oldin
  • These people forget why our founding fathers gave us these gun rights. They want you to believe you can trust the government as they continue to push further and further with authoritarian restrictions on our lives.

    Joey CochenourJoey Cochenour6 kun oldin
  • If this passes, I guess I will need to make regular trips to El Paso.

    M JM J6 kun oldin
  • Remove guns from the criminals first before coming at law abiding citizens with ur bullshit.

    CruzitoCruzito7 kun oldin