Sharpie a charizard??? #Shorts

10-Yan, 2021
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I got dared to sharpie the last card! I hope it’s not a rainbow charizard...


    Aaron HenslerAaron Hensler5 soat oldin
  • noooooo

    Abegail Abcede SalcedaAbegail Abcede Salceda7 soat oldin
  • What pack are they called

    Under rated NOGSUnder rated NOGS8 soat oldin
  • How does he keep on getting a white code???

    Michael LenoreMichael Lenore10 soat oldin
  • Day 39 of asking this person to stop uploading Pokémon card unboxing videos and be a normal adult

    Small OtterSmall Otter12 soat oldin
  • Why do people take these Pokemon cards seriously! Oh Gawwd Charizard...

    Tarandeep SinghTarandeep Singh12 soat oldin
  • Charizard ain't the best so many people have it buy a base set booster scrub

    Flawlessviper xgnFlawlessviper xgn13 soat oldin
  • What is it with this guy and charizard thinking he wants to make the sexy time with that pokemon

    Flawlessviper xgnFlawlessviper xgn13 soat oldin
  • Day 3: open a pack and buzz saw the last card to shreds

    the tetris kingthe tetris king14 soat oldin
  • Open a pack then then put the last card In the sing grinder desposal thing

    KwafichaKwaficha14 soat oldin
  • In the pack you have to deep fry the last three cards make sure the pack has a white code card I dare you to do it

    chelsea saunderschelsea saunders17 soat oldin
  • Open up pack and then deep fry and eat the last three cards

    chelsea saunderschelsea saunders17 soat oldin
  • Dare instead of destroying the cards send everyone in your comments a free booster box

    Wessley BakerWessley Baker18 soat oldin
  • Remember when be priced the Charzard at 2k

    Omar Aragon-SoteloOmar Aragon-Sotelo19 soat oldin
  • does the gay king respond

    Snail AilSnail Ail19 soat oldin
  • Open a pack and the last card has to be blended.

    LantrnLantrn20 soat oldin
  • Open a pack then flush the last card

    Cosmic spiralCosmic spiral21 soat oldin
  • I got a dare open a pack without doing anything

    TostersTosters22 soat oldin
  • Open a pack and cut the last card into an E

    lucaz is a botlucaz is a botKun oldin
  • Stop asking aj to open the pack by doing something just open the packs normally just like an average person would do.

    Rimita GhoshRimita GhoshKun oldin
  • Doubt this guy would actually post it and color it if he got the card, he’d probably get another pack and just sharpie it instead

    PandajamPandajamKun oldin
  • “As long as it’s not a white code card , we should be okay.” Doesn’t he know that every CP booster pack comes with a white code card? Lol

    BBKun oldin
  • All champions path have white n green code cards. Nice try.

    Joshua Breckenridge-KeownJoshua Breckenridge-KeownKun oldin
  • Open the pack and cook the last one

    Tiffinnie GomezTiffinnie GomezKun oldin
  • I have a legendary charizard big card and idk where my poke binder is😞

    Colin VRColin VRKun oldin
  • Day 69 of this some reason In my recommended and I don’t care about this

    Tanky GNTanky GNKun oldin
    • Then why comment on the video

      Gabriel PortilloGabriel Portillo17 soat oldin
  • Open a pack while deleting your UZworld account

    Daniel TuttleDaniel TuttleKun oldin

    Magicman 123Magicman 123Kun oldin
    • @AJ Correia Is yours short for anything because mine it short for Alex-jay cause that my real name but everyone calls me AJ

      Magicman 123Magicman 123Kun oldin
    • Let’s go AJ!

      AJ CorreiaAJ CorreiaKun oldin
  • Do you al ways sell them if there worth over fifty

    HorusHorusKun oldin
  • Post your videos without a cut right after you open the pack every time.

    Im ColdBoreIm ColdBoreKun oldin
  • i can smell the sharpie through my phone

    Michael NMichael NKun oldin
  • Am i the only one wondering where the sharpie lid is-

    Gaye AllenGaye Allen2 kun oldin

    Kylee MontgomeryKylee Montgomery2 kun oldin

      Kylee MontgomeryKylee Montgomery2 kun oldin
  • My brother has that charizard

    GamingGeek848GamingGeek8482 kun oldin
  • Open a pack and bury the last card

    Liam HealyLiam Healy2 kun oldin
  • Day 1 of asking to rip the last card

    ya boi Siennaya boi Sienna2 kun oldin
  • Ok I might sound dumb, but why is it "sleevelt" instead of "sleeve it" sorry I'm new :/

    Elliot LunsfordElliot Lunsford2 kun oldin
  • Day 12 of asking eating from the money you make from the card pack go all out with what you get

    Youssef BalasYoussef Balas2 kun oldin
  • Day 1 of asking aj to quit opening pokemon cards and work like a normal person so our economy can advance

    Cheesy MacCheesy Mac2 kun oldin
  • Open a pack while skydiving through the air

    Zaynah khanZaynah khan2 kun oldin
  • Open a pack but the last card put in the micro wave

    R6 pro dbd susR6 pro dbd sus3 kun oldin
  • Bro he looks like he sharpied his eyebrows first

    super turnipsuper turnip3 kun oldin
  • Shred the last card

    Srividya KSrividya K3 kun oldin
  • You should of drew a mustache

    lucky duckylucky ducky3 kun oldin
  • Open a pack an though out the best card

    Cole CarlsonCole Carlson3 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who thought of the band day6???

    Aadya BhardwajAadya Bhardwaj3 kun oldin
  • day 2 of telling you to delete your talentless channel

    BreaddBreadd3 kun oldin
  • Day 6 of asking AJ to stop making videos

    Tem360Tem3603 kun oldin
  • Spit on every card incept the 1st card

    Slownuggets 115Slownuggets 1153 kun oldin
  • Bruh. I know NOTHING about Pokémon but this is still somehow entertaining

    Isaiah FernándezIsaiah Fernández3 kun oldin
  • Day 1 of letting AJ know that I have the pikachu card he wants

    Heet GohilHeet Gohil4 kun oldin
  • Day 37 of asking this man to get the hell out of my UZworld shorts recommendations

    NullNull4 kun oldin
    • Skip the videos and he will not show up duhhhh

      Gabriel PortilloGabriel Portillo17 soat oldin
    • I agree

      Alexander ChurchillAlexander ChurchillKun oldin
  • Instead of drawing on the front of the card you should do the back

    Landon CorwinLandon Corwin4 kun oldin
  • Can you give the last card to a random person on the streets 😎

    Chicho 916Chicho 9164 kun oldin
  • Open one and shred the last one

    pikachu catchempikachu catchem4 kun oldin
  • Day 11 on asking aj to open a 1999 pack and to sharpie the last card

    Random PieRandom Pie4 kun oldin
  • He sounded like keemstar when he said “last card”

    Tjconn 512Tjconn 5124 kun oldin
  • Open a pack and the last card scribble on it with sharpie

    Lindsey MusickLindsey Musick4 kun oldin
  • Generic youtuber 11353568 here

    some belgiansome belgian4 kun oldin
  • Why the last one what about the first one?

    J BogganJ Boggan4 kun oldin
  • Open a bag and givaway the last card whatever it is plz

    Amani AbwehAmani Abweh5 kun oldin
  • All champion paths have white code cards.

    Gaspy Poke!Gaspy Poke!5 kun oldin
  • Why does he talk like that

    Pink StarburstPink Starburst5 kun oldin
  • Open the pack and eat The last card

    Callum WunCallum Wun5 kun oldin
  • RIP the sharpie cap

    Minoru MinetaMinoru Mineta5 kun oldin
  • Day 1 of asking this man to move out of his parents house and be a functioning member of society

    DustySoapDustySoap5 kun oldin
  • Open a pack with no hand only head

    Colin XiongColin Xiong5 kun oldin
  • camps path always has a white code card

    my nose is running like a faucetmy nose is running like a faucet5 kun oldin
  • He probably does multiple takes and only draws on the one he doesn’t care about

    gioyu comigioyu comi5 kun oldin
    • It would save him having to buy a bunch of packs for a bunch of takes, if he just cuts the video, puts in a crap card, then continues filming. Which is exactly what he does.

      Im ColdBoreIm ColdBoreKun oldin
  • I once sharpied a 1999 jungle pack and I have never forgave myself.

    AutIsAwesomeAutIsAwesome5 kun oldin
  • Open a pack then for the last card sleeve it then give it to a random stranger on the street

    Mr. Fox StudiosMr. Fox Studios6 kun oldin
  • Please don’t waste your money You should value all the cards that come in there pack

    Addy SpectacularAddy Spectacular6 kun oldin
  • Day 11 of asking as to open a pack then write yahooo on the second to last card

    Peyton RobertsPeyton Roberts6 kun oldin
    • @gioyu comi ?

      Peyton RobertsPeyton Roberts4 kun oldin
    • Yea open a pack normaly

      gioyu comigioyu comi5 kun oldin
  • Dont be annoying while opening a pack

    TheOnly NickRamTheOnly NickRam6 kun oldin
  • Open a pack in play and no fire for 2 minutes

    Eileen AppEileen App6 kun oldin
  • I find it wierd that every one of your packs has a white code card

    gameplay with wesgameplay with wes6 kun oldin
  • Uhhhh 2 year old stuck in an adult body is back

    Sharky Boy SimpSharky Boy Simp6 kun oldin
  • Open a pack put in lava and then remove it and put it in water

    Tyler CoxTyler Cox6 kun oldin
  • Open a pack and then burn all the cards in the pack

    Gautam RajeshGautam Rajesh6 kun oldin
  • What’s funny is when he sharpies it it just gains value

    alida flusalida flus6 kun oldin
  • I have rambow card how much can I sell it for

    Terrence HeathTerrence Heath6 kun oldin
  • Jump in the pool with the last card

    Alexis NormanAlexis Norman6 kun oldin
  • Day 10 of asking Aj to cook the last card in a pan-ian gibson

    ian gibsonian gibson6 kun oldin
  • Dare: drop last card in paint.

    Naruto UzimakeNaruto Uzimake6 kun oldin
    • I know right

      alida flusalida flus6 kun oldin
  • Brij

    Melody CumminsMelody Cummins6 kun oldin
  • Open a pack and give the last card to the needing

    Mr. CmikenMr. Cmiken6 kun oldin
  • Yea open a pack normaly

    Fortnite _beast VortexFortnite _beast Vortex6 kun oldin
  • Day one of telling aj to tell his family to hide the last and have him find it

    Peice Control PulxePeice Control Pulxe6 kun oldin
  • Nah man I would be selling the the cards

    •Chérry••Chérry•6 kun oldin
  • Every champions path pack has a white code card because it’s always a holo or better

    Peyton MilesPeyton Miles6 kun oldin
  • Open a pack and shred a card

    ツCyptic_aceツCyptic_ace7 kun oldin
  • Good

    Dogey CrazyDogey Crazy7 kun oldin
  • What pack is this the 2021 pack?

    Fidel SolisFidel Solis7 kun oldin
  • Day 1 of asking aj to sign the last card

    Gabriel YoumaraGabriel Youmara7 kun oldin
  • AJ, Just a pro tip, but every Champions path booster pack has a white code. You are guaranteed a holo, V or Vmax. It is most likely a holo though.

    That Adlib GuyThat Adlib Guy7 kun oldin
  • Christ theres no need to be so loud

    TokyoskeysTokyoskeys7 kun oldin
    • There is in this video! I can barely hear myself

      AJ CorreiaAJ Correia7 kun oldin
  • Its white code everytime in ChP lol

    Echóz Akt27Echóz Akt277 kun oldin
  • I know right

    Ashley SchottAshley Schott7 kun oldin
  • Let’s be honest. Of it was a rainbow rare tree would re-film

    Zayaan TameemZayaan Tameem7 kun oldin
  • Open a pack and deep fry the last card

    Clodagh McCloskeyClodagh McCloskey7 kun oldin